AD.JUST - Your San Diego Video Production Company

AD.JUST is a creative San Diego video production that offers professional video marketing services in San Diego and throughout Southern California!

We specialize in corporate event video production for conferences and conventions as well as commercial videