Mastering Vertical Videos for Your Beauty Brand Marketing Strategy

Mastering Vertical Videos for Your Beauty Brand Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to revamp your beauty brand’s marketing strategy? If so, then mastering the art of vertical videos and social proof is a must. With social media becoming an increasingly crucial part of e-commerce, incorporating compelling video content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can help your brand stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we will explore why vertical videos are essential for your beauty brand and how you can create and promote them effectively.

Understanding the Power of Vertical Videos


Vertical videos are a powerful tool for beauty brands to engage with their audience on social channels. With the rise of mobile device usage, they have become more popular due to their ability to fit perfectly onto smartphone screens.

Vertical videos are a powerful tool for beauty brands to engage with their audience, and using calls-to-action in your vertical video content strategy can increase conversation rates and boost engagement metrics.

Education is key when it comes to mastering vertical videos for your skincare brands’ marketing strategy, as Google reports that consumers want educational content from the beauty and cosmetic brands that they follow online. By creating informative and visually appealing vertical video content, you not only capture attention but also establish credibility within your industry niche. From sharing skincare tips or makeup tutorials to showcasing new beauty product purchases and launches, utilizing the power of vertical videos can help take your e-commerce business’s social media game up a notch.

Why Vertical Videos Are More Effective on Social Media Platforms

Vertical videos are a must-have in any social media video marketing strategy for beauty brands. With the majority of all social media content consumption happening on mobile devices, they take up more real estate on screens and offer an immersive viewing experience without requiring viewers to rotate their phones. This means that beauty brands have a higher chance of capturing the attention with vertical videos compared to horizontal ones. In addition, studies show that vertical videos have higher completion rates than horizontal ones, making them perfect for including calls to action or educational content in your beauty brand’s social media content and strategy.

Incorporating them can lead to increased engagement rates and better conversations about your products. Utilizing Google search data is essential as well as understanding what type of education they require before purchasing certain items from you – all important factors in the buying process for building trust with consumers and ensuring long-term loyalty toward your brand.

The Science Behind Vertical Videos and User Behavior

Mobile users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time, making it an essential aspect of any content marketing strategy. Neuroscience research shows that vertical videos trigger emotions faster than horizontal ones due to how our brains process visual information. As a result, viewers are more likely to engage with content that’s optimized for mobile devices.

With Google constantly updating its algorithms, beauty and cosmetics brand must adapt quickly if they want their content seen by the correct demographics. Vertical content that tells compelling stories and evokes emotion provides excellent opportunities for brands seeking new ways of standing out from competitors in the crowded online marketplace.

Using Vertical Videos to Tell Your Brand Story

Captivate your audience with a compelling opening shot or hook within the first few seconds of your social media video. With many viewers choosing to watch without sound, it’s crucial to use text overlays or captions if necessary. Incorporating calls-to-action at the end of your video is also essential for encouraging viewers to visit your website or follow you on social media.

Using vertical videos as part of an effective skincare brand content marketing strategy can help educate and inspire consumers about new products while creating conversation and building trust in your brand:

  • Use captivating opening shots/hooks
  • Include text overlays/captions
  • Incorporate calls-to-action
  • Educate and inspire consumers
  • Create conversation & build trust in the brand

Creating Compelling Vertical Videos for Skincare Brands

To create engaging vertical videos for a skincare brand, start by identifying who you’re speaking to and crafting a storytelling strategy around their needs and desires. Whether it’s demonstrating skincare routine, how-to tutorials, or showcasing skincare products reviews from real people, make sure that the content speaks directly to your intended demographic.

The Importance of High-Quality Video Production

Investing in professional equipment and expertise, maximizing visual appeal with strong lighting and composition, and ensuring audio quality with clear sound recording are all crucial components of high-quality video production. In today’s fast-paced digital world, social media has become a primary platform for marketing your beauty products. With the rise of vertical content like Instagram and TikTok, it is essential to produce visually appealing content that engages this specific audience.

Professional equipment such as cameras, lenses, and lighting can elevate the overall quality. However, having access to top-of-the-line equipment is not enough if you lack expertise in using them effectively. Hiring professionals who have experience can help ensure that every element is properly considered during production.

Quality sound also plays an essential role in creating engaging content since unclear or muffled audio could distract from what you’re trying to convey.

Investing in high-quality video production ultimately pays off by increasing engagement rates among audiences on social media platforms where beauty and cosmetic brands thrive most prominently: Instagram & TikTok. By providing valuable educational or entertainment-focused content which appeals directly to consumers’ interests – this can be achieved more effectively than ever before!

Identifying Your Target Audience and Tailoring Your Message

Conducting market research is crucial in understanding your customers and their preferences. Collect data on your target audience’s age, gender, income level, interests, and geographical location. This will help you create buyer personas that represent the different segments of your audience. Personalizing communication for these personas ensures that they feel seen and understood by your own brand ambassadors.

Social media platforms offer valuable insights into engagement rates with particular content types or topics. Analyzing such metrics can guide adjustments to future video marketing campaigns. Remember to tailor strategies accordingly while considering what drives engagement among different audiences. Understanding how social media performs helps to optimize marketing channels and product promotion through vertical videos in a manner that resonates with the intended customers’ preferences and values.

Overall, taking time to understand who you are targeting when creating a social media video marketing campaign is fundamental to achieving impactful results for any E-commerce owner promoting beauty products or services online. Gathering accurate information about customer behavior guarantees essential customer feedback critical in delivering quality improvement upon consumer requirements for sustainable business growth over time as well as building long-lasting relationships based on trust between businesses and consumers alike.

Crafting a Storytelling Strategy for Your Vertical Videos

To make your beauty brand’s social media videos stand out, you need to create an opening sequence or introduction. Use visuals and music that capture the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds of the video. This will encourage them to keep watching, increasing engagement with your brand.

Incorporating an emotional appeal through testimonials, music selections or inspiring messages can also help connect viewers on a deeper level. But it is important not to forget about building tension and excitement over time by developing a narrative arch that keeps them engaged until the end of your message.

By incorporating these elements into your storytelling strategy as part of an effective social media marketing plan for e-commerce and online store owners, you can increase customer loyalty and drive sales growth.

Promoting Your Vertical Videos on Social Media

To promote them effectively, consider tailoring each video to the platform you’re posting it on. For example, Instagram Stories have different dimensions than TikTok reels, so make sure your content is optimized for each channel.

Paid promotions and influencer marketing with user-generated content can also help get your vertical videos in front of a wider audience. Consider partnering with influencers or running paid ads to reach new customers who may not already follow your brand.

Finally, don’t forget to measure the success of your vertical video campaigns. Track metrics like engagement rates and click-through rates to see which types of content are resonating with your audience and adjust accordingly.

Optimizing Your Video for Each Platform

Understanding the specs and requirements of each social media platform is crucial to optimize your video for social media marketing. Tailoring your video content to match the specific audience on each platform will help you engage with them better. Using subtitles and captions to make your content more accessible can also increase engagement and reach a wider audience.

    • Use different aspect ratios based on the platform’s preferences (for example, Instagram Stories prefer 9: 16 while YouTube prefers 16:9).
    • Keep in mind the maximum length allowed by each platform.
    • Customization is key—adapt colors, fonts, images, and music according to the tone of voice.
    • Add subtitles or captions for viewers who watch without sound.

User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing

Working with micro-influencers who can authentically promote your products is a powerful way to reach new audiences. By partnering with influencers that align with your brand’s values and niche, you can tap into their engaged follower base and drive organic traffic to your site or social media channels. These collaborations work best when beauty influencers truly believe in the product they are promoting, as this will come across as genuine to their audience.

User-generated content (UGC) can be a powerful tool to help your brand do just that. By leveraging the content created by your customers and social media influencers, you can create content that can increase engagement, build trust, and ultimately drive sales.

By partnering with influencers whose aesthetic and audience align with your brand, you can tap into their engaged follower base and drive traffic to your site. To ensure the most effective collaboration, it’s important to choose influencers who truly believe in your product and can promote it in a genuine way to their audience.

AD.JUST PRODUCTION is a video agency that has helped many eCommerce brands to start their advertising in Tiktok with viral vertical videos. We are a team of experienced specialists who can produce high-quality videos that convert.

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Measuring the Success of the Beauty Marketing


When utilizing social media ad targeting options, such as lookalike audiences, it’s important to focus on reaching those who are most likely to be interested in your skin care brand. By creating custom audiences based on previous customer behavior or interests related to beauty and cosmetic brands, you can ensure maximum impact from any paid promotions or ads you run alongside your vertical video content.


Gathering feedback from customers through surveys or user-generated content like reviews and testimonials allows you to gain insights into the customer journey and their experience with your brand. Use this information to improve future video campaigns and provide a better customer experience overall.

Engagement metrics

Tracking engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates (CTR) is crucial in measuring the success of your campaigns. These metrics help you understand your audience’s behavior towards your content and identify what works best for them. Analyzing conversion rates from your organic website traffic and social media traffic to sales on your website or e-commerce store is another way to see the impact of your efforts on revenue generation.

    • Track engagement metrics: likes, comments, shares, CTR
    • Analyze conversion rates from social media traffic
    • Gather feedback through surveys/user-generated content

Best practices for optimizing social media videos for a beauty brand

Social media has become a crucial platform for beauty brands to promote their products and connect with their target audience. Video marketing and influencer collaborations are two of the most effective strategies for beauty brands to optimize their online presence. Here are some best practices.

1. Use IG Stories:

IG Stories are an effective way to create engaging video content that disappears after 24 hours. Use the Stories feature to showcase your products, share behind-the-scenes content, and promote product reviews and tutorials.

2. Invest in influencer marketing:

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to reach a larger audience and build trust with potential customers. Partner with influencers who align with your brand values and have a strong presence online.

3. Focus on storytelling:

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating emotional connections with your audience. Create content that share the story behind your brand, the inspiration for your products, and how they can enhance the lives of your customers.

4. Create product reviews:

Product reviews are an effective way to showcase your products and build trust with your audience. Create honest and informative product reviews that highlight the benefits of your products.

5. Use calls-to-action:

Encourage your audience to take action by including a call to action in your content. This could be anything from asking them to visit your website, purchase a product, or follow your social accounts.

How can a beauty brand measure the success of its social media video marketing?


1. Engagement:

One of the most important metrics to track is engagement with existing audiences. Are people watching the videos? Are they liking, commenting, and sharing them? This will give you an idea of how interested your audience is in your content.

Another important metric is reach. How many people are seeing your videos? Are they being shared beyond your immediate followers? This will give you an idea of how much your content is being shared and how many people it’s reaching.

Ultimately, the goal of your video marketing strategy should be to increase sales. You can track this by including calls to action in your clips, such as links to your website or product pages.

4. Story views:

You can track the number of views your stories are getting and see how many people are swiping up.

Overall, measuring the success of your video marketing strategy will depend on your specific goals and objectives. By tracking metrics like engagement, reach, and sales, you can get a better understanding of how effective your content is at engaging your audience and driving conversions.

Bottom Line

Vertical videos are no longer just a trend, but a necessity in the world of digital marketing. Especially in the beauty industry, where visual content is crucial, mastering them can give your brand a competitive edge. \

Whether it’s through influencer collaborations, product reviews, or showcasing your own products, leveraging vertical videos can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive more conversions.

Why UGC Video Production is Crucial for Your Brand and How to Get Started

Why UGC Video Production is Crucial for Your Brand and How to Get Started

Incorporating User-Generated Content (UGC) into your video marketing strategy can be a game-changer for e-commerce brands. It’s an authentic and cost-effective way to showcase your products, build brand trust, and engage with your audience. In this blog post, we’ll explore why UGC video production is crucial for your brand and how you can get started. Plus, discover AD.JUST video production services for social media platforms that can help take your brand to the next level!


