Branded Video Content Trends in 2020

Branded Video Content Trends in 2020

In the day and age of ad-blockers, companies have had to resort to newer and better ways of appealing to potential clients. One of those “better ways” is the use of branded video content produced by advertising agencies with the goal of boosting a brand’s image by associating it with something that people already love.

But things are changing once again in the world of advertising. With a few key social developments coming up just around the corner, you can safely bet on the coming of a few swift changes to the branded video content.

Show, Don’t Tell

Of course, not everything that’s on an upward trend is brand new. In fact, the art of storytelling has been around for about as long as the human race. Even still, the writer’s phrase “show, don’t tell” is experiencing a resurgence in the advertising world.

At its simplest, the phrase just means to use images to get your point across rather than summary or statement. At its most complex, the phrase means to create a vivid story with which your viewers can empathize.

When it comes to advertising, empathy is key, and advertising teams are starting to notice that fact. More and more advertisers have begun writing stories into their branded video content and ditching the old “infomercial” strategy. Odds are, this trend is only going to heat up even more in 2020.

Being More Specific to Be More General

Another great writer’s tip that has influenced the world of advertising is the art of specificity. Contrary to popular belief, being general doesn’t actually help you appeal to more people. Why? Because few people identify with generalities. On the other hand, most people tend to see themselves as specific individuals with unique qualities.

Those qualities can be made to appeal to the general target audience by expanding on them, rather than ignoring them. Branded video production companies have recently begun adding more specific details into their stories and films in order to appeal to a larger number of viewers.

Ultra-specific information not only appeals to more viewers but it’s also much more attention-grabbing. Come 2020, you can expect to see more descriptive and specific information in branded content and fewer general, “universal” cliches.

A Greater Reliance on Brand Ambassadors

Unfortunately, quite a few branded content videos are still considered advertisements by ad-blocker software. To counter that move, branded video production companies have increased their reliance on brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are real people who use real words to talk about something that helped them with a problem. That’s a simple way to look at it, but that simple way of looking paints an accurate picture of how branded content producers use brand ambassadors.

In 2020, you can expect to see an even larger proportion of branded content videos being “shared,” “retweeted,” and “reblogged” by brand ambassadors than in previous years.

The only notable claim that supports the argument that brand ambassadors won’t actually continue their upward trend in 2020 is the fact that–for the most part–they have to be hired through an event staffing agency or other expensive means.

More Politics

2020 is an election year for the people of the United States. Politicians from every party, large and small, will soon be taking the stage for the general election. With America passionately expressing their personal identifiers, it’s going to be easy pickings for branded video producers.

That said, political content in branded video production can be tricky business. Go too far and you’re guilty of “political pandering.” Don’t go far enough and you’re “not responding to the issues.” Of course, that difficulty hasn’t stopped branded content producers from putting out political videos in the past and it doesn’t seem to be stopping them now.

Every time an election comes around, nearly all of American culture becomes a political firestorm, with everybody from school children to retired financial analysts expressing their thoughts.

The same goes for branded content producers. Given that much of branded content is about finding the best way to associate a brand with a cultural symbol, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, when you really think about it.


By no means is this an exhaustive list! Branded content trends also include LGBT rights identifiers as well as the long-standing debate over police brutality. Just take a look at Nike’s branded content to see for yourself.

That said, these four points are among the hottest trends in the industry. With more and more advertising agencies discovering the power of the story, the importance of specificity, and the utility of brand ambassadors, not to mention the fact that 2020 is an election year, you’re bound to see branded content take off in a whole new direction.

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Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018

Best Kickstarter Videos of 2018 

What name comes to your mind when you think about a Kickstarter video? Regardless of your answer, we will like to give you some of the trendy Kickstarter of 2018. These videos comprise short product descriptions to enable you to understand what it’s all about. Here we have gathered 10 types of Kickstarter videos that prove to have shown success or stand out in some ways. You might want to take some of these ideas yourself to take your product or idea to the next level.


Smart clothes and outfits – still a hot topic, new smart materials, and technologies adjusting to your body temperature while moving. Dressing smart makes the wearer reveal an air of confidence. There are several benefits one gets to enjoy when switching from the conventional dress to smart clothes. Clothing is no longer about what looks good. What we wear is changing the way we live life.

Product: Ministry of Supply

Mercury Jacket. Right Heat at the Right Time. Outwear that’s voice-controlled, built for anything, automatically heats to the right temperature, and learns your behavior to get better over time.

Video: A very slick modern video utilizing a standard but evergreen approach relevant to Kickstarter videos: explaining the problem, showing people trying to cope with it nowadays, and the new solution with its benefits. We like this video because of the clear images, entirely clear visualized advantages of it, and the detailed and touching story behind the product delivered by founders in the founder interview. Even though the video is a bit long, almost 4 minutes, it keeps you watching it to the end thanks to great storytelling and amazing shots


The number of the video/table/cards games project is tremendous on Kickstarter and keeps on increasing since 2016, so those projects just can’t be ignored in our top.

Product: Luna Moon & Helius Sun Playing Cards. 

Video: This playing cards video is an excellent example of how you can show a product that potentially has issues with showing it in an interesting and engaging way, comparing to other types of products on Kickstarter. Usually, it’s mostly the gameplay type of the Kickstarter video prevailing in this crowdfunding segment.

The Luna Moon & Helius Sun Playing Cards has a terrific product design itself which, of course, eases the video production, but, as well as the previous example, the emphasis on storytelling (the great work or copyrighter or creative director) is what makes this video outstanding. The right mixture of the beauty product shots, founder story, and great copy creates a magical experience. This is a very decent piece of Kickstarter video production in 2018.


