How to Make Product Videos in 2022

How to Make Product Videos in 2022

Amazon Product Video in 2021. And other E-commerce Platforms.

Product videos have become more popular than ever over recent years, thanks to the advancements in technology and easy access to the internet. Sales marketing is growing rapidly and product videos have become one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand. Amazon product video is one of these trends where having such assets became critical in 2021.

The internet has boosted e-commerce and allowed people to know a product up close without even being able to touch it. According to a survey, around 77% of the customers believe that brands creating visuals for their marketing show that they are more interested in connecting with their buyers.

Therefore, manufacturers or sellers need to focus on creating persuasive content to ensure their goods grab the attention of their potential customers. This article will serve as your guide to creating a quality e-commerce product video without any hassle.


Why Product Videos in E-commerce are So Important?

E-commerce seems to be taking the retail world by storm for the last few years and is still rapidly progressing. No wonder it embodies around 10% of the U.S sales market with eBay having more than 25 million retailers and Amazon having 200,000 new memberships every month.

Since product videos deliver information using auditory and visual mediums, viewers are more likely to process and retain that information faster as compared to text. This makes e-commerce product videos an excellent way of helping potential buyers get close to the product and experience it before making the purchase. Moreover, product videos provide a comprehensive view of the items through action, making it easier to assimilate as opposed to lengthy data in written form.


The Effects of Covid-19 on the E-Commerce Industry

One of the most important reasons behind the increasing popularity of e-commerce product videos these days is the evolution of the e-commerce market after the onset of Covid-19. Now, more than ever, people are dependent on online shopping because they are not able to go to the stores in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the virus. This change in the shopping pattern has raised the bar for online sellers and they are facing more struggles to beat their competitors providing similar services.



Types of E-Commerce Product Videos and How They Work

Here are some of the types and examples of effective e-commerce product videos and how they work to help you understand how the above-mentioned elements can be put into work to make your product video more interesting:


Instagram Testimonial Videos

These videos are more focused on real-life stories in everyday situations. They show how the product has brought a change in the life of its users and delivered what the company advertises or wishes to achieve. This is the reason the opinions and voices of Instagram influencers/bloggers have become trusted among common people, helping to make the buying decision easier for them by giving in-depth reviews information. However, it can be hard for small businesses to collaborate with world-known celebrities. Therefore, you can work with micro-influencers to target your customers without spending a lot.

The case in point is a testimonial video of Wayfair Nederland in collaboration with Erica Ligenza, an Instagram blogger and influencer.  It was created in a fun way with exciting music playing in the background and showing the blogger trying on different outfits, all under $40. The potential buyers can see how each dress looks and then make the final choice. An affiliate link to redirect the viewers to the webiste page where they can place their order.


Amazon Product Videos

KOOTEK is one of the trusted and leading manufacturers of the finest-quality household, electronics, kitchen, and sports goods. You’ll find a video guide for a lot of their products on their official website and e-commerce sites, which shows that the company gives importance to promoting their sales market through amazon product videos. All the e-commerce product videos follow How-to and Demo formats to describe how they can be used in real life and what their various purposes are.

It might seem to be challenging to make an Amazon product video about something as simple as an ice cube tray engaging and unique. For starters, the black and white background makes the visuals appear more noticeable and striking. The amazon product video then shows the specific features of the ice cube tray, its uses, and most importantly, why one should buy it. The unique selling point of the brand is its ease of use, sturdy material, and design.

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Lifestyle Amazo Product Videos

Bio Schwarts is known to offer premium-quality supplements to its users. The formulas are designed using natural ingredients in their purest form combined with cutting-edge technology for optimal benefits. The brand is dedicated to sustaining the trust of its customers by continually providing result-oriented supplements.

Collagen Peptides Bio+ is tailored to encourage healthier hair, skin, and nails. The storyline satisfactorily covers everything about the goods, including their specific features, the unique selling points, what it’s intended to do, and different ways of using it. Basically, lifestyle amazon product videos show how the product can integrate into a life of a potential consumer.

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New Amazon Sponsored Product Videos

Amazon sponsored brand videos to pop up on the screens of mobiles or desktops of the users as they scroll through the amazon search results. Since visuals are targeted at specific keywords, the ads appear when you type relevant terms in the search box. You can go to the product page with just one click and Amazon will charge the seller per click.

For example, this amazon sponsored ad of Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher displays key details, such as pricing, key features mentioned in the title and text, and ratings, etc. the ad is enough to stir the interest of the users. Once they click the ad, they’ll get to know more about the features, installation, and working mechanism of the pitcher filter.

Instagram and Facebook Product Video Ads

Just like amazon sponsored video ads, Facebook Product video ads are also created with the aim to drive more traffic to the website purchasing page. The more put effort, time, and skills you put into making creative and interesting ads, the more it will pay off because traditional and monotonous ads may seem to be annoying to most users. There are many tools available online to help you create a great Facebook Product video ad and take your sales to the next level.


YouTube Product Reviews

Some of the most trending and viewed videos on YouTube include unboxing and product reviews. These videos are relatively straightforward and provide the viewers with somewhat honest and uncensored analyses

This video is by Unbox Therapy, known for unboxing and reviewing the latest technological devices. The influencer doesn’t just open the package to show the inside but also digs deeper into how it’s operated, the pros and cons of the products, and all the tips and tricks related to them.

The newly launched lightweight laptops ad starts with the influencer describing how the packaging of each laptop looks and feels like as well as the features labeled on the official website of the brand and the laptop boxes. He then moves toward opening the box and showing its content with detailed descriptions and comparisons.


Product Video DIY in 2021

If you’re running a small e-commerce business and looking for ways to create good product videos, we’re here to help. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying special tools or hiring someone to do the job for you. The following information and ideas will help you make an influential video and optimize your sales. So, let’s get to the chase!


1. Prepare

For starters, make sure you have all the equipment required for recording. It will be one-time spending as you’ll be using the same equipment for your future pieces as well. If you’re working with a video production team, they’ll cover everything for you. So, check your list for these items:

  • A high-resolution camera (digital camera or smartphone)
  • A good quality microphone
  • A tripod
  • Lights
  • Software for editing
  • People to be featured in the content (optional)
  • And, a set to shoot, the location (optional)

If you’re on a budget and doing a small DIY video, you can still create catchy visuals without using people or a set.

2. Decide Formats

Selecting the right formats according to what you’re intending to use the video for is one of the important steps in creating effective content. Here are some of the commonly used formats to represent your product in an alluring manner:

  • Product Close-up: This format is highly suitable for product pages. It demonstrates the items in an in-depth and eye-catching way. If the sale of your product depends on its appearance, then try incorporating a 360-degree view to showcase the item in a detailed manner as if the viewers were looking at them in the store.
  • How-to: Ideal for showing how a product works. It’s particularly useful if you’re working on intricate and pragmatic articles. The how-to format works the best for highlighting key features of the product and explaining its different uses so the potential buyers can completely grasp the value of the item being presented. How-tos are not only effective for website pages but also for social platforms and blogs.
  • Demos: Just like how-to format, product demos are used to show how a product is used. The only difference is that they show how the product works in real life setup instead of a tutorial. This format makes it easier for the consumers to imagine as if they were using the items themselves. You can use this format for almost everything whether it’s a household item or clothing.
  • Installation Guide: One of the biggest hurdles in installing a product is unclear instructions or confusion in the minds of customers. Choosing this format briefly explains the entire process of installation clearly, assuring the customers that they’ll be able to install it conveniently themselves after purchasing. Installation guides are effective for products that involve configuration or building.
  • Unboxing: Product unwrapping or unboxing videos are quite popular among customers. People seem to be attracted to seeing a product being unboxed after delivery. This format is especially appropriate for the items that come with fashionable and attention-grabbing packaging. It’s a great idea to intrigue people by showing them the packaging they will receive their product in. Unboxing is great for technological articles and cosmetics, etc.
  • Story-telling Style: If your product has a distinctive feature that might help to boost its sale, let your viewers know that. Anything from an innovative design to your personal experience can be helpful in telling the story behind your product. This format is great for telling your prospective customers how and why you created the product.

3. Write a Short Script

While it’s not necessary to write down a formal script, you should jot down a brief script or create a storyboard that includes all the important things about your product that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are a few points to write before you start shooting:

  • Key characteristics
  • Details of product variants
  • The distinct selling point of your product
  • Tell your brand story
  • Commonly asked questions

4. Set Your Visuals

Once you’re done planning and noting down everything, the next step is to prepare the visuals. This can be done in multiple ways, such as live footage, still photos, stock videos, still graphics, and scrolling screen capture, etc. Live footage needs the right amount of lighting to make the space look presentable and doesn’t require a professional set to make the video appear compelling. A plain, preferably black or white, background is ideal for recording the video of a physical product. This is particularly suitable if you’re also going to publish it on social media and Google Ads. It’s recommended to take some test shots to make sure you’re being creative with the background because your target buyers are a lot likely to notice it. Also, experiment with your camera angels to keep the video interesting.

5. Record the Video

Finally, it’s time to do the action. Remember that your visual content should consist of two parts; introduction and showcasing. To make the video more effective, keep it to the point and brief yet clear and precise. The aim should be to make the viewers understand what the product is and how it works. Take plenty of still photos and close-ups so you have more than enough to add to the video if needed later.

6. Edit the Video

While editing is considered an imperative part of creating a product video, avoid going too far with the effects and editing. People are generally more attracted toward the review or content that feels genuine. Whether you decide to keep it simple or make it look refined, there’s a huge number of editing tools you can choose from according to your desired outcome. Moreover, edit the clips together and adjust them according to the requirements of the different forums you want to post them on.

7. Add CTA

A clear call to action at the end of your video has the power to steer your viewers into taking their best next step. Some of the best ways of adding a CTA are offering a free trial, asking the customers to enter a contest, opening a link to read more about the product, fill in a survey form, and a link to make the purchase. This will drive your viewers and potential buyers to be where you intend them to be. So, use this wisely to your advantage.

8. Posting

After the process of filming, editing, and adjusting the video is finished, now it’s time to optimize and publish it. Whether it’s Instagram, Youtube, or your website page, you need to optimize it to ensure its success. This can be done by doing a proper keyword search, adding relevant tags, fascinating thumbnails, the title, and a description. After it is posted, you can view the progress and note down the factors that keep people watching or where the video starts to lose their attention. This will help you with your next productions.