What is UGC video content and why is it important?

UGC, or user-generated video content, refers to any form of media created and shared by consumers or users rather than brands. UGC video content includes everything from product reviews to unboxing videos and brand storytelling. It’s important for e-commerce brands because it allows them to create authentic connections with their audience while also increasing engagement and conversions.

One of the main benefits of UGC content is that it provides social proof, giving potential customers a glimpse into how others have used and benefited from your products. Additionally, UGC video ads can be repurposed across multiple channels such as social media platforms, website, or email campaigns making it a  affordable way of scaling a business.

Defining UGC content

User-generated content is defined as any type of content that is created and shared by consumers, rather than by the brand itself. In relation to video production, UGC involves videos made by customers showcasing their experiences with a product or service.

Types of user-generated video content include unboxing videos, customer testimonials, product reviews, try-ons, and tutorials. 

How UGC content differs from branded video content lies in the fact that it is not created or controlled by the brand. Instead, it relies on social media creators’ creativity and authenticity. This can result in more trust being built between consumers and brands due to the transparency offered through these types of videos.

    Why e-commerce brands should prioritize UGC

    The rise of social media and influencer marketing has revolutionized the way consumers interact with brands. As a result, e-commerce brands need to prioritize UGC in their marketing to stay competitive and provide better customer experience.

    Statistics show that user generated video content is highly effective in driving engagement, more traffic, and sales on e-commerce platforms.

    Here are some key reasons why e-commerce brands should prioritize user-generated videos:

    • Authenticity: Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust traditional advertising methods.
    • Higher engagement rates: Videos generate higher engagement rates than static images or text-based posts and increase sales.
    • Cost-effective: UGC is cost effective compared to creating professional video content from scratch.

    To put it simply, investing in UGC videos can help your business increase brand awareness and win over new users while retaining loyal customers..

    Benefits of UGC content for e-commerce brands

    Review videos can provide money and time-saving benefits for e-commerce brands. By utilizing user-generated content, businesses can save on production costs and focus their resources on other areas of growth. This approach also allows brands to showcase a “real” representation of their products by customers, providing a more authentic perspective that resonates with viewers.

    Incorporating UGC videos into your e-commerce brand’s social media strategy can help build trust and loyalty with customers, while also saving on production costs.


    In addition to cost savings, user-generated videos offers increased engagement, trust, and loyalty with your audience. Customers are more likely to engage with content created by fellow consumers rather than solely relying on branded messaging. Incorporating UGC videos into your marketing strategy builds trust within your community while also fostering brand loyalty through the involvement of other customers in the creation process.

    Examples of successful UGC video campaigns

    • Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign was a prime example of how user-generated content (UGC) can elevate an e-commerce brand’s marketing strategy. The company encouraged consumers to create content and share videos that captured their experience enjoying Coca-Cola products, resulting in over 5 million UGC submissions from all around the world. This led to a massive boost in engagement, conversion rates and brand loyalty, proving that UGC video ads have the power to connect with audiences on a deeper level.
    • Doritos’ annual “Crush the Super Bowl” contest is another great illustration of successful UGC campaigns. By offering cash prizes for fans who created the best Doritos-themed commercials, they generated excitement and involvement from their target audience while receiving high-quality content that could be used for future advertising efforts. As a result, Dorito’s sales skyrocketed during this period and it became one of America’s most popular snack brands.
    • Lululemon’s #thesweatlife campaign on Instagram showcases a good example of how UGC videos can enhance social media marketing significantly as well. The activewear retailer encouraged its customers to share workout videos using Lululemon products along with hashtag #thesweatlife which resulted in thousands of impressive fitness videos being shared every day across multiple platforms like Facebook or Instagram Stories, etc. It helped establish Lululemon as a leading provider of premium athletic wear by reinforcing its commitment to promoting fitness culture within society through user-generated content-based promotion strategies

    How to get started with UGC content marketing

    To get started, first, identify your customers and goals. Determine what kind of content would resonate with them and aligns with your overall brand message. Next, partner with influencers and creators to create user-generated content that meets those criteria. Make sure to communicate clear guidelines for the type of footage you’re looking for.

    Once you’ve collected enough material from creators, it’s time to start editing and producing your UGC videos. Keep in mind that authenticity is key when it comes to user-generated content, so try not to over-edit or manipulate footage too much.

    Finally, promote your UGC across all relevant social media channels, and track their success using metrics like engagement rates and conversions. Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on these results in order to maximize ROI for the future user-generated content campaigns.


    1. Identifying your target audience and goals

    Defining your demographics is the first step to creating an effective UGC video campaign. Consider factors such as age, gender, location, interests, and purchasing habits to get a clear picture of who your ideal customer is. Once you have identified it, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals for your campaign.

    <>Aligning UGC videos and images with your brand’s mission and values will help ensure that they resonate with your customers. It’s important to convey a consistent message across all channels while staying true to the core values of the brand.

    • Define your audience by demographics
    • Set SMART goals for UGC campaigns
    • Align UGC videos with brand mission/values


    2. Partnering with influencers and collecting content

    When it comes to partnering with influencers and collecting content, it’s essential to find the right influencers or creator that align with your brand. This can be achieved by researching their online presence, engagement rates, and audience demographics. Once you’ve identified potential partners, establish clear guidelines for content creation to ensure consistency and authenticity in their messaging.

    To incentivize creators participation, provide tangible rewards like discounts or exclusive access to new products/services. This will encourage influencers and creators to create high-quality videos that promote your brand’s values in an engaging way. By focusing on these key factors when working with influencers, you’ll be able to collect valuable content while also strengthening your brand image through authentic storytelling.


    3. Editing and producing UGC videos

    When it comes to editing and producing UGC videos, selecting the best user-generated clips is crucial in creating a final product that resonates with your audience. However, don’t forget about optimizing audio, lighting, and other technical aspects of footage to enhance its quality – this can make all the difference when it comes to engaging viewers and keeping their attention. By paying attention to these details during post-production, you’ll be able to create polished UGC videos that reflect positively on your brand image.

    4. Promoting and measuring the success of UGC ads campaigns

    To maximize your UGC campaign’s reach, distribute the videos across multiple social media platforms. This tactic increases brand exposure and helps attract potential customers who spend time on various social platforms. Additionally, leverage paid advertising to expand your reach even further by targeting users with specific demographics or interests.

    To measure the effectiveness of your video campaign, gather feedback from customers through surveys or reviews. These insights can help you gauge how well the content resonates with users and identify areas for improvement in future marketing campaigns too. Continuously measuring and analyzing these metrics will allow you to optimize your approach and ensure that each subsequent campaign is more effective than its predecessor.

    Now that you understand the importance of UGC content marketing, you may be wondering how to get started. One option is to work with a company that specializes in creating custom UGC packages using a network of influencers and brand ambassadors.

    At AD.JUST, we’ve built up a base of over 250 influencers who are passionate about our client’s products and services. We work with our UGC creators to create high-quality video content that showcases your products in a relatable and authentic way. 

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    How AD.JUST UGC video services can help your brand?

    We can help your brand tap into the power of user-generated content. Our team will work with you to create authentic videos that showcase your products or services via honest product reviews. By using real stories, leveraging social media platforms, the creativity and authenticity of real people, our UGC videos can help build brand awareness, trust in your brand and drive conversions.

    By working with us, e-commerce brands can leverage the power of user-generated content through visually stunning videos created by a network of skilled influencers and creators.

    Our services


    of working with our team.

    Our team at AD.JUST provides several benefits when it comes to producing high-quality UGC videos for your brand and social media platform.

    250+ Selected Creators

    you’ll have access to a diverse pool of talented creators that can deliver fresh and unique content with their own perspectives. 

    Creative Control

    Our team offers expert guidance on crafting compelling user-generated content that resonates with your potential customers  in social media.

    In-house Video Editing

    we ensure that the final product is a high-quality video that aligns with your brand’s values and messaging. Plus as many hooks as you need!

    Custom Packages

    Our custom UGC video package options give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that best fits your needs. We have the expertise to create compelling content that aligns with your goals. 

    Our creative process


    User-generated content strategy

    Our team brainstorms content marketing creative ideas that align with your vision and produce a unique social media concept.


    Once the concept is finalized, we move on to the video shoot planning and coordination phase and assigning tasks to the selected creators.


    Post- Production

    Our expert editors  polish up raw footage into a polished final product ensuring that it fits perfectly into any ads campaign or promotional strategy.

    Request Quote


    Our team will help you create authentic content aligned with your marketing goals while ensuring optimal reach and engagement of consumer-generated content across all social media platforms. With customized UGC video packages available as per client requirements, we are committed to delivering successful outcomes for your product or service!

    And with client success stories across multiple industries, you can trust us to deliver results for your e-commerce brand.


      How to Make Product Videos in 2023

      How to Make Product Videos in 2023

      Amazon Product Video in 2023. And other E-commerce Platforms.

      Product videos have become more popular than ever over recent years, thanks to the advancements in technology and easy access to the internet. Sales marketing is growing rapidly and product videos have become one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand. Amazon product video is one of these trends where having such assets became critical in 2023.

      The internet has boosted e-commerce and allowed people to know a product up close without even being able to touch it. According to a survey, around 77% of the customers believe that brands creating visuals for their marketing show that they are more interested in connecting with their buyers.

      Therefore, manufacturers or sellers need to focus on creating persuasive content to ensure their goods grab the attention of their potential customers. This article will serve as your guide to creating a quality e-commerce product video without any hassle.


      Why Product Videos in E-commerce are So Important?

      E-commerce seems to be taking the retail world by storm for the last few years and is still rapidly progressing. No wonder it embodies around 10% of the U.S sales market with eBay having more than 25 million retailers and Amazon having 200,000 new memberships every month.

      Since product videos deliver information using auditory and visual mediums, viewers are more likely to process and retain that information faster as compared to text. This makes e-commerce product videos an excellent way of helping potential buyers get close to the product and experience it before making the purchase. Moreover, product videos provide a comprehensive view of the items through action, making it easier to assimilate as opposed to lengthy data in written form.


      The Effects of Covid-19 on the E-Commerce Industry

      One of the most important reasons behind the increasing popularity of e-commerce product videos these days is the evolution of the e-commerce market after the onset of Covid-19. Now, more than ever, people are dependent on online shopping because they are not able to go to the stores in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the virus. This change in the shopping pattern has raised the bar for online sellers and they are facing more struggles to beat their competitors providing similar services.



      Types of E-Commerce Product Videos and How They Work

      Here are some of the types and examples of effective e-commerce product videos and how they work to help you understand how the above-mentioned elements can be put into work to make your product video more interesting:


      Instagram UGC Videos

      These videos are more focused on real-life stories in everyday situations. They show how the product has brought a change in the life of its users and delivered what the company advertises or wishes to achieve. This is the reason the opinions and voices of Instagram influencers have become trusted among common people, helping to make the buying decision easier for them by giving in-depth reviews information. However, it can be hard for small businesses to collaborate with world-known celebrities. Therefore, you can work with micro-influencers to target your customers without spending a lot.

      The case in point is a testimonial video of Wayfair Nederland in collaboration with Erica Ligenza, an Instagram blogger and influencer.  It was created in a fun way with exciting music playing in the background and showing the blogger trying on different outfits, all under $40. The potential buyers can see how each dress looks and then make the final choice. An affiliate link to redirect the viewers to the website page where they can place their order.


