How to reach backers of your Kickstarter campaign?

As you come up with your idea, and you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign, you also have to think about your target audience, who are the potential backers? You’ll need to do some research and come up with a list. After that, you have to figure out how to reach all of those potential backers that you won’t be able to meet in person, and pitch for them.

You have the tools to be successful at the end of your crowdfunding campaign; you probably know them very well, they have been there for a quite a while now, it’s just a matter of learning how to use them, and take the most advantage that you could possibly get.


1. Personal emails to get your Kickstarter campaign on the door:

It’s the closest one to the person-to-person encounter. It’s a direct way to communicate with people. In order to use this tool correctly, remember these aspects:

-       You need each potential backer’s personal email address: you want to “infiltrate” in their lives.

-       Make sure these people will be able to identify you as a person and not an online fundraising machine hungry for money: you want to seem trustworthy.

-       Read it, and read it again, have people reading the emails you send for you: you want to include a clear announcement and call-to-action, and you want to be clear.

-       Include: the reason that moved you to create your Kickstarter campaign, your goals (and how do you plan to reward backers), a call-to-action with a compelling subject line that makes your audience open the message, and (do we need to say it?) a link to your Kickstarter campaign.


2. Your Facebook profile as the first step to promoting your Kickstarter campaign

Yes, your friends need to be the first ones to know, for they will be your ultimate backers, and there is a lot of benefit in sharing fundraising ideas with the people that you know: they will interact with your content, and provide you with some amazing feedback that could really boost your Kickstarter campaign.

The best way to treat this is to keep on generating content about your Kickstarter campaign on a regular basis. Toggle between your request for support and updates about your project always linking to your fundraising campaign online. With regular updates, you keep on showing up in your friends’ feed as a top result. Remember to post your Kickstarter video as well.


3. Set up a Facebook page for your Kickstarter campaign

As you probably don’t want your profile to look like a never-ending thread of posts about your Kickstarter campaign, and make your friends sick due to the overuse of this tool, you will find a Facebook page very convenient to promote your crowdfunding. It’s very similar to your normal profile and allows you to pin your most attractive post at the top of it (we strongly recommend this to be your Kickstarter video).

-       Make sure you identify your page with the type of business you are trying to get into; you can set up your profile page to categorize your project as a local business, brand, artist, entertainment or cause type of site.

-       Build your Facebook page even before launching your Kickstarter campaign. That way you will have an extra impulse by the day of the release of your crowdfunding campaign.


4. Twitter: expand your Kickstarter campaign’s reach

In less than 140 characters, your followers should be compelled to click the link to your Kickstarter campaign, and learn more about your project.

-       Keep your tweets relevant to your Kickstarter campaign.

-       Never pass on an opportunity to throw in a call-to-action.

-       Use URL shorteners, they reduce your characters count. is particularly awesome because if you sign in, you get statistics on each link you create through the site.


5. Make your Kickstarter video worth it

After you created a Kickstarter video, and it’s perfect, and it’s strong, you have to make the best out of it! Your Kickstarter video is your pitch, your demo, and the visual inspiration that people need to back your crowdfunding campaign, so use it to reach a diverse audience by posting it on different video-sharing sites, like YouTube and Vimeo.

You’ve already been creating a lot of content to promote your Kickstarter campaign, so coming up with an attractive caption, video title and description for your Kickstarter video will be easy.

-       Your Kickstarter video has to be public, for it to show up in search results, and for your audience to be able to share it.

-       Add tags and keywords to your description of your Kickstarter video. At least one of them is directly related to the topic of your project, and use it several times in an organic way.

-       Include your name, people need to know who to credit in order to believe in fundraising ideas. Put a face to the creator of this project, and make sure this face looks like a reliable one.

-      Include your Kickstarter campaign URL.

-      See some nice examples of Kickstarter video production here.

As you can see, using your social media to promote your Kickstarter campaign might take some detail, but once you get ahold of it, and make an instinct out of these practices, your reach will be unstoppable.


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