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How to start working with AD.JUST Video Production?

It’s very easy!

We hate complicated processes ourselves! Since we are a creative video agency we would prefer to focus on what we do the best – awesome videos!

But jokes aside, first of all, you need to send us an email with some details so we can start. You should include information on type and number of the videos, links to your product or your service. Also, send your deadlines and a video reference of something alike to what you are trying to achieve. Or what inspires you.

Then we will create a proposal for you with the cost estimation and some draft ideas/ directions. We do provide creative services like scriptwriting, treatments, storyboards but after we agreed on details and signed the contract.

Lastly, we will send you a simple 3-page contract agreement based on the approved proposal and the down payment invoice. Usually, it’s 50% before we start and 50% after the project completion, but terms may vary in case it’s an international project.

Can you help me with Amazon Product Videos?

Yes, we have a very special relationship with e-commerce!

We understand the specifics of this kind of video. The customer needs to see the product in detail, from different angles, understand the sizing of the item, see how it will look within an interior, or simply how to install or use it properly. They also need to be compatible with both e-commerce and social media. So the amazon video production company needs to be pretty knowledgeable about how both of these factors really work. This includes formats, length, social media platforms restrictions, and best practices.

Check out our Product Demo Video samples that we produced for our e-commerce clients selling their physical products at Amazon, eBay, and even their own retail websites.

Can you make a Kickstarter Video?

Our video crew has been producing Kickstarter video productions in Los Angeles and San Diego areas for almost 5 years. So we have gathered lots of professional intel on how to do crowdfunding videos that look amazing even with a moderate budget.

We understand that being a startup that wants to claim its spot in the saturated US market has only one chance to make a first impression. And you would need to truly engage people to become their early adopters and grow into loyal customers later.

We have amazing scriptwriters working in collaboration with Netflix to produce one-of-the-kind ideas for your Kickstarter video or implement any of yours. In order to stand out, you would need a mix of a creative bright idea and professional, top-notch quality implementation. We can do both.

Check on our recent Kickstarter video productions

Do you have flat rates for video production?

The short answer is: No, we don’t have flat rates.

Let us explain why.

Each project is custom catered to the client. We never charge per minute of the final video length but by the number of resources it requires. To determine video production costs to produce a quality video we need to know the following: number of talents, locations, number of shooting days and gear & crew needed, etc.

We take our job seriously even at the stage of the video production cost estimation. That is why we usually ask many questions just to be sure we didn’t miss anything to provide you with the most accurate quote. And also to avoid cost miscommunications related to hidden charges or uncontrollable increases in overall costs.

Sometimes additional charges occur but it’s mostly when the client wants something on the top of the original work scope. For example, to create a teaser for a social media campaign based on the original video we produced.

The best way to help us to give video production costs is to provide us with 1 of those 3 things:

  • Send us a shot list or script. This is the best way to obtain clear costs.
  • Send us your budget range. In this case, we can come up with something that will fit it.
  • Send us a video reference. We will be able to estimate what it took to produce and will be able to offer alternatives.
What are the videographer rates per day?

Please check this page for video production rates here.

There you can find different videographer prices rates to cover video production in San Diego and Los Angeles area. Our crew also has the ability to travel by custom request as well. We also have some video crews that we collaborate with around the states, they can provide the same standard of video production quality as we do here at AD.JUST.

Shoot us an email and we will see what we can do!

Do you produce Event or Corporate Videos?

Both actually!

You can hire AD.JUST as a corporate video production company in Los Angeles or San Diego area to promote your brand or company with these ever-green types of video marketing.

Professional event videos such as trade shows, exhibitions video overviews have a great potential to be gain a great reach online. It’s not only organically shared by participants but also drawing the attention of the industry professionals working in the same area. It can also boost your companies credibility and the image of the industry expert. We have been filming a vast amount of events at San Diego Conventional Center, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles Entertainment industry events.

If you are looking for a corporate video company, we are capable to produce anything from Creative corporate videos and Brand films to clients’ testimonials and much more.

A creative corporate video is along-shelf marketing material that can be a great tool to reach many business goals. Such as hire the best employees, ensure new partners, communicate your vision and brand culture, or bring some light on your social project as a charity and sponsorship to improve your overall image, etc., etc.

To choose the right angle in corporate video production and to keep up with the modern standards of video quality and the cinematic look, you would need to partner with a creative but reliable corporate video production company which AD.JUST certainly is.

Are you experienced in creating Brand Video Content?

As a marketing agency, first of all, we at AD.JUST are experienced in various kinds of video advertising. But branded video content is for sure our favorite. That is why we were heavily focused on this kind of video production for the last 3 years as it beautifully combines the promotional side of advertising and storytelling.

Telling the brand story without being too blunt and annoying or integrating brand presence into relevant situations and events requires both documentary videography skills and strategic understanding of the brand value, benefits and its relation to the target audience.

We can say we mastered our skills in branded video content being fortunate to work in multiple and on-going projects with Cirque Du Soleil and Wilson Sports teams. The Entertainment and Sports industry both having a great number of opportunities for branded content creation.  We were also very lucky to work with PeopleAreAwesome crew.

Check our Branded Video Content with these teams here.

What are other video production services can you provide?

Need a Crew Van? We have one you can rent!

A new multifunctional production van Mercedes-Benz Metris available in Los Angeles for small production crews.

Think of our van as a mobile editing station with the ability to be a one place transportation for all your crew and gear. It can also be used as an executive producer or client vehicle, and even transform into a make-up mobile set, you name it! It can do it all.

You can check our van’s availability by emailing us! Do you have a video production rate card? Yes, we do!

Is there anything I should know about Video production in Los Angeles?

Great question!

There are certain Los Angeles video production specifics and the rules will differ from city to city.


We have lots of requests to shoot exterior b-roll footage on the streets of Los Angeles or city sightseeing. Los Angeles is the capital of movie production and you would need to be able to obtain the permit or even a few permits. This all depends on the specific location and if they allow you to shoot outdoors. These rules are also applicable to small crews and low-budget productions. Basically, any type of activity when a professional camera is required or as soon as you set your tripod on the ground. So that really affects the cost of the Los Angeles video production, as well as the time spent on pre-production. Please, keep that in mind when you are sending us your shot lists.


There are lots of areas where Arial filming is strictly forbidden, so you will definitely need the help of a local Los Angeles video production company to guide you to where this kind of filming is allowed. Also, provide you with a certified drone pilot. A Certified drone pilot is required by city regulation.