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Are you getting ready to create your first Kickstarter video?

We are here to help!  "How to create a Kickstarter video?" is one of the main questions startup companies have when they want to start this fascinating journey. 

AD.JUST Video Production is one of the few Orlando and Los Angeles Video production companies who use its vast marketing background and creative approach for developing the best idea for your IndieGoGo or Kickstarter video. We offer crowdfunding video production services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando area in producing successful Kickstarter videos, Indiegogo videos, fundraising videos, startup videos, business incubator pitch videos, and corporate video proposals. 

We also won a Special recognition spot in 10 Best Kickstarter Video Productions chart, 2018! 

We deliver our video services to fresh startup companies in order to help them collecting first funds for their needs. AD.JUST has a special team of video marketing professionals skilled in scriptwriting,  creative copywriting and communication strategy to reveal your unique idea of the invention in the Kickstarter video campaign and lead it to high-quality execution.

Regarding the corporate video proposals, we helped startup companies to pitch their video proposals to marketing teams of top companies such as  AT&T, Miller, Budweiser.

Get funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo   with professional video services!

Get funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo with professional video services!

How much does the Kickstarter video cost?

That question can be really confusing that's why we encourage to read that nice piece of the article explaining in details what should to expect from video production for a certain budget - "Kickstarter video costs".  


KICKSTARTER video services

We are AD.JUST - a team of visual communication experts focused on Kickstarter video productions. We are ready to make a hit out of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo video and to help you enhance your crowdfunding campaign for your project at an affordable cost. Let us print our unique, fresh approach into your online fundraising campaign, your success is our goal!



Our pre-production package includes general management, setting up meetings, making calls, handling logistics like travel etc. We offer our hand at the creative side of Kickstarter video production helping  you to write up script treatments and storyboards with a free revision thrown in. AD.JUST can plan it all. 



We offer location and talent scouting for Kickstarter video production in Los Angeles and Orlando. AD.JUST works with the best union and non-union talent agencies and can provide a large list of available talents, principals, and extras.



We will provide you with all necessary rigs and equipment for successful production, as well as the professional video crew and video producers. Using professional video equipment such as the Canon C 100/C300, Black Magic Mini URSA, RED EPIC-W 8K, drones for aerial footage, top of the line audio and lighting equipment, any video we produce will look like a one you can show on the silver screen.  Our clients can expect HD/4K/8K footage quality for all projects.



Our post-production services include advanced video editing and color correction. We utilize Mac-based video editing stations and top of the line video editing software like FCPX, After Effects. We work with sound design and sound mixing, corporate 2D motion graphics. As one of the post production studios, Los Angeles, we take quality we provide our clients with very seriously. 



You don't have to physically be at our locations in Orlando or Los Angeles for Kickstarter video productions. We have a successful experience in doing those video projects remotely. Our clients were located in Germany, Canada, HongKong, Korea, Isarel, Russia while we were creating an appealing and professional Kickstarter video for them. Ask us how to make your Kickstarter video remotely and we will be more than happy to explain!

Kickstarter video work samples

"HyFit" new wearable gym device, Kickstarter video, Los Angeles, California

"FuseConnect" Smart house controlling device, Indiegogo video, Orlando, FL

Indiegogo video for a Smarthouse controlling device 

"NEXT BOTTLE" Indiegogo video production

"TreshPress" Kickstarter video

Next Bottle is a modern device containing smartphone charging deck, powerful speakers, LED screen and rechargeable water bottle in one gadget. 

"HAPPYTAPP" mobile app hilarious commercial video

Kickstarter video for "Mysseuse

 "HappyTapp" - A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger! 

"Mysseuse" is just another of the cool companies that enjoy the perks of our Kickstarter Video services. With some good sense of humor, we approach the solution to a problem for professionals of all ages when it comes to back and neck pains produced by a hectic routine.

"Q-tag" by,  Kickstarter video

Silicon Valley pitch video for

"Q-Tag" is a solution to pet owners to help them locate their beloved pets at any given time with a scan code that carries a lot more information about your pet than the regular tags in the market.

The Silicon Valley business incubator pitch video. Mobile app turns the change after your online purchases into bitcoins!


Lohn Mauer  Alex and his team at AD.JUST were great. We came to them with a general vision for our video and a tight timeframe. They made filming extremely comfortable, offered suggestions and artistic inputs, and worked through multiple takes and angles with ease. Alex's first draft of our video blew us all away, and he had added a few sections and extras that totally supplemented what we were going for. Subsequent drafts were turned around quickly with attention to every detail we pointed out, and the video was finished well in advance of what was promised. Overall, we only have good things to say about the team, process, and final product, and would recommend AD.JUST to anyone.
Cezar Neves  5 stars! Ad.Just worked with us on a crowdfunding campaign and we must say that we could not be happier. We presented the product and described how we envisioned it and when they came back to pitch the idea we were excited to see how it would all come together. The creativity, professionalism and all around friendliness of the production crew was very refreshing and the result was outstanding!!! We would definitely hire them again and again. Thank you for the awesome job guys!

3 stages of Kickstarter Video Production

or How to make a Kickstarter Video?

Your Genius Idea

We learn your idea specifics and benefits and create our own treatment for your Kickstarter video.

In the first part of Kickstarter videos it's very important to give some personal touch and share with bakers how that idea hit your mind, what makes you fell the world would need it and how it can help people?

Your Product Benefits

We should highlight your product in the best way - showing the physical prototype, branded product, website or IOS application interface.

We should also explain the benefits of using this product to convince people in a value of it, so they can pledge and help you out in doing this.

Fundraising, Pledges

Ask, really, ask the backers to donate in your Kickstarter video. 

Offer your backers amazing variable donation options so they can choose from. It's not necessary something material, it can be a Great Thank You Badge. You should remember, it's not only about fundraising, but community building.

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