Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Video Production in Florida

Orlando video production company AD.JUST Video Production announced the launch of their brand new line of video production services for the residents of Orlando, Florida. Since, Kickstarter Video Production / Crowdfunding Video Production services services are the next big thing in the world of business promotions and advertising, AD.JUST Production has taken an initiative to introduce these services to their clients in Orlando, FL, that can help them deliver their message precisely to the target audience.

"HappyTapp" hilarious fundraising video for "HappyTapp" - A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger! Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Orlando, 2015. 

As company’s spokesperson summarizes; “We want to spread our message to the residents of Orlando that they too can now avail these services. We’re delighted to be able to bring our years of big marketing expertise to the small businesses that previously were unable to afford them. After working with big name companies like PepsiCo, Mars, Nivea, Skoda, and Play Boy, we are quite confident and totally know how to help small businesses and new start-ups.”

Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Orlando, 2015. AD.JUST is a creative orlando video production - Kickstarter video, Ingiegogo video, Business proposal video. Ideas and Production.

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, most of the internet marketers believe that instead of sending out plain images and texts, a well sorted out video can prove to be more effective in delivering the message to the audience in the right manner. However, due to the lack of such services in Florida most of the small business owners were unable to take advantage of such services.

"Lawnmower" IOS app. Business incubator pitch video

The good news is that AD.JUST Production has just solved this problem, and these small business owners too can now avail these services in Orlando, Florida. AD.JUST Production is serving clients from Central Florida and South Florida and their new line of services is inclusive of like Kickstarter video, Indiegogo video, fund raising video, startup videos, business incubator pitch video and corporate video proposals.

ABOUT AD.JUST Video Production San Francisco | Orlando | Tampa

AD.JUST Video Production is a boutique European style video production company with impressive and fresh art approach based on marketing experience. AD.JUST is available in Orlando and Tampa Metro area and recently become available as video production company in San Francisco Bay area.

We provide following video production services in San Francisco, Orlando and Tampa: Commercial video production, Post Production (editing, SFX, visual effects, audio mastering), Music Video, Corporate Video production, Green screen video production, Marketing and Advertising Video, Testimonials, Kickstarter video and explainer video.


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