Final Word

Product videos are not limited to making your product pages reachable but also create awareness about the products, make it convenient to share the products on social media, and boost search engine optimization. If your product video is potent and creative enough to grab the attention of your target audience, chances are it will go viral and play an important role in marketing your product.

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Best Kickstarter Videos of 2020 and Why Are They Successful

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2020 and Why Are They Successful

12 Best Kickstarter Videos of 2020

New guide to the best Kickstarter videos of the year 2020! We focused on the physical products in this article that can be purchased online at any e-commerce platforms. The products in the videos are picked carefully and they not only look exceptional but can also be found quite helpful in resolving many issues that one comes across on a day to day basis.

The mere purpose of the Kickstarter videos in 2020 is to promote the respective products and attract investors so that these products can be launched and the maximum number of people can get the benefits of them. So let’s have a look at the selection of the best Kickstarter video production references that can get you inspired if you are planning to produce the best crowdfunding video to launch your brand.

1. HUNU – The Coffee Cup

About the product:

HUNU is an elegantly designed cup that is usable and can be folded down into your pocket. Here the question comes why one should go on to by HUNU when there are a lot of other cups from different companies available. Let’s give you two important reasons. Firstly, the HUNU cups are foldable. This means their size can be reduced to the extent that they get fit into your pocket and you can easily carry them anywhere you want. 

Secondly, HUNU cups are the most convenient reusable option available. Normally, the other available cups are not recycled/reused and end up being dumped into landfill sites and then washed away into seas and oceans adding up to the water pollution. The paper ones are the reason why millions of trees being cut down to manufacture them. The HUNU cup is the alternative that can easily be reused as it is very easy to be cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher. These are the most portable cups available and can be folded down to 2cm.


Goal: £2,500

Raised Funds: £214,216

About the Kickstarter video:

This lighthearted joyful video will give you a feel that you are watching a travel vlog. This crowdfunding video is highly captivating and shows great storytelling characteristics. You will find yourself completely immersed thanks to its upbeat music.

The story shares how the idea of manufacturing HUNU cups came into being and how inconvenient the conventional coffee cups available in the market are. They are made of such materials that are usually not recycled and also results in environmental pollution. Being eco-friendly is one of the evergreen trends and continues to take place in 2020 Kickstarter videos. The necessity is the mother of invention, so comes the idea of the product. 

2. Cinera Edge

About the product:

Cinera Edge is a Dolby Digital® certified headphone and OLED that gives you a complete cinematic experience. It is your own personal mini-cinema that you can carry anywhere you go. The headphones produce astonishing 2560×1440 pixels that deliver video enhancement beyond imagination. It is characterized by 5.1 channels of surround sound and produces fantastic audio quality and makes you living the movie. 

Cinera Edge gives you a 3D display that requires no glasses. This means you’ll be experiencing no filtration by the glasses, the result of which is greater levels of brightness and vibrant colors. If you are looking for enhancing the experience of watching movies and playing games, then this gadget is the best choice that will take your experience to the next level. 

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,390,783

About the Kickstarter video:

Cinera Edge gives you the experience of being actually present in the movie. This crowdfunding video starts with a person wearing the gadget in his home environment. As soon as he wears them up, he finds himself in the actual scene of the movie that happens to be a jungle. The visuals of the video shot in a cinematic quality to represent the idea of video quality that the headphones produce. The audio is extremely enhanced which shows that the producers have worked upon the minute details.

The idea is pretty simple yet amazing. And that is, you are not watching a movie, rather, you are part of the movie! 


About the product:

Lucky Flip is a modern version of guess-the-number-I-think. It is a multiplayer roulette-style game that combines the factors of memory, strategy, and luck. The game consists of Lucky Flip Board, 100 deck cards, 2 dices, 49 tokens, 6 scoreboards, and 6 dry markers. 

The rules of this game are quite short and simple that anybody can learn them easily. Lucky Flip has all the characteristics to replace the old and over-played conventional board games.

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,390,783

About the Kickstarter video:

This crowdfunding video consists of 2 parts: the life-style game experience painted in a humorous way, and the explanation part, game rules, cards, tactics. The catchy first part serves to grab the attention of the viewers when the second one main purpose it to guide through the rules, show it’s simplicity and ability to be played with no experience at all and still have fun!

As the game is quite simple, therefore, you can learn it just merely by watching the video. There is a small founder interview part at the end to add a personal touch to it. This is a great example of one of the best kickstarter videos of 2020 combining all necessary pillars of a good crowdfunding video.

Produced by AD.JUST Production, Kickstarter video production company.

4. Analog

About the product:

Analog is a physical tool that helps you to become more productive by focusing on the important tasks as per your priority list. Each Analog Card Pack includes 50 cards which can easily last up to one month. The cards are divided into three categories namely: Today Cards, Next Cards, and Someday Card.

The size of these smooth uncoated paper cards is 3″x5″. Not only that, but you also find a solid walnut base Card Holder that elegantly holds your cards and keeps them in front of your eyes. Analog is a simple yet effective tool that keeps you on track every day.

Goal: $6,000

Raised Funds: $451,577

About the Kickstarter video:

The Kickstarter video of Analog is as simple as the idea of Analog itself is. No animation, eye-catching colors, yet as effective as Analog. It demonstrates how this simplest productivity system works and includes step by step guide to using this tool to create an impact in your life. 

The video also shows how Analog has an edge on other digital tools of the same function. It also explains how you can use each category of the card to yield the maximum amount of benefit.

5. BIGSOFTI: Portable Soft Light

About the product:

Bigsofti is a portable LED soft panel for better photos & video by emitting diffused lighting. There is no need to place Bigsofti on a table or a flat surface. It can get fixed onto almost anything be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer monitors as it contains a universal clip. Bigsofti does also offers you a range of brightness levels i.e. low, mid, and max. 

Furthermore, you can also adjust the temperature of the light with the options of daylight, clean white, and tungsten. Bigsofti is powered by a 1500mah battery. Whether you are a YouTuber, selfie lover, filmmaker, or just a normal camera user, with Bigsofti lighting is no more an issue.

Goal: AU$ 18,000 

Raised Funds: AU$ 671,832

About the Kickstarter video:

The best thing about it is that it compares the conventional option of lighting that is mobile phone flash with a lighting effect produced by Bigsofti. The real-time pictures show how the diffused light enhances the ability of your camera to focus on the object and hence sharper and better pictures are produced. The video also shows different usages of the light. It also gives insights into the idea of developing Bigsofti.

6. The Microcosm in Glass

About the product:

The Microcosm in Glass: Viruses, Bacteria, and Cells are the most captivating microorganisms laser engraved in 3D solid crystal glass. It is a unique piece of art that can add up to the aesthetic features of your house, office, or any place of your choice. Every piece is made up of high-quality crystal glass that they never get yellow as the other cheaper materials like plastic turn over the course of time. 

Each piece is a genuine scientific model containing a micro-organism. There is a range of organisms encapsulated. These include Erythrocryte, Human Cell, Neuronal Cell, Sperm Cell, Corona Virus, Salmonella, HIV, Bacteriophage, and many more.

Goal: €14,000

Raised Funds: €142,558

About the Kickstarter video:

This crowdfunding video is as creative as the product itself. It contains the visual depiction of the Microcosm in the glass. You will be surprised to see how much aesthetic these creatures look. Though the audio quality could be improved, the video gives enough details about the selected microcosms. Watching it also feels like you are having a science lecture with amazing visual effects and nice music.

7. Barisieur 2.0 

About the product:

Barisieur 2.0 is an automatic immersion brewer that comes with alarm clock functionality and wireless charging. Barisieur 2.0 gives the experience of making coffee/tea a new dimension. It has a built-in alarm clock that sets the time-period of making your tea ready. How wonderful is that this idea that you’ll wake up with the aroma of fresh coffee which instills extra alertness in you? With Barisieur 2.0 you can enjoy the luxury of having your tea at the comfort of your bed. 

Not only that, but Barisieur 2.0 can also serve the function of a smart milk mini-fridge. The design of the product is quite unique and can be placed onto a table as an artifact. 

Goal: £10,000

Raised Funds: £109,558

About the Kickstarter video:

Video production is given extra attention which makes it stand out among others. The video makes you fall in love with the idea of waking up with the aroma of coffee/tea around you and having them ready and served at your bed. 

The video also shows how you can operate Barisieur 2.0 and what the functions of its different components are. After watching it, you cannot help but appreciate the way this brewer works and how it brings convenience to your life.

8. Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15

About the product:

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 is an electric scooter that can very conveniently take you to anywhere. The unique and stylish design is the major selling point of this scooter. The scooter is made up of quite durable material yet it feels so light. This makes it a reliable and stylish companion at the same time.

On top of that, the scooter can be folded into the half with just a click and then can very easily be moved anywhere or can get fit into minimum space. Air T15 also contains a dashboard that is bezel-less and elevates your overall travel experience.

Goal: $50,000

Raised Funds: $435,799

About the Kickstarter video:

A Kickstarter video production at its finest, the project is as elegant and stylish as a product itself. It utilized the colors in the most appropriate manner. You will be surprised that the video does not contain a single word yet it delivers its message in its full entirety. This definitely is videography at its best! 

The video displays shots of the product with cinematic quality.  The features and benefits of the product are comprehensively covered. The use of an upbeat and dynamic soundtrack is a key feature here.

9. Terraplanter – Inside-out Planter

About the product:

Terraplanter is based upon the philosophy of creating a new home for plants. Terraplanter is aesthetically elegant and provides an optimal solution for hydroponic plants to thrive. It holds seeds, water, and provides shape and texture to the plant. The walls of the vessel are made in such a way that water gets diffused through them and maintain a constant water supply to the plant.

Goal: $20,000

Raised Funds: $6,391,763

About the Kickstarter video:

One of the greatest examples of the best Kickstarter video in 2020 thanks to the simplicity, great contrast color scheme, and stop motion and timelapse technics mixed with the standard footage.  It starts with the manufacturer of the product telling about how the idea of Terraplanter came into being in the first place. The video reveals that it was because of two primary issues that normally gardeners face in-home planting i.e. under-watering and over-watering.