We all want to experience a change, but we find it difficult to get the needed financial resources. That is where we need a Kickstarter video. This Kickstarter platform helps to raise funds for humanitarians, entrepreneurs, and every other person interested in engaging in a community project. Social projects represent areas around the world, helping people who are less fortunate or have never had the opportunity to thrive. These stories touch our hearts which gives them the right to be on this list.

Project: Mike Yung. Never give up

A music album and docu-style Kickstarter video together.

Video: This Kickstarter video length is longer compare to most videos. It is a 5-mins long video that looks more like a short documentary, but apparently, it’s exactly the format and timing needed to reveal this powerful heart-rending story of a personal struggle of the talented musician found in Brookline Subway station singing for a few bucks.

The plot of this video leads us through the life-long story of Mike pursuing his dream as a young musician who wants to become one of the best musicians in America. This video leaves a strong message that by keeping the hard work no matter what you will be rewarded. All 5 mins on one breath, truly engaging and inspiring and filled with compassion/empathy for the hero.

The Insane work of the Director of Photography and post-production team (video editing and color correction) can’t stay unnoticeable too. The video is impressively filmed and delivers a powerful point to people. It showcases the great example of one’s personal struggles and determination to succeed.


Wearable fitness gadgets have become so popular nowadays with the success of Fitbit Garmin and the trend set by Apple watch which has encouraged people to keep track of their health. This fitness tracker has transformed into wearable devices that can be connected with wearable fitness gear that allows you to get to more advanced exercises. Not just walking or running where ever you are right now!

Product: Wearable gym by HYFIT.

Video: A great example of the Kickstarter video production that includes tons of outdoor footage with iconic Los Angeles views, such as Elysium park, Manhattan beach, Hollywood sign, lots of juicy drone footage and mountain tops. This video clearly explains the benefits of a new product exposing it to the core of its target audience – people that want to stay healthy, live longer and follow the main principles of longevity. The video also shows how it’s been used as a full-body workout which incorporates live tracking and resistance adjuster to make it a holistic exercise.



There are several gadgets that help to cope with stress and ease the daily routine. These gadgets make us able to work with everyday stress while not allowing it to overwhelm us. Stress affects our productivity and performance, therefore, more gadgets that will help alleviate stress are welcome as a Kickstarter video.

Product: The Thinking Egg | It’s Time To Slow Down

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: This video shows how the thinking egg can help you think and be conscious of where you are and basically slow down. It comes in the pine, brass, and howlite type which you can choose from. The visuals, in the beginning, stress us out because we can relate to the busy workplace. When the product is introduced, the imagery and music become calming as if we were about to enter into meditation.

The intelligent play on emotions makes this video relatable and draws us to want to have a Thinking Egg of our own so we can remind ourselves to slow down.


We noticed the general tendency in raising the overall quality of Kickstarter video production in 2018, taking it to another level of postproduction, and moving away from the standard problem/solution traditional marketing approach towards excellent storytelling and full feature movie-like production.

Here are 4 recent Kickstarter videos of 2018 projects in line with this new trend:

Product: Angle Razor – a straight razor for the 21st Century

Video: This video shows a modern straight razor that is compatible with a standard razor blade and gives a satisfactory shaving experience. Made with 7075 aluminum and designed to last for a longer time compared to another conventional razor. Straight razors are intimidating for those who do not know how to use them. The Angle Razor provides a more user-friendly approach to those who like the close shave of a straight razor but are afraid of getting knicks all over their face. This video represents a solution with simple visuals and a fun way to ask for help towards the end.

Product: Skalpel | The world’s most stylish steak knife

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: The video introduces the most stylish steak knife designed with a high level of precision and a high level of standard. It’s laser cut from a solid section of 8mm steel thickness which makes it sharper than an ordinary knife. The video was concluded by showing how accurate and neatly it cut through a piece of meat.

Product: HORIZON Watch – Change one thing. Change everything.

Video: The video started like a movie scene talking about our cherished moments and the ones we share with our loved ones. It then went on to talk about the horizon between day and night which is essentially what the watch shows us.

Product: The Light Phone 2

Video: The video shows a white portable phone which can fit comfortably into the pocket, and any other place you wish to keep it. It makes just phone calls and ensures that you never miss important calls anymore. Smart devices have caused us to forget to live in the moment, but the Light Phone gives us that time back because it is just a phone. There are no apps, no alerts, no social media, and it just makes phone calls.

Product: KeyClip Wallet 2.0 – Combine YourEvery dayCarry

Kickstarter video production for a new product in Los Angeles

Video: Bulky wallets are a thing of the past. Men are now carrying money clips, their phones, and keys. This video shows the external features of the key clip wallet, and it went on to display some of the things that could be kept in it. For example, you can use it for, keys, flash drives, debit cards and so much more.


Reality television and Pinterest have popularized DIY. We are now making in-home beers, renovating our homes, and making our own apparel. Most remarkable production could be done at home with the advent of the do-it-yourself machine. With a little bit of research, you can start making your first product from your home. With modern technology DIY and machined for production at home becomes more comfortable and more efficient

Product: Kniterate: The Digital Knitting Machine

Video: Knitting is a bit retro but with our face-paced lives and it’s hardly a hobby we choose to invest in. This digital knitting machine gives us the ability to create unique products with a choice of fabrics used. This video shows a modern knitting machine and how it works to produce a perfect cloth design. It produced a designer muffler within a few minutes by just giving the digital model you intend to knit.

Product: LIVIN Farms Hive

Video: The video wants us to take a look at the idea of eating mealworms. It is not something we normally think of when we look for protein sources. The storyteller goes into facts about where we get our food and how that is not healthy for us or the environment. Visual storytelling engages our mind and makes us think that we may convert to mealworm eaters after all.


