Live Streaming


AD.JUST offers reliable and great quality live streaming in Orlando for all kind of event video productions such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, stage performances, concerts, galas, conferences, seminars, etc. You can now reach a wider audience then you could before and interact with that same audience as your event unfolds.

Help improve your online video presence and make yourself stand out next to your competition. Cater to a whole new audience of people that cannot come to your event but really want to join you!


Event video production with liVe streaming

Once the live stream is completed, the produced video footage can be used as an integral marketing tool for your company. The video can be featured on Youtube, the company website and any social media platform. The video can also be edited to be integrated into a commercial video, event video or corporate video, showing viewers what you’re all about in an elegant way.

For other events that are commonly filmed, such as little league sports championships, a camera crew can bring out quality and professionalism where handheld family cameras fall short. A well done event video production for a sporting events, whether it’s soccer, baseball, or a swimming meet, will captivate your cherished memories for years and years.


Specialties including:

  • Multiple camera angles

  • HD quality video up to 4K resolution

  • Virtual reality streaming

  • Aerial shots added for a grand impression

  • Paywall support so that you can sell virtual tickets.

  • Presentations overlaid on stream

  • Lower third overlays

  • Advanced analytics and information on your viewers

  • Live interaction with the audience

  • Streaming to multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and many others)

  • Custom brand and stream experience

  • Low latency, little delay in the stream and live event



Our cameras and equipment are set-up to bring life into our presentation of your event. Our expert team always set up cameras in locations which would best portray the life of the event.

Some of the equipment we use includes:

  • ATEM Production Studio 4K (video switcher)

  • Livestream Video Swithching Solutions

  • Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K

  • Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K

  • Blackmagic Ursa

  • Teradek Bolt (for wireless video transmission)

  • Teradek Bond (guarantee best wifi signal in bad reception areas)

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2’s with interchangeable lenses.

We use professional life streaming video equipment to ensure the quality and an uninterrupted video stream to your viewers. To accomplish this goal, we have servers spread out throughout the US and other countries on the connected cloud which can handle any number of concurrent viewers.

We only use the newest equipment available. By staying on the cutting edge of technology, we're able to provide a broadcast quality that cannot be found elsewhere. Some of the noteworthy gear we use are fiber optic cables for high transfer and rate over long distance. The use of a hardware video switcher greatly improves the quality of the stream by reducing the latency (time between live action and stream experienced by viewers) and increases the accuracy of the audio and video being well synchronized.

Why go with us? Because we’re equipped to handle any event video production that you can throw at us, and do an amazing job at live streamin!