Where to show your corporate event video except your office?

A corporate event video production is the best way to announce your company. With on-location filming, you can obtain an effective tool to communicate your business that will also optimize your teamwork while widening and improving the knowledge about your products or services. Nowadays, through the Internet, we are experimenting a great increase in the use of different type of videos and this represents an opportunity and a great transforming power in the business world.

Corporate event video production is the perfect sales instrument, it’s a fun and attractive way to present and demonstrate your company in a few minutes: mission, vision, technology, history, objectives, future projects, products, and human resources.

Where to show your corporate event video?

After having a professional event video production crew in your conference or corporate celebration performing on-location filming, your corporate video can be sent to your audience through different communication channels:

-       Post your event video production in your website

-       Use the corporate video to spread the word about your company in social media.

-       Your video can be viewed on mobile devices (iPads and smartphones)

-       Keep a record of your event video production in a video platform (YouTube, Vimeo)

-       The attendees to your event could bring a copy of your event video in a DVD or Blu-Ray

-       Show your corporate video in TV screens displayed at your front desk or reception for an event


With on-location filming, you can showcase all the advantages and strong points of your company, letting people know about the technology you use, telling your story and explaining your objectives and future projects or generating trust through interviews of your best clients. 

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You have nothing to lose and many benefits to come with on-location filming! If you are located or your event is taking place in the Central Florida area (Orlando Convention Center, Downtown Orlando, theme parks like Disney or Universal, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Jacksonville), know that our crew members are ready to join you and deliver valuable b-roll footage of your conference, exhibition, trade show, exhibition, corporate parties, conventions, festivals or any other event that requires high-quality b-roll footage production. 

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