The result in both cases is the same, the plant not being able to grow. The main purpose of the Terraplanter is to address this deadly scenario. The video with the help of creative animations reveals how the mechanism of water supply in Terraplanter works. 

10. PICO: A garden in your palm

About the product:

Growing plants indoors is no more a dream with Pico. The item consists of a container in which the plant is placed. The container has its own mechanism of water supply. The container also lets you know how much water is available for the plant.

The most striking feature of Pico is its telescopic LED which provides an alternative to the sunlight. The wavelength of the light can also be adjusted as per the requirement. Pico can also be recharged and its timer allows you to set the timing for the lighting.

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,500,698

About the Kickstarter video:

Another Kickstarter video of 2019 with DIY plants growing.

Pico has a philosophy of bringing nature home. The crowdfunding video starts with the same theme of bringing improvement to nature and what our conventional ways have been in doing so. With the help of dynamic animations and visual effects it tells how you can grow plants at home using Pico. It excellently synchronized with the background music.

11. FORGO – Sustainable Powder to Liquid Hand Wash

About the product:

Forgo is powered soap that easily turns into a liquid when mixed with water. The basic idea behind coming up with this product is to reduce the waste produced by the used liquid soap bottles. Forgo powder comes in a small paper sachet that can be poured into a reusable good quality soap bottle. 

Special attention is given to the fragrance of the soap that gives a refreshing experience to the user. It should be noted that these soaps are made up of a minimum number of ingredients, hence, are quite suitable for any type of skin.

Goal: SEK 100,000

Raised Funds: SEK 546,912

About the Kickstarter video:

Quite a simple video that tells you why in the first place Forgo is need of the hour when there are a lot of other liquid soap options available in the market. It takes you to a short tour of how this powdered soap is manufactured. Then it goes on to tell how you are going to turn the powdered soap into the liquid one. The simplicity of the videography and its comprehensiveness of delivering the message will definitely strike you.

12. Clicbot – Educational Robot 

About the product:

Clicbot is a modular education robot that is consisted of a brain, 4x joints, skeleton, 2x wheels, mount, phone holder, USB type C cable, and Clicbot Acadamy app. There are more than 1000 setups in which you can code the Clicbot and according to which it will reflect its personality.

Clicbot can walk, climb, dance, race, draw, grasp things, carry things from one place to another, play games, track face, and can do other activities depending on the setup that you have made.  Clicbot is beautifully made with excellent quality material and has all the qualities to become your best companion. 

Goal: $25,000

Raised Funds: $903,248

About the Kickstarter video:

The Kickstarter video is indeed as attractive as the Clicbot is. The movement of the robot shown in the video depicting its different functions is simply eye-catching. The producer hit the nail in bull’s eye when they showed Clicbot functioning in real-time. The viewer simply finds himself lost in the video, seeing the unbelievable functions of this simple-looking machine. 

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12 Best Kickstarter Videos of 2019

12 Best Kickstarter Videos of 2019

A guide of the best Kickstarter videos from 2019. These are physical products that can be found online or in retail stores. From extremely useful products to items that allow you to have a great time. Each of these videos are listed Kickstarter videos and can be used to inspire people to help launch their products, get funded crowdfunding platforms or both. Producing videos for Kickstarter doesn’t warrant a huge budget. Making a high-quality and informative product video simply entails some creativity on your end.

1. The Defy Collection – Bras

About the product:

The Defy Collection provides a unique approach to the traditional bra. Defy creators claim that bra design has never been truly updated ever since its inception, and now this is the time to change it.

The collection aims at providing women their “true” bra size, as most women wear a bra, which is not correct for their bust. More astonishingly, the company claims that 80% of women wear the wrong size. With the help of contributions and community efforts, this kickstarter project aims to provide a more comfortable bra for all sizes and offers bras up to H cup and 44 band. This is truly a product made for women, and made by women.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $96,000 

Raised Funds: $136,084

About the Kickstarter video:

REAL is the keyword here – that is to say, your video should depict real emotions elicited by real customers using a product. Videos that are review-based establish trust. In this particular video, the audience understands that women made the product for other women. The message is articulated in an engaging and honest manner, and a big budget was not involved. So skipping big production budgets this brand created a very truthful and engaging kickstarter video.

2. Sisyphus Mini

About the product:

Sisyphus combines hi-tech, simple materials and kinetic energy to create beautiful furniture in the form of tables. The kinetic sculpture beautifully created designs on sand, and destroys it to create more design with the help of a simple ball. While it might not sound impressive on paper, the experience and the view is truly mesmerizing, making it ideal for any home or work.

With Sisyphus Mini, the company aims to provide even more affordable and compact sculptures, which can be installed anywhere in your house or workplace. The sculptures come in a variety of wooden designs, exquisite patterns, and models with LED lighting surrounding the sand field. You can find the right pick for yourself by choosing the mini, as it provides the same design, build and experience at an affordable cost. It comes with the same app and same controllable interface, making it simpler for past users to use it.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $50,000

Raised Funds: $949,575

About the Kickstarter video:

The unique idea of the product will definitely get its audience and the way the kickstarter video becomes very personal and touching talking a LOT about the history of creation of this product making it an all family business, these stories are very compelling and easy to watch as you almost watch a documentary on a subject.  You might don’t want this product but as you like the people behind it you would want just to support them in what they are doing by backing this project.

This video is quite personal and relatable. It discusses what went into the development of the product, as well as how it was made by a family business. The stories are compelling and captivating – its almost like you’re watching a very short documentary. Even if the product itself doesn’t interest people, audiences will most certainly be interested in supporting those behind it. Clear approach, lack of  overselling, unique product and interesting story – these are 4 pillars of this kickstarter video.

3. iMiro Bike

About the product:

iMiro features a truly technologically fast and stylish eBike. It comes in a variety of colors, and most of its features can be controlled via an app. This app can be installed on your smartphone to access the headlight and other features. It brings tons of convenience to the user.

It can be folded according to your convenience, making it compact and portable to store. The product video demonstrates how the bike is operated, and the built-in rear extractable battery.

About the Kickstarter video:

This video displays product shots with cinematic quality. It entails a storyline, product introduction, and an urban-Metropolis vibe. Features and benefits of the product are comprehensively explained through imagery, and a voiceover wasn’t necessary.

The main indoor and product scenes were shoot with the were done with Red Epic camera while the the remainder of the video entails the use of a GoPro camera, but thanks to professional color corrections and the magic of post-production the viewers can hardly tell. One key aspect of presenting this product’s innovativeness involved the use of an upbeat and dynamic soundtrack.

Produced by AD.JUST Production.

4. GEESAA Coffee Maker

About the product:

Are you a coffee-lover? If yes, this kickstarter program will truly catch your attention.  The GEESAA coffee maker is made for those coffee lovers that want the trust taste of a barista right at their home or workplace. GEESAA is not a traditional coffee maker, as it makes use of a mechanical spinning arm, which replicates the ideal-hand pouring technique to make top-quality coffee.

With customizable parameters, and a range of selection of high quality coffee techniques, you will be able to brew the finest coffee, without any extra effort. The unique spinning arm is able to gently pour water in an evenly fashion to extract the true essence of the coffee beans, resulting in a finer coffee.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $25,000

Raised Funds: $39,535

About the Kickstarter video:

A stylish, top quality video production is based on the compelling lifestyle everyone would want to have and follow. It was made using the best product video practices as nice and clean beauty product shots, usage situations, appealing color scheme of the whole video. Offering a lifestyle via product has always been a great selling technique and we see a great example of it in this video.

The content of this stylish and high-quality kickstarter video revolves around a coveted lifestyle. This video uses effective video production techniques, including product shots that are clean and tidy. It shows viewers how the product can be used. You’ll note that the presentation’s color scheme is optimized. Conveying a lifestyle through product use has always served as an effective selling approach, and this video is a terrific example of such a technique in action. The viewer isn’t overwhelmed with technical information, and the brand’s message is simple to understand.

5. Bitty – Pocket Drum Machine

About the product:

Bitty provides a unique gadget for music enthusiasts with its pocket drum machine. If you have been wanting to learn music, but are not too fond of the complicated and expensive gear then this is the perfect find for you.

Bitty’s Pocket Drum Machine can run as a synthesizer, is able to run on batteries and has swappable software to run different instruments on it. It is small and portable, so you can take it anytime to play with your friends.

The drums can be played manually, to go along with an acoustic instrument, or the left knob can be used to select patterns and change the speed to either make hip hop beats or dance music. The output produced is 12 bit and it can sound extremely punchy and crunchy, like the early MPC drum machines.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $50,000

Raised Funds: $80,804

About the Kickstarter video:

The video discloses both the originality and functionality of the product. It speaks to its target audience in a manner that is easy to understand. Special effects and animation are used to retain the audience’s attention. This video breaks the standard structure of Kickstarter videos in a creative way.

6. Moramma Brush and Bowl

About the product:

Shaving has never been an easy task with Moramma Brush and Bowl. Especially when you’re in a hurry, and wish for your beard to be gone. Skin irritation is one of the perks of shaving, and brush and bowl is aimed at removing this.

Moreover, having a high sided bowl allows the person to get greater thickness to the lather. This thickness then lubricates the skin properly allowing for the blade to glide over it smoothly, without causing damage. It also acts as a cradle for the brush after you have finished your shave.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $19,042

Raised Funds: $26,279

About the Kickstarter video:

The minimalist fresh manner of this kickstarter video supports easiness and slickness of the product design. The color scheme of the video is minimalistic too and goes along with the video general direction. It’s very artsy and doesn’t contain any narration. However, the text wrap used gives the video a cinematic feel. This video is the epitome of minimalist art direction: the only things shown are the two talents and a small portion of a location.

7. MMclay Ceramics Studio

About the product:

Crafts are extremely trendy nowadays. Everybody loves a few crafting items in their home, and the most useful thing is, they can be DIY. MMclay Ceramics Studio brings this art to a new level, by producing a whole range of customized, durable and high-quality dinnerware sets.

The ceramics studio produces a line of artistic products in San Francisco, and has listed a list of rewards for its backers. It has already found a backing of more than $70,000 at the time of writing this post.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $30,000

Raised Funds: $75,650

About the Kickstarter video:

Another Kickstarter video of 2019 with a documentary-like format. The focus of this video is the stories people tell. The viewer hears about the passions of others, stories that touch the audience’s heartstrings. Viewers understand what is important to the people. The interview with the founder is also quite touching.