More and more female heroes show up on the entrepreneur scene and looking to fund their projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Women will benefit more from a product made especially for them and not those stereotyped for women. Women understand what they want, expect and need, so these kinds of products need adequate funding.  The products made by women are to solve some sort of problem that only women (and few men) understand

Product: HiLashes – Magnetic Lashes, Reinvented

Video: Great example of the Kickstarter video for the beauty brand. This 1min 55sec video starts by comparing the old way of applying eyelashes which are obsolete and don’t give the best result. It then introduces the ultramodern magnetic technology eyelashes. There is also an eyelash applicator which makes it easier to apply with just one click. This product is suitable for everyday wear and is waterproof. The video ended by stating that it does no harm whatsoever to your original eyelashes.

These are a few of the best favorite Kickstarter videos of 2018. They all address some critical issues, and they deserve our financial support. A Kickstarter campaign is not successful because we think it is a great idea or product. Marketing it the right way, including creating an enticing video, will ensure that the promotion is a success. These videos are the best examples of Kickstarter campaigns in 2018. You can get inspired and apply them to your next product or idea. 


AD.JUST is a Kickstarter video production company that gets its marketing expertise from working with top accounts like PepsiCo, Mars, Skoda, Marriott. We use our knowledge of promotional international brands worldwide to help with your new brand or invention. AD.JUST is available in Orlando and Los Angeles area and recently become available as video production company in San Francisco.


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The branded content has various advantages. Branded content has a variety of ways to help you to stand out in the business competition with your marketing strategy. Branded Content, Content Marketing, Content Integrations whatsoever is referred to as it is now crystal clear that multiple brands are in search of video content integration opportunities more than ever before. Because branded content offers businesses the opportunity to truly engage with their target audience in a totally new way.


What does creating a valuable video content mean for the future of your marketing strategy? The answer is not far-fetched; Branded content is here to stay, and it will continue to grow. If you didn’t start it, it’s never too late! This tool will help you connect with your customers in an authentic and real way. It helps with sales, awareness, advertisement and brand loyalty you tag it as.

Here is another benefit, Branded content works a bit different than traditional advertising. This kind of advertising is not talking about the product benefits directly. But using a storytelling approach trying to create some valuable stories relevant to the audience. And only then build in the product itself in a very gentle and unobtrusive manner. Using a familiar story is also necessary. By so doing, the product not only lingers in their mind; the story does.  The most important thing here is grabbing the attention of a modern consumer and driving real engagement through that content. Branded videos can educate viewers or teach them something new. Entertain or amuse making them deeply involved in the shown content.

Branded videos create some sort of interest in the consumer and stimulates willingness to know more about the product in question.

Let’s see some examples of nationally known companies using branded content in their marketing strategy and Adjust Video Production also had a chance to be involved:


Our team of video makers and content creators was very lucky to have the following brand content collaborations this year:

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov For Reebok Branded Video

Khabib is a confirmed world champion in boxing as well as one of the Reebok’s ambassadors. He started his career in Ukraine then moved to California where he lives now. This short social media teaser was a part of Reebok’s marketing mix campaign with him. This is a typical example of branded content integrations fused into marketing strategies.  By utilizing a world-known sports celebrity and his upcoming activities, the company was able to make the sport as the main focus of the audience interest. The video was produced and promoted right before his last battle where he confirmed his title again.

This so-called situational marketing is very commonly used for branded content production. This is not only limited to boxing but can be extended to many other aspects of sports such as football or basketball. For example, using a football celebrity stimulates the consumer’s interest to any brand activity. It would be way much beneficial rather than introducing the product alone without any additional source of anticipation to the consumer. 

2. Cirque Du Soleil Photoshoot casting video

When even your daily routine working moments are that cool as CDS has almost any occasion can be used as reasons for creating an amazing branded content. Here is the video where a regular circus photo casting turns into something amazing if you have your video team ready. It all depends on you capturing the moment at every point in time. Obviously, entertainment such as this can also be a key factor in stimulating the interest of the intended consumer in your product.  

3. Cirque Du Soleil Awe Experiment social media teaser 

Cirque Du Soleil never stops experimenting with their shows and stays interested in a genuine feedback of their fans. They decided to make an experiment to figure out if CDS shows still amuse and stun the viewer as before? Here is TV-alike social media teaser of the Awe Experiment and its results.  


1. Cirque Du Soleil Workshop serieas

Honestly, there’s more to Branded content integrations than you can imagine. We had some exciting and captivating integrations with Cirque Du Soleil last year as well. Cirque de Soleil creates tons of branded content as a part of their marketing strategy to engage their audience into a deep communication with a company’s activity as well as drive traffic from social media to their websites. Like I have always said in respects to business, communication is key. Until you learn to create a sort of connection between you and your consumer and letting that positive energy flow quite well, then marketing strategies would start blossoming.

Adjust Video Production got involved in production and post-production of the CDS workshops series. In the following video episodes, you can see how circus artists were exchanging their experience and specific skills that are essential for their shows with WWE athletes. The next day the WWE team had a master class for the cirque athletes to demonstrate what it means to be a professional wrestler. You know what? That’s called mutualism!


1.   Marriott Traveler travel destination videos

Marriott Hotel brand has a very reasonable and effective marketing strategy to provide people with more than just hotel stay and great service but also to educate people by starting a whole Marriott Traveler campaign that includes a special website and tons of great content about different destination around the world. That is restaurant video tours or city reviews by the locals that included non-touristic attractions. It gives you a unique experience when visiting a new place. Marriott is obviously not only concerned about the customer’s lodging in the process but also about the wellbeing of the customer. Adding little spice to business is also essential. 

Here are 2 branded content videos we produced for Orlando destination:

2. Marriott Traveler: Orlando attractions by the locals

3. Marriott Traveler: Nightlife

A video review of the great nightlife and bar scene happening every day at Orlando Downtown that you were never aware of.

