Now offering event photography services in Orlando

To Ad.Just Video Production, event photography is the best opportunity for us to demonstrate our avocation and passion for photography; each event means new faces, new challenges. We get satisfaction from that magic moment when you hit the shutter at exactly the right time, hence we are eager to provide this service along with our event video production.

When it comes to event photography, we offer coverage of any type of convention, social event, conference, press conference, inaugurations, presentations, official events, music shows, festivals, etc. Our team of photographers knows that live events are rarely filled with second chances, so we are prepared to act in an efficient, fast, and professional manner.


Why trust Ad.Just Production with my event photography?

-       We are passionate. We love taking kick-ass documentary images based around YOUR company’s story. We are passionate about what we do, and love working with other passionate companies in the Orlando area. With years of experience and some of the best photography equipment around, we can't wait to meet you, and see what kind of images we can produce for you!

-       We are experienced. Our background covers commercial, corporate and event photography in Orlando, Central Florida and has helped many local clients improve their company look. We make all of our shoots fast, fun, and produce a great final product. Adding photography is a great way for a business to update their web branding and collect extra imagery for their stock library. We can shoot a wide variety of images, in a short amount of time, for all sorts of uses.

-       We are extremely organized. We foresee any possible scenario and get ready for any situation before the event. This planning process goes from location scouting to making sure we have all the equipment we need and backup… and backup for the backup.


The types of photography services we offer:

#1. While video production. Our photography crew works alongside the video production crew on location and create images that match the look of the video being produced. This way you can create a photography library that both match the company's new video branding, and show behind the scenes imagery.

#2. Photography only. When you only need an event or on-location photography, our crew is prepared to create a number of different shots, such as staff, production, and lifestyle. This imagery can be used for a wide variety of things from updating your website to creating billboard or vehicle wraps.

ABOUT AD.JUST Video Production Los Angelese | Orlando | Tampa

AD.JUST Video Production is a boutique European style video and photography production company with impressive and fresh art approach based on marketing experience.

AD.JUST is available in Orlando and Tampa Metro area and recently become available as video production company in Los Angeles area.

We provide following video production services in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Tampa: Commercial video production, Post Production (editing, SFX, visual effects, audio mastering), Music Video, Corporate Video production, Green screen video production, Marketing and Advertising Video, Testimonials, Kickstarter video and explainer video. 

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