      Amazon Product Videos

      KOOTEK is one of the trusted and leading manufacturers of the finest-quality household, electronics, kitchen, and sports goods. You’ll find a video guide for a lot of their products on their official website and e-commerce sites, which shows that the company gives importance to promoting their sales market through amazon product videos. All the e-commerce product videos follow How-to and Demo formats to describe how they can be used in real life and what their various purposes are.

      It might seem to be challenging to make an Amazon product video about something as simple as an ice cube tray engaging and unique. For starters, the black and white background makes the visuals appear more noticeable and striking. The amazon product video then shows the specific features of the ice cube tray, its uses, and most importantly, why one should buy it. The unique selling point of the brand is its ease of use, sturdy material, and design.

      Click to check more Amazon Video Examples

      Lifestyle Amazon Product Videos

      Bio Schwarts is known to offer premium-quality supplements to its users. The formulas are designed using natural ingredients in their purest form combined with cutting-edge technology for optimal benefits. The brand is dedicated to sustaining the trust of its customers by continually providing result-oriented supplements.

      Collagen Peptides Bio+ is tailored to encourage healthier hair, skin, and nails. The storyline satisfactorily covers everything about the goods, including their specific features, the unique selling points, what it’s intended to do, and different ways of using it. Basically, lifestyle amazon product videos show how the product can integrate into a life of a potential consumer.

      New Amazon Sponsored Product Videos

      Amazon sponsored brand videos to pop up on the screens of mobiles or desktops of the users as they scroll through the amazon search results. Since visuals are targeted at specific keywords, the ads appear when you type relevant terms in the search box. You can go to the product page with just one click and Amazon will charge the seller per click.

      For example, this amazon sponsored ad of Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher displays key details, such as pricing, key features mentioned in the title and text, and ratings, etc. the ad is enough to stir the interest of the users. Once they click the ad, they’ll get to know more about the features, installation, and working mechanism of the pitcher filter.

      Instagram and Facebook Product Video Ads

      Just like amazon sponsored video ads, Facebook video ads are also created with the aim to drive more traffic to the website purchasing page. The more put effort, time, and skills you put into making creative and interesting ads, the more it will pay off because traditional and monotonous ads may seem to be annoying to most users. There are many tools available online to help you create a great social media video ad and take your sales to the next level.


      YouTube Product Reviews

      Some of the most trending and viewed videos on YouTube include unboxing and product reviews. These videos are relatively straightforward and provide the viewers with somewhat honest and uncensored analyses

      This video is by Unbox Therapy, known for unboxing and reviewing the latest technological devices. The influencer doesn’t just open the package to show the inside but also digs deeper into how it’s operated, the pros and cons of the products, and all the tips and tricks related to them.

      The newly launched lightweight laptops ad starts with the influencer describing how the packaging of each laptop looks and feels like as well as the features labeled on the official website of the brand and the laptop boxes. He then moves toward opening the box and showing its content with detailed descriptions and comparisons.


      Product Video DIY in 2022

      If you’re running a small e-commerce business and looking for ways to create good product videos, we’re here to help. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying special tools or hiring someone to do the job for you. The following information and ideas will help you make an influential video and optimize your sales. So, let’s get to the chase!


      1. Prepare

      For starters, make sure you have all the equipment required for recording. It will be one-time spending as you’ll be using the same equipment for your future pieces as well. If you’re working with a video production team, they’ll cover everything for you. So, check your list for these items:

      • A high-resolution camera (digital camera or smartphone)
      • A good quality microphone
      • A tripod
      • Lights
      • Software for editing
      • People to be featured in the content (optional)
      • And, a set to shoot, the location (optional)

      If you’re on a budget and doing a small DIY video, you can still create catchy visuals without using people or a set.


      2. Decide Formats

      Selecting the right formats according to what you’re intending to use the video for is one of the important steps in creating effective content. Here are some of the commonly used formats to represent your product in an alluring manner:

      • Product Close-up: This format is highly suitable for product pages. It demonstrates the items in an in-depth and eye-catching way. If the sale of your product depends on its appearance, then try incorporating a 360-degree view to showcase the item in a detailed manner as if the viewers were looking at them in the store.
      • How-to: Ideal for showing how a product works. It’s particularly useful if you’re working on intricate and pragmatic articles. The how-to format works the best for highlighting key features of the product and explaining its different uses so the potential buyers can completely grasp the value of the item being presented. How-tos are not only effective for website pages but also for social platforms and blogs.
      • Demos: Just like how-to format, product demos are used to show how a product is used. The only difference is that they show how the product works in real life setup instead of a tutorial. This format makes it easier for the consumers to imagine as if they were using the items themselves. You can use this format for almost everything whether it’s a household item or clothing.
      • Installation Guide: One of the biggest hurdles in installing a product is unclear instructions or confusion in the minds of customers. Choosing this format briefly explains the entire process of installation clearly, assuring the customers that they’ll be able to install it conveniently themselves after purchasing. Installation guides are effective for products that involve configuration or building.
      • Unboxing: Product unwrapping or unboxing videos are quite popular among customers. People seem to be attracted to seeing a product being unboxed after delivery. This format is especially appropriate for the items that come with fashionable and attention-grabbing packaging. It’s a great idea to intrigue people by showing them the packaging they will receive their product in. Unboxing is great for technological articles and cosmetics, etc.
      • Story-telling Style: If your product has a distinctive feature that might help to boost its sale, let your viewers know that. Anything from an innovative design to your personal experience can be helpful in telling the story behind your product. This format is great for telling your prospective customers how and why you created the product.

      3. Write a Short Script

      While it’s not necessary to write down a formal script, you should jot down a brief script or create a storyboard that includes all the important things about your product that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are a few points to write before you start shooting:

      • Key characteristics
      • Details of product variants
      • The distinct selling point of your product
      • Tell your brand story
      • Commonly asked questions

      4. Set Your Visuals

      Once you’re done planning and noting down everything, the next step is to prepare the visuals. This can be done in multiple ways, such as live footage, still photos, stock videos, still graphics, and scrolling screen capture, etc. Live footage needs the right amount of lighting to make the space look presentable and doesn’t require a professional set to make the video appear compelling. A plain, preferably black or white, background is ideal for recording the video of a physical product. This is particularly suitable if you’re also going to publish it on social media and Google Ads. It’s recommended to take some test shots to make sure you’re being creative with the background because your target buyers are a lot likely to notice it. Also, experiment with your camera angels to keep the video interesting.

      5. Record the Video

      Finally, it’s time to do the action. Remember that your visual content should consist of two parts; introduction and showcasing. To make the video more effective, keep it to the point and brief yet clear and precise. The aim should be to make the viewers understand what the product is and how it works. Take plenty of still photos and close-ups so you have more than enough to add to the video if needed later.

      6. Edit the Video

      While editing is considered an imperative part of creating a product video, avoid going too far with the effects and editing. People are generally more attracted toward the review or content that feels genuine. Whether you decide to keep it simple or make it look refined, there’s a huge number of editing tools you can choose from according to your desired outcome. Moreover, edit the clips together and adjust them according to the requirements of the different forums you want to post them on.

      7. Add CTA

      A clear call to action at the end of your video has the power to steer your viewers into taking their best next step. Some of the best ways of adding a CTA are offering a free trial, asking the customers to enter a contest, opening a link to read more about the product, fill in a survey form, and a link to make the purchase. This will drive your viewers and potential buyers to be where you intend them to be. So, use this wisely to your advantage.

      8. Posting

      After the process of filming, editing, and adjusting the video is finished, now it’s time to optimize and publish it. Whether it’s Instagram, Youtube, or your website page, you need to optimize it to ensure its success. This can be done by doing a proper keyword search, adding relevant tags, fascinating thumbnails, the title, and a description. After it is posted, you can view the progress and note down the factors that keep people watching or where the video starts to lose their attention. This will help you with your next productions.


      Final Word

      Product videos are not limited to making your product pages reachable but also create awareness about the products, make it convenient to share the products on social media, and boost search engine optimization. If your product video is potent and creative enough to grab the attention of your target audience, chances are it will go viral and play an important role in marketing your product.

      E-commerce Product Video Request

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      Best Product Videos for eCommerce in 2023

      Best Product Videos for eCommerce in 2023

      Best E-commerce Product Videos of 2023


      In the article, we will be focusing on the best product videos for e-commerce of the year 2023. We’ll delineate what makes them better than the others and what are the key elements that these videos stand out from the competition.

      By now, it is a recognized fact that the digital industry is on the rise. More people have access to the internet now than at any time in the past. Similarly, the use of smartphones and other digital devices has increased manifolds during the last decade.

      This digital revolution has brought about the idea of buying and selling online. More businesses are going towards the click-and-mortar model. Selling online has its prerequisites. Presentable product videos for e-commerce, well-communicated product descriptions and a seamless overall buying journey for the digital buyer are spinal elements for a good e-commerce experience.

      e-commerce product video for ecommerce production

      1. Superfood Supplement:

      About the product:

      Manufactured by Bio Schwartz, Green’s Superfood supplement is a dietary supplement. Lately, the demand for such green and organic products has been on the upside for quite some time now. The Superfood supplement is a mix of various vegetables, fruits, and grasses.

      The company has branded this particular product as a pre/pro-biotic and as a digestive enzyme supplement. The packing comes with a plastic bottle with a green branding over it. The product is 3rd party licensed for its quality & purity. The licensing adds to the validation element of the product and adds to its ingenuity.

      The product is said to purify the body by means of the antioxidants that it possesses, boost energy through the natural supplementary power of green vegetables and fruits. Lastly, it is said to support a healthy weight management system.


      About the video:

      The e-commerce product video is brief, yet it manages to point out all the essentials of the product in the talk. It is important to note down here the fact that buyers won’t spend much of their time trying to know about the product. So it’s a best practice to express briefly what needs of the buyer the product will be efficiently meeting.

      It communicates what the product does, what it is made of, and lastly, by showing it’s a professional graded product, it adds to its authenticity. At the end of the video, the watcher sees different fruits, vegetables, and a jar of juice placed alongside the Superfood Supplement box pack. This reinforces in the mind of the potential buyer that this is a natural product. Why is this an amazing example of the best product video? Because it manages to express all that the customer might be looking for in a short span of time.

      2. Lucky Flip

      About the product:

      Lucky flip is a roulette-style dice and card game for 2-6 players. This game can be played by adults of all ages. The game positions itself on two major elements, i.e., it takes 2 minutes to learn and each game lasts for 25 minutes. So basically, they have positioned the product as a quick means to having fun with friends and family.

      It’s a fast-paced game that combines memory, strategy, and luck. The game box comes with a variety of components, namely the game board, cards, scorecards, markers, tokens, and dice. Lucky Flip was launched only last year, and it has already been touted as one of the best card and board games in the market.


      About the video:

      The e-commerce product video is both short and engaging. It sets the right tone for the product in the market. The video shows a bunch of friends playing the game and having a great deal of fun. The video also indicates a pair of older individuals playing the game, which conveys the message that this game can be played by people from different age groups.

      Taking into consideration that the end customer of this game would most probably be the younger lot, it is a wise attempt to keep the video short because normally, people aging 17-25 display brief attention spans while buying online. This video has the qualities of the best product videos out there.

      3. Natural Force MCT Oils

      About the product:

      MCT products, including MCT oils and serums, have been the talk of the town for a while now. This is due to the diverse set of benefits they offer. MCT oils are easily digested, unlike their counterparts, i.e., the other oils we consume in food. Some of these oils also happen to tone down skin infections.

      Natural Force’s MCT oil is sourced from 100% organic and sustainable sources. There have been debates on the fact that whether or not MCT is a legit product in terms of benefits the companies claim it offers. Natural Force’s MCT Oils comes with a lab test verification of purity and potency.


