Amazon Product Video in 2023. And other E-commerce Platforms.

Product videos have become more popular than ever over recent years, thanks to the advancements in technology and easy access to the internet. Sales marketing is growing rapidly and product videos have become one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand. Amazon product video is one of these trends where having such assets became critical in 2023.

The internet has boosted e-commerce and allowed people to know a product up close without even being able to touch it. According to a survey, around 77% of the customers believe that brands creating visuals for their marketing show that they are more interested in connecting with their buyers.

Therefore, manufacturers or sellers need to focus on creating persuasive content to ensure their goods grab the attention of their potential customers. This article will serve as your guide to creating a quality e-commerce product video without any hassle.


Why Product Videos in E-commerce are So Important?

E-commerce seems to be taking the retail world by storm for the last few years and is still rapidly progressing. No wonder it embodies around 10% of the U.S sales market with eBay having more than 25 million retailers and Amazon having 200,000 new memberships every month.

Since product videos deliver information using auditory and visual mediums, viewers are more likely to process and retain that information faster as compared to text. This makes e-commerce product videos an excellent way of helping potential buyers get close to the product and experience it before making the purchase. Moreover, product videos provide a comprehensive view of the items through action, making it easier to assimilate as opposed to lengthy data in written form.


The Effects of Covid-19 on the E-Commerce Industry

One of the most important reasons behind the increasing popularity of e-commerce product videos these days is the evolution of the e-commerce market after the onset of Covid-19. Now, more than ever, people are dependent on online shopping because they are not able to go to the stores in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the virus. This change in the shopping pattern has raised the bar for online sellers and they are facing more struggles to beat their competitors providing similar services.



Types of E-Commerce Product Videos and How They Work

Here are some of the types and examples of effective e-commerce product videos and how they work to help you understand how the above-mentioned elements can be put into work to make your product video more interesting:


Instagram UGC Videos

These videos are more focused on real-life stories in everyday situations. They show how the product has brought a change in the life of its users and delivered what the company advertises or wishes to achieve. This is the reason the opinions and voices of Instagram influencers have become trusted among common people, helping to make the buying decision easier for them by giving in-depth reviews information. However, it can be hard for small businesses to collaborate with world-known celebrities. Therefore, you can work with micro-influencers to target your customers without spending a lot.

The case in point is a testimonial video of Wayfair Nederland in collaboration with Erica Ligenza, an Instagram blogger and influencer.  It was created in a fun way with exciting music playing in the background and showing the blogger trying on different outfits, all under $40. The potential buyers can see how each dress looks and then make the final choice. An affiliate link to redirect the viewers to the website page where they can place their order.


Amazon Product Videos

KOOTEK is one of the trusted and leading manufacturers of the finest-quality household, electronics, kitchen, and sports goods. You’ll find a video guide for a lot of their products on their official website and e-commerce sites, which shows that the company gives importance to promoting their sales market through amazon product videos. All the e-commerce product videos follow How-to and Demo formats to describe how they can be used in real life and what their various purposes are.

It might seem to be challenging to make an Amazon product video about something as simple as an ice cube tray engaging and unique. For starters, the black and white background makes the visuals appear more noticeable and striking. The amazon product video then shows the specific features of the ice cube tray, its uses, and most importantly, why one should buy it. The unique selling point of the brand is its ease of use, sturdy material, and design.

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Lifestyle Amazon Product Videos

Bio Schwarts is known to offer premium-quality supplements to its users. The formulas are designed using natural ingredients in their purest form combined with cutting-edge technology for optimal benefits. The brand is dedicated to sustaining the trust of its customers by continually providing result-oriented supplements.

Collagen Peptides Bio+ is tailored to encourage healthier hair, skin, and nails. The storyline satisfactorily covers everything about the goods, including their specific features, the unique selling points, what it’s intended to do, and different ways of using it. Basically, lifestyle amazon product videos show how the product can integrate into a life of a potential consumer.

New Amazon Sponsored Product Videos

Amazon sponsored brand videos to pop up on the screens of mobiles or desktops of the users as they scroll through the amazon search results. Since visuals are targeted at specific keywords, the ads appear when you type relevant terms in the search box. You can go to the product page with just one click and Amazon will charge the seller per click.

For example, this amazon sponsored ad of Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher displays key details, such as pricing, key features mentioned in the title and text, and ratings, etc. the ad is enough to stir the interest of the users. Once they click the ad, they’ll get to know more about the features, installation, and working mechanism of the pitcher filter.

Instagram and Facebook Product Video Ads

Just like amazon sponsored video ads, Facebook video ads are also created with the aim to drive more traffic to the website purchasing page. The more put effort, time, and skills you put into making creative and interesting ads, the more it will pay off because traditional and monotonous ads may seem to be annoying to most users. There are many tools available online to help you create a great social media video ad and take your sales to the next level.


YouTube Product Reviews

Some of the most trending and viewed videos on YouTube include unboxing and product reviews. These videos are relatively straightforward and provide the viewers with somewhat honest and uncensored analyses

This video is by Unbox Therapy, known for unboxing and reviewing the latest technological devices. The influencer doesn’t just open the package to show the inside but also digs deeper into how it’s operated, the pros and cons of the products, and all the tips and tricks related to them.

