High-end video production services in Orlando

We dedicate ourselves to offering professional audio and video production services in Orlando and throughout the Central Florida Area.


Our areas of expertise include scriptwriting, video email marketing, cinematography, video editing, and post-production as well as corporate video production, event video production, marketing videos, TV commercials, online AD spots, Kickstarter video campaigns, and more.

Our commitment, highly qualified crew, and resourcefulness when it comes to innovative, practical, and creative solutions, allow us to collaborate with various private, public, national and international companies that wish to have a trustworthy video production company in Orlando carrying their projects. Our professional video editors and videographers have over 10 years of experience offering all sorts of video services in Europe and the Central Florida area. Recently we added video production in San Francisco area to our coverage.

Our video production services

Our commercial video production company creates your concept, develop ideas, and transform them into a script. We do the location and talent scouting for you and in the production day we show up with the best ideas, tools, and the rest of the resources needed to get great angles, shoot the material, polish it in post-production, and add the visual and audio effects that will make your audiovisual project come to life.

-       Promotional video production: we produce commercial videos in Orlando for those clients planning to make a strong online campaign for their products and services. Let us know about your promotional video ideas and we will transform them into a concept.

-       Corporate video production: AD.Just a widely experienced corporate video production company in Orlando, if you have a corporate event or are just looking to enhance the image of your company, our professional event video production crew is ready to respond.

-       Commercial video production: in the new Internet and Social Media era, modern and competitive companies acknowledge the value of a constant commercial video production to promote their products and services to attract new clients and sales. AD.Just offers the best commercial video production rates in the Central Florida area.

-       Green screen production: when all you need is some on-location interviews and b-roll footage, you can trust you’ll get high-quality chroma key footage.

-       Crowdfunding and Kickstarter video: achieve your promotion and PR goals with a professionally made Kickstarter campaign video, trust a professional that is local to the Central Florida area to help you get your message out there.

-       Real estate video: capture the attention of the best potential buyers for your real estate or construction company.

-       Product video and table-tops: when you need product videos in Orlando, trust a local video production company to do the video for you; we will consider your creative input and the specific needs or your brand translate it into incredible high-quality beauty shots that will convey your message in a deeply engaging manner. 

-       Branded video: Image videos can be very helpful for the introduction purpose because you what they say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression

-       Music video: We have created dynamic pictures, video and audio for totally different and outstanding artists. Our all-star team handles nearly every scale and genre. We can also provide a professional HD video shooting in Orlando for any of  your musical events or performances.

-       Documentaries: We have a special passion for documentary videos because we believe that there are no greater and amazing stories than those that happened truly in people's life.


Video services coverage In Central Florida

AD.JUST is one of the few corporate video production companies in Orlando that reaches all the popular locations in Central Florida area. Your event or video production could take place at the Orlando Convention Center, The Ballroom at Church Street, SNAP!, the Church Street Exchange Building, The Mezz, CityArts Factory, Downtown Orlando, resorts, hotels, or theme parks like Disney and Universal, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, it doesn’t matter where exactly in the Central Florida area, our team will be happy to meet your on-location filming needs while offering affordable video production company rates.