How to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project?

How to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project?

As you come up with your idea, and you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign. But you also have to think about your target audience, who are the potential backers? You’ll need to do some research and come up with a list. After that, you have to figure out how to reach all of those potential backers that you won’t be able to meet in person, and pitch for them.

You have the tools to be successful at the end of your crowdfunding campaign. You probably know them very well, they have been there for a quite a while now, it’s just a matter of learning how to use them, and take the most advantage that you could possibly get.

Ways to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project

1. Personal emails to get your Kickstarter campaign on the door:

It’s the closest one to the person-to-person encounter. It’s a direct way to communicate with people. In order to use this tool correctly, remember these aspects:

–       You need each potential backer’s personal email address: you want to “infiltrate” in their lives.

–       Make sure these people will be able to identify you as a person and not an online fundraising machine hungry for money. You want to seem trustworthy.

–       Read it, and read it again. Have people reading the emails you send for you. You want to include a strong announcement and call-to-action, and you want to be clear.

–       Include some of the personal touch. The reason that moved you to create your Kickstarter campaign, your goals (and how do you plan to reward backers). Also a call-to-action with a compelling subject line that makes your audience open the message, and a link to your Kickstarter campaign.

2. Your Facebook profile as the first step to promoting your Kickstarter campaign

Yes, your friends need to be the first ones to know. For they will be your ultimate backers, and there is a lot of benefit in sharing fundraising ideas with the people that you know. They will interact with your content, and provide you with some amazing feedback that could really boost your Kickstarter campaign.

The best way to treat this is to keep on generating content about your Kickstarter campaign on a regular basis. Toggle between your request for support and updates about your project always linking to your fundraising campaign online. With regular updates, you keep on showing up in your friends’ feed as a top result. Remember to post your Kickstarter video as well.

3. Set up a Facebook page for your Kickstarter campaign

You probably don’t want your profile to look like a never-ending thread of posts about your Kickstarter campaign making your friends sick due to the overuse of this tool. So you would find a Facebook page a very convenient too to promote your crowdfunding.

It’s very similar to your normal profile and allows you to pin your most attractive post at the top of it. We strongly recommend this pinned post to be your Kickstarter video.

–       Make sure you identify your page with the type of business you are trying to get into. You can set up your profile page to categorize your project as a local business, brand, artist, or entertainment.

–       Build your Facebook page even before launching your Kickstarter campaign. That way you will have an extra impulse by the day of the release of your crowdfunding campaign.

4. Twitter: expand your Kickstarter campaign’s reach

In less than 140 characters, your followers should be compelled to click the link to your Kickstarter campaign, and learn more about your project.

–       Keep your tweets relevant to your Kickstarter campaign.

–       Never pass on an opportunity to throw in a call-to-action.

–       Use URL shorteners, they reduce your characters count. is particularly awesome because if you sign in, you get statistics on each link you create through the site.

5. Make your Kickstarter video worth it

After you created a Kickstarter video you have to make the best out of it! Your Kickstarter video is your pitch, your demo, and the visual inspiration that people need to back your crowdfunding campaign. So use it to reach a diverse audience by posting it on different video-sharing sites, like YouTube and Vimeo.

You’ve already been creating a lot of content to promote your Kickstarter campaign. So coming up with an attractive caption, video title and description for your Kickstarter video will be easy.

–       Your Kickstarter video has to be public. So it can show up in search results, and your audience be able to share it.

–       Add tags and keywords to your description of your Kickstarter video. At least one of them should be directly related to the topic of your project. Use it several times in an organic way.

–       Include your name, people need to know who to credit in order to believe in fundraising ideas. Put a face to the creator of this project, and make sure this face looks like a reliable one.

–      Include your Kickstarter campaign URL.

–      See some nice examples of Kickstarter video production here.

Orlando video production company offering kickstarter video production

As you can see, using your social media to promote your Kickstarter campaign might take some efforts. But once you get ahold of it, and make an instinct out of these practices, your reach will be unstoppable.

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Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in the Los Angeles area. We are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. AD.JUST is ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach to your online fundraising campaign; your success is our goal!

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How to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project?

Should I Make a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo Video Campaign?

Fifteen years ago, nobody would have believed that a trend like online fundraising could bring so many success cases with it and the truth is that humans will be compelled to chip in if we see an idea that we can relate to and that for some reason we think is going to change our life or our society in some way.

Now, if you are reading this, chances are you have a great idea that could potentially solve a real problem in your community, and maybe you are unsure about how to jump in the crowdfunding bus and be able to expect that it will take to your finish line in one peace.

Difference between Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

When it comes to which platform you should use, a couple of fundraising websites will pop up in your search: the main ones being Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. So how to determine whether if you should do a Kickstarter campaign or an IndieGoGo campaign? Well, although they have -basically- the same concept, the execution of their fundraising campaigns have completely different features.

You’ll see that both of these fundraising websites have their own different pros and cons, so you may want to start by checking their features out and determining the needs of your project.

We’ve put together this table to help you compare between the two:

What do successful campaigns have in common?

