Luxury Video Production: See the Life You Want to Live

Everyone dreams of living a life of splendor. A big house, a fancy car, maybe a boat (or two!). We all dream of a life more lavish than the one we are currently living, surrounded by things not only bigger but better, than the status quo. In the age of technology, luxury video marketing is the way to go.  That includes real estate video production like luxury home tours, luxury yacht interiors or yacht video tours, and hotel and luxury car videos.

4 reasons to hire a corporate video production company

Creating content, innovating marketing campaigns, the conversation in social media… there are more and more indispensable factors that make a brand enter the competence. But if there is one thing that a business should never lack is the creation of a corporate video that creates an impact and that is useful both for the current clients and the new.



How to use a green screen in your video production?

 If your dream is to make movies or participate in the making of one, you should know that this is a dream that it’s more and more at your reach. Technology improvement has been growing so fast and takes bigger and bigger steps forward, making available to you some resources that were only available to big studios. The use of green screen or chroma key is one of the tools with which you can accomplish extraordinary things and if you add your narrative skills, some design, production, and post-production, you can make a studio out of your own house. Yes, there will be an initial investment but the results will worth it.



How Video production generate leads and conversions

Internet users are leaning more and more towards watching videos on the web rather other contents and this makes video production the most powerful stimulus of leads or call-to-actions of campaigns with a well-designed video marketing strategy. If you want something to be a big thing today online, tell your story in images.


Where to show your corporate event video?

A corporate video production is the best way to announce your company. With on-location filming, you can obtain an effective tool to communicate your business that will also optimize your teamwork while widening and improving the knowledge about your products or services. Nowadays, through the Internet, we are experimenting a great increase in the use of different type of videos and this represents an opportunity and a great transforming power in the business world.


Now offering event photography services in Orlando

To Ad.Just Video Production, event photography is the best opportunity for us to demonstrate our avocation and passion for photography; each event means new faces, new challenges. We get satisfaction from that magic moment when you hit the shutter at exactly the right time, hence we are eager to provide this service along with our event video production.


Why do I need event video production?

Video makes business communication a lot easier, it optimizes teamwork and widens and improves the “culture” about your products and services. Nowadays, we are seeing a great increase in the use of corporate video production on Internet and TV and that represents a powerful transforming strength in the business world.

Find out about the benefits of event video production for your brand or company!




How to reach backers of your Kickstarter campaign?

As you come up with your idea, and you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign, you also have to think about your target audience, who are the potential backers? You’ll need to do some research and come up with a list. After that, you have to figure out how to reach all of those potential backers that you won’t be able to meet in person, and pitch for them.


Should I make a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo campaign?

When it comes to which platform you should use, a couple of fundraising websites will pop up in your search: the main ones being Kickstarter and Indiegogo. So how to determine whether if you should do a Kickstarter campaign or an Indiegogo campaign? Well, although they have basically the same concept, the execution of their fundraising campaigns have completely different features.