4., travel destination videos 

This pretty efficient approach was picked up by the as well. Here is the very dynamic cut of the best Orlando’s sightseeing and experiences you can get in just 40 seconds. As well as in the previous case, we see just a slight brand integration at the start and the end of the video. That’s actually the main purpose of branded videos; illumination, education. Why not let the customer learn something new with your product also gaining? 

We hope you enjoyed the video we produced and got some more insights into how the branded video content works. If you still got the question, feel free to shoot us an email. We would be happy to address them and share some fresh projects with you:

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Adjust Video Production would be happy to help add more awareness to your brand, campaign, or project by integrating your brand into valuables stories people would want to share across their social media. We specialize in creating a unique video content for brands that want to speak on the same language with modern day audience and wants to demonstrate they are sharing the same values and interests as their customers.

This is the most powerful way of communication with the audience nowadays. Introducing your products providing some additional value is a must! Check our Branded Videos here!

How to Boost Sales with Video?

How to Boost Sales with Video?

In such an audiovisual world like the one we live in nowadays, why not seize the moment to show the products from your online store through product video production? Audiovisual content is dominating the text. And we can see that in the interest manifested by e-Commerce clients at the time of selling products and services.

Features of product videos 

While browsing through an online store, you surely have run into a video that showed the features or functioning of a product. It’s not something new. This has been being used for a while now. But it’s now when its use has been expanding.

The most important general features that a good product video in an online store are the following:

Professional video quality

if you decide to show your product with a video, it’s not worth it to do it with whatever you can quickly put together. The more quality your product video is made with, the more credibility you would have. And, of course, the more attention it will drag from your potential client.

Good lighting

If you want to show a product video of great quality, you need good lighting. Having a professional video camera is completely irrelevant without good lighting. Lighting is a complicated matter in video production because there are many aspects to take into account. For example, the product’s trajectory through the frame, etc.

For natural and eco-friendly brands sunlight is still the best lighting. Especially while using a natural background as wood, flowers, leaves, etc. For any other product videos, a decent studio lightening kit makes a big difference at the end of the production.


A product video must cut to the chase. It’s about showing the product in the best way possible. Just as if the viewer is looking at it in the physical store, or even better, given that product video production enables us to show the product being used and some details about it that we want to enhance in the client’s mind. However, within simplicity there’s room for being creative, but without forgetting the ultimate goal of showing your product with clarity.

Product video studio set

We already know the overall features that you want to see in a product video production. Now, let’s talk about what type of products are best shown in product video production. Yes, any product in an online store can be shown in a video. And it’s also true that some products need video production for their benefits to be properly conveyed.

A clear example is the textile and fashion accessories; a product video can show with clarity the size of a piece of clothing while being used by a model. Customers should be able to see how long a skirt is, or the size of earrings.

A product video can also be very useful to show the functioning of certain electronic products or any type of item that needs some sort of tutorial to learn how to use them. With product video production you can provide visual information that saves you tons of words.

Product videos Boost Conversion Rate

In the past years, several studies on the conversions that product videos have been made. One of the latest studies, made by Livecliker, show interesting facts: online stores that show a big amount of product videos (between 50 and 70% of the total amount of products), convert 31% more than those that show an average amount of videos (25-50% of the total). And 79% more than the stores that show none or just a few videos (0-25% of the total).

There’s more data from the same study:

–       Clients that watch 10 or more videos in an online store spent 119% more than the users that only watched one video.

–       Product video length is important; videos that last less than 30 seconds generated 89% more sales than the videos that lasted more than 3 minutes.

–       Product videos should be adapted to play on small screens because more than 25% were watched on mobile devices.

In general, visitors that watch product videos stay 2,5 minutes more in online stores. That shows a 64% increase in the purchase possibilities compared to websites that don’t have any product videos.

AD.JUST – Product Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando

Investing in product video production will let you increase considerably the arrival of new clients to your online stores. It will make them stay longer on it, and most importantly, motivate them to complete a purchase and spend more money on your website.

AD.JUST offers professional video services for product video production. You have nothing to lose and many benefits of getting a product video! 

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AD.JUST – Product Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando

Investing in product video production will let you increase considerably the arrival of new clients to your online stores. It will make them stay longer on it, and most importantly, motivate them to complete a purchase and spend more money on your website.

AD.JUST offers professional video services for product video production. You have nothing to lose and many benefits of getting a product video! 

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4 Reasons to Hire Corporate Video Production Company

4 Reasons to Hire Corporate Video Production Company

Creating content, innovating marketing campaigns, the conversation in social media… there are more and more indispensable factors that make a brand enter the competence. But if there is one thing that a business should never lack is the creation of a corporate video. It creates an impact and that is useful both for the current clients and the new.

The goal of the corporate video production process is to capture the viewer’s attention, enhance the SEO of your website, increase the number of visits on your page and the time length of the visits. But above it all, corporative video production services are meant to get a future client’s loyalty. It helps to inform them about your product or service in the most dynamic and effective way possible.

What’s corporate videography?

A corporate video lasts about 1-2 minutes and it’s designed to inform or introduce a business, product, event, or organization. It’s usually placed on the company website so visitors can get an added value to the products and services.

The difference between promotional video and corporate is that corporate video is not always destined for company promotion. It could also have an internal use inside the organization, like training videos, corporate events, etc. Formative videos are very common in business and are clear proof of how powerful and effective visual communication can be.


#1. A corporate video is the most dynamic and effective way to introduce your company:

When it comes to content strategy is more and more important to include different communication channels to reach your users. We know that writing SEO content is indispensable, that photography always helps, and that we should include info-graphics to dynamically present the information. But what about multimedia content? What difference will a corporate promotional video make in your business?