  • On average, the number of rewards offered is 9
  • The average length of campaign is 35 days
  • They include around 8 updates from successful founders
  • 17 comments on average
  • 3:04 is the average length of the video
  • The average number of words in the fundraising campaign description is 609
  • $10-$25 is the most popular contribution reward level
  • Founders have, on average, 923 friends on Facebook
  • Up until August of 2014, 20,713,669 pledges had been made.
  • By the end of 2013 a cumulative $1.7 billion dollars had been raised, and they think this number is going to reach $4.35 billion by the end of 2015.

Now that you have an idea of how you can put your idea out there and get it ready to start crowdfunding, we will love to hear about it!

AD.JUST – Kickstarter Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando | San Francisco

Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in Los Angeles area, and we are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. We are ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach into your online fundraising campaign.

Your success is our goal!

For more information:

7 Proven Tips on Making a Winning Pitch Video

7 Proven Tips on Making a Winning Pitch Video

Startup videos, such as pitch videos, product demo videos, or explainer videos, are the most effective tool in marketing today. These videos can deliver your unique idea, brand values, team strengths, and technology breakthroughs to decision makers in just a few minutes.

A professionally crafted video pitch can dramatically elevate your chances of getting funded by investors or accepted into startup incubators. Learning how to pitch is essential if you want funding, and watching other companies’ pitching videos, practicing pitching on your friends, and mastering the wording is something you will have to do. 

How to Make a Winning Pitch Video

So let’s say you have a brilliant idea that can change the world.  Now, you need others to believe in it! Here are the best tips on how to make a meaningful and effective video pitch:

1.    Watch lots of Kickstarter videos. 

Use others’ experience and learn from the best.

It’s hard to search for good video pitch examples, especially in certain industries. Unfortunately, most of the best pitching videos will not be posted publicly due to copyright issues. Startup founders are usually very protective of their ideas and unwilling to publicly disclose a new product or service in this highly competitive environment — especially at the early stages when the product hasn’t been manufactured or the patent isn’t registered.

We suggest that you turn to crowdfunding campaign platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and check the most successful pitch videos to learn how to pitch. As you watch those videos, you will see a common pattern among the pitches, and you can develop your own structure based on what you see.

2.    Keep it short.

You have just two minutes to convince. 

Keep your video pitch under two minutes in length so you don’t lose your investors’ or backers’ attention. Getting the point across quickly also shows that you respect their time.  Don’t steal people’s time by talking too slowly or stammering; practice a lot and keep it short and worth watching.

When crafting your pitch video, remember this: Although you may be deepinto your project, your audience might have zero knowledge of your industry or market. You have to get to the point as quickly as possible. It’s best to stick to the problem/ solution/ market opportunities formula for the introduction of your pitch.

3.    Craft your value proposition.

“We help X do Y doing Z.”

Never assume that people already know what your idea is. To avoid this misunderstanding, you need to craft the main essence of your product — a value proposition —into one strong sentence. (Don’t confuse it with your product slogan!)

Value proposition formula:

For____________ (your target audience)  who ____________(audience’s need or opportunity), ___________ (product/service name) is____________(product category) that ____________ (statement of benefit).

State the problem you are committed to solving, how you propose to do that, and who will benefit.

This approach will help create a value proposition statement that ANY person will understand. Test your value proposition on an older generation or kids. If they are able to understand what is your idea about, then you’ve nailed it.

4.    Highlight your benefits.

People want to know “What’s in it for me?”

The human mind is able to process around three pieces of information at once in short-term memory. This means it’s important to outline the three most important practical or emotional benefits your product offers to people. Don’t waste time by mentioning all the product features in your video pitch — stick with highlighting the benefits. Be clear in your pitch about how your product will benefit your target audience and make their lives easier. Will it save their money, or time, or both? Let them know.

5.    Practice, practice, practice. 

Pitch to everyone — your family, your friends, your mentors.

Practicing over and over again will give you confidence and help you master your message. Even just saying the words and phrases out loud can give you an idea of how to improve or how to express yourself better, especially the way you deliver your messages.

After you practice, you need to put away your pitching script and do the pitch in front of your colleague, friend, or family member. Their reactions and comments will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch, reveal what’s unclear, and give you meaningful tips on enhancing your pitch that you couldn’t notice on your own.

Explain to your friend who your pitch is aimed at (for example, a potential customer or an investor) so they can give you more specific feedback. Also, see whether you have the opportunity to get criticisms from people who are in your target audience — that’s obviously very valuable feedback.

As you gain more and more confidence, try to pitch to a larger audience. There is a great opportunity to test your skills at pitching clubs like  1 Million Cups, or you can look for pitching events and sessions on Eventribe.

6.    Get Visual.

Show what you have now.

Traction is very important for your potential investor. People are not willing to invest in a bare-bones idea — they want to know what you have already achieved or what you’re still dreaming and planning.

