Why add photography to your video production?

We love taking kick-ass documentary images based around YOUR company's story. We are passionate about what we do, and love working with other passionate companies in the Orlando area. With years of experience and some of the best photography equipment around, we can't wait to meet you, and see what kind of images we can produce for you!

We have years of experience doing commercial, corporate and event photography in Orlando, Central Florida and have helped many local clients improve their company look. We make all of our shoots fast, fun, and produce a great final product. Adding photography is a great way for a business to update their web branding and collect extra imagery for their stock library. We can shoot a wide variety of images, in a short amount of time, for all sorts of uses.

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Photography services we offer:

We offer two main types of professional photography services in the Orlando area.

#1. While video production. Photo crew works alongside the video production crew on location and create images that match the look of the video being produced. This way you can create a photography library that both match the company's new video branding, and show behind the scenes imagery.

#2. A separate day shoot, not during video production. This could be event photography or on location creating a number of different shots, such as staff, production, and lifestyle. This imagery can be used for a wide variety of things from updating your website to creating billboard or vehicle wraps.



$800* - half day (up to 4 hours, 2 photographers)

$1200* - full day (up to 8 hours, 2 photographers)

*Included in this price is a digital download link or disc with all images, and full copyright release. Any additional editing or photoshopping is $250/hr.

Our approach to commercial photography:

Keep it simple. We believe the best images come from keeping things simple, and natural. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. One thing that sets us apart from many other commercial photographers in the Orlando area is the way that we work, fast and fun. Our aim is to get as many high-quality photos as we can and make sure our clients are not only happy with the results but enjoy the process of creating them. Sharing is caring so we make sure all images come with full copyright release, and you receive them right away.

What can you use a photo stock library for?

There are so many reasons a business own their own stock library of images. A personalized stock library has a cohesive look making your business more professional, there are many images out there you can buy online, but images that you create will say more about your brand. Even if you only need one or two images right away, having a library means all your future needs for social media, website updating, merchandise, newsletters will be ready and waiting for you. They can be used for campaigns, e-blasts, events, billboards, brochures, the list is endless.



Cirque Du Soleil



Seminole State College

Fl Hospital

Orlando Health

Sonny's BBQ

Millers Ale House

Push Advertising Agency

Dayner Hall Advertising Agency

Anson Stoner Advertising Agency

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We want to help your business stand out from the crowd, by producing creative, high quality, modern imagery that blends perfectly with the message that your company is trying to get out there. 

Location Shot - outside, inside overall, inside detail (close-up), the more personal the better, show off how you work, especially if it's a creative business, behind the scenes.

Owner and Staff Portraits - environmental around the location.

Product Shots - environmental (non-model) product shots, not on white

Lifestyle/Action Shots - using the product or service with other people, any usage of the product with models in a natural setting.

Food Shots - eating, preparing, people enjoying food together, ordering the food, cheers, raw materials of dishes, fire, steam, chopping, close-up details of behind the scenes.

Production Shots - The making of the product, raw materials, assembly line, tools, showing customers how you make your products, behind the scenes

Client/Staff Interaction with Customers - shaking hands, a high-five, satisfied client/customer testimonials (a great photo with a few words).

Macro Shots - Get close on everything, collect library of details, more artistic, can be used for backgrounds.

Fun/Silly - Goofy faces, photo booth style, dressing up, recreate the scene from the movie, something unexpected, era in time.


You can also shoot us an email-  getquote@adjustproduction.com or call 239-249-9339!