AD.JUST is the full-service video production company based In Los Angeles and Orlando delivering a unique style to video marketing products. 

  • We follow trends in design and visual communications.

  • We approach each project with a fresh, comprehensive and sophisticated manner to deliver one-of-the-kind, outstanding video.

  • AD.JUST is always trying new techniques, tricks, and devices to get a perfect modern look for our video products.

  • We have an extensive marketing background to make promotional videos work hard to meet and exceed client’s goals.

  • We don't do replicate, we make art. It's not just a video, it is visual communication, where efficiency is a must!

OUR CORE video production SERVICES 

Ad.Just Video Production company specializes in all sorts of marketing video production services for clients in the Central Florida and Los Angeles area, from branded content,  corporate videos to high-end commercial videos that are broadcasted on national TV and online. We are also one of the first video production companies to specialize in Kickstarter videos for crowdfunding campaigns, helping fellow entrepreneurs with their video production tasks and visual communication strategies.

LIST OF video services


  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboards

  • Location and talent scouting

Footage Production:

  • RED EPIC-W 8K production

  • HD and 4K video recording

  • Event Photography

  • Mobile Green screen setups

  • Audio recording

  • Green screen production

  • On-location b-roll footage production

  • Interior and exterior shootings

  • Aerial shootings with Drones

  • In-studio shooting

  • Live Video Streaming

Post Production:

  • Professional video editing

  • Sound and visual effects

  • 2D video graphic

  • Audio editing

  • Voice over recording

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....What makes us different

European style to any video type

Whether it is a branded content, commercial video, product video, event video, corporate videoKickstarter video, or simple testimonial, we deliver professional quality HD footage mixed with an impressive artistic vision to our videography. Music videos are where we really can be creative and use unique styling specifically created to fit your video expectations. Documentary video or Short Film production is where we are inspired the most. We pay attention to the ‘big picture” and to the “small details” needed to accomplish high-quality craftsmanship. 

Marketing background

The team at Ad.Just believes the core of video marketing is a communication. What is the main message you want to deliver? Being the contractors for TOP accounts such as PepsiCo, Mars, Skoda, Reebok, Cirque du Soleil, we bring expertise in both video production and marketing to every project we come across. 

High standards in customer service

Our crew is a collective group of dedicated video professionals who believe quality, durability, and aesthetics are at the heart of everything we do. This means that we spend time getting to know our clients, their essential needs in video services, and business or marketing goals. We build trustful relationships through our high company expectations in customer service standards, respect of deadlines, and mutual liabilities.   

Hi-end video equipment

Utilizing equipment such as RED EPIC-W 8K, Canon C 100/C300, Black Magic Mini URSA, drones for aerial footage, top of the line audio and lighting equipment, any project we produce will look like a video you can show on the silver screen. Our clients can expect HD/4K/8K footage quality for all projects from commercial video production to corporate video production. 


GREENLINE HYBRID YACHT. Yacht commercial video teaser, Black Magic Mini URSA, Drone footage, Miami.

Happy Tot E-commerce commercial video. Innovating sound-blocking headphones for kids. Los Angeles

Smart Kids promotional video. A smart device helping kids with osteoporosis with daily routine. Stanford.

GREENLINE HYBRID YACHT.  Yacht commercial video with talents, Black Magic URSA Mini, Drone footage, Miami.

"HappyTapp" hilarious commercial spot! "HappyTapp" - A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages with a tap of a finger! 

Real estate video. FORTIS construction company. Commercial video with Interior and drone exterior shootings.

Explainer video for "URMOSI".  Fully Customizable ATV throttle gadget.

AA Metals Corporate film. The facility tour overview, interviews with key personal and CEO. Orlando, FL.

"Blonde Ambitions" Cover Band Corporate Video. Service pitching video for music band. Multiple concerts and venues.

Grennan Fender Corporate Video. Accounting services explained with neat animation. Orlando.FL

Wearable GYM by HYFIT. Kickstarter Video for a new era fitness tracking device. Los Angeles

Indiegogo video for Next Bottle project. New generation of the Smart beverage containers.

Kickstarter video fro First smart home control device with video surveillance.

Cirque du Soleil , People Are Awesome and AD.JUST collaboration. Amazing branded content video in collaboration with Junkin Media. #CirqueWay for a day Challenge. Las Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil Experiment AWE. Branded content for CDS and Misfits Lab. Las Vegas, New York.

Cirque du Soleil workshop "Cirque gets ready to rumble". A WWE stars give a master class to cirque athletes. Orlando

Cirque du Soleil Photo Casting. What happens behind the scene of the regular casting for artist to join shows. Las Vegas.

Cirque Du Soleil and Berkeley College of Music collaboration video. Boston.

One Day in Orlando for A dynamic city overview of non-touristic Orlando attractions will make you fall in love with that city! Orlando.

Reebok Russia branded content. Martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov the current UFC Lightweight Champ, photo shoot BTS video, San Francisco, CA.

Product videos, E-commerce videos, Amazon videos, explainer videos are a powerful tool to highlight the benefits of your product and boost the sales.

LOJIKAL. "I Know You Got a Boyfriend!" LOJIKAL, local Miami artist. 

Music video for Aprilann "Crown and the girls". Shot on Black Magic Mini URSA.

Anni Piper "Paper Bag". Pop music video 

Eric Von "Be Mine For A Little While". Country style music video


RED EPIC-W Filming

With the addition of the brand new RED EPIC-W  video production quality has increased ten-fold and AD.JUST Video Production is leading the charge. The RED has abilities that other cameras on the market simply do not: interchangeable lens mounts, up to 8K HD quality, HDRx, and many other features make the RED a must have for video production in Orlando at any scale. With the RED EPIC-W now a part of our available video production services, the video production game has been changed. 


AD.JUST has generated millions of dollars in revenue and startup capital for fresh businesses. Working with startups of all sizes, we love to tell brand’s stories that result in investment, promotions and your bright future!

We will help you to overcome the obstacles of being a brand new entrepreneur by creating crucially important visual guides on your product such as Pitch Deck, and Explainer video or Pitch video. Working with leading FMCG brands and creating advertising content for them gave us a great marketing expertise which we would love to share with you!

Being a startup ourselves we know how exhausting it is to knock on every door to reach the right people to get noticed and picked. 

And when you finally reached them it’s crucial to have an appealing and professionally made startup pitch deck or pitch video to knock down your future investors, but still stay on a budget.

PITCH TOOL BOX - an ultimate set of visual materials to gain a startup investment on any level of that hard journey of the entrepreneurship.

Clients reviews

Lihu Roter, StoryHunter Studio

"Alex is an extremely talented filmmaker. He pushed the boundaries and got so much done in such a short time frame with excellent production value. I had a huge pleasure to work with him on a project for and I highly recommend hiring him."

Goebel und Mattes Agency

"We worked with AD.JUST during the SAPPHIRE 2016 Event for SAP at the Orlando Conventional Center and they were a great partner. They convinced with their professional, fast and good work. We are looking forward to working with them again next year!" 


Jef Gray, Director, Publisher

"Ad.JUST is a rare find, they possess brilliant video production skills but their ability to comprehend, advise and inspire marketing direction sets them apart. You're getting two agencies in one with this company, the "media and the mind" for a solid project."

MixCaLa SUP Boards

"Guys are very professional. Our video came out great! This is our #1 to go guy for any videos, will come back again for more service and will recommend to others. Thank you, AD.JUST Video Production!"

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