One thing that will always be effective when it comes to Kickstarter videos is addressing the lifestyle of certain groups, which speaks to a segmented audience directly. Also, a hand-made trend in producing custom items for lifestyle along with the crafting trends will never get out of the fashion and will be always popular on Kickstarter platform.

8. Pocket Sized Reusable Cutlery & Chopsticks

About the product:

The Pocket Sized Reusable Cutlery & Chopsticks brings a smart concept into play, by mixing some creativity with portability. This simple idea is cunning and brings a reliable solution on the table.

Cutlery provides these eco-friendly cutlery and chopsticks on the go, which can be fitted into a small box and carried with you in the pocket. The spoon, fork and chopsticks can be assembled for use and can be disassembled to fit into your pocket.

So wherever you go, your cutlery will always stay with you. The materials made are not cheap and neither plastic nor wood. Stainless steel is used to minimize damage to the environment and the recycled tin case provides for an eco-friendly experience.

Kickstarter link

Goal: 5,633 EURO

Raised Funds: 1,096,885 EURO

About the Kickstarter video:

The creative concept of this video is based on the humor approach and recent less waste/eco trends for reusable things. We see a mixture of different types of visuals (animation, iPhone footage, studio beauty product shots, stills, fake stop motion effect, and many more) that creates that funny and upbeat mixed light-hearted video that you can’t stop watching.

All visuals use the creative voiceover text as a skeleton so you can also notice a great effort of copywriters in creating this narration.

9. Bullet

About the product:

Compact has been made a theme for almost all Kickstarter projects, as people require gadgets and technology, which is portable and easy to carry. Bullet take this to the next level by providing a strong LED light within an extremely small body.

With a length of 30mm and weight 11grams, Bullet packs 100 Lumens inside. Moreover, it is waterproof, fireproof, and crushproof, making it extremely sturdy and durable. With its incredibly small size and weight, you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. Its outer shell is made of titanium, adding onto its durability.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $237,253

10. MicroFarm

About the product:

MicroFarm brings indoor farming to a whole new level. It provides a readily available infrastructure to grow your plants right in your home. It is easy to install, setup and use. It has already produced a good number of results, gaining a lot of backers.

MicroFarm makes use of the room temperature, usually around 20 Degree Celsius, for growing microgreens. It utilizes spectrum technology, which allows the plants to grow in 7 to 10 days. The full-spectrum LED grow-light allows the microgreens to develop their full color and flavor. It radiates light at 1250 Lumens, with a 14W light module with replaceable print board.

Kickstarter link

Goal: €9,013

Raised Funds: €96,512

About the Kickstarter video:

People are always on the lookout for safe ways to prepare and consume food, and that involves growing food of your own. This particular video is quite vibrant and light. It uses visuals that are naturally saturated to supporting the brand’s message, which is ecologically-based. A mix of customer testimonials, product shots, and a story narrated by the founder are a recipe for a laconic and balanced Kickstarter video.

11. The Orijin Sponge

About the product:

The Orijin Sponge is a 100% all natural and biodegradable sponge, made out of Japanese Konjac Plant Root and is infused with anti-microbial bamboo charcoal. It is able to provide the skin with true care experience, while also heightening your shower experience.

Today, most bathing sponges that are available in offline and online stores are made up of synthetic oils, chemicals, plastic and artificial coloring. These are a playground for bacterial growth and dank smells, and do almost nothing for the skin. The Orijin Sponge changes this as its powerful fibers are naturally hydrating and alkaline.

Kickstarter link

Goal: CA$ 10,000

Raised Funds: CA$ 325,819

About the Kickstarter video:

This bold video’s creative concept is quite simple. Those who made the video used product shots, slow motion, flashbacks, fast montages, and stock footage to convey the message of this video in a creative manner. Note – there is some nudity involved.

There is a handful of different cool video production tricks that have been used but nevertheless the main tactic was creating a hilarious voice-over text that glue all the pieces together. The result – a funny, entertaining Kickstarter video.

12. World Map Wood

About the product:

World Map Wood 3D is a 3D wooden map of the world, which anyone can put up in their home or workplace. It is truly artistic and eye-catching with each wooden carved structure having its own unique design, color and thickness.

It is easy to assemble and comes in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, large etc. It features a great product video showcasing the product through a variety of angles, and how it is assembled. Nonetheless, it is made beautifully and can serve to be the best pick for travelers.

Kickstarter link

Goal: $5,000

Raised Funds: $533,530

About the Kickstarter video:

Cinematography is quite apparent in this Kickstarter video. It involves the creative use of background music, slow motion, camera angles and motion, color schemes, and a unique voiceover tone. The creators of this Kickstarter video wanted to showcase the product’s scale, as well as how large its global presence is. This video is beautifully made and has a natural tone. It is moving and mesmerizing all the same.

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Here at AD.JUST we understand all aspects of Kickstarter video production and would love to help you get it done! IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Video Production in Los Angeles and Orlando for fresh Startup companies: crowdfunding and business pitch videos.

Our second passion is video marketing for e-commerce! Check our blog posts about amazon product video creation and product photography.

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Video Production Due to Pandemic in the US

Video Production Due to Pandemic in the US

Has COVID-19 pandemic affected video production in any way? The answer is a straight Yes!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide quarantine began, we have experienced its adverse effects on every line of work, including video production. The film industry has taken a substantial hit more than any other sector when it comes to restrictions on video production due to lockdown and social distancing concerns.

Movie theaters and cinemas have shut down worldwide, film festivals canceled or postponed. Some analysts estimate COVID-19 has already cost the global film industry approximately $5 billion

Advertisement is another sector that has felt the impact, and the businesses have no means to advertise their products anymore. This has resulted in a loss of billions of dollars to the video production firms as well their clients who relied heavily on the video content to run their businesses and promotions. 

COVID-19: What Your Video Production Team Can Still Do

The Coronavirus outbreak has altered the daily operations of almost every business. The pandemic has created a nuisance, especially for those who mainly rely on in-person interactions and services such as video production industry. In such circumstances, to pull the shutters down on your business operations is the last thing you would dream. 

However, when you have no other options in situations like quarantine, you can avoid or reduce the impact of the pandemic as an e-commerce video production company by following six simple rules.

Protect Your Partners and Employees 

The quarantine’s official slogan is “stay home, save lives,” which means safety first. Unfortunately, due to the contagious nature of coronavirus, people must stay away from each other as much as possible. 

We all know that video production is all about teamwork, interaction, and hustle, so it makes it harder to follow the protocol needed for social distancing. 

If you wish to lead your e-commerce video production agency successfully during the pandemic, you must make sure your employees go unscathed during this time. As a video production company, you most likely work with various partners, including actors and actresses. Therefore, it must be your top priority not to put their health and well-being at risk. 

One of the simplest ways to safeguard the health of your partners and employees is advising them to stay at home. If they can manage a telework set-up at home, it is ideal to allow your staff to work from home. 

If it is inevitable for your team to gather at the office, but try to restrict the number of employees present at one time. Plus, remind everyone to sanitize and wear gloves and masks whenever they go out in public. 

Anticipate interruptions

To be honest, it is already a little too late to anticipate any disruptions or complete halt. You may have most likely experienced it already one way or the other. However, there are still ways that can help you cope. 

One way is to try and produce your videos in bulk. Whatever your daily output rate of video production, see if you can increase it with all the means you have at disposal. Alternatively, you can encourage your video creators to film themselves at their homes ideally. 

Of course, it depends on the nature of the video you wish to produce. However, it will give you enough material to work with if your partners can film themselves. 

Prepare Your Post-Production Team for Remote Work

As of now, your staff is already at home. Most video production companies normally run post-production operations exclusively from their offices. Therefore, having your video production split-up and off-site presents a challenge. 

You will have to reorganize your workflow, secure your production material while making it available to your video production team for remote editing. 

One of the most effective ways to make this happen is by moving your post-production tasks to a cloud-based management service. Such systems and services have features to secure the transfer and storage of your data. This way, your video editors can access all pre-cut material from a remote location anywhere. 

You can even go a step further instead of using a cloud and adapt a remote online and ingest collaboration tool specifically designed for video production companies. 

Review Your Client Contracts

It is high time that you review your client’s contracts. If your clients are postponing or canceling projects, you must ensure your business is secure to cover any related costs. 

For any new contracts, make sure that you add an addendum to your commercial agreements. This must state clearly on who will be covering the costs for relocations, cancellations or postponements due to COVID-19 quarantine. 

Rely on Local Talent

You must realize that quarantine measures will not start to relax at the same pace everywhere. So even if the restrictions loosen in one area or state, there may still be social distancing and travel bans in other places. So when your video production agency resumes filming on locations, you must choose local locations. 

It will not only reduce the costs but also lower the disruptions and risks associated with traveling to other locations. Similarly, you must rely on local talents, such as directors, camera crews, and actors, to reduce health risks. 

Pivot Your Services

As your final step, you must adapt and keep your video production company running through the COVID-19 pandemic by transforming your services. If you are experiencing regular projects drying up, offer production services geared toward and in-line with the current situation. 

You can propose creative ideas to produce public service and information announcements for local and government agencies. You can also offer to provide internal videos for companies working remotely to train and help their employees cope with the pandemic and its challenges. 

Offering video production services to create entertainment content such as workout videos and cooking tutorials may also help you to generate some business in current circumstances. 

You can provide a variety of videos while offering to add animations or produce self-shot footage. It is a great way to help video content creators who would otherwise not have the opportunity or courage to produce their videos. The most creative ideas you can come up with, the more chances you have to generate more business. 

E-Commerce Product Videos: It ALL Comes Down to How Fast You Adapt

A decent product video could be well worth thousands of sales depending on how well it appears in the search listings. According to a report, your product can help in sales conversion if it appears within 70 percent of the top 100 listings searches. 

It also depicts that 64 to 85 percent of viewers are more likely to buy your product if there is a product video available. Therefore, it is a marketing strategy and force you cannot afford to ignore during the pandemic. 

Online video marketing has been popular for a while now. There are no more sluggish internet connections with faulty technologies, and the viewers are turning more and more towards online services and products. 