Sometimes we forget that multimedia content is still the most effective way to introduce a company. For as much as we make an effort to create content to describe the benefits, the user can obtain with our corporate video production services. So if we don’t tell the story with mages, we will be losing clients, for sure.

The first impression is crucial when it comes to capturing clients and that impression is guaranteed with a good corporate video production company.

#2. Corporate video production will differentiate you from your competition

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to tell people what you do so that they immediately understand it. With a simple corporate video, you will always be at peace and ensured of the benefits that your business provides. The main goal of getting into corporate videography is to explain what makes you different than your competitors. It’s important for you to answer with images and audio these simple questions: what is your added value? Why do they have to stay on your website after watching the video and not go to your competition?

You have to think about what aspect of your business is the most appealing to your audience. What’s the most attractive thing? What makes you different and your business unique? It’s also important to evaluate if you should have clients’ testimonials. Something that will definitely give hints to your potential customer about your products and services. If we are talking about more complex businesses, the most efficient approach is to create a corporate video that tells the story. It should provide an overall and attractive view of the benefits or functionality of your services.

As far as length, the shorter the better. Try to tell the story as short as possible to create an impact on the viewer and not bore them or make them feel like wasting their time.

If your main competitors don’t have a video yet, use it as a differentiator element of your strategy. Don’t forget to include this video in your presentations, conferences, and meetings. Little by little you will start to realize how useful corporate video production companies can be.

#3. A corporate video will enhance the SEO of your website

After making your first corporate video, it’s common to share it on social media, especially YouTube. Besides it being the second most important search engine, YouTube videos get good positioning in Google. Also, videos that are published on a website reduce the bounce rates by keeping visitors for a longer time. If you keep them longer than a minute, the bounce rates will go down and the SEO enhances itself.

It’s important to share your video in all of your social media profiles, including Vimeo, and add a link that takes viewers directly to your campaigns. Don’t make your users look up in Google the name of your company to know more about it; if you keep direct access to your corporate video you will capture their attention at the moment and they will understand without any significant effort what your business is about.

#4. Corporate video production rates are worth it: you can sell more!

The data proofs it. There are many companies that know this and they talk about an increase higher than 20% in their conversion rates after including a corporate video on their website. A good example is a company Crazy Egg, which saw an increase of 64% in their sales after making a corporate video and making it a principal element of their website. Where do you think the user clicks first, in a link with explanative text or in an image? Clearly in the image.

As a recommendation, it can also be efficient to include a banner or a call-to-action at the end of the corporative video, with a link that converts viewers into potential clients. It’s a good way to seize the attention that they’ve pay to the video.

Also, a person that has spent more than a minute of their time looking at how your business works is more than likely a new client. Don’t let them go without taking action!

AD.JUST – Corporate Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando |Los Angeles

Corporate event video production in Orlando, Los Angeles, las Vegas

 AD.JUST specializes in high-end industrial, event, and corporate video services, on-location green screen filming. We do our best so that every video production provides the best results. We have access to the best assets so that your corporate video becomes a magnet that attracts potential clients. AD.JUST utilizes diverse techniques, adapting them to the type of video that best fits the needs of your business.

We provide the following video production services in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Las Vegas: Commercial video productionCorporate Video ProductionGreen screen video production, Testimonials, and Explainer video.

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Corporate Event Video Production. Best Memory

Corporate Event Video Production. Best Memory

Focusing on Corporate video production, best quality Event Videos, B-roll footage, testimonials, and event green screen production – we have the crew, the tools, the skills, and the experience to take your business to the next level. AD.JUST video production services for businesses will add value to any brand.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, we also provide other types of marketing video production. Commercial video production, Kickstarter videos, Amazon Product Video creation – is what we do the best!

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AD.JUST – Event Video Production, Los Angeles, San Diego

Focusing on Corporate video production, best quality Event Videos, B-roll footage, testimonials, and event green screen production – we have the crew, the tools, the skills, and the experience to take your business to the next level. AD.JUST video production services for businesses will add value to any brand.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, we also provide other types of marketing video production. Commercial video production, Kickstarter videos, Amazon Product Video creation – is what we do the best!

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Event Video Production at Your Corporate Event, Conference, Trade Show

Today in the AD.Just Production blog we want to talk to you about corporate event video production and what we’ve learned in our experience making event coverage video production.


What’s a corporate event video?

A corporate event video is an audiovisual piece that narrates what a past event, conference, or meeting was about. A corporate event video usually includes interviews with the participants, information about the company and its activities, promotional content associated to the event or venue, and of course highlights from different moments of the event itself.


What’s the purpose of event videography?

Any event has to be remembered by its attendees as the company has made an investment that can still be seized after the corporate event is over. In fact, you can send your corporate event video to the attendees as a present.

Above it all, a corporate event video production is great to have a memory of the event and spread a good image about the company or institution.

Using videos to promote events and conferences is becoming more and more popular, as companies seek  to stand out and make sure their message reaches the right audience. Corporate event videos can help build trust within your target demographic and increase attendance at future events. Additionally, it provides a great way for those who were unable to attend the event to experience what it was like from the comfort of their own home. 


What makes a good event video production?

Make sure your video crew uses professional event video production equipment to obtain the maximum image quality. That way, the camera won’t miss a detail. Once finalized event, the corporate event video must be edited. Making a long version and a short version that will be more useful for online distribution. It has to convey the experience that the attendees had at your event and give the best brand image possible.

AD.Just production is an event video production company specializing in corporate events, conferences, conventions, corporate parties, and more. We provide the live event video production equipment your event needs while we adapt to your budget and expectations.


What do we offer?