      About the video:

      Making e-commerce videos for products that augment health & fitness is a tricky domain. You need to touch lots of bases to create a good enough compelling message. The e-commerce product video begins with the range of Natural Force’s products on display.

      This establishes the very idea that the company is making a diverse set of products in the niche they are in. They then happen to open up about the ingredients and salient features it has to offer. For health and fitness supplements, one thing that the potential is always looking out for is the guide on its dosage.

      4. KOOTEK Ice Cubes

      About the product:

      The KOOTEK ice cube tray comes in a package of four containers. The durable trays are made of fine-quality food-grade platinum silicone, making them food safe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about ingesting any harmful chemicals. They come with removable silicone lids, which keep the ice clean and prevent any odors from altering the taste of ice cubes. Also, you can stack the trays on top of each other, saving a lot of space in your freezer.

      Besides making ice, they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as chilling wine, whiskey, juices, popsicles, desserts, and fruit jellies, etc. The large-sized cubes not only look unique but also keep the drinks cold for a lot longer because they melt slowly, maintaining the taste of your beverages.


      About the video:

      This is another one from the best eCommerce product videos of 2023, depicting the aesthetics and utility of the product. The video starts by showing how durable these moldable ice cube containers are. It then focuses on different features, including the dimensions, ease of use, and hassle-free storage. The video demonstrates how easily you can remove the ice cubes from the non-stick silicone trays with a push from behind.

      Moreover, it shows how you can use this product for other things besides making plain ice. The idea of colorful and fancy-looking statement fruit frozen cubes takes the graphics to a whole new level.


      We keep it compact, simple, clear

      Unlike huge video productions, AD.JUST PRODUCTION can provide you with something our clients valued the most: great service, being flexible and creative with solutions, creative and proactive with our ideas, and extremely detail-oriented.

      So even if you looking to hire an Amazon video production company – you will get the same attention and quality.

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      5. Wooden Serving Tray


      About the product:

      This 19*13 inches handmade wooden tray has a smooth finish to it, a non-slippery inner liner, and robust metal handles for easy handling. You can use it as bar, breakfast, dinner, tea or patio tray, or use it to bring snacks and coffee to your patio. It can also serve as a table when placed on a couch or lap.

      This large wooden serving tray is great for any kind of use and makes a great item for home décor. It can add rustic and natural visuals to any room in your house. The compact design allows easy storage. You can also gift this vintage styles item to your loved ones at weddings, birthday parties, and housewarming parties.


      About the video:

      Again, the video manages to put light on two major aspects of the product, i.e., attributes and utility. This is yet another example of using professional crew for product propagation, making it an eligible candidate to be listed as one the best product videos of 2023. It does add value by giving the it a very reasonable outlook.

      The video shows the user using the tray in different settings, such as serving beverages to a guest, using it for a breakfast, or relishing on the couch with a glass of wine and snacks. The ad also includes the specifications like the size and built of the handles.  At the end of the video, the user is wrapping it as a gift, adding another possibility of usage.

      6. F100 Powerful Flashlight


      About the product:

      The F100 is an all-rounder and potent flashlight built for outdoor adventure buffs. It comes with the latest CREE LED technology, enabled with fast charging and an adaptable mounting system. This is not your standard dollar shop flashlight. It tends to fill the gap in the market by offering an aesthetically pleasing product with a variety of features. The F100 is built for travelers, individuals who have a thing for outdoor adventures, and for domestic purposes as well.

      The flashlight is waterproof, with 0-100% battery in 60 minutes. It also comes with a built-in 2600mAH dedicated battery, which enables users to charge their phone devices. The push of a single button allows you to switch to different light modes available in the flashlight.


      About the video:

      The F100 product video for e-commerce focuses on utility, aesthetics, and features. The overall vibe of the video is somewhat raw and outgoing, which gels with the brand persona. The video shows people riding bikes with the F100 mounted on the bike. Then some visuals just present people having a good time which expresses the fact that this is a happy and charming brand.

      Then some visuals communicate how to ideas like how to put this on the charge, how to extract the battery, and so on. This is a good example of an eye-catching and best product video because it not only happens to focus on the features and usage, it shows all different sorts of outdoor and indoor settings where it could be handy.

      7. EcoFlow Delta Pro

      About the product:

      Delta Pro is the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable power ecosystem for smart home management, home backup, lower energy bills, and many more. The manufacturer EcoFlow claims that Delta Pro is a breakthrough device that has the capacity to shift the power and energy industry standards.

      The product comes along with a set of batteries whose capacity can be enhanced to as high as 25kwH. The device comes along with a smart generator that stores the charge that can be used as a backup during a power outage. Since the power ecosystem is expansive, it enables the user to go off-grid during peak hours, which enables the user to save lots of money.


      About the video:

      EcoFlow’s product video is longer than most Kickstarter pitch videos. A major reason for this would be the fact that this is quite a technical topic, and the target market would need plenty of information before getting into buying this one. The product video for e-commerce tends to emphasize the value the item may add to the potential buyers in terms of efficiency and savings.

      A major chunk of the customers would be the retailers than end consumers. Perhaps this is one reason for lots of technical jargon in the video. Finally, at the end of the video, we see a vast, lush green forest with clouds lurking around. This is to position the company as environmentally friendly.

       8. Mojo68

      About the product:

      Mojo68 is a new-age wireless customizable keyboard. From the very look of it, it looks like it’s inspired by pop culture with its hip design and cool outlook. Mojo68 comes in 6 styles with multiple keycaps and plugin options. The unique selling point here is the fact that the keyboard is fully customizable, and any user can fully assemble it as per their liking. Mojo68 is designed so as to make the whole typing experience more enjoyable.

      The colorful keycaps that come with Mojo68 can be conveniently switched as per the user’s liking. The DIY feature that this keyboard offers probably sets it apart from the competition.


      About the video:

      As explained earlier, this is a hip product for people to make a statement. The e-commerce product video focuses on its features, their utility, and a guide on how to do various things. This is not a high-end product video, but it manages to spill away all the required info that a potential buyer might be interested to know before buying.

      The video is around 2 minutes long, but this could have been better if we look at the kind of product it is and the variety of features it tends to offer.

      9. Tego


      About the product:

      Looks like a bag but the company doesn’t like much calling it one. They have rather named it ‘adventure kit.’ Tego offers a carry solution like never offered before. It’s a revolutionary bag that can be customized as per the user’s need. It can be used as a tool kit, make-up box, camera kit box, or any carrying need that a traveling person might have. It basically comes with 7 unique sections that can be used in a variety of combinations to make a bag catering to your need. The design is very minimalist and utility-based. Tego is made out of tough & durable recycled materials and has been termed TSA Safe.


      About the video:

      If you are looking out for a minimalist, this might be a good enough example for you. Just like the product itself, it’s a good thing actually that they didn’t try to overdo the production. The simplistic yet slick video, in fact, gels well enough with the brand. The video is most probably made in-house. The major focus throughout the video has been on the the utility and on the variety of ways this can be used. The video could have been a bit shorter than it actually is because a user might lose focus during 2 and half minutes of watching a bag video.

      10. Nextube


      About the product:

      If you have seen any of those cold war movies, you might have seen those weird glowing glass clocks. Well, those were called Nixies. Nextube is but a modern, more urban, and well-designed Nixie with quite a lot of cool features. It offers 6 cylindrical glass tubes, each coming with an IPS display showing you key metrics of modern life. Initially, it might give you the look of just another vintage clock but spending only a few minutes with it, you will get to see the dozens of amazing features it tends to offer.

      Nextube gives weather updates, enables you to arrange your schedule, visualize the music, and lots of other cool things. The product is a great mix of vintage aesthetics with modern tech-based design.


      About the video:

      This is probably one of the best product videos on the list. It begins with a captivating visual where we can see plenty of vintage products like the typewriter, a lamp, classical Marshall Amplifier, and a set of books. This gives a very vintage vibe starting off. This particular video is a telling example of why one needs a professional production team for a product pitch video. Nextube has gathered 2000+ backers on Kickstarter with more than $250k pledged.

      The product video for e-commerce not only manages to communicate all major features, but it also happens to set an appealing brand persona.

      Best Product Video Post Bottom Line

      Product videos for e-commerce are remarkably important in the digital realm. This is due to the fact that the customer is inundated with tons of information online. The only limitation in the digital domain is that the customer does not have one on one exposure.

      Adding a video somehow diminishes this very limitation by allowing the user to have a visual experience. Stats also display e-commerce product videos with good imagery helps in enhancing the conversion rate of e-commerce stores.

      How much Kickstarter Video Costs in 2023?

      How much Kickstarter Video Costs in 2023?

      So How much does Kickstarter video cost?

      You need a trustworthy and invigorating video to enhance your crowdfunding campaign for a Kickstarter project. Most Kickstarters soon learn that this is not so easy to achieve. Thankfully since you can now hire crowdfunding expert to help you,  we can guide you through kickstarter agency cost and types of crowdfunding videos.

      Now comes the issue of price. Would it cost $500, $2k, or $10k? You can answer this only after you have considered the aim of the video. Here are some points to help you determine the cost of Kickstarter video production and show few successful crowd funding video examples:

      1.  Do-it-yourself Kickstarter video production

      Cost: Around $2,000

      You can always choose the Do-It-Yourself options of Kickstarter video production and execute most part of the project. You may choose to write the video script, direct it and manage the production on your own. In doing this, you get to cut your costs of video production because you execute based on the funds available.

      For instance, you may pay an entry-level videographer as low as $500 for a half-day job and get a very simple video editing done for about $600. In the end, you should have been able to produce an average-quality video. Of course, the sound may not be so clear nor the image sharp enough, even the pacing may have some irregularities. But if the script is catchy enough and the characters are captivating, you may be left off the hook with those crowdfunding video tips.

      You can also leverage the services of professional video production companies. They come with well-experienced personnel who understand the business and know exactly what is needed to get a top-notch project done. But this may take more funds out of your pocket, as you need to pay for the expertise involved. However, it could save you time and money in the long run. And if you opt to hire a freelancer, they can provide great service as well, and at an affordable rate.

      2. A basic good quality Kickstarter video

      Cost: $5,000 – $6,000

      To present your business idea in the best light you will have to hire more professional video production who can deliver full circle video production services necessary for a successful crowdfunding video. That will include idea and scriptwriting, 2-3 person film crew for sound and video recording. It can also include voice-over recording and good quality post-production services but without any composing or sophisticated animation.

      It will cost you between $2k a day to acquire the film crew with quality equipment for a more professional look, and at least $900 for a seasoned editor. The video should be precise but quality, containing mostly an interview of the founder of the Kickstarter project and some film roll about your product or your facility.

      You would concentrate on the story and do less of pre-production work (very few talents and locations), focusing more on the story of your concept, your passion your presentation skills. The post-production includes some basic editing and color correction. We recommend that you use a good resolution, 1080p for best quality of your video content. When shooting make sure to have enough coverage, so you can avoid unnecessary re-shoots during the edit process.

      3. Are you ready to amuse people with your Kickstarter video?

      Cost: $7,000 – $10,000

      When you rise your Kickstarter video budget above $7,000 you can include the service of the scriptwriter to get brilliant ideas to show your Kickstarter project in an emotional way: funny, romantic, futuristic, etc.

      You will be also able to hire some talents and extras. They will demonstrate how your product works in each day’s situations and how it makes the world better. The main difference is that you can make visually appealing commercial parts to demonstrate your product in real life. And your future customers can see the diversity of situations in your product works. That budget also allows you to book some more locations like residential houses, offices or conference rooms, depending on your product specifics.  Those locations will help to spread the story of your product in a more varied way.