The beauty of the video is that it makes a person accept information on different levels — audio and visual — so use your pitch video to its full power for maximum impact! Use photos, screenshots, and video clips of your work, testimonials from others, etc. Make your video a visual and audial showcase of what you’re all about. Tell your story and explain what you want to do in such a way that it compels people to get to know you and share your enthusiasm. Wrap your message in a visually appealing way that will engage the viewer until the end.

7.    Don’t be shy — brag about your company.

Showcase your team’s expertise and skills.

Brag about your company’s experience and achievements as well as your personal achievements.  Your team is one of the key factors of any startup success, and any experienced investor knows it. So if you or your team member have won a contest or competition that is relevant to your startup industry, had a significant track record in a well-known company, or just graduated from a prestigious institution, include that info in your short team biography to prove your professional credibility and your ability to deliver what you have planned.

Close with a simple but compelling call to action. What do you want your viewer to do next?  Just say it or ask it so your viewer has a clear idea of what to do next.


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Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

If the technical aspects of a startup video sound daunting, work with us. As a startup video production company, AD.JUST promises to pack your message into a powerful and outstanding startup pitch! You bring the ideas and we’ll bring them to life on video.

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How to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project?

5 Most Amazing Ways to Use a Kickstarter Video Project

Many people usually come up with a Kickstarter video project for a number of reasons, best known by individuals themselves. Ironically, some of them end up missing the point by focusing on fundraising aspect alone. Consequently, they fail to provide valid reasons to back their initiative. Here are some of the different outstanding ways you can use Kickstarter video to not only seek financial support but also benefit from other opportunities it presents.


This platform presents an excellent opportunity for millions of people all over the world to have access to your work. As they go through some of the Kickstarter videos posted, quite a number of them might be intrigued by your product; they will add comments. This will play a significant role in helping you polish up your weak areas. You will also be in a position to learn about the current market needs and subsequently come up with a Kickstarter project that will sell abundantly.


By having many people viewing your product, a section of them will begin to develop the interest in it. This positive association with your brand is significant. This can further be enhanced by creating an email list, providing external links to similar works among others. Before you realize, you will be having loyal customers who will motivate you to do more amazing Kickstarter projects that will propel you to excellence. By doing so, you are building a community of customers around your brand.


There is not any other platform that will provide you with the best feedback other than this one here. The colossal number of people watching your Kickstarter video from all over the world gives you an initial advantage. Different people have diverse opinions. Consequently, their feedback will be of great significance. Based on their opinions, especially the early adapters, you will be able to tell if your pricing is ok, figure out extra options, determine product range, narrow down to the target audience and adjust your style to fit the market niche.


By presenting the prototype of your product through Kickstarter video, interested customers will start to place orders. Just ensure that the brand name, price, and the category is clear and well displayed. This pre-order information is very important. Because as an inventor of the idea you will be able to estimate the cost of actual production based on the pre-orders. It helps in budgeting.


Where else will you get a wonderful opportunity to build a good relationship between you and the public, other than here? All you need is to have a Kickstarter page and begin to communicate with your audience. Media, bloggers, and other opinion leaders need to be contacted too in order to be picked up for publications. This will help you market your brand further.


In conclusion, the Kickstarter video project is not only a fundraising but also a great marketing too. It helps you to win your niche and acquire customers. However, to set up a great and effective Kickstarter campaign, you need a high-quality Kickstarter video with clear message.

AD.JUST – Kickstarter Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando | San Francisco

Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in the Los Angeles area. We are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. AD.JUST is ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach to your online fundraising campaign; your success is our goal!

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Crowdfunding Kickstarter Video Production in Florida

Crowdfunding Kickstarter Video Production in Florida

Orlando video production company AD.JUST Video Production announced the launch of their new line of video production services for the residents Central Florida. Kickstarter Video Production is the next big thing in the world of business promotions and advertising. AD.JUST Production has taken an initiative to introduce these services that can help deliver brand message precisely to the audience.

Crowdfunding Video Production in Orlando

A hilarious fundraising video for “HappyTapp”. A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger! Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Orlando, 2015. 

As company’s spokesperson summarizes; “We want to spread our message to the residents of Orlando that they too can now avail these services. We’re delighted to be able to bring our years of big marketing expertise to the small businesses and startups.

Crowdfunding Video Production in Orlando

Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Orlando, 2015. AD.JUST is a creative orlando video production – Kickstarter video, Ingiegogo video, Business proposal video. Ideas and Production.

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, a nicely done video proven to be most efficient in delivering the right message to the audience. However, due to the lack of such services in Florida most of the small business owners were unable to take advantage of it.

The good news is that AD.JUST Production has just solved this problem, and startup owners too can now avail these services in Orlando, Florida. AD.JUST Production is serving clients from Central Florida and South Florida and their new line of services. That includes Kickstarter videos, IndieGoGo videos, fund raising videos, startup videos, and business incubator pitch videos.

Crowdfunding Video Production in Orlando

“Lawnmower” IOS app. Business incubator pitch video

AD.JUST – Kickstarter Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando | Tampa

Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in the Los Angeles area. We are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. AD.JUST is ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach to your online fundraising campaign; your success is our goal!

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