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Our team at AD.JUST Video Production has just upped the game when it comes to quality video production. From commercial video production, corporate and event video production, music video production, to promotional video production our addition of the RED EPIC-W camera to our list of top-of-the-line equipment will make the next video we produce for you shine like it was made for the big screen.


Why using RED EPIC-W in your video production

The RED EPIC ushers in a brand new generation of digital cameras. With features such as a 8K resolution, 5K sensor, HDRx, DSMC functionality, and more it has revolutionized the filmmaking game. However, it is not just for features or short films that the RED is necessary. We are in the age of technology, were even 30 second car commercials now have the same look as a Marvel movie. This is because in marketing your branding is everything, and you can’t fall short next to your competition. 

An excerpt from reads: “EPIC is the only 5K solution for lightweight 3D image acquisition, ideal for theatrical and IMAX applications. Small form factor and broad compatibility is important for efficient 3D production, which is why 3ality Technica was inspired to create their compact ATOM 3D rig exclusively for the EPIC. Once you’ve shot your footage, bring your project into REDCINE-X PRO for easy 3D grading, viewing, and exporting. EPIC adds another dimension to what you once thought was possible.

With the ability to capture a 5K stream of up to 120 frames per second, you’ll never miss that perfect shot. Ever.”




At AD.JUST we strive for quality in every video production we take on. Whether it be a promotional video for your business, or an event video to showcase the spirit of your company and what it stands for, AD.JUST has the camera that will put you and your brand right on top.

With interchangeable lens mounts you can fit any lens be it a Nikon, Canon, Leica, or PL glass. This means that there are options for shooting that never before existed. At least, not without paying a hefty price for each individual piece of equipment. Now it’s easier, and more affordable, to get any look you want for the quality commercial video production.




With the RED EPIC-W, we are ready at any corporate video production to shoot and deliver high-quality B-roll footage or clients testimonials at your conventions conferences, trade show, exhibition or at any of your company assets, such as office or manufacturing facility. The RED EPIC-W will allow us at AD.JUST to fulfill your companies specific needs.

HDRx allows for filming in even the most challenging of light conditions. The RED EPIC-W offers about 4 more stops of latitude than a typical DSLR or 35mm. For AD.JUST this means we now have a truly dynamic range of filming for your corporate video productions, at any cost.


E-comMerce product video


With the addition of the brand new RED EPIC-W Los Angeles video production quality has increased ten-fold and AD.JUST Video Production is leading the charge.

AD.JUST is the company to call when you need a commercial video production, promotional video production, corporate video production unlike any other. The RED has abilities that other cameras on the market simply do not: interchangeable lens mounts, up to 8K HD quality, HDRx, and many other features make the RED a must have for video production in Orlando at any scale. With the RED EPIC-W now a part of our available video production services, the Orlando video production game has been changed.


RED EPIC-W (Los Angeles pricing)

PACKAGE: RED EPIC-W, 8K, filmmaker and lenses included

$1,500.00 (full day, up to 10 hours)



Orlando Video Production: 911 N Orange Ave, Orlando, 32801

Los Angeles Video Production: 141 S Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, 90004

Phone: +1 (213) 315-0200




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