The newly launched lightweight laptops ad starts with the influencer describing how the packaging of each laptop looks and feels like as well as the features labeled on the official website of the brand and the laptop boxes. He then moves toward opening the box and showing its content with detailed descriptions and comparisons in his testimonials.


Product Video DIY in 2022

If you’re running a small e-commerce business and looking for ways to create good product videos, we’re here to help. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying special tools or hiring someone to do the job for you. The following information and ideas will help you make an influential video and optimize your sales. So, let’s get to the chase!


1. Prepare

For starters, make sure you have all the equipment required for recording. It will be one-time spending as you’ll be using the same equipment for your future pieces as well. If you’re working with a video production team, they’ll cover everything for you. So, check your list for these items:

  • A high-resolution camera (digital camera or smartphone)
  • A good quality microphone
  • A tripod
  • Lights
  • Software for editing
  • People to be featured in the content (optional)
  • And, a set to shoot, the location (optional)

If you’re on a budget and doing a small DIY video, you can still create catchy visuals without using people or a set.


2. Decide Formats

Selecting the right formats according to what you’re intending to use the video for is one of the important steps in creating effective content. Here are some of the commonly used formats to represent your product in an alluring manner:

  • Product Close-up: This format is highly suitable for product pages. It demonstrates the items in an in-depth and eye-catching way. If the sale of your product depends on its appearance, then try incorporating a 360-degree view to showcase the item in a detailed manner as if the viewers were looking at them in the store.
  • How-to: Ideal for showing how a product works. It’s particularly useful if you’re working on intricate and pragmatic articles. The how-to format works the best for highlighting key features of the product and explaining its different uses so the potential buyers can completely grasp the value of the item being presented. How-tos are not only effective for website pages but also for social platforms and blogs.
  • Demos: Just like how-to format, product demos are used to show how a product is used. The only difference is that they show how the product works in real life setup instead of a tutorial. This format makes it easier for the consumers to imagine as if they were using the items themselves. You can use this format for almost everything whether it’s a household item or clothing.
  • Installation Guide: One of the biggest hurdles in installing a product is unclear instructions or confusion in the minds of customers. Choosing this format briefly explains the entire process of installation clearly, assuring the customers that they’ll be able to install it conveniently themselves after purchasing. Installation guides are effective for products that involve configuration or building.
  • Unboxing: Product unwrapping or unboxing videos are quite popular among customers. People seem to be attracted to seeing a product being unboxed after delivery. This format is especially appropriate for the items that come with fashionable and attention-grabbing packaging. It’s a great idea to intrigue people by showing them the packaging they will receive their product in. Unboxing is great for technological articles and cosmetics, etc.
  • Story-telling Style: If your product has a distinctive feature that might help to boost its sale, let your viewers know that. Anything from an innovative design to your personal experience can be helpful in telling the story behind your product. This format is great for telling your prospective customers how and why you created the product.

3. Write a Short Script

While it’s not necessary to write down a formal script, you should jot down a brief script or create a storyboard that includes all the important things about your product that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are a few points to write before you start shooting:

  • Key characteristics
  • Details of product variants
  • The distinct selling point of your product
  • Tell your brand story
  • Commonly asked questions

4. Set Your Visuals

Once you’re done planning and noting down everything, the next step is to prepare the visuals. This can be done in multiple ways, such as live footage, still photos, stock videos, still graphics, and scrolling screen capture, etc. Live footage needs the right amount of lighting to make the space look presentable and doesn’t require a professional set to make the video appear compelling. A plain, preferably black or white, background is ideal for recording the video of a physical product. This is particularly suitable if you’re also going to publish it on social media and Google Ads. It’s recommended to take some test shots to make sure you’re being creative with the background because your target buyers are a lot likely to notice it. Also, experiment with your camera angels to keep the video interesting.

5. Record the Video

Finally, it’s time to do the action. Remember that your visual content should consist of two parts; introduction and showcasing. To make the video more effective, keep it to the point and brief yet clear and precise. The aim should be to make the viewers understand what the product is and how it works. Take plenty of still photos and close-ups so you have more than enough to add to the video if needed later.

6. Edit the Video

While editing is considered an imperative part of creating a product video, avoid going too far with the effects and editing. People are generally more attracted toward the review or content that feels genuine. Whether you decide to keep it simple or make it look refined, there’s a huge number of editing tools you can choose from according to your desired outcome. Moreover, edit the clips together and adjust them according to the requirements of the different forums you want to post them on.

7. Add CTA

A clear call to action at the end of your video has the power to steer your viewers into taking their best next step. Some of the best ways of adding a CTA are offering a free trial, asking the customers to enter a contest, opening a link to read more about the product, fill in a survey form, and a link to make the purchase. This will drive your viewers and potential buyers to be where you intend them to be. So, use this wisely to your advantage.

8. Posting

After the process of filming, editing, and adjusting the video is finished, now it’s time to optimize and publish it. Whether it’s Instagram, Youtube, or your website page, you need to optimize it to ensure its success. This can be done by doing a proper keyword search, adding relevant tags, fascinating thumbnails, the title, and a description. After it is posted, you can view the progress and note down the factors that keep people watching or where the video starts to lose their attention. This will help you with your next productions.


Final Word

Product videos are not limited to making your product pages reachable but also create awareness about the products, make it convenient to share the products on social media, and boost search engine optimization. If your product video is potent and creative enough to grab the attention of your target audience, chances are it will go viral and play an important role in marketing your product.

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