music video production

Our music video production helps artists in their promotional goal - get followers, promote new music video, even be submitted to Music TV channels or get #1 place on Reverberation.


Aprilann 'Crown And The Girls” music video, Orlando, 2016


Anni Piper " Paper Bag" music video, Orlando, 2015




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Creative approach and delivery


Music video idea

It's a first milestone we need to perform together before starting any works. Describe your music video idea or give us direction or references and we will do it for you! 

Based on this concept we will be able to calculate music video costs, will formulate the equipment and location list and foresee other actions to bring this idea to life.

Music video shootings

For music video shooting in Orlando and Tampa, we utilize professional DSLR camera Canon mark II 5D. It brings to picture smooth, professional, cinema quality.

Other equipment: Grids, sliders, soft box, Shoulder Pad, Go Pro.

*Additional equipment can be provided by request

Music video editing

This is the most time and creativity requiring process and can take up to 2 weeks. 

Music video editing is the process of placing and layering various shots, sound effects, graphics and audio tracks into a polished and professional looking project. We choose or create a unique stylistic fits your image or music style.


New cover video for Kiesza "Hideaway" song!

music video making-of photos

Shooting a music video is lots of fun most of the time with a big cord of people: talents, make-up artists, extras and filming crew! We can start that party in Orlando, Tampa, Miami or anywhere else in South or Central Florida. Stay tuned and enjoy the photos!

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