How Video production generate leads and conversions

Video is becoming the preferred format for consumers online. A 65% of internet users watch more than three-quarters of each video that you offer to them, according to the digital marketing consultant company Invodo statistic.  The retention ratio of visual information reaches 65%, against the very modest 10% of the text-based information, according to the blog Social Media Today. As a communicating medium, video production is more powerful than any other.


But as a marketing tool, it’s even more powerful. Video production, because of its possibilities to talk to the consumer “person-to-person”, because of its interactive and social nature, because of its infographic resources or because of the music that creates and enforces emotions, has become in a safe source to reach the heart of consumers. From here, it’s way easier to get them to click wherever we want them to click, stimulating conversions.

With a video production company, you can get an audiovisual piece that will make your audience more likely to provide with profile data and contact information for future campaigns, to ask to join your newsletter, to get them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, to watch the next video, to click on “Like” or “+1”, to share your content in their own profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, to comment your video in your website or social media, and finally, to buy your products or services.

According to the marketing consultant Vidyard report, more than 70% of professional “marketers” say that commercial video production “converts better than any other medium”, including the conversion that we are interested the most, the purchase click: consumers that watch a video were 81% more likely to purchase a product or service than those who didn’t watch any.

According to many marketing trends predictions (, in 2016 and the future years, commercial video production will not only remain to be very important but it will also integrate with other selling tools, like e-mail marketing, content marketing, social media, and SEO, becoming an invaluable, indispensable element in any marketing strategy.

Now, you can’t expect your audience to act in a certain way if you don’t make it easy for them. Your video production must include specific call-to-actions that must be brief and simple, without exhausting your viewer’s patience. Also, it’s safe to note that incentivizing “Likes” and “favorites” promising gifts or prizes constitutes a violation of the terms and conditions of YouTube, so you must avoid that at all costs.

How to include call-to-actions in your promotional video production?

-       Direct mentions: have one of the people appearing on the screen talking directly to the camera and asking the viewer to do a determined action, like contributing to a campaign. The same thing can be achieved with a voice over professional that will know how to transmit the message with the enthusiasm, solemnity, joy, humor, transcendence, pride or the confidence to capture thousands of leads.

Titles: It’s text that will be superimposed on the images that will contain information that will take the viewer exactly to where you want them to go.-

-       Graphics: motion graphics can incentivize users to subscribe to your channel, leave comments, and share your content.

       End title sequences: create an end title sequence that invites spectators to act after receiving the whole message. You can use a template for every video so that all of your end title sequences are uniform.

-       Video descriptions: use textual descriptions and YouTube and Vimeo metadata to include links that stimulate the actions that you want your audience to take. Even more, the answers to people’s comments in this media can include the desired links as long as you do it in a natural fashion.

Promotional or commercial video production is not the only video marketing tool for your brand to stand out. Read our blog post about the benefits of event video production and corporate video production here.

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