Social distancing and isolation have made it even more ideal for reaching your consumers in the comfort of their homes. Even the most innovative entrepreneurs and smart companies are moving to the online broadcasting medium, such as videos, and turning it into a communications cornucopia. 

If you are still wondering whether to adapt to e-commerce video production for your e-commerce website, do not wait any longer. The verdict is in. Online video service such as Shopify video is the next big thing, and the experts are betting on it to grow exponentially in the next few years. 

Amazon is another prime example; they decided to adapt to changing demands amidst the COVID pandemic and started focusing on Amazon product videos to showcase the products.

Similarly, a UK company known as GoPromotional created marketing videos of over 4,000 products and observed a 100 percent increase in their sales conversion from their visitors viewing the videos. There was a 7.5 percent overall increase in conversion along with SEO improvements. 

Here as some other reasons why e-commerce video production will help your business sell more online. 

E-commerce Video Production Boosts Conversion

According to a report, using e-commerce video production increases conversion up to 85 percent. It also increases email clicks by 96 percent and helps SEO ratings as well. This strategy also reduces your product returns up to a quarter. 

The Top E-commerce Retails Are Using Videos

The top online retailers are focusing on product video creation to make their e-commerce listings stand out on video services such as Amazon product videos and Shopify videos, etc. If you are an e-commerce retailer interested in showcasing your brands and products on Amazon, Shopify, or your own website, you can use services such as Ad.Just Production to help you with your e-commerce video production

Consumers Love Education Content

According to research, educational videos capture your consumer’s attention, and half of the consumers have more confidence in buying the product when they watch the product video. 

How Shopify Partners Can Use Videos in their Favor

One significant aspect of a Shopify video is that most consumers prefer watching a video over reading product details.

Try to remember when was the last time you preferred reading a newspaper instead of watching the news. It will give you an idea of how effective and grabbing videos are, and this phenomenon spans over almost every demographic and industry. is an e-tailer in organization housewares. They published a report stating that their visitors were 144 percent more likely to buy after watching their product videos than those who did not watch the video. 

Unique Uses of Video Marketing

Increasing sales conversions requires more than just sticking to your product video on a YouTube advertisement or your website. You have to come up with creative ideas with an edge to help improve your consumers’ browsing and shopping experience. 

For example, you can ask a video production company to create videos with embedded “hotspots.” These hotspots are basic features that make certain parts of your product videos clickable. Like if there is an outfit worn by a model in the video, the consumer can click on the dress to take them to the product page and add it to their cart, etc. 

If you are struggling to sell products through a shopping cart, you can still benefit from the personalization features of the videos. For example, if you are looking for a way to improve your customers’ experience, you can offer live chats, a video tutorial for services and products, etc. 

How to Produce Kickstarter Videos

It is a simple five steps process to create a compelling Kickstarter video during Covid-19.

Be Yourself

Community is at the core of Kickstarter’s primary goals. In most cases, people invest in who you are as much as they fund your project. They want to see you, get to know what motivates you, what your passions are. 

Your viewers also want to ensure that you are competent and trustworthy. When you are on a camera, you must muster up all the energy and bring your “A” game while smiling and having fun. 

Keep them Snappy

You must keep this in mind that most people tend to have shorter attention and concentration span. According to a report, the consumer’s attention span can be as short as eight seconds. Chances are most viewers are not going to sit through your five-minute storytelling video to figure out if you have what they need. 

Therefore, you only have the initial ten seconds or less to hook and grab the attention of your viewers and convince them that the video is worth watching till the end and that you or your services are worthy of their investment. 

Cover the Basic

You must cover five essential topics in your videos that are as follows:

  • Who you are
  • The story behind your product or project
  • Explaining why you need their support
  • Talk about the awesome rewards you are offering 
  • Thank everyone 

Keep it Legal

Whether it is a business venture or a personal project, you must beware and avoid violating any copyright laws. These include music, photos, logos, and videos. Always use royalty-free content from various sources such as TuneFruit, SoundCloud, iStockPhoto, etc. 

Close the Sale

By the end of the video, you must state the rewards clearly and finish it with a specific call to action, inviting viewers to click the button to back your project or subscribe. 

Great Brand Commercial for Businesses

Although the entire country is in the state of lockdown, you can still produce a significant brand commercial from remote locations. Therefore, you must brainstorm ideas with your colleagues and employees to create an attractive brand and product advertisements. 

However, you will need some essential tools for video production; these include:Camera

  • Tripod
  • External microphones
  • Gimbal
  • Lighting
  • Editing and production software
  • Transcription services
  • Video editing hardware

Hire Professional Videographers

You might say, “Our company does not have any knowledge about video production.” You do not have to worry as there is fierce competition in the market where video production companies are offering remote e-commerce video production services like Ad.just Production. You can always contact them to discuss your needs and budget to produce a quality product video.

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What Professional Videographer Needs to Protect Their Gear

What Professional Videographer Needs to Protect Their Gear

Professional Videographer Tips

The fear of every camera owner is that their camera is going to get dropped or damaged. For hobbyists, this means that they miss out on having photos of their outings. For a professional videographer, this could cause a problem with their livelihood. Professional quality cameras are not cheap to fix or replace. The delay could cause problems with their production and cost them gigs. If nothing else, it will be a heavy business expense. If you are making a living as a videographer, you need to do the following.

Use Hard Cases

Yes, hard cases are heavier than soft cases. Hard cases are also often bulkier than soft cases. But these are minor inconveniences when you consider that you are protecting possibly tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. A soft case will protect your gear from bumps, and maybe even small drops. But it won’t protect your gear from heavy impacts or crushing. On the other hand, a quality hard case can take a beating and still protect your equipment. You should still be careful of course. 

According to B&H, there are also other benefits to hard cases. Most hard cases are waterproof. So, if you’re out in bad weather, your gear won’t get soaked like it would in a soft case. It’s also less prone to getting damaged if your storage area floods. Hard cases also feature locks. That means that it will be harder for a thief to stroll by your shooting area and pilfer your gear. If you’re worried about the weight, you can often find rolling hard cases.


Protect Your Lenses

Protecting your lenses is videography 101. Without a clean, functioning lens you really can’t do anything. Keep your lenses in their cases unless they are currently on cameras being used. Don’t give in to the temptation to set them down on a table for convenience. They are easily knocked over and damaged. If you’re changing lenses, keep your hands clear of the glass. Replace the lens caps as soon as possible. If you’re working outside, you’re likely to get dust on your lenses. Keep a cloth handy so you can keep them clean.



Insure Your Gear 

Videography gear costs a small fortune. So, it can be a little hard for an amateur videographer to pay an extra fee for insurance on their gear. However, every professional videographer knows that it’s a good investment. As a professional, you are using your cameras almost daily. You carry them around to all sorts of locations in all types of weather. There is a high likelihood that your equipment is going to get damaged. No matter how careful you are, something is probably going to happen. When it does, you’ll be grateful you paid for insurance. According to Athos Insurance Services, equipment insurance can cover a wide range of scenarios from theft to natural disasters. Some policies will even cover accidents like when you accidentally drop your most expensive lens. 

Shooting in Poor Weather 

Even if the forecast says that the weather will be good, according to Beach Camera, you should always be prepared for bad weather. High winds can cause tripods to tip over and send your lighting equipment flying. If the wind is bad, stake things down, or only use what you can hold in your hand. 

Rain can ruin your electrical equipment. Even if it’s supposed to be water resistant, it’s best not to take too many chances. Keep several tarps handy that you can throw over your equipment to keep it dry. Set up a pop-up shelter to give yourself a dry space to work when prepping your equipment and checking your shots. 

Protecting Your Gear from the Heat

Believe it or not, heat can ruin your equipment. High temperatures accelerate the breakdown of plastic components, but this is the least of your worries. Most quality cameras have metal components. These components will expand and contract at extreme temperatures. Over time, this can warp your lenses and cause other problems.

To protect your gear from heat, always store it in a climate-controlled location. Don’t leave it in a car that’s exposed to the sun. If you do have to leave it in a car in the sun, cover your equipment with blankets, or put them under the seat. This will help keep them out of direct light from the sun. If you’re working outside in the heat, keep your equipment in the shade.

SD Card Case

If you’re serious about videography, you’re going to need a lot of memory. 4K videos take up a lot of space. Even at 2K resolution a 10 minute video can be a few GB. With all the SD cards you have, you’re going to want something to protect them and keep them organized. The last thing you want is to lose one, or have it get wet, or get crushed. That could mean the loss of irreplaceable footage! A case specifically for your SD cards may seem like overkill, but it will protect you from the nightmares that other videographers have experienced.


Sometimes you are going to shoot in a location that is a little difficult to access. Carrying all your hard cases might not be an option. In that case, you’re going to want a really nice quality backpack. It should be comfortable and have plenty of padding for your camera. Ideally it should have separate compartments, so your gear doesn’t rub against each other. 


As Cole’s Classroom advises, if you’re using handheld cameras, you need to have a neck strap, or a chest harness. That may seem annoying, or silly, but it will save you a lot of money if the camera slips out of your hands. You never know when you might accidentally trip and fall while filming.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like any tool, cameras and videography equipment get dirty and require maintenance. You should be periodically wiping down your equipment during your shoot. After your shoot, you should do a more thorough inspection and cleaning of any equipment that is dirty or dusty. Refer to your owner’s manual for any manufacturer recommendations for regular maintenance.

Professional videography is an incredibly rewarding profession. You can create things that haven’t been seen before. By following these tips, you’ll be able to move forward without having to worry so much about damaging your equipment. Instead, you can focus your lens on what really matters.

Videography can be a great addition to any marketing campaign. View our rates here!



How to Improve Product Photography for Amazon

How to Improve Product Photography for Amazon

Product photography helps you to showcase clear pictures of your products to your potential clients. Perfectly shot, crisp, clear, and stimulating product photography will give you an edge over your competitors. Despite the immense benefits of product photography or eCommerce, many sellers still give little or no priority to it. Of course, getting quality product photography services can be a daunting task, especially when you are not skilled in photography. Like other skill sets, product photography requires time, patience, trial, retry, error, and so on. 


9 Tips on How to Produce Quality Product Photos

To improve your product photography for Amazon and other eCommerce websites, here are 9 basic tips to consider. 