We specialize in creating stunning and engaging corporate event videos that capture all the special moments that make your corporate events truly memorable. We also provide post-production services to enhance the quality of your video, including color grading and motion graphics. With our help, you can make sure that your corporate event video leaves a lasting impression on viewers. 

Our on-location filming crew will make a professional recording of everything that happens during your event. That includes on-location interviews with the main members of the event. With our on-site video editing service, our crew will deliver an appealing corporate event video that sums up your event.

Whenever a company, a city, or an institution is putting together a big event not everyone can go, and many times, it would be fantastic to count on an event video production company that can produce an audiovisual piece that captures the essence of what happened, taking you back to the moment when you celebrated this event.

Trust a professional event video production company like AD.Just to produce high-quality event video for all types of events:

  • Cultural events
  • Industry trade shows
  • Conferences and talks
  • Conventions
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Meetups

AD.JUST – Event Video Production, Los Angeles, San Diego

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With over 10 years of experience in the field, we also provide other types of marketing video production. Commercial video production, Kickstarter videos, Amazon Product Video creation – is what we do the best!

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Green Screen Video Production

Green Screen Video Production

If your dream is to make movies or participate in the making of one, you should know that this is a dream that it’s more and more within your reach. Technology improvement has been growing so fast and takes bigger and bigger steps forward, making available to you some resources that were only available to big studios. The use of the green screen or chroma key is one of the tools with which you can accomplish extraordinary things and if you add your narrative skills, some design, production, and post-production, you can make a studio out of your own house. Yes, there will be an initial investment but the results will be worth it.

What is a chroma key?

Chroma key, green screen or blue screen, is the technology that filmmakers use to create a different background in a video. A common example of a green screen background is the one with the weatherman in the news. The weatherman on TV is filmed standing in front of a blue or a green screen background. Then they replace the green or blue screen with weather graphics. To achieve this, you need a green screen studio or a green screen background, video camera, and computer. You will also need software with the chroma key feature like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Even if you’d much rather hire a professional video production team for your green screen video production, it’s important for you to know how to use a green screen, how much is a green screen video production, what makes good green screen footage, what it takes to produce a chroma key video, what is the green screen cost, etc. So you to know what to expect when getting into green screen video.

How to film a green screen video

1.     Prepare your green screen studio or set up a green screen background in a wide space. Set up adequate lighting for your camera and remember to light your green screen evenly.

2.     Set up three-point lighting for your chroma key video. The green screen lighting should be even, with the source lights pointing at 45 degrees to the green screen background. The lights need to be away from the background enough to not create spotlights.

3.     Make sure the subject of your green screen video is at least 3 feet away from the green screen background. The third light must light the subject in a way it doesn’t cast shadows on the background.

4.     Put the camera at the right distance from the subject so you can get the desired look. A long shot, a medium shot or a close-up.

5.     Film 10 seconds or more of the green or blue screen background without the subject in the scene. That way you can get a “cleaner” key from your software.

6.     Move the subject and place them in the right position and start shooting. If you’re going to use live audio, attach a lavaliere microphone to the subject’s clothes. Keep it away from their mouth far enough so that the microphone doesn’t catch the breathing.

7.     Start shooting a green screen video. Make sure you cut a few seconds after the moment you want your edit to end.

8.     After you capture your chroma key video, dump the footage on your computer and open it in the software that you use for video editing and apply the chroma key effect. If you’ve done a good job, the green screen should virtually “disappear” and you will be able to replace it with any graphics or footage you want.

Focusing on Corporate video production, Event Videos, B-roll footage, testimonials, and event green screen production – we have the crew, the tools, the skills, and the experience to take your business to the next level. AD.JUST video production services for businesses will add value to any brand.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, we also provide other types of marketing video production. Commercial video production, Kickstarter videos, Amazon Product Video creation – is what we do the best! 



10 Questions to Consider Before Starting Kickstarter

10 Questions to Consider Before Starting Kickstarter

Do you have a great idea for a new product but you need to raise some money to execute it? Creating a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter might be a good option. After all, the results these fund raising platforms providing are really impressive. Ever since its launch in 2009, almost 4 million people have raised $60 million to fund over 4,000 projects.

Now, how to create a Kickstarter campaign that is attractive enough to get enough funding for your idea? Of course, the professional Kickstarter video is a must but will not guarantee you successful fundraising. Even though there’s no exact formula to achieve this purpose, answering correctly to these 10 questions might help you increase your chances of raising money for your project:

So what to think about before starting a Kickstarter

1.     How to explain my idea on Kickstarter’s project page?

The first step is to define the purpose of your project. Explain exactly what do you need money for, how you’re going to use it, and why.

2.     How should I determine my funding goal?

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform. If you only get to one dollar below your crowdfunding goal on the deadline, you won’t receive any money and those who supported you won’t pay a dime. If your project reaches its funding goal before the deadline, it will continue to receive donations until the last day.

So, don’t establish a very ambitious goal, but a realistic number that takes into account how much will it cost to produce, package, and send your product, as well as the cost of the reward you will give to those who supported you. Also, consider the 5% fee that Kickstarter charges if your project is funded.

3.     What type of rewards will I give my backers?

Rewards are usually what motivate people to support a Kickstarter campaign, so you must make them as creative as possible. Rewards in Kickstarter must be valued between a dollar and $10,000 and they must be products or experience.

4.     How to increase my chances of Kickstarter supporting my project?

Kickstarter recommends that you show the status of your project with technical drawings, CAD design, pictures, videos, and sketches, something like a prototype that shows the functionality of your product. Read the requirement very carefully because they change frequently.

5.     Should I create a video for my Kickstarter campaign?

The video for your Kickstarter campaign is must-have, and we highly recommend you hire a professional Kickstarter video production company. Crowdfunding campaigns that include a video are 50% more successful than those that don’t.