      Moreover, with that budget you can hire a professional  kicksterter director who knows how to engage people with the most interesting aspects of your project and make them emotionally involved. This person will coordinate all videography and editing process for you. 

       4. Your Kickstarter Video to go Viral?

      Cost: $10,000  – $15,000

      What you will get within that budget: greater script, more actors, voiceover, range of locations, and custom soundtracks.  We’ll even help you create a strategy for success to make sure your Kickstarter video goes as viral as possible.  We have years of experience in producing high-quality videos that get attention, and we know exactly what it takes to create something people will share. Our team can develop a carefully crafted storyboard and script, direct actors on set.

      This budget will allow you:

      •    Hire kickstarter video producer and director. The director is like an insurance policy that your script will not deviate from what you intended

      •    Hire more professionals. Sound experts, gaffers, motion graphics, all of this will help to give you a quality video

      •    Use equipment of higher quality. You could rent equipment like the RED Epic camera that goes for $2k a week (this is just a camera! Other features like sound, steady cam and lights must be added)

      •    Pay for good locations. It’s easy to determine which videos cost more because of the range of interesting locations used to shoot such videos.

      •    Customize soundtrack. Simply contact a musician to do a soundtrack (up to $500) that will rhyme with the pacing of your video. This adds lots of value to the Kickstarter video.

      •    Have visual effects. This is the last but very important element to consider when creating a Kickstarter video. You should allocate $1500 – $3,000 for some basic visual effects like motion graphics, 3D animation and special effects in order to add that extra wow factor. 

      •    Hire professional actors. It’s important to pay your actors fairly and competitively. Do some research online to find out how much to pay actors because they will be able to help you fix the cost and do the casting. Depending on the package you choose, costs can range from $200 – $1,000 per actor. In addition, you may want to consider hiring a casting director as well. 

      •    Equipment Rental. You will need some equipment to capture your video footage and audio recordings of your actors. This usually includes cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting and other pieces of gear that could easily cost over $1,000. It’s a  good idea to rent the gear if you don’t have your own. 

      5. Best Quality Kickstarter Video

      Cost: $15,000 – $30,000

      When does it occur to you that you might be spending more than necessary on your video? This totally depends on you and what you want to achieve. Let me help you here. Most expensive studios will only handle projects that hit the $30k mark. Quite frankly, at such an amount your video quality would be out of the ordinary when it comes to originality, casting, filming, and graphics.

      So what differs? Most successful crowdfunding videos have a completely original concept and crowdfunding video production of the ultimate quality. Such a video would be perfect for successful Kickstarters after they have gained experience and they have an existing product with good publicity, but not for beginner projects.  It would be unwise for such to spend so much on a Kickstarter video at their entry stage.

      Successful crowdfunding videos are typically not very expensive compared to the above-mentioned $30k. However, they should be produced with quality and originality in mind and within a reasonable budget for the entrepreneur – this is what Adjust Production offers.

      How to pick a budget for your Kickstarter video?

      Considering the extent of work to be done is crucial to your budgeting to avoid any impromptu costs. Are you just aiming for a video of you doing your thing in front of the camera? If your answer is yes, then forget about spending too much and get some good Do-It-Yourself guides to help you.

      If however you want to go all out, to create a great concept, with high-quality stuff like sound, images or to portray your complex storyline, you would need good budgeting. Our professional recommendation is to have something between $8,000 to $12,000 for a great look. That will also include an eye-catching concept for crowdfunding platform and some talents and locations to show the usage of your invention in real-life situations.


      Here at AD.JUST we understand all aspects of Kickstarter video production and would love to help you get it done!

      We provide you a full range of services for IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Video Production for startup companies and innovative brands, such as script writing, filming, 3D animation, sound engineering and more. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee a successful campaign video that will help you raise funds for your project. Additionally, we offer post-production services so you can get the most out of successful crowdfunding campaign.

      Our second passion is video marketing for e-commerce! Check our blog posts about amazon product video creation and product photography.

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      Shopify Product Video: What & How

      Shopify Product Video: What & How

      Shopify allows users to put product videos alongside product images. Various online studies have suggested that Shopify product video tends to increase the conversion rate because the user is able to get the idea of the product in real-time. Also, product videos add the element of validation and authenticity to the product, thus increasing the likelihood of purchase. 

      Why Should You Make a Product Video?

      Online business has seen a surge in the past few years. When selling online, the goal is to attract consumers, and it takes a little something special to do that.

      Product videos can be very effective. When it comes to Shopify, a video can help a product or service to reach the audience. This can also increase the conversion rate. If you add a video to a product page, you can optimize the conversion rate by 20%. Since the audience prefers to believe what it sees and grasp the minute details present in the video, that’s why you should use this technique for your videos.

      How to Make a High-Quality Shopify Product Video?

      The quality of the video can make or break your product, just as important as the product itself. Creating a great video is the first step in building a successful e-commerce website. With a great video, you’ll have a better chance of keeping the audience engaged and will be much more likely to succeed with your new online business venture. The context of the video should be entrancing to the viewers by relating to the lives of the viewers.

      A solid and effective video strategy that fulfills the business needs should be developed and followed while creating your Shopify product video. Utilize every crucial tool for designing and editing the video. Make sure to first display your product and then demonstrate its effectiveness that makes a difference in the lives of the users. Go beyond and connect your audience with a story or the experience of the products.

      It’s tempting to only focus on the technical element in a video, but we can do more than simply explain the technical aspect of the product; we can also tell the story of the product. We can explain the problem and solution, and we can demonstrate that the product works and looks great.

      If you’re using video as part of a marketing strategy, you want to ensure that the videos you create are well-planned, creative, and focused on the specific business need they’re designed to address. Your brand or logo will separate you from all other competitors. If you desire to stand out from the crowd and make your product memorable and unique, so why not make it something that looks like no other?

      Request Shopify Video Quote


      AD.JUST  is a  Verified Amazon Ads Partner! AD.JUST has been verified as an Amazon Ads partner, and we’re excited to offer our clients video services for creating eCommerce product videos, brand videos, and explainers  for any e-commerce platforms.


        Tips on How to Make Amazing Shopify Product Video


        Video is one of the most powerful forms of content because it’s so easy to share and consume. Videos are a great tool to help market your product and brand. People have strong emotional reactions to videos. It helps them remember information better, and it facilitates creating an engaging experience. Product videos are ideal for advertising your products online. They’re an effective way to get attention, generate more traffic to your website and increase your click-through rate.

        It’s a good way to give customers an extra incentive to buy from you. Every company is trying to make its products look and sound more appealing. Back then, you had to put in a great deal of effort in terms of resources to get a perfect product video. Those days are gone. There are plenty of tools and tips available to guide you on how to create great product videos with limited resources.

        Tips on creating relevant product videos:

        • Think about where and who you want to watch the video you’re creating and who needs to see it. You can use your product videos for multiple purposes. Rather than making one video and using it for multiple platforms like social media and websites, it’s always wise to create different videos for different platforms because each serves a different purpose.
        • Write a simple description of what you’re offering. Consistency is key. You’ll want to stick to the same visual style and make sure your videos are in sync. Learn from competitors and other brands in your industry. Check out their social media accounts, product pages and sites for more tips.
        • Fancy what style of video you are going to make? There are plenty of ways you can create a simple yet profound product video. Some most used styles are images clubbed together to make a sort of animation. Then there are vertical reel videos for Instagram and TikTok. Then there are UGC videos with customer testimonials and demonstration videos that elicit the product’s utility. Once you have clarity on the style of the video, you can then proceed with the content.
        • Lastly, you would need to sketch out a plan around the video. Grab a piece of paper and jot down a plan in pointers. Write down the script if necessary. If you’re planning to film the video on your own, finalize a location.
        • Once you’re done with the plan, it’s time to choose a good enough video editing software.

        Where to Find the Best Shops for My Products on Sale Online?


        There are multiple websites available to source products from. If you are starting from scratch, the first step would be to decide on what product niche you want to be in. After that, you are supposed to find suppliers that will provide you with products. Moving forward, it is also important for you to decide what is your target market geographically. This will help you to select suppliers nearest to your target market. This will reduce your shipping costs. Following are some websites to shop your products from:

        ·      DHGate

        ·      Banggood

        ·      DX

        ·      AliXpress

        ·      Taobao

        ·      Lightinthebox

        ·      Worldwide Brands

        ·      Salehoo

        Amazon is another great alternative, but in terms of variety, range of products and prices, all of the websites mentioned would be definitely superior to Amazon. 

        Examples of Great Shopify Product Videos


        If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to elevate your customers’ experience and attract more buyers toward your products, exploring Shopify product videos from established e-commerce businesses can trigger the creative spark you need to achieve your goal. Here are three great examples of Shopify product videos:

        1.    Airrobo Humidifier How-to Video

        It is often believed that how-to videos are only required for explaining to the customers how complex products are to be operated. But the reality is that video tutorials and instructional videos can be great for different sorts of products, including pharmaceuticals, beauty, and retail.

        This how-to video of the Airrobo Humidifier is a simple yet useful video tutorial showing the product in action. This video effectively describes how a user can achieve the goal the product is designed to achieve.

        2.    OBSIDIAN Glassware Product Video

        While it may seem challenging to create an enticing Shopify product video for glassware, OBSIDIAN has perfectly developed a video to explain the features of its product. The video demonstrates the design and features of the OBSIDIAN Glassware in an elegant and captivating manner. The contrasting background and lively music take the video to a whole new level, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

        The video allows the customers to look at the product from different angles and exhibits in-depth details of the mountain imprinted design. The catchy graphics and classiness of the video is what sets it apart from others.

        3.    Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

        Customers these days prefer to watch brief yet comprehensive product videos than read a lengthy manuscript to understand the specifications and use of the products. Veken has created this video keeping this in mind, adding an instructive element to the video.

        What makes the video special is that it serves as a complete guide to the specifications of the product, along with instructions on how to use it. The video is well produced with the aim to highlight all the key features of the product in less than a minute. The content of the video is practical and informative, offering additional and free value to the customers.

        Shopify-Based Store or Amazon Store?

        Amazon and Shopify are different platforms built for more or less the same function, i.e., selling goods online. Both have their own pros and cons and somewhat differ in how they allow users to present their products to customers. Though Amazon has a huge audience, it is, at the end of the day, a marketplace, a consolidation of hundreds of thousands of products. There’s probably one major downside to Amazon, which is a massive one. It is that your products will be competing with tons of different products in terms of price, reviews, data and everything else that is visible to the customer. Another thing is that you are partly in control of your business since amazon is involved with the fulfillment.

        With Shopify, you have the freedom to portray your product the way you want to. It allows one to create a brand, a story. It also solves the problem of your products competing against the world because only your products are at the forefront of your store. You can set the price and justify it with exquisite branding and superb quality. Also, it allows you to be in full control of your business. From sourcing the product to shipping and providing after-sale service, you are the driving seat for your business. 

        Facebook/Instagram as Online Selling Tools

        Plenty of businesses are now using both Facebook and Instagram to sell online. Why is that so is because of the reach of these channels and the amount of time users are spending on these channels. Another important aspect is the option of a different set of features both these channels offer to businesses, like Facebook pages, where businesses basically sell. It allows businesses to put visual content and spend money to increase the traction of business. 

        Having said that, these channels do have their own downsides. Number one would be the scaling factor, which is that you can only use these channels to grow up to a certain limit after a certain time you’re supposed to have a website. That is because once your customer base and product catalog start growing, you will have to use different features to make your business look like its authentic. Also, various studies have proven that users online are more likely to buy from a website than a mere Facebook/Instagram page. 