Read camera manual

The obvious truth is that 99% of camera owners did not read the manual when they first purchased their gadgets. Unfortunately for them, that is the most basic, simple, and obvious step in using a camera. Reading the camera manual may be the best initial step you can make as a potential photographer. Of course, knowing which button is responsible for which function is priceless and very important. The manual is designed to help users understand the basic functions and features of the camera. 

If you are one of this set of people, then it isn’t too late. You will be grateful to discover some features that you never knew before. Don’t have a manual? You will get a PDF copy of the manual on the manufacturer’s website. Just download and add to your library. 


Push the button halfway to focus, then all the way to take the shot.

Many people complain a lot about unfocused images after acquiring their new fancy cameras. Well, the solution is no brainer. Proper focus is key, regardless of the product you are capturing. If your image is not focused, then you will end up having burred, unclear, and ambiguous product photography. Apart from getting nice images of your product, your ability to focus rightly will make capturing the beautiful moments around you worthwhile too. 

Generally, pushing the button halfway to focus before taking shots increases your chances of getting a perfect, well-focused, and clear result at all times. Meanwhile, you would have known this assuming you read the manual. 


Get Under the Hood

Getting a hood for as low as $50 for your camera lens will boost your product photography activities a lot. It is very easy to use and does not have an on/off button. So, what is the function of the hood? Well, putting a hood around the end of your lens increases color saturation and decreases the glares of your product photographs. Literally, the difference between images taken with and without a lens hood is very obvious!  


Hold Your Camera Properly

What is the best way to hold a Camera? Very simple! Let your left-hand cup under the lens as if you are about to eat a foot-long sub sandwich. Then, put your right hand on the trigger and get ready to shoot. Meanwhile, bend your elbows and pull the camera back towards your face…then take those perfect shots. It doesn’t get any easier than this.


Use the Camera’s Self-timer

Using the camera’s self-timer is another way to enhance focus and boost the precision of your Amazon product photography. The more you separate your body movement from the camera, the better the result. Most of us use self-time for selfies and family photos. You can also use this feature for Amazon photography too. A self-timer allows you to take a perfect shot of the product with less chance of missing the focus since you are not physically maneuvering the button. The self-timer feature pairs with a tripod for your Amazon photography services especially when you are the only one doing the display and photography.


Use a Tripod

A tripod is like a third arm you can use to effortlessly carry out your photography. Using a tripod separates you from the camera. It gives you the freedom to make a few more adjustments to your product when the camera’s self-timer is counting down. For instance, when you are taking a photo of a product that cannot stand upright or you want to display some hidden features, then a tripod is a sure bet for you.

Meanwhile, there are different kinds of tripods. You typically get what you pay for. Tripods come with different accessories which can make your photography even better and more fun.


Incorporate Wireless Shutter Release

Another way to maintain a hands-free product photography service is to get a wireless shutter release. This gadget also allows you to remove yourself and body movements from the images. The trigger is quite inexpensive and easy to operate. Wireless shutter release allows you to walk away from the camera, position and reposition your products without running a shot. 


Utilize Hot Shoe Flashes

A hot-shoe flash is another great addition to your camera. This accessory projects light onto the focal point of the shot, giving you various lighting techniques on the go. 

You can utilize the hot shoe flashes simultaneously with your camera without having to directly connect them. Due to this, they are very versatile and can be placed at any position in the photography environment. A popular technique is to mount the hot shoe on a base and place it just around the product you are capturing. Some gadgets come with a base while some require that you buy the base independently. 

Place the flash at different positions to produce different effects. In the end, you will have different options to choose from for your product photography for eCommerce. Additionally, you can place your hot shoe behind items like a paper diffuser, card stock, and fabric. Hot shoes are great for taking lifestyle images of your products while in use. The additional flashlight produced increases your lightning and gives you an edge.


LED Continuous Lighting

Another simple yet efficient way to improve your product photography is through the use of LED continuous lighting. Product photography services are usually done in a small confined room that can heat up quickly. LED continuous lighting provides clear illumination and whiteness in the room without the heat of traditional bulbs. 

There are lots of LED lighting systems in the market today. So, stay updated on the latest technology and get yourself a perfect, economical one for your Amazon photography services. 


How to Make Your Product Photos Stand Out?

Showcase details and finish quality of products

Product photography offers business owners the opportunity to showcase the fine details of their products. Customers generally need to see those finishing touches on the product and the beauty it entails. For instance, an ordinary coffee mugged photographed using the right background and lighting system will highlight those awesome qualities and create a desire-to-buy in the mind of the customers. So, focus on those awesome features of your products and let them be obvious in your Amazon product photographs 

The right backdrop can elevate image quality

Imagine placing a genuine leather bag on a small rock and having a gentle flow of water beside it. This kind of environment will add many characteristics to the item. Generally, the right contrast and backdrop make product photography appear more interesting more than a plain white backdrop. However, most e-commerce websites allow only a white background for product photography. 

Go for High-Resolution photographs

Product photographs with low resolution will become distorted when zoomed. Thus, you should strive to capture and upload product photographs with high resolution on Amazon or your other eCommerce websites. This can only be achieved by using the right equipment to capture high-resolution product images. Usually, customers browsing through an eCommerce website will zoom in on the products to view some of their hidden parts. Your product shouldn’t be automatically disqualified due to low resolution. 

Multiple angles for a better appraisal and appreciation

If you are posting multiple pictures of your products, then you need to capture the product from different angles. For instance, if you sell shoes, you need to capture pictures of the side, the top, and the bottom. This will ensure that your customers have a full view of the product. A frontal view of a chair, for instance, does not say all about the angle and depth of the chair. Thus, always look for appropriate angles and inclinations to capture the perfect photograph of your product. While doing this, it is very important to maintain an equal distance between the camera and the product. Capturing a product from different distances will produce a skewed image of the product.

Utilize proper lighting system

Meanwhile, it is important to ensure that the lighting chosen for the shot does not affect the appearance of the product. Of course, some products may appear differently when exposed to different kinds of lighting. Although you sometimes need to improve the look and appearance of your product when capturing, it is also worthwhile to ensure that captured images are as close as possible to the original item. 


E-Commerce Product Photos and Lifestyle Images

There are two main types of images in product photography for e-commerce: e-commerce product photos and lifestyle images. Ideally, your website or amazon listing should include both types for each product you sell. Each of these types of images is critical for the high conversion rate of your products. However, most e-commerce products contain only the first type, that is, the product on a white background.

Photos on a white background are important to give a comprehensive impression of the product. However, they still place high demands on the customer to find out the main features and uses of the product.

You should consider making both types of images from different angles to give consumers a complete picture of what your product looks like. Since consumers cannot touch or see your product personally, your product photography must do the trick. If your product photography is accurate and engaging, buyers will learn to trust your brand. So that is why hiring a professional product photographer can save you money in the long run. Even if you plan to take your own product photos, you should leave the retouching to the professionals.


Professional e-Commerce Photography services for Amazon

Although we have discussed a few tips on how to improve your product photography on Amazon, it is also possible for you to need the assistance of a professional in capturing perfect photos of your products. Sometimes too, you may have a lot of tasks to accomplish and you need a third hand to handle your Amazon product photography,

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Product photography is an essential component of product marketing and promotion. If you run an eCommerce website or you place your products for sale on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc., you need quality product photography services to up your brand.

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How to Create an Effective Product Video for Amazon and Shopify listings?

How to Create an Effective Product Video for Amazon and Shopify listings?

A product video is the one that explains tangible, useful, and concrete information about a product, what it is, and how it is used. Product videography is a very essential component of a solid marketing system. Your marketing strategy is incomplete without effective product video services.

Product demo videos are popularly used by sellers on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other eCommerce websites. Product Videos on Amazon tend to engage the audience and pass a lot of information. If you sell products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or you own an eCommerce website, you must be wondering how to create an effective product video.

A marketing video or an instructional video? 

There has been a gross misconception among many Amazon sellers when it comes to video marketing. Many believe that there are two different types of videos and that a marketing video is different from instructional video. Cleary, all product videos are marketing videos no matter how instructional they are. However, not every marketing video is instructional. 

People are becoming less and less intolerant and indifferent towards video adverts these days. Unlike banner and text ads that pop up whenever a user clicks a page, videos require the user’s attention for the few minutes of the display. This makes it easier for users to ignore the video advert especially a few seconds after ads start playing. One major factor that contributes to the low effectiveness of product videos is the manner and way the video is structured.

How Can You Create an Effective Product Video for Amazon?

In the sections below, we shall consider a step-by-step guide on how to create an education-based product video that will serve as an effective marketing tool for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.

Step 1: Introduction

First, you need to assure your audience that the video will address various issues on their minds and pass a relative value to them. If you don’t assure your audience right from the first few seconds of the video, you risk losing out most of them in the very first minutes of the video. If your product video is delivered in a slide that allows you to enter chapters, then you don’t need to worry as viewers can easily scan through the chapters covered. Otherwise, it is a good idea to include a brief description of the chapters covered and tell them what to expect. 

You can do this in the first minute of the video itself or as a caption.

Once you have introduced your video in this way, the next is stage is “how to approach and structure the video itself”. Remember, you are producing an educational marketing piece that will pass quality information to the consumer while also helping you to communicate the value of your business and/or promote your brand. 

Step 2: Structure and Organization

Indeed, you will need to organize your video into distinct parts and chapters so that viewers can assess any of them based on what they want at that particular time. You will agree that your audience has a different level of exposure and awareness about your product or company. While some of them are well aware of your brand, some are just hearing your name for the first time. Thus, each category of audience needs to be fed with different kinds of information or instruction. 

Having different sections, chapters, and phases in your product video production can help you to address this. 

Divide your education-based video into different specific segments based on your chapters or aspects you want to cover. You can leave the video as a single continuous piece if that’s your only option.

Step 3: Introduce your product/brand

The next step, after introducing your video and its chapters, is to introduce your product/brand. So, start with a short overview of what you do and make sure you communicate how and why use your product. As much as possible try and abstain from trying “to sell your product” but rather emphasize on what value your product can add to the audience. Make sure your message is short, clear, and comprehensive enough.

Step 4: state the features of your product and what makes it different

Here is a chance for you to highlight those amazing features of your product and how they differ from others. If you are making product video for Amazon, eBay or other eCommerce websites, make sure you have previous research negative feedbacks from your competitors and use them to your advantage. Remember, you are not comparing your product with another but simply stating those features that made it unique.

