5 Most Amazing Ways to Use A Kickstarter Project



1. Kickstarter video as a market test

This platform presents an excellent opportunity for millions of people all over the world to have access to your work. As they go through some of the Kickstarter videos posted, quite a number of them might be intrigued by your product; they will add comments. This will play a significant role in helping you polish up your weak areas. You will also be in a position to learn about the current market needs and subsequently come up with a Kickstarter project that will sell abundantly.

2. Kickstarter video for building the community around the brand

By having many people viewing your product, a section of them will begin to develop the interest in it. This positive association with your brand is significant. This can further be enhanced by creating an email list, providing external links to similar works among others. Before you realize, you will be having loyal customers who will motivate you to do more amazing Kickstarter projects that will propel you to excellence. By doing so, you are building a community of customers around your brand.

3. Kickstarter video as a platform for the best feedback

There is not any other platform that will provide you with the best feedback other than this one here. The colossal number of people watching your Kickstarter video from all over the world gives you an initial advantage. Different people have diverse opinions. Consequently, their feedback will be of great significance. Based on their opinions, especially the early adapters, you will be able to tell if your pricing is ok, figure out extra options, determine product range, narrow down to the target audience and adjust your style to fit the market niche.

4. Kickstarter video as a guide towards production requirements

By presenting the prototype of your product through Kickstarter video, interested customers will start to place orders. Just ensure that the brand name, price, and the category is clear and well displayed. This pre-order information is very important because as an inventor of the idea, you will be able to estimate the cost of actual production based on the pre-orders. It helps in budgeting.

5. Kickstarter video as a means to achieve a great PR effect

Where else will you get a wonderful opportunity to build a good relationship between yourself and the public, other than here? All you need is to have a Kickstarter page and then begin to communicate with the press, bloggers, and other opinion leaders in order to be picked up for publications. This will help you market your brand further.


In conclusion, Kickstarter project is not only a fundraising but also a great marketing tool helping you to win your niche and acquire customers. However, to set up a great and effective Kickstarter campaign, you need a high-quality Kickstarter video and that too with clear communication.

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