        TikTok Video Specs and Size Guide 2023

        TikTok Video Specs and Size Guide 2023

        When it comes to uploading and posting videos on TikTok, the last thing you would want for your video is poor quality. By following this cheat sheet of TikTok video specs and our leads you can find the right file size, video length, and format of file for your next video.

        Video Specs for high-quality TikTok videos:

        If your video ever looked perfect on your phone, but when it goes live, it looks pixelated, distorted, or cut off, you’re not alone. This can happen for many reasons.

        You shouldn’t worry about getting your videos converted into TikTok specs. There are easier ways to optimize your videos than converting them.

        1. Size of TikTok Videos

        With its huge user base and millions of daily users, it’s no surprise that TikTok has become one of the most dominant apps in the world. A one-size-fits-all approach means that the video dimensions are not suitable for every user.

        The perfect dimensions are 1080 by 1920 pixels, which is what most phones are capable of capturing and sharing on social media platforms.

        TikTok’s Intelligent Optimization Tool or online video editors can be used to resize your content to any of the available sizes just in case you may need to convert to the optimum size.

        Another meaning of the size is the file size, which is measured in megabytes (MB). Newsfeed videos uploaded to are limited to 72 MB in size, whereas those uploaded to are limited to 287.76 MB.

        TikTok videos have a threshold file size of 500MB, and that’s good because a bigger file means you can upload more of them in one go.

        2. Video Dimension: Portrait or Landscape

        The ideal TikTok format is portrait because the app is designed for viewing on your phone. While it’s possible to post a landscape video, we don’t recommend it. Portrait allows you to use every pixel of a smartphone screen to engage people’s attention.

        3. Length of TikTok Videos in 2023:

        TikTok recently announced that they are expanding their maximum video length from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. This is a significant shift for the platform, which has been known for its short-form videos. The increase in video length provides TikTok users with more creative freedom and flexibility to tell stories, showcase talents, and share valuable information.

        The extended length also allows creators to dive deeper into topics and engage their audience for longer periods of time. This update is an important step for TikTok in broadening its appeal to a wider range of users, and it opens up new opportunities for brands and businesses to create longer-form content and reach their audiences in more meaningful ways.

        4. Best video format?

        While both MP4 and MOV work just fine on TikTok, using.MP4 is the better choice. However, you will probably not be able to differentiate between the two. There are a couple of grounds why you may want to use MP4 over MOV.

        iTunes MOV is the native or original file format for Apple and is apt to have a larger file size. You’ll probably end up having to resize the MOV file before you upload it, so having a few PNG files will help make that process go smoothly. This is pretty much it about non-advertising TikTok video specs.

        AD.JUST PRODUCTION is a social media marketing agency that has helped many eCommerce brands to start their advertising in Tiktok with viral vertical videos. We are a team of experienced specialists who can produce high-quality videos that convert.

        tiktok video advertising
        tiktok video marketing agency

        TikTok Video Ad Specs:

        TikTok has about 1 billion users around the world. That’s a lot of eyeballs, and that means it’s a great place to invest in advertising to generate leads or brand awareness.

        The platform definitely enables users to put background sound in the videos. Sound isn’t the only parameter that attracts the audience’s interest. Captions and text work well too. They also have images and other elements that entice people who don’t listen to your content to view your website.

        You can use its advertising in two different ways: either as an In-Feed Video Ad or a News Feed Video Ad. Let’s dive into different type of ads and their native TikTok video specs.


        1.    Infeed TikTok ads:

        People who view ads primarily on the feed rather than on individual videos are more likely to become ad viewers. In-feed TikTok video ads can be one of the best possible ways to get your product in front of this audience.

        As your social media following grows, the likelihood that you’ll see in-feed paid ads also grows.

        In-feed TikTok ads are similar to organic newsfeed videos. They are placed at the end of a clip, above the footer, and below the logo.

        It’s possible to upload any type of video. When you upload, you’ll see your upload status in the top right-hand corner. To check the quality, click the play button at the beginning of the clip.

        To produce a high-quality content that looks good on all devices, you should use 9:16 or 720 x 1280 pixels, or 1080p format. Ad in-feed videos should be more interesting and more of a conversation than a typical ad. Design your ad to appear like an organic piece of content for viewers scrolling through their feeds.

        People are much more likely to interact with someone they are familiar with rather than someone they don’t know. That’s why it’s important to always have an introduction when interacting with someone new. In-feed ad should be no longer than 20 seconds, but if they’re longer, make sure they include multiple frames.

        2.    Topview Ads:

        An ad that immerses people in an immersive viewing experience lasts for at least 60 seconds.

        TikTok’s TopView ads are another great way to create awareness about your brand because of how it pops up on the viewer’s screens. They’re practically unmissable, so they get viewers talking about your brand. That’s a full minute of uninterrupted viewing when it’s released.

        3.    Spark Ads:

        When you’re looking for something to sell, your best bet is to advertise in a way that doesn’t look like advertising. Spark Ads leverage organic posts to boost your business. In fact, you should consider running your campaigns as organic content, allowing you to build a community of loyal followers.

        TikTok has an engagement rate of over 140%, and they’ve even earned a lot of positive feedback from their user base, who’ve been impressed by their services. Brands get to use spark ads to build a real connection with their community. They can also go to your profile just by swiping left, duet your post, and use your soundtrack.

        It’s really easy to set up Spark Ads using a variety of different tools.

        When you collaborate with creators on TikTok, you can quickly set up Spark Ads, and when people tap on them, they’ll be brought to your Spark Ads.

        4.    Takeover Ads:

        This takeover ad is named ‘takeover’ because it takes over the entire screen of the user. You need to make sure your target audience knows you are there before they even know what you are selling. It does occupy a lot of the viewer’s full screen, but it’s worth it! You can link this ad unit to a landing page or to an ongoing brand challenge, and it almost sounds the same as TopView ads. 

        The difference between Brand Takeover and Top View ads is that Brand Takeover ads are the first videos users see when they open the app, and TopView ads are the first videos they view on their FYP.

        5.     Branded Hashtag Challenge:

        Whether it’s your brand or product, the best way to encourage engagement is to create branded challenges This means that you’ll leverage your organic and paid content to drive more engagement from consumers.

        The outcome is generally a high level of engagement that heightens only on one click. Over 50 percent of branded hashtag challenges on TikTk have more than $5 return on ad spend for the CPG industry.

        6.     Branded Effects:

        This ad format allows brands to be creative and allows them to have fun. It’s a good place for brands to showcase their brand personalities, such as humor or a unique approach to solving problems. This ad enables the users to use stickers, effects, and filters on their content.

        TikTok Marketing Tips

        Whether you’re new to marketing on social media platforms or just need a refresher course, I think this list will be helpful for you to get started in the right direction. Marketing is something every business needs to focus on. When you need help getting a marketing plan in place, these tips will be of use.

        • Consider your audience:

        If you’re just getting started and want to create the best TikTok campaigns, you need to think about the type of audiences you are trying to reach. Do they appreciate a thoughtful and informative video?

        This social media platform that caters to short, entertaining videos. You can create a video to have a few followers if they like the humorous video or if it shows off a product or service. It should be between 15 to 60 seconds long.

        • Create TikTok Native Content:

        The most important thing is that the content you create is authentic. The community of users has developed its own sense of style. You need to respect this if you want your video to feel like it belongs there.

        Take, for example, the #YoloChallenge, which involves people filming themselves with wide grins on their faces, and in the process, they capture themselves doing weird and funny things.

        Create a unique spin on the common format. You’ll need to find a creative way to integrate your product into the article in order to make it stand out, but always follow the common format of 4-5 sentences, each with bullet points and subpoints.

        And if you aren’t entirely sure what the latest fad is, you can easily catch up with the most popular videos and trending hashtags around your geographical location on the platform’s Discovery Page. There you’ll see what the hottest trends are trending and what people are talking about around your location.

        • Keep it Short:

        There are lots of things to test out. If you do a ton of testing, you’re going to come up with a lot of ideas. The key to making a compelling and engaging content is to make sure that it’s short. You want your audience to watch your clips over and over again without getting tired. That way, they can easily share it with their friends, thus increasing engagement.

        The platform recommends a 60-second video because you’re more likely to like and comment on the content of that length. It also helps you grow your following and get discovered by brands.

        • Video Description:

        Write down the purpose of your piece and the benefits it promises to provide to your viewers and prospects. TikTok supports all Latin alphabet letters and a few Asian characters, such as Japanese Hiragana (わ), Katakana (ヾ), and Mongolian Cyrillic (ү). You’ll also need to avoid the following:

        Using emojis or special characters such as parentheses (《》), hashtags (〇), or exclamation marks (〈!〉). Using punctuation marks in place of characters.

        Here’s all you need to know about TikTok video specs for ads, including which types of ads are available, what each ad type does, and which one you should use.

        Bottom Line

        After going through the above guide, hopefully, you’ve learned everything you need to know about the size, dimension, format, and other TikTok video specs.

        The average person spends between 10 minutes and 2 hours every day on this platform, which gives you lots of opportunities to share your creativity and express yourself.

        All the best, and may you make amazing videos that will dazzle your audience!

        TikTok Video Production


        In AD.JUST we make creative social media videos that are fun and engaging to watch. Our vertical formats is perfect for e-commerce barnds, and we produce new content all the time so you can keep your followers engaged.

        Request custom quote, our team of experts are waiting to hear from you!


          TikTok Video Advertising. Why is TikTok Good for Marketing?

          TikTok Video Advertising. Why is TikTok Good for Marketing?

          It’s safe to say that there is hardly anyone who isn’t familiar with TikTok these days. This video-sharing app has rapidly taken the online world by storm and has become the fastest-growing social media platform. As we know that sound and visuals have a profound impact on the modern world, and numerous brands are using this network as marketing strategies to promote their products and services. It doesn’t only facilitate brands on TikTok to get into action but also to boost their sales through TikTok video advertising. A lot of brands have achieved success through a TikTok marketing agency by offering access to potential customers that other social media platforms may not provide. This is because this social channel offers relatively more exposure, innovation, and creativity.

          Besides being a favorite of most teens, this network has risen as a powerful tool that can help you establish an effectual presence of your brand there. Read on to learn how TikTok marketing can be used to your advantage and how you can set up a successful brand on this app.

          How popular is TikTok and What’s its Future?

          Before choosing it for your brand, it’s important to know the facts and figures describing the popularity of this app. As published by eMarketer Daily Newsletter, this platform is expected to outshine YouTube and other platforms during the current year for average time spent on social media per day by US users.

          tiktok video advertising

          A survey by the Insider Intelligence suggested that around 50% of the United States generation Z and 38% of adults, in general, make a purchase through social media. 12% of generation Z and millennials used this Tiktok for buying purposes, which puts it at the top after Facebook and Instagram. It’s expected that the number of buyers on this network will increase in the coming few years.

          tiktok marketing agency

          According to another estimate by eMarketer, looking at the growing popularity of this relatively new platform, US adults are estimated to spend 18.6% of their total social media time using this app in 2024, which shows a huge difference when compared to 4.5% in 2019. 

          tiktok for brands marketing

          It is predictable to outdo Pinterest this year by becoming the preferred buying medium for 23.1% of US social commerce customers, with Facebook and Instagram still taking precedence.

          A report by Jungle Scout proposed that 11% of US buyers opt for the app to start their search while shopping online. It is working on improving its e-commerce search effectiveness to correspond to this behavior of the consumers. Businesses that are not using TikTok video advertising are falling behind in catering to the needs of these buyers. 

          tiktok purchase e-commerce trends

          What is a TikTok Video Marketing?