A great way to do this is to demonstrate by showing the main parts of your product and its functions. As you do this, you should keep your viewers fantasizing about how they will use your product to solve their day-to-day activities. At this stage, you are already explaining what the product is just like an average storekeeper or salesperson will do. At this stage, your audience is more interested and curious about certain other things.

Produced by AD.JUST PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, 2019.

Step 5: Demonstration

The next and major part of your product videography is the demonstration part. Here, you are going to demonstrate how your product works and how your customers can use them to solve their various problems. From a marketing perspective, this is the chance to provide customers with demonstrative validation, show that your product is easy to use, prove that the product does what it promises to do and that your customers can follow your instructions for easy usage of the product. 

This section is purely not a commercial but an educational/instructional phase. You should strive to provide as much information as possible as your customers may want to check the video once again after purchasing your product. This can help to prevent unnecessary product returns and/or negative feedback. The more detail you can provide, the better it is.

Produced by AD.JUST PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, 2019.

Step 6: Offer Additional Video

Of course, not every product can be explained in a few minutes of video. In this case, you can offer additional instructions in another video to help your customers solve certain other problems with your product. This kind of customer support will further reassure your audience of unmetered support while they use your product.

Take a look at other top leading brands like Apple Inc. that offer extra free classes for users who are not familiar with computers to get started and learn to use the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Produced by AD.JUST PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, 2019.


There is no end to effective product video production. You need to constantly review your videos and make necessary adjustments as events demand. However, to successfully create an education-based product video for Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce websites, you need to pay attention to the following.

  1. Tell your audience from the start what you intend to cover in your video and the kind of information they can expect. It is okay if you cannot cover all the aspects of your website but be realistic and don’t promise what you cannot deliver.
  2. Although you may not be able to cover all aspects of your product, make sure you deliver all key issues that your audience might have about your product. You should strive to use your product demo video to answer questions like;
      • What is the product all about? Who can use it? How can I use it? Why should I use it? (Value proposition
      • What are the key features of your product? What are the functions and uses of your product? And what are the available options in terms of sizes, colors, materials, etc? (Differences and features)
      • How can I use this product? What are the steps? Is it easy to use? (Demonstrative validation)
  3. Patiently explain these elements to your audience and cover them in detail. Remember, this is product videography and not just a commercial. These elements can be communicated in a few seconds of commercials but it doesn’t make the commercial a good product video for Amazon. A commercial is designed mainly to entice customers to place an order. However, an effective product video on Amazon is designed to help you establish a relationship with your audience and earn their trust through careful explanation and demonstration of your product. 
  4. Take it slow and be more conversational. Remember, you are telling your audience things and not selling your things. Your goal for the product video services is to earn your customers’ trust while sales flow naturally. 
  5. Get rid of those excess graphics, animations, and distortions. Remove any part of the video that doesn’t add any real value to the video. This will even save you some bucks!

Sit back and watch your product demo video. If it sounds like a commercial, looks like a commercial or feels like a commercial, then it is a commercial. There is no doubt about that. Of course, it is very hard not to make a product video for Amazon to look like a commercial because we are already so familiar with commercials. However, there is still a very great chance that you can create excellent product videography from the steps highlighted above.

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Branded Video Content Trends in 2020

Branded Video Content Trends in 2020

In the day and age of ad-blockers, companies have had to resort to newer and better ways of appealing to potential clients. One of those “better ways” is the use of branded video content produced by advertising agencies with the goal of boosting a brand’s image by associating it with something that people already love.

But things are changing once again in the world of advertising. With a few key social developments coming up just around the corner, you can safely bet on the coming of a few swift changes to the branded video content.

Show, Don’t Tell

Of course, not everything that’s on an upward trend is brand new. In fact, the art of storytelling has been around for about as long as the human race. Even still, the writer’s phrase “show, don’t tell” is experiencing a resurgence in the advertising world.

At its simplest, the phrase just means to use images to get your point across rather than summary or statement. At its most complex, the phrase means to create a vivid story with which your viewers can empathize.

When it comes to advertising, empathy is key, and advertising teams are starting to notice that fact. More and more advertisers have begun writing stories into their branded video content and ditching the old “infomercial” strategy. Odds are, this trend is only going to heat up even more in 2020.

Being More Specific to Be More General

Another great writer’s tip that has influenced the world of advertising is the art of specificity. Contrary to popular belief, being general doesn’t actually help you appeal to more people. Why? Because few people identify with generalities. On the other hand, most people tend to see themselves as specific individuals with unique qualities.

Those qualities can be made to appeal to the general target audience by expanding on them, rather than ignoring them. Branded video production companies have recently begun adding more specific details into their stories and films in order to appeal to a larger number of viewers.

Ultra-specific information not only appeals to more viewers but it’s also much more attention-grabbing. Come 2020, you can expect to see more descriptive and specific information in branded content and fewer general, “universal” cliches.

A Greater Reliance on Brand Ambassadors

Unfortunately, quite a few branded content videos are still considered advertisements by ad-blocker software. To counter that move, branded video production companies have increased their reliance on brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are real people who use real words to talk about something that helped them with a problem. That’s a simple way to look at it, but that simple way of looking paints an accurate picture of how branded content producers use brand ambassadors.

In 2020, you can expect to see an even larger proportion of branded content videos being “shared,” “retweeted,” and “reblogged” by brand ambassadors than in previous years.

The only notable claim that supports the argument that brand ambassadors won’t actually continue their upward trend in 2020 is the fact that–for the most part–they have to be hired through an event staffing agency or other expensive means.

More Politics

2020 is an election year for the people of the United States. Politicians from every party, large and small, will soon be taking the stage for the general election. With America passionately expressing their personal identifiers, it’s going to be easy pickings for branded video producers.

That said, political content in branded video production can be tricky business. Go too far and you’re guilty of “political pandering.” Don’t go far enough and you’re “not responding to the issues.” Of course, that difficulty hasn’t stopped branded content producers from putting out political videos in the past and it doesn’t seem to be stopping them now.

Every time an election comes around, nearly all of American culture becomes a political firestorm, with everybody from school children to retired financial analysts expressing their thoughts.

The same goes for branded content producers. Given that much of branded content is about finding the best way to associate a brand with a cultural symbol, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, when you really think about it.


By no means is this an exhaustive list! Branded content trends also include LGBT rights identifiers as well as the long-standing debate over police brutality. Just take a look at Nike’s branded content to see for yourself.

That said, these four points are among the hottest trends in the industry. With more and more advertising agencies discovering the power of the story, the importance of specificity, and the utility of brand ambassadors, not to mention the fact that 2020 is an election year, you’re bound to see branded content take off in a whole new direction.

AD.JUST – Branded Content Production Studio | Los Angeles

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For more great contention trends in advertising, check out branded content video samples AD.JUST produced and follow us on Facebook for frequent updates.

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018 

What name comes to your mind when you think about a Kickstarter video? Regardless of your answer, we will like to give you some of the trendy Kickstarter of 2018. These videos comprise short product descriptions to enable you to understand what it’s all about. Here we have gathered 10 types of Kickstarter videos that prove to have shown success or stand out in some ways. You might want to take some of these ideas yourself to take your product or idea to the next level.


Smart clothes and outfits – still a hot topic, new smart materials, and technologies adjusting to your body temperature while moving. Dressing smart makes the wearer reveal an air of confidence. There are several benefits one gets to enjoy when switching from the conventional dress to smart clothes. Clothing is no longer about what looks good. What we wear is changing the way we live life.

Product: Ministry of Supply

Mercury Jacket. Right Heat at the Right Time. Outwear that’s voice-controlled, built for anything, automatically heats to the right temperature, and learns your behavior to get better over time.

Video: A very slick modern video utilizing a standard but evergreen approach relevant to Kickstarter videos: explaining the problem, showing people trying to cope with it nowadays, and the new solution with its benefits. We like this video because of the clear images, entirely clear visualized advantages of it, and the detailed and touching story behind the product delivered by founders in the founder interview. Even though the video is a bit long, almost 4 minutes, it keeps you watching it to the end thanks to great storytelling and amazing shots


The number of the video/table/cards games project is tremendous on Kickstarter and keeps on increasing since 2016, so those projects just can’t be ignored in our top.

Product: Luna Moon & Helius Sun Playing Cards. 

Video: This playing cards video is an excellent example of how you can show a product that potentially has issues with showing it in an interesting and engaging way, comparing to other types of products on Kickstarter. Usually, it’s mostly the gameplay type of the Kickstarter video prevailing in this crowdfunding segment.

The Luna Moon & Helius Sun Playing Cards has a terrific product design itself which, of course, eases the video production, but, as well as the previous example, the emphasis on storytelling (the great work or copyrighter or creative director) is what makes this video outstanding. The right mixture of the beauty product shots, founder story, and great copy creates a magical experience. This is a very decent piece of Kickstarter video production in 2018.


We all want to experience a change, but we find it difficult to get the needed financial resources. That is where we need a Kickstarter video. This Kickstarter platform helps to raise funds for humanitarians, entrepreneurs, and every other person interested in engaging in a community project. Social projects represent areas around the world, helping people who are less fortunate or have never had the opportunity to thrive. These stories touch our hearts which gives them the right to be on this list.

Project: Mike Yung. Never give up

A music album and docu-style Kickstarter video together.

Video: This Kickstarter video length is longer compare to most videos. It is a 5-mins long video that looks more like a short documentary, but apparently, it’s exactly the format and timing needed to reveal this powerful heart-rending story of a personal struggle of the talented musician found in Brookline Subway station singing for a few bucks.

The plot of this video leads us through the life-long story of Mike pursuing his dream as a young musician who wants to become one of the best musicians in America. This video leaves a strong message that by keeping the hard work no matter what you will be rewarded. All 5 mins on one breath, truly engaging and inspiring and filled with compassion/empathy for the hero.

The Insane work of the Director of Photography and post-production team (video editing and color correction) can’t stay unnoticeable too. The video is impressively filmed and delivers a powerful point to people. It showcases the great example of one’s personal struggles and determination to succeed.


