Video production internship

Looking for an intern with possible further employment to join our team!

Job tasks:

1)    Client reception (70% of time)

-       Answer prospective lead calls and emails

-       Consulate prospective clients on company services, work samples, terms, and pricing

-       Create proposals and estimate costs (we will teach you)

-       Sending Proposals and follow-ups.

2)    Social media (15% of time)

-       Social accounts posting – reposting company updates (our new works, casting calls, blog entries etc.)

3)    Video production tasks (15% of time)


-       location and talents scouting (negotiating with talent agencies, creating talents description, talents approval etc.)

-       Script writing assistance, developing a script from a brief original idea, proofreading, structuring.

-       Storyboarding

-       Gear rentals delivery (from Lensdepot) – optional.


-       Project assistance on the shooting set (gear, setup, audio recording, footage damping)

-       Possible post production tasks after editing test


Skills and experience:

-       Polite and respectful working attitude

-       Responsibility!!

-       Knowledge of basic corporate correspondence style (we will help you here)

-       Accuracy and time management

-       Understanding the priority in tasks and being flexible with fast direction changes

-       Creativity

-       Problem-solving skills

-       Basic understanding of video production processes



Unpaid Internship for 2-3 months. There will be lots of learning while working. Gas will be compensated during the trial period.  Possible employment as a PA after that.

Please send your cover letter and CV here