Creating content, innovating marketing campaigns, the conversation in social media… there are more and more indispensable factors that make a brand enter the competence. But if there is one thing that a business should never lack is the creation of a corporate video. It creates an impact and that is useful both for the current clients and the new.

The goal of the corporate video production process is to capture the viewer’s attention, enhance the SEO of your website, increase the number of visits on your page and the time length of the visits. But above it all, corporative video production services are meant to get a future client’s loyalty. It helps to inform them about your product or service in the most dynamic and effective way possible.


What’s corporate videography?

A corporate video lasts about 1-2 minutes and it’s designed to inform or introduce a business, product, event, or organization. It’s usually placed on the company website so visitors can get an added value to the products and services.

The difference between promotional video and corporate is that corporate video is not always destined for company promotion. It could also have an internal use inside the organization, like training videos, corporate events, etc. Formative videos are very common in business and are clear proof of how powerful and effective visual communication can be.





#1. A corporate video is the most dynamic and effective way to introduce your company:

When it comes to content strategy is more and more important to include different communication channels to reach your users. We know that writing SEO content is indispensable, that photography always helps, and that we should include info-graphics to dynamically present the information. But what about multimedia content? What difference will a corporate promotional video make in your business?

Sometimes we forget that multimedia content is still the most effective way to introduce a company. For as much as we make an effort to create content to describe the benefits, the user can obtain with our corporate video production services. So if we don’t tell the story with mages, we will be losing clients, for sure.

The first impression is crucial when it comes to capturing clients and that impression is guaranteed with a good corporate video production company.

#2. Corporate video production will differentiate you from your competition

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to tell people what you do so that they immediately understand it. With a simple corporate video, you will always be at peace and ensured of the benefits that your business provides. The main goal of getting into corporate videography is to explain what makes you different than your competitors. It’s important for you to answer with images and audio these simple questions: what is your added value? Why do they have to stay on your website after watching the video and not go to your competition?

You have to think about what aspect of your business is the most appealing to your audience. What’s the most attractive thing? What makes you different and your business unique? It’s also important to evaluate if you should have clients’ testimonials. Something that will definitely give hints to your potential customer about your products and services. If we are talking about more complex businesses, the most efficient approach is to create a corporate video that tells the story. It should provide an overall and attractive view of the benefits or functionality of your services.

As far as length, the shorter the better. Try to tell the story as short as possible to create an impact on the viewer and not bore them or make them feel like wasting their time.

If your main competitors don’t have a video yet, use it as a differentiator element of your strategy. Don’t forget to include this video in your presentations, conferences, and meetings. Little by little you will start to realize how useful corporate video production companies can be.

#3. A corporate video will enhance the SEO of your website

After making your first corporate video, it’s common to share it on social media, especially YouTube. Besides it being the second most important search engine, YouTube videos get good positioning in Google. Also, videos that are published on a website reduce the bounce rates by keeping visitors for a longer time. If you keep them longer than a minute, the bounce rates will go down and the SEO enhances itself.

It’s important to share your video in all of your social media profiles, including Vimeo, and add a link that takes viewers directly to your campaigns. Don’t make your users look up in Google the name of your company to know more about it; if you keep direct access to your corporate video you will capture their attention at the moment and they will understand without any significant effort what your business is about.


#4. Corporate video production rates are worth it: you can sell more!

The data proofs it. There are many companies that know this and they talk about an increase higher than 20% in their conversion rates after including a corporate video on their website. A good example is a company Crazy Egg, which saw an increase of 64% in their sales after making a corporate video and making it a principal element of their website. Where do you think the user clicks first, in a link with explanative text or in an image? Clearly in the image.

As a recommendation, it can also be efficient to include a banner or a call-to-action at the end of the corporative video, with a link that converts viewers into potential clients. It’s a good way to seize the attention that they’ve pay to the video.

Also, a person that has spent more than a minute of their time looking at how your business works is more than likely a new client.

Don’t let them go without taking action!

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