Wearable fitness gadgets have become so popular nowadays with the success of Fitbit Garmin and the trend set by Apple watch which has encouraged people to keep track of their health. This fitness tracker has transformed into wearable devices that can be connected with wearable fitness gear that allows you to get to more advanced exercises. Not just walking or running where ever you are right now!

Product: Wearable gym by HYFIT.

Video: A great example of the Kickstarter video production that includes tons of outdoor footage with iconic Los Angeles views, such as Elysium park, Manhattan beach, Hollywood sign, lots of juicy drone footage and mountain tops. This video clearly explains the benefits of a new product exposing it to the core of its target audience – people that want to stay healthy, live longer and follow the main principles of longevity. The video also shows how it’s been used as a full-body workout which incorporates live tracking and resistance adjuster to make it a holistic exercise.



There are several gadgets that help to cope with stress and ease the daily routine. These gadgets make us able to work with everyday stress while not allowing it to overwhelm us. Stress affects our productivity and performance, therefore, more gadgets that will help alleviate stress are welcome as a Kickstarter video.

Product: The Thinking Egg | It’s Time To Slow Down

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: This video shows how the thinking egg can help you think and be conscious of where you are and basically slow down. It comes in the pine, brass, and howlite type which you can choose from. The visuals, in the beginning, stress us out because we can relate to the busy workplace. When the product is introduced, the imagery and music become calming as if we were about to enter into meditation.

The intelligent play on emotions makes this video relatable and draws us to want to have a Thinking Egg of our own so we can remind ourselves to slow down.


We noticed the general tendency in raising the overall quality of Kickstarter video production in 2018, taking it to another level of postproduction, and moving away from the standard problem/solution traditional marketing approach towards excellent storytelling and full feature movie-like production.

Here are 4 recent Kickstarter videos of 2018 projects in line with this new trend:

Product: Angle Razor – a straight razor for the 21st Century

Video: This video shows a modern straight razor that is compatible with a standard razor blade and gives a satisfactory shaving experience. Made with 7075 aluminum and designed to last for a longer time compared to another conventional razor. Straight razors are intimidating for those who do not know how to use them. The Angle Razor provides a more user-friendly approach to those who like the close shave of a straight razor but are afraid of getting knicks all over their face. This video represents a solution with simple visuals and a fun way to ask for help towards the end.

Product: Skalpel | The world’s most stylish steak knife

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: The video introduces the most stylish steak knife designed with a high level of precision and a high level of standard. It’s laser cut from a solid section of 8mm steel thickness which makes it sharper than an ordinary knife. The video was concluded by showing how accurate and neatly it cut through a piece of meat.

Product: HORIZON Watch – Change one thing. Change everything.

Video: The video started like a movie scene talking about our cherished moments and the ones we share with our loved ones. It then went on to talk about the horizon between day and night which is essentially what the watch shows us.

Product: The Light Phone 2

Video: The video shows a white portable phone which can fit comfortably into the pocket, and any other place you wish to keep it. It makes just phone calls and ensures that you never miss important calls anymore. Smart devices have caused us to forget to live in the moment, but the Light Phone gives us that time back because it is just a phone. There are no apps, no alerts, no social media, and it just makes phone calls.

Product: KeyClip Wallet 2.0 – Combine YourEvery dayCarry

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: Bulky wallets are a thing of the past. Men are now carrying money clips, their phones, and keys. This video shows the external features of the key clip wallet, and it went on to display some of the things that could be kept in it. For example, you can use it for, keys, flash drives, debit cards and so much more.


Reality television and Pinterest have popularized DIY. We are now making in-home beers, renovating our homes, and making our own apparel. Most remarkable production could be done at home with the advent of the do-it-yourself machine. With a little bit of research, you can start making your first product from your home. With modern technology DIY and machined for production at home becomes more comfortable and more efficient

Product: Kniterate: The Digital Knitting Machine

Video: Knitting is a bit retro but with our face-paced lives and it’s hardly a hobby we choose to invest in. This digital knitting machine gives us the ability to create unique products with a choice of fabrics used. This video shows a modern knitting machine and how it works to produce a perfect cloth design. It produced a designer muffler within a few minutes by just giving the digital model you intend to knit.

Product: LIVIN Farms Hive

Video: The video wants us to take a look at the idea of eating mealworms. It is not something we normally think of when we look for protein sources. The storyteller goes into facts about where we get our food and how that is not healthy for us or the environment. Visual storytelling engages our mind and makes us think that we may convert to mealworm eaters after all.


More and more female heroes show up on the entrepreneur scene and looking to fund their projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Women will benefit more from a product made especially for them and not those stereotyped for women. Women understand what they want, expect and need, so these kinds of products need adequate funding.  The products made by women are to solve some sort of problem that only women (and few men) understand

Product: HiLashes – Magnetic Lashes, Reinvented

Video: Great example of the Kickstarter video for the beauty brand. This 1min 55sec video starts by comparing the old way of applying eyelashes which are obsolete and don’t give the best result. It then introduces the ultramodern magnetic technology eyelashes. There is also an eyelash applicator which makes it easier to apply with just one click. This product is suitable for everyday wear and is waterproof. The video ended by stating that it does no harm whatsoever to your original eyelashes.

These are a few of the best favorite Kickstarter videos of 2018. They all address some critical issues, and they deserve our financial support. A Kickstarter campaign is not successful because we think it is a great idea or product. Marketing it the right way, including creating an enticing video, will ensure that the promotion is a success. These videos are the best examples of Kickstarter campaigns in 2018. You can get inspired and apply them to your next product or idea. 


AD.JUST is a Kickstarter video production company that gets its marketing expertise from working with top accounts like PepsiCo, Mars, Skoda, Marriott. We use our knowledge of promotional international brands worldwide to help with your new brand or invention. AD.JUST is available in Orlando and Los Angeles area and recently become available as video production company in San Francisco.


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How much Kickstarter Video Cost?

How much Kickstarter Video Cost?

So How much does Kickstarter video cost?

You need a trustworthy and invigorating video to enhance your crowdfunding campaign for a Kickstarter project. Most Kickstarters soon learn that this is not so easy to achieve. Thankfully since we can now find video experts to help us, with the use of AD.JUST Video Production, you have less to worry about.

Now comes the issue of price. Would it cost $500, $2k, or $10k? You can answer this only after you have considered the aim of the video. Here are some points to help you determine the cost of Kickstarter video production:

1.  Do-it-yourself Kickstarter video production

Cost: Around $2,000

You can always choose the Do-It-Yourself options of Kickstarter video production and execute most part of the project. You may choose to write the video script, direct it and manage the production on your own. In doing this, you get to cut your costs of video production because you execute based on the funds available.

For instance, you may pay an entry-level videographer as low as $500 for a half-day job and get a very simple video editing done for about $300. In the end, you should have been able to produce an average-quality video. Of course, the sound may not be so clear nor the image sharp enough, even the pacing may have some irregularities. But if the script is catchy enough and the characters are captivating, you may be left off the hook.2. A basic good quality Kickstarter video



2. A basic good quality Kickstarter video

Cost: $3,000 – $5,000

To present your business idea in the best light you will have to hire more professional video production who can deliver full circle video production services necessary for a successful crowdfunding video. That will include idea and scriptwriting, 2-3 person film crew for sound and video recording. It can also include voice-over recording and good quality post-production services but without any composing or sophisticated animation.

It will cost you between $1-2k a day to acquire the film crew with quality equipment for a more professional look, and at least $700 for a seasoned editor. The video should be precise but quality, containing mostly an interview of the founder of the Kickstarter project and some film roll about your product or your facility.

You would concentrate on the story and do less of pre-production work (very few talents and locations), focusing more on the story of your concept, your passion your presentation skills.

3. Are you ready to amuse people with your Kickstarter video?

Cost: $5,000 – $10,000

When you rise your Kickstarter video budget above $5,000 you can include the service of the scriptwriter to get brilliant ideas to show your Kickstarter project in an emotional way: funny, romantic, futuristic, etc.

You will be also able to hire some talents and extras. They will demonstrate how your product works in each day’s situations and how it makes the world better. The main difference is that you can make visually appealing commercial parts to demonstrate your product in real life. And your future customers can see the diversity of situations in your product works. That budget also allows you to book some more locations like residential houses, offices or conference rooms, depending on your product specifics.

4. Your Kickstarter Video to go Viral?

Cost: $8,000-12,000

What you will get within that budget: greater script, more actors, voiceover, range of locations, and custom soundtracks. This budget will allow you:

•    Hire a director. The director is like an insurance policy that your script will not deviate from what you intended

•    Hire more professionals. Sound experts, gaffers, motion graphics, all of this will help to give you a quality video

•    Use equipment of higher quality. You could rent equipment like the RED Epic camera that goes for $2k a week (this is just a camera! Other features like sound, steady cam and lights must be added)

•     Pay actors. With a seasoned director, you may not have to worry about how much to pay actors because they will be able to help you fix the cost and do the cast.

•    Pay for good locations. It’s easy to determine which videos cost more because of the range of interesting locations used to shoot such videos.

•    Customized soundtrack. Simply contact a musician to do a soundtrack (up to $500) that will rhyme with the pacing of your video. This adds lots of value to the Kickstarter video.

5. Best Quality Kickstarter Video

Cost: $15,000 – $30,000

When does it occur to you that you might be spending more than necessary on your video? This totally depends on you and what you want to achieve. Let me help you here. Most expensive studios will only handle projects that hit the $30k mark. Quite frankly, at such an amount your video quality would be out of the ordinary when it comes to originality, casting, filming, and graphics.

So what differs? The concept is completely original, the production is the ultimate quality. Such a video would be perfect for successful Kickstarters after they have gained experience and they have an existing product with good publicity, but not for beginner projects.  It would be unwise for such to spend so much on a Kickstarter video at their entry stage.

How to pick a budget for your Kickstarter video?

Considering the extent of work to be done is crucial to your budgeting to avoid any impromptu costs. Are you just aiming for a video of you doing your thing in front of the camera? If your answer is yes, then forget about spending too much and get some good Do-It-Yourself guides to help you. If however you want to go all out, to create a great concept, with high-quality stuff like sound, images or to portray your complex storyline, you would need good budgeting. Our professional recommendation is to have something between $5,000 to $8,000 for a great look. That will also include an eye-catching concept and some talents and locations to show the usage of your invention in real-life situations.


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