5 elements of a successful Kickstarter video campaign

In the past few years, online fundraising has become the main tool for thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs that come up with one idea that promises to change the world or at least one part of it. And, if many of us can agree that Kickstarter, has earned a solid leadership spot among fundraising websites.

Kickstarter - in their own words - is a funding platform for creative projects. A large conglomerate of ambitious, innovative people find here an opportunity to see their fundraising ideas become realities, thanks to the crowdfunding that is only through a great campaign execution.

If you are part of those entrepreneurs, and you want to see your project succeed beyond expectations, we strongly recommend you start by considering five of the most important elements of a strong Kickstarter campaign:



Your idea has to solve a real problem in your community. To get people to engage with fundraising ideas, they have to feel related to this issue; you have to make them believe that the issue you are presenting actually affects their lives in some way and that your solution is the ultimate best way to defeat it.

If your project is art related (movies, music albums, etc.) the key to making a strong crowdfunding is to find a way to effectively demonstrate your talent, and ensure you the audience you will deliver a high-quality piece of art that they can appreciate. Let them know this is your dream, and that you are doing everything necessary for it to be a success; people follow ambitious and confident individuals!



Don’t think it only starts when you announce it! There is a lot of homework prior to Day 1. Remember that in the first two days after launch, 30 to 50% of your total funding is collected, so you should really be prepared to massively reach your target audience in those two days. It’s also worth to note that it’s a Kickstarter’s requirement to have a working prototype ready by the launch date, if you can’t make this happen, then you may want to consider other fundraising websites.

1. Start promoting your project

-       It’s never too soon to start reaching your target audience. Even before you’ve finished your prototype, you can start attracting people on Social Media, for example, with a clear concept, a good pitch and a defined target audience you are ready to start spreading the word. How about an intriguing campaign that leads to the launch date?


2. Build and grow your community

-       Build a mailing list so you can send invitation letters on Day 1. Start with your friends, colleagues, collect emails on your website, etc.

-       Set your social networks, keep them updated, and join conversations relevant to your Kickstarter campaign.

-       Reach professional communities and groups related to your industry in Linkedin, Facebook.


3. Pre-hit Press

-       Approach bloggers and journalists in advance. Send them your prototype, let them use your services, and ask them for feedback and reviews. Invite them to follow you to the launch date and through new stages of production after that.

-       Find opinion leaders using tools like www.hey.press and contact them. Try to negotiate some publication time to be scheduled on the first week of your Kickstarter campaign.


    4. Be ready

-       Have a functioning e-commerce site, with a supply chain and a distribution network. No need to get too fancy, you can build it on Wix, Squarespace or Strikingly; anything that will give online presence. We would also suggest you have your own domain already reserved for when things get real.

-       Develop relevant rewards for your backers, give the samples, and don’t forget about the 1-2$ thank you an option!



Your Kickstarter video is one of the most important and versatile tools you’ll ever have to gather attention. This is your chance to make your project shine, to pitch it, and let people know that you know what you’re talking about.


-       Start with the problem, get people engaged, and the present them with the solution. Keep it brief, keep it simple, and most important: keep it easy to understand.


-       You simply don’t just list them. For as great as the main features of your project are, you need to present them in a way that it shows how each of them will impact people in a direct way. Emphasize what makes your project stand out.

Seek for help

-       If you don’t know exactly how to make a video look professionally made, the answer is: get help from professionals in Kickstarter video production! In AD.JUST Production we are happy to say that we are one of the very few Orlando production companies that offer professional Kickstarter video production services to help you lock your audience and see your project take off.



Keep the work up! Do not distract from your objectives, remember the all or nothing policy: there is no going back; you are set to reach the goal and there is no “Plan B” once you’ve launched you Kickstarter campaign:

-       Use any tool available to you (interviews, videos, flyers, social media, etc.) to spread the word out there, there is no such thing as “too much”: you have a deadline.

-       Message all of your friends in Facebook to support your Kickstarter campaign. You can use Green Inbox tool with automated but personalized messages.

-       Twit! Twit! Twit! Use your audience to spread any news about your project around the world.

-       Update your Kickstarter page constantly: post videos, pictures, updates… anything works!

-       Communicate with your community - ask questions, answer questions, do polls and survey… let them take part in the creation process!

-       Try to get more publications and promotional press releases. You can use www.fiverr.com for articles and promotional press releases promotion just for $5.


Tip: You will reach another peak of crowdfunding on the last week of your Kickstarter campaign, just like days 1 and 2. So approach your community one more time emphasizing on how much time left and how much more you need. E-mail your contacts a message with a working countdown, and you will get more reactions.



Another important thing to take into consideration is all the benefits you will get from the success of your Kickstarter campaign, and we are not only talking about covering your budget.

The chance of surpassing

-       If you’ve played your cards the right way, there is a real chance of raising even more funds than what you originally needed to get your project going. This means you can come up with new updated versions of your offer or even start paying back some favors, and free your soul (your bank account) from debts.  


-       Given the reach these campaigns have, a lot of people with different backgrounds will be able to provide you with some very useful insights on the reaction of the audience to your project. In addition to that, you will also get any number of ideas that will help enhance your project.   


-       Believe it or not, people from the industry you are aiming to are looking at you as you go through all of this. Do a good job and you might see yourself surrounded of inspiring people that are looking forward to relating with you: potential partners, sponsors, and why not? Buyers.



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