The best Kickstarter videos are short, personal, and passionate. Tell the human side of your project in the first 20 seconds, and then try it to not be over 2 minutes. Develop on what inspired you to create the project, why it should be funded, and in what phase it’s currently on.


Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, 2019. See other crowdfunding videos here 


Produced by AD.JUST VIDEO PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, 2018. See other crowdfunding videos here 

6.     How should I advertise my Kickstarter campaign?

Once you are ready to launch your project, it’s time to spread the word in your professional and personal networks. It’s better to be personal: write emails to your friends, family, colleagues, and influencers, rather than sending a massive message to everyone.

You could also make a press release and send it to the local media, as well as known bloggers.

7.     Can I choose how long my project will last in Kickstarter?

Kickstarter campaigns last between one and 60 days. It is your decision to make as long (or as short) as you want, you decide when it begins and when it ends. Kickstarter recommends crowdfunding campaigns to be 30 days long or less because long Kickstarter campaigns are the least successful.

8.     What category should I choose?

Your Kickstarter campaign should be among one of the 13 main categories: art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film, gastronomy, games, music, photography, editorial, technology or theater. Now, there are also 36 subcategories available.

9.     How often should I send updates to my backers?

You can give them updates any time you want when it comes to events and any progress related to your Kickstarter campaign and your product. Some creators do it daily, while some others do it once a week. You can choose whether if your updates will be publicly available to anyone or if their access will be limited to your backers.

10. How do I create and upload my Kickstarter campaign?

Visit the Kickstarter website and select “Start your Project. There you will create and fix your project before launching it.

First, select a good title that is easy to remember. Then upload an image that represents your project and offers a description. Finally, write a short bio about you with links to your Facebook, Twitter or website.

It usually takes a few days for Kickstarter to review your project and to decide whether if they’ll approve it or not. If it’s rejected, they will sometimes explain to you why and you can appeal the decision.

AD.JUST – Kickstarter Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando | San Franciso

Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in the Los Angeles area. We are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. AD.JUST is ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach to your online fundraising campaign; your success is our goal!

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10 Questions to Consider Before Starting Kickstarter

How to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project?

As you come up with your idea, and you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign. But you also have to think about your target audience, who are the potential backers? You’ll need to do some research and come up with a list. After that, you have to figure out how to reach all of those potential backers that you won’t be able to meet in person, and pitch for them.

You have the tools to be successful at the end of your crowdfunding campaign. You probably know them very well, they have been there for a quite a while now, it’s just a matter of learning how to use them, and take the most advantage that you could possibly get.

Ways to Reach Backers for Kickstarter Project

1. Personal emails to get your Kickstarter campaign on the door:

It’s the closest one to the person-to-person encounter. It’s a direct way to communicate with people. In order to use this tool correctly, remember these aspects:

–       You need each potential backer’s personal email address: you want to “infiltrate” in their lives.

–       Make sure these people will be able to identify you as a person and not an online fundraising machine hungry for money. You want to seem trustworthy.

–       Read it, and read it again. Have people reading the emails you send for you. You want to include a strong announcement and call-to-action, and you want to be clear.

–       Include some of the personal touch. The reason that moved you to create your Kickstarter campaign, your goals (and how do you plan to reward backers). Also a call-to-action with a compelling subject line that makes your audience open the message, and a link to your Kickstarter campaign.

2. Your Facebook profile as the first step to promoting your Kickstarter campaign

Yes, your friends need to be the first ones to know. For they will be your ultimate backers, and there is a lot of benefit in sharing fundraising ideas with the people that you know. They will interact with your content, and provide you with some amazing feedback that could really boost your Kickstarter campaign.

The best way to treat this is to keep on generating content about your Kickstarter campaign on a regular basis. Toggle between your request for support and updates about your project always linking to your fundraising campaign online. With regular updates, you keep on showing up in your friends’ feed as a top result. Remember to post your Kickstarter video as well.

3. Set up a Facebook page for your Kickstarter campaign

You probably don’t want your profile to look like a never-ending thread of posts about your Kickstarter campaign making your friends sick due to the overuse of this tool. So you would find a Facebook page a very convenient too to promote your crowdfunding.

It’s very similar to your normal profile and allows you to pin your most attractive post at the top of it. We strongly recommend this pinned post to be your Kickstarter video.

–       Make sure you identify your page with the type of business you are trying to get into. You can set up your profile page to categorize your project as a local business, brand, artist, or entertainment.

–       Build your Facebook page even before launching your Kickstarter campaign. That way you will have an extra impulse by the day of the release of your crowdfunding campaign.

4. Twitter: expand your Kickstarter campaign’s reach

In less than 140 characters, your followers should be compelled to click the link to your Kickstarter campaign, and learn more about your project.

–       Keep your tweets relevant to your Kickstarter campaign.

–       Never pass on an opportunity to throw in a call-to-action.

–       Use URL shorteners, they reduce your characters count. is particularly awesome because if you sign in, you get statistics on each link you create through the site.

5. Make your Kickstarter video worth it

After you created a Kickstarter video you have to make the best out of it! Your Kickstarter video is your pitch, your demo, and the visual inspiration that people need to back your crowdfunding campaign. So use it to reach a diverse audience by posting it on different video-sharing sites, like YouTube and Vimeo.

You’ve already been creating a lot of content to promote your Kickstarter campaign. So coming up with an attractive caption, video title and description for your Kickstarter video will be easy.

–       Your Kickstarter video has to be public. So it can show up in search results, and your audience be able to share it.

–       Add tags and keywords to your description of your Kickstarter video. At least one of them should be directly related to the topic of your project. Use it several times in an organic way.

–       Include your name, people need to know who to credit in order to believe in fundraising ideas. Put a face to the creator of this project, and make sure this face looks like a reliable one.

