Luxury Video Production: See the Life You Want to Live

Everyone dreams of living a life of splendor. A big house, a fancy car, maybe a boat (or two!). We all dream of a life more lavish than the one we are currently living, surrounded by things not only bigger but better, than the status quo. In the age of technology, luxury video marketing is the way to go.  That includes real estate video production like luxury home tours, luxury yacht interiors or yacht video tours, and hotel and luxury car videos. Thanks to video production we get an up-close, fully immersive experience into upscale living. Most important, we see clearly just how sleek, efficient, and one-of-a-kind luxury can be. Luxury brands need a more sophisticated approach to mainstream communication, brand image, design and of course in luxury video production. Here is a list of the trendiest directions below:



Quality real estate video production companies use high-end equipment to produce best real estate video - with top of the line cameras like Black Magic or RED that will transform your standard commercial into a micro-feature film. As well as utilizing Drones, which will show a potential buyer an impressive flyover view of the surroundings, gardens, and the luxury home itself.

1. Sales real estate video. That type of production includes Luxury home tours, real estate video tours or real estate agent videos. The main task here for video production company is to highlight that exact property features and amenities, how many rooms, square feets, showcase the  unique design and quality of materials used etc. Preferably, the property should be staged and decorated before filming. See the example below


2. Promotional brand videos. With this style of video production, we want to see what sets your brand apart from the other models out there. That can be achieved with a home and lifestyle video, wherein we show residents as they live and go about their day in their lavish luxury home. This will help to highlight the core values of your brand and will directly relate them to your customers. You want to eat, sleep, and breath your brand’s philosophy. You want to not only meet but exceed your customer’s needs and expectations. With luxury real estate video production you won’t just be telling your customer what you can do for them and their home, you’ll be able to show them. 

See the example below


Our team at Ad.Just Video Production provides quality video production that will reflect the care and craftsmanship that goes into building these residences like no other. We will leave you with a finished product that inspires awe and admiration much like the houses it features.



Typically when looking to produce a yacht promotional video, there are several ways you can approach the project:

  1. Sales yacht video. If the yacht in the video is one that is for sale, we want to make sure we get plenty of luxury yacht interior shots, as well as exterior. Details and technical specification are what matters.

2.  Brand yacht video. If the goal is to promote the brand, then we would turn our focus to the image of the yacht. What sets it apart from the other models out there? That can be achieved with a lifestyle yacht video, delivering the benefits and values of your specific brand directly to the core of your customers. You should marry the philosophy of your brand with customers needs and expectations, and highlight it in the best way possible using modern video equipment and video editing techniques.


3. Corporate yacht video. When promoting the company itself, you would want to keep the spotlight on the name, and what that name means. I.E., glamor, luxury, high-class. You should answer the questions: what your company stands or what is your mission; what did you achieve so far and what helped you to get where you are. Don’t forget to mention your assets, social proof, or include clients testimonials in your corporate luxury video production. 



Another status symbol to show the world you’ve made it: the luxury car. Not only does a car mean status but it means freedom, as does filmmaking. With film and video, you have the freedom to go any direction you chose when it comes to promoting your brand and product. We can help you to capture your product at its peak performance, and in its most flattering light. Using cameras like the Black Magic and the RED, they will produce images for your luxury video production like no other. The quality of the picture will be the same as any movie at the box office!


No other form of advertising is as all-encompassing as a video campaign, especially when you sign up for a campaign from Ad.Just Video Production company, serving Orlando and Los Angeles area. Getting you up close and personal with all that it means to be living the lush life!

AD.JUST is a full-service Los Angeles video production company delivering a unique style to video marketing products. We approach each project with a fresh, comprehensive and sophisticated manner to deliver the one-of-a-kind, outstanding video.

Our extensive marketing background spans 10 years of experience making videos of any kind: commercials, product videos, Kickstarter videos, testimonials, corporate videos, music videos, and of course luxury video production. In addition to our video services, we provide post production services (editing, SFX, visual effects, audio mastering), and green screen video production.

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