          As the name suggests, TikTok video marketing is a method of advertising products, services, or content to gain more customers. It utilizes a careful and organized process to promote businesses by creating captivating video content. Different marketing strategies are used for this purpose, which focuses on creating organic and trend-driven content, adding popular and discoverable hashtags to the caption, and getting help from influencers for promotional campaigns for the brand.


          These strategies are useful in designing 15-60 second long videos that are generally tutorials, dance videos, comedy skits, lip-syncing videos, and a lot more. These entertaining videos have a high chance of going viral because of the app’s high reach, making it a marketing haven for businesses

          Why Should You Use a TikTok Marketing Agency?

          A TikTok marketing agency is a fast-developing community of companies that are dedicated to assisting brands and marketers in tapping into their creativity and expanding their business through this forum. A TikTok marketing agency encompasses qualified professionals who are good at creating, measuring, and implementing vertical ad to appeal to and inspire potential buyers.

          Those agencies can also help with better editing of the videos using fun effects, filters, music overlays, etc. Moreover, they can aid in improving the efficacy of the content by integrating it with other social media networks. In essence, this should be  your skilled partner in helping you create a catchy promotion campaign using video content.


          AD.JUST PRODUCTION is a video agency that has helped many eCommerce brands to start their advertising in Tiktok with viral vertical videos. We are a team of experienced specialists who can produce high-quality videos that convert.

          tiktok video advertising
          tiktok video marketing agency

          Why Should You Use TikTok Video Advertising?

          With the ever-increasing popularity of this app, it is now ranked among the top online platforms that allow a brand on TikTok to express its creativity. This is the reason this app is now considered one of the essential marketing tools by businesses. The sections below will help you understand why TikTok video production for brands is the right option for your business:


          • Easier Marketing

          If you’re not using this app as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a big time. The majority of its users are from the young population. You can connect and engage with the youth by creating videos that appeal to them.

          TikTok video advertising for business is an inclusive online social media network for advertisers. It offers all the essential features and tools required for social media video production, TikTok video ads particulary. You’ll be able to launch a successful marketing campaign that will deliver results.

          Using the features available for business accounts, you can create an ad or set a budget, find the best audience, evaluate data, create videos, and much more. TikTok allows brands to try out new ideas and find out which ones work best with their potential customers. You can also use a TikTok marketing agency to do all the work for you.


          • Re-Invent Influencer Marketing

          TikTok video advertising has gained the significance of headquarters for social media influencers who can increase engagement on your account. It’s no secret that many people like to follow what others do. When you share something, they feel compelled to see what else you’ve shared. The social media influencer market is an effective means of intriguing your audience’s interest in your brand.

          An influencer may mention your products or services in a video, redirecting viewers to your account or ad. You can also ask them to post links to your website in the description of the video, which could stimulate people to visit the link. This will help you get more views and boost your sales. That’s how influential this app’s influencer marketing can be.


          • More Chances of Going Viral

          As compared to other social media platforms, the algorithm of this app works differently to make a video viral. For instance, the Facebook algorithm focuses on showing your content to friends and family, which means that it prioritizes or ranks people and content that you already know. This one, on the contrary, isn’t about only reaching the people you know. It’s more related to surprising people and getting them to follow you.

          Through TikTok video promotion, your content is a lot more likely to be viewed by an audience who has never seen it before. It indicates that your brand’s TikTok video ad has a higher chance of going viral, even if you don’t have plenty of followers on this site. You don’t need thousands or millions of followers to make your advertising a hit.


          • Range of Ad Options

          When you have a brand on TikTok, it allows you to create a variety of ads, from short-form videos to longer-form videos to ads that look more like traditional commercials. You can design branded challenges for users that encourage them to participate. Make sure the challenges are something inventive and intriguing, so they have the potential to go viral and generate more publicity for your brand.

          5 types of TikTok video ads you can create for your brand on it and drive more traffic include:

          • In-feed ads
          • Top-view ads
          • Brand Takeovers
          • Branded effects
          • Hashtag challenges


          • Target the Right Audience

          It’s a no-brainer that when you are using TikTok video advertising, the key is to find the audience that matter to your brand. Like any other online marketing platform, TikTok can help you reach your target viewers and steer your ad campaign in the right direction. However, as mentioned earlier, the users are mostly from the young population. It may not prove to be your best bet if you are striving to reach an older audience. According to some surveys, around 60% of the users fall between the age group ranging from 16 to 24. If we increase the maximum age limit to 34, 80% of the users will fall within this range. Hence, be mindful that this platform is ideal if you’re aiming to target young users.


          • Edit Videos Like a Pro

          Like any other social media network, you can get a lot of attention there. In fact, your content has more chances of going viral when you use TikTok video advertisement. However, you’ll need to establish a strong connection with your audience or create a strong theme to make your brand noticeable and famous. All this can be easy to achieve when you have a great video editor.

          Since you need to create a short and fast-paced video for ads, it has a different format compared to other social media platforms. You can add music to your video ad and choose the best format that you want. You can also add stickers to your video and give it a unique look. It is also important to add filters. You can also add text to your brand’s video ad. Your video may go viral on social media platforms if it looks good.


          • People Buy What They See

          Visuals have gained a massive reputation in the marketing world since there has been a shift in people’s preference for buying products or services via online photos and videos. What you choose to show to your potential buyers is a deciding factor in generating more sales and turning your new buyers into your brand’s loyal consumers. No matter if you choose brand takeovers, regular product videos, or ads to promote your products or services, you have a higher probability of people seeing and buying them.

          Even though this platform has only been around for a couple of years, these users have made a big impact on social media marketing. Due to the product-generated marketing, trends have led to the emergence of the phrase “TikTok made me buy it.” This phrase is quite often used as a Hashtag for posting content on this platform too.


          • Hashtags Ignite Marketing Campaign

          Hashtags are one of the imperative components of TikTok video advertising, as they have the ability to add life to your brand’s marketing campaign. They can be beneficial in driving organic traffic to your video and business account. Some of the effective ways of using hashtags to your advantage are:

          • First and most important step is to hunt for the top hashtags. You can do this by locating hashtags on the “discover” page on your brand’s account. Look for the hashtags that work for your brand or product/service and use them.
          • Take hints from the influencers to find out which hashtags are trending right now. Just copy those hashtags and add them to your video description to see their result.
          • If you can’t find trending hashtags, start by testing standard hashtags, such as #TikTokChallenge, #viral, and #love. Use these popular hashtags and check their effect.


          • Content-Focused Approach

          Another major reason why you should consider using a vertical ad or hiring a TikTok marketing agency is that unlike other social media networks used for brand promotion, this platform is mainly driven by content. If you’ve been affiliated with the marketing field or have been getting professional help to advertise your products or services, you probably know the significance of content in marketing. The content-focused approach of this network is more likely to yield your desired outcomes and amp up your marketing output. This platform and its users admire entertaining and fun content instead of traditional ads.

          Therefore, if you manage to hit the brief with innovative ideas and exciting content, nothing can stop your TikTok video promotion from going viral. Your aim should be to create and deliver content that the users wish to see, making sure you fulfill their needs. Viral ads will then be ranked on the “for you” page of users, enhancing the visibility of your brand.


          • Evaluate Analytics for Better Performance

          Just like any other online platforms used by different brands to promote their products and services, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, TiktTok also lets you analyze the metrics and estimate how your creatives are performing. This will allow you to scrutinize the progress of your ad and make further decisions accordingly to boost your marketing efforts.

          The readymade analytics can better enable you to come up with an effective content strategy and know what kind of content your audience is more interested in. However, this feature may only be available for pro account holders. The good news is that the “analytics” feature is absolutely free for pro accounts. Just activate this feature on your account and keep an eye on every critical detail related to your brand’s account, like visibility, content, and followers.

          Bottom Line

          Many businesses have successfully achieved their goals by using TikTok marketing because this platform offers various benefits that are not available on other forums. When utilized properly, TikTok video production for your brand can build an entirely new level of engagement with potential clients.

          Marketing there is an effective way of enabling your brand to deliver its content in a natural, genuine, and enjoyable manner. People these days prefer less formal and authentic video marketing, making TikTok video advertising an excellent option for brands. A TikTok video ad for promotion can increase your reach to the clientele by boosting your exposure, which is a lot more likely to help them know more about your brand, buy from it, and stay with your brand.

          TikTok Video Production


          In AD.JUST we make creative social media videos that are fun and engaging to watch. Our vertical formats is perfect for e-commerce barnds, and we produce new content all the time so you can keep your followers engaged.

          Request custom quote, our team of experts are waiting to hear from you!


            Social Media Video in 2023: The Future of Marketing

            Social Media Video in 2023: The Future of Marketing

            It’s no secret that video is one of the most popular forms of content on social media. In fact, according to a recent study, 78% of people say they’ve watched a brand’s content in the last week. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that social media platforms are making video a priority.

            Marketers have long known the power of video. It’s an engaging, dynamic medium that can be used to tell stories, showcase products, and deliver messages in a way that is attention-grabbing and memorable. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift towards social media video as more and more platforms embrace native video content. As we move into 2023, it’s clear that the trend is here to stay – and it’s only going to become more important for marketers. Here’s what you need to know about social media video in 2023.

            Live Video

            One of the biggest trends in social media video is live video. Live video allows brands to connect with their audiences in real-time, which creates an intimate and authentic connection. Live video is also unedited and unscripted, which gives it a sense of immediacy and urgency that other types of videos lack.

            While live video is already popular, it’s only going to become more so in the next few years. In fact, 82% of internet users say they would rather watch a live video than read a blog post, and 80% say they would rather watch a live video than read a social media post.

            Live video is another trend that’s been on the rise in recent years, and it’s one that’s likely to continue. As platforms make it easier for users to go live and as internet speeds increase, we’re going to see more and more people sharing live videos on social media. This type of content is especially popular with younger users, so we’re likely to see a lot more of it in the coming years

            More User-Generated Content

            Another trend that’s on the rise is user-generated content (UGC). It is any type of content—text, images, videos, etc.—that is created by users instead of brands. UGC is often seen as more authentic and trustworthy than traditional marketing materials because it comes from real people who have firsthand experience with the product or service.

            According to eMarketer, UGC will account for 30% of all online activity by 2023. That number is only going to increase as more brands realize the value of UGC and start incorporating it into their social media strategies.

            As technology becomes more and more accessible, we’re likely to see even more user-generated content on social Platforms like TikTok have already shown us just how popular this type of content can be. And we’re likely to see even more platforms emerge that are built around user-generated content, giving people even more opportunities to create and share videos.

            UGC provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, and can be a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. For example, Amazon uses it to help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions. In addition to product reviews, Amazon also displays customer photos and videos in its product listings.

            This UGC helps potential buyers to see the products in use, and provides valuable insights into how the products perform in real-world settings. It can also help to build trust between businesses and their customers. When customers see that a business is receptive to feedback and willing to display reviews, it instills confidence in the company and its products. As a result, it can be a win-win for both businesses and consumers.

            Request Social Media Video Quote


            In AD.JUST we make creative visual content that is fun and engaging to watch. Our vertical format is perfect for Instagram and TikTok Reels and Stories, and we produce new content all the time so you can keep your followers engaged.

            Request social media video quote, our team of experts are waiting to hear from you!


              Vertical videos for TikTok and IG

              One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in social media video in 2023 is the rise of vertical format. As people consume more and more content on their mobile devices, there has been a shift towards videos that are optimized for viewing on a small screen. This means that traditional 16:9 widescreen pieces are no longer as effective as they once were.

              TikTok reels and Instagram stories have led the charge, with people flocking to these platforms to consume content that is easy to digest and doesn’t require them to rotate their phones. While some traditionalists have decried this trend, there’s no denying that vertical videos are here to stay. And there’s actually a lot to like about them.