–      Include your Kickstarter campaign URL.

–      See some nice examples of Kickstarter video production here.

Orlando video production company offering kickstarter video production

As you can see, using your social media to promote your Kickstarter campaign might take some efforts. But once you get ahold of it, and make an instinct out of these practices, your reach will be unstoppable.

AD.JUST – Kickstarter Video Production Los Angeles | Orlando | San Francisco

Branded Videos Product Videos and Kickstarter Video production in Los Angeles

We are Adjust Video Production, an Orlando video production company also offering kickstarter video production in the Los Angeles area. We are a team of visual communication experts, also specialized in Kickstarter video production. AD.JUST is ready to make your Kickstarter video stands out. Let us bring our unique, fresh approach to your online fundraising campaign; your success is our goal!

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7 Proven Tips on Making a Winning Pitch Video

7 Proven Tips on Making a Winning Pitch Video

Startup videos, such as pitch videos, product demo videos, or explainer videos, are the most effective tool in marketing today. These videos can deliver your unique idea, brand values, team strengths, and technology breakthroughs to decision makers in just a few minutes.

A professionally crafted video pitch can dramatically elevate your chances of getting funded by investors or accepted into startup incubators. Learning how to pitch is essential if you want funding, and watching other companies’ pitching videos, practicing pitching on your friends, and mastering the wording is something you will have to do. 

How to Make a Winning Pitch Video

So let’s say you have a brilliant idea that can change the world.  Now, you need others to believe in it! Here are the best tips on how to make a meaningful and effective video pitch:

1.    Watch lots of Kickstarter videos. 

Use others’ experience and learn from the best.

It’s hard to search for good video pitch examples, especially in certain industries. Unfortunately, most of the best pitching videos will not be posted publicly due to copyright issues. Startup founders are usually very protective of their ideas and unwilling to publicly disclose a new product or service in this highly competitive environment — especially at the early stages when the product hasn’t been manufactured or the patent isn’t registered.

We suggest that you turn to crowdfunding campaign platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and check the most successful pitch videos to learn how to pitch. As you watch those videos, you will see a common pattern among the pitches, and you can develop your own structure based on what you see.

2.    Keep it short.

You have just two minutes to convince. 

Keep your video pitch under two minutes in length so you don’t lose your investors’ or backers’ attention. Getting the point across quickly also shows that you respect their time.  Don’t steal people’s time by talking too slowly or stammering; practice a lot and keep it short and worth watching.

When crafting your pitch video, remember this: Although you may be deepinto your project, your audience might have zero knowledge of your industry or market. You have to get to the point as quickly as possible. It’s best to stick to the problem/ solution/ market opportunities formula for the introduction of your pitch.

3.    Craft your value proposition.

“We help X do Y doing Z.”

Never assume that people already know what your idea is. To avoid this misunderstanding, you need to craft the main essence of your product — a value proposition —into one strong sentence. (Don’t confuse it with your product slogan!)

Value proposition formula:

For____________ (your target audience)  who ____________(audience’s need or opportunity), ___________ (product/service name) is____________(product category) that ____________ (statement of benefit).

State the problem you are committed to solving, how you propose to do that, and who will benefit.

This approach will help create a value proposition statement that ANY person will understand. Test your value proposition on an older generation or kids. If they are able to understand what is your idea about, then you’ve nailed it.

4.    Highlight your benefits.

People want to know “What’s in it for me?”

The human mind is able to process around three pieces of information at once in short-term memory. This means it’s important to outline the three most important practical or emotional benefits your product offers to people. Don’t waste time by mentioning all the product features in your video pitch — stick with highlighting the benefits. Be clear in your pitch about how your product will benefit your target audience and make their lives easier. Will it save their money, or time, or both? Let them know.

5.    Practice, practice, practice. 

Pitch to everyone — your family, your friends, your mentors.

Practicing over and over again will give you confidence and help you master your message. Even just saying the words and phrases out loud can give you an idea of how to improve or how to express yourself better, especially the way you deliver your messages.

After you practice, you need to put away your pitching script and do the pitch in front of your colleague, friend, or family member. Their reactions and comments will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch, reveal what’s unclear, and give you meaningful tips on enhancing your pitch that you couldn’t notice on your own.

Explain to your friend who your pitch is aimed at (for example, a potential customer or an investor) so they can give you more specific feedback. Also, see whether you have the opportunity to get criticisms from people who are in your target audience — that’s obviously very valuable feedback.

As you gain more and more confidence, try to pitch to a larger audience. There is a great opportunity to test your skills at pitching clubs like  1 Million Cups, or you can look for pitching events and sessions on Eventribe.

6.    Get Visual.

Show what you have now.

Traction is very important for your potential investor. People are not willing to invest in a bare-bones idea — they want to know what you have already achieved or what you’re still dreaming and planning.

The beauty of the video is that it makes a person accept information on different levels — audio and visual — so use your pitch video to its full power for maximum impact! Use photos, screenshots, and video clips of your work, testimonials from others, etc. Make your video a visual and audial showcase of what you’re all about. Tell your story and explain what you want to do in such a way that it compels people to get to know you and share your enthusiasm. Wrap your message in a visually appealing way that will engage the viewer until the end.

7.    Don’t be shy — brag about your company.

Showcase your team’s expertise and skills.

Brag about your company’s experience and achievements as well as your personal achievements.  Your team is one of the key factors of any startup success, and any experienced investor knows it. So if you or your team member have won a contest or competition that is relevant to your startup industry, had a significant track record in a well-known company, or just graduated from a prestigious institution, include that info in your short team biography to prove your professional credibility and your ability to deliver what you have planned.

Close with a simple but compelling call to action. What do you want your viewer to do next?  Just say it or ask it so your viewer has a clear idea of what to do next.


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