              For one thing, they make it easy to record hands-free footage. They also provide a more immersive experience for viewers, who can focus on the content without distractions. And let’s not forget that they’re simply more convenient to consume on our phones. In a world where we’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to beat the convenience of vertical videos.

              Vertically-oriented videos take up less space on a mobile device screen, making them more likely to be watched all the way through. They also feel more personal and intimate, which is perfect for building relationships with customers and prospects. If you want your videos to be seen by as many people as possible in 2023, make sure they’re vertical.

              Closed captions

              Another big trend we’re seeing is the use of subtitles and closed captions on your visual content. This is especially important if you’re targeting international audiences or people who are viewing your videos without sound – for example, if they’re watching on public transport or in a place where they can’t turn the volume up. Adding subtitles or closed captions will ensure that everyone can understand and enjoy your videos, no matter where they are or what environment they’re in.

              Better Quality iPhone Videos

              As phone cameras continue to get better and better, we’re going to see a corresponding increase in the quality of videos on social platforms. This trend is already underway; just take a look at the difference between the videos being shared on social platforms today and those from just a few years ago. The increase in quality is only going to continue, meaning that social media videos are only going to get better and better.

              iPhone videos have come a long way in recent years. The iPhone 7 Plus, for instance, features two cameras, one of which is a telephoto lens that allows for up to 2x optical zoom. This means that iPhone users can now capture high-quality close-up shots and videos without having to carry around a separate camera. The iPhone 7 Plus also features optical image stabilization, which compensates for hand movement when taking videos.

              In addition to the hardware improvements, the software that powers the smartphones’s camera has also gotten better in recent years. Apple has added new features like video stabilization and slow-motion video capture, and the latest models can even shoot 4K video. All of these improvements have made it possible to capture better quality video with an iPhone than ever before.

               Lastly, let’s mention the new lens kits compatible with smartphones. iPhone lenses are a type of accessory that can be attached to the iPhone to improve the quality of videos. There are many different types of iPhone lenses available on the market, including wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and fish-eye lenses. Each type of lens offers different benefits and can help to improve the overall quality of iPhone videos. iPhone lens kits typically include a selection of different lenses, along with a case or mount that allows the user to attach the lenses to their iPhone. Lens kits can be a great way to improve the quality of iPhone videos and help iPhone users to get more creative with the smartphones videography.

              Long Form Social Media Video

              Finally, we’re also seeing a trend towards longer online formats. In the past, most videos on social platforms were around 15-30 seconds long – but that’s starting to change. As platforms like YouTube and Facebook continue to invest in long-form content, we expect to see more brands producing longer videos that tell stories, provide educational advice, or just offer an insight into what it’s like to work with them. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, start thinking about how you can produce longer videos that will keep viewers engaged from beginning to end.

              Small Business Videos: How to Go Online?

              Small Business Videos: How to Go Online?

              When it comes to bringing your brand’s presence online, especially if you own a small business, your best bet is to create and market a small business video that represents your services or products. The popularity of visual content sharing apps and platforms shows the explosive rise in interest of people in watching video. Videos for small business are one of the most efficient and convenient ways of making your online presence noticed.

              According to this research 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It can help you start and grow your small business exponentially by attracting your potential customers by building a connection between your brand and the audience.

              In this article, we’ll look into the benefits of building a digital home for your business and how you can create great videos to promote your small business without investing a fortune. So, stay tuned!

              1.What are the Benefits of Creating Video for Small Business?

              Although video making may seem to take a lot of effort, time, and cost, using the right techniques, tools, and video sharing platforms can make them worth your while. Here are some of the reasons how creating a compelling content of a few minutes can help you boost your business:


              • Videos are the most alluring form of content
              • They can engage your potential customers on social media
              • You can have access to mobile users through marketing videos
              • They can enhance SEO, conversion, and sale of your products
              • You can boost return on investment with less expenditure on ads
              • They can help you earn customers’ trust and loyalty
              • They can educate and motivate your potential customers

              2. What Type of Videos Can You Create?

              It can be challenging to choose the right format because there are so many ways to do it. Here are a few types of result-driven business videos you can opt from for your small business:

              • Brand Introduction or Story Videos

              The purpose of creating a brand story video is to build a connection between your brand and the customers by offering them more insight into your brand’s history, mission, and values. These videos can also help your audience understand what sets your business apart from the rest. Consumers are more probable to be drawn to companies that communicate their purpose and represent an idea bigger than their products or services. Hence, aim for videos with information about your values and background to spark a sense of affiliation or association in your audience.

              • Product Videos

              The aim of making a product video is to help your customers learn how your product or service will solve their problems. They explain what your product/service is, what its benefits are, and how it works. They can be great for showing your products or services in action and grabbing the attention of your potential consumers. No matter how great your products/services are, if your customers don’t know how it can be beneficial for them, you may not be able to sell it.

              • Educational Videos

              Educational videos are an important marketing tool that allows you to establish yourself as an expert or authority in your field, educating your audience on topics in your niche. It can be a guide, tutorial, Q & A, and tips and tricks related to your product/service. Instead of explicitly selling your product/service, you provide value to your audience by teaching them something new about the product/service you sell. This helps build trust with your audience and gain more credibility for your brand.

              • Social Proof Videos

              This type of business video is based on the notion that the views and actions of others can affect a person’s behavior. They help to turn your potential buyers into enthusiastic customers of your products or services. They employ the authority and influence of people to form positive brand perception based on social proof.

              Twitter has released a report showing consumers seek product recommendations from influencers almost as much as they do from friends.

              3. Small Business Video Examples


              Below are some examples of impactful and fascinating small business videos to help you come up with ideas and identify different aspects and elements of product/service videos by other brands.

              • WARE Company Introduction Video

              This introduction piece shows the incredible work done by the brand showing its audience the company’s values, goals, and culture. They have shown their team members describing their products to build an emotional connection with their potential buyers.

              • Tiny Mobile Robots Small Business Testimonials 

              A product review based on the current client testimonials. Documentary-style interview and aerial footage.

              Produced by AD.JUST Production

              • Humidifier Explainer Educational Video

              If you’re interested in creating an explainer video to promote your small business, here is an excellent example to motivate you: Airrobo is trying to teach the audience about one of their products to build foundational knowledge that will help them understand the product and the way to use it.

              Produced by AD.JUST Production


              Get Your Small Business Video!


              AD.JUST is a Los Angeles video production company offering professional and affordable high-quality videography services to our clients including video for small business. Our team can be found at various locations throughout California servicing corporate events, commercials, films, etc.

              Fill the request and we will get in touch within 24 hours!

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                4. How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Business? 

                Visual marketing has become one of the most popular and useful ways of boosting your business over the last few years. Here’s how you can follow this trend:


                • Capitalize on Available Platforms. The most suitable and effective method of promoting your marketing videos is to use video platforms that are already available, such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Users of these platforms are already primed for marketing content, and it’s up to you to utilize it as an opportunity to market your product/service.
                • Deliver Quality Content. Although the future of video marketing is promising, you need to carefully develop your brand’s video rather than just jumping headfirst. Since users are already exposed to countless videos from numerous brands, you’ll have to provide high-quality content in order to get noticed.
                • Present Value of Your Product. It’s important to demonstrate to your potential customers that you value their attention and time. The best approach to earn their respect and attention is to establish the value of your product/service by focusing on its key elements. 
                • Tell the Story. Marketing videos are probably your best shot at telling your story, especially if you’re using platforms that support long-form content. Brands that use storytelling aspects of things related to their products or services are more likely to move their viewers to their customers.
                • Follow the Three “E”s. Three simple yet highly effective and failsafe steps toward promoting your marketing videos are following three “E”s: engage, energize, and educate. Aim to keep your potential buyers engaged by presenting your content at the right time and place, energizing your audience to stay engaged with your brand, and educating them by providing information about your product/service.

                5. How to Get Started with Making a Video?

                Now that you know why you need to create quality videos for your small business and how these videos can be helpful for your brand let’s move on to the important steps in making a video.

                • Define Your Goals

                The first and most fundamental step while creating a successful business video is to set a clear target or goals you are aiming to achieve. One way of doing this is by asking yourself, “what is the purpose of this video?” This question will help you determine what to include and what not. Some ideas for establishing your goals are:

                • Increase brand awareness through storytelling
                • Boost sales through product videos
                • Build reliability through social proof videos
                • Educate your buyers through educational videos

                These are some ways to create videos that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. Remember that whatever decision you make should be consistent with your goals.

                • Brainstorm for Ideas

                The next step involves coming up with ideas for your videos and taking inspiration from your competitors, peers, and well-established brands in the market. You can use social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to get more information about bigger bands. This can help you recognize their strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide how you can do better. Another way is by using your website analytics and identifying top-reaching posts to repurpose these posts for creating your content. Lastly, if you already have social media presence, use analytics to spot top-performing posts as well as keep track of comments and queries from your customers. This can give you some ideas about your videos.

                • Write a Script

                Preparing a script will help you build a clear story, map out the entire flow for your video, and establish strong points that you can hit throughout. If you are camera shy, having something written out may also help reduce nervousness. You would also need to include an introduction, CTA’s (call-to-action), product features, etc.

                  • Choose a Location

                  Finding the right location for shooting your video is an important step. If you choose to shoot your product or subject indoor, make sure you do it in well-illuminated conditions. While shooting an outdoor video, be careful about the shadows and glare. Moreover, no matter if you decide to shoot indoor or outdoor, the place should be free of unwanted distractions and background noise.

                  • Contact local Video Production Teams

                  Finally, now that you have done all the prep work, it’s time to look for local video production teams to help you get on your feet and start recording your business video. Choosing a video production team instead of filming your business video yourself is particularly recommended if you have minimal or no experience creating videos, are going to be on camera, or have enough going on and need professional help for this step. Getting help from a video team or pro can create your business video to build and promote your business more effectively. A video production team can create content that assists in marketing your business more efficiently and establishing your brand more rapidly

                  6. Best Practices and Guidelines for Creating a Successful Video Campaign


                  After you’ve successfully completed production for your small business, now is the time to shift all your focus to starting a video campaign for the promotion of your business. Here are some small steps and guidelines you can follow to achieve your desired outcome:

                  • Share on Social Media

                  Based on a study published by the Pew Research Center, seven out of ten people are on social media. It indicates that social media is a powerful and appropriate place to promote your business videos. You can opt for tools, such as Buffer, for sharing your videos on different social media platforms quickly without any hassle. Use tools like Rapidtags to optimize your video titles and tags on Youtube.

                  • Use Video on Landing Page

                  You should use video on your landing page because it makes people want to purchase your products. In fact, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video. Video ads help drive traffic and sales. So why not add one about your business to your landing page?

                  If you’re a new small business, you can use our Start page to create a mobile landing page. It’s easy to link to your favorite videos from YouTube on your page. Just click “Create Video” on the video’s player and select “Link to YouTube video.

                  • Work with Influencers

                  Collaborating with influencers is a popular and effective way to expose your brand to more people and get more social proof for your brand. It is estimated that around 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations, while 40% have made a purchase after coming across something on social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

                  If you’re just starting out and you’re looking to work with influencers, look to work with micro-influencers because they’re often the most engaged and best to work with. They are willing to do partnerships in exchange for free products.

                  • Use Paid Social Advertising

                  Using paid social advertising will help your video for a small business gain more views, particularly if it’s already getting a lot of views organically. Ads on Facebook, or Instagram, are the most common type of ad platform used by small businesses. Either type of ad platform has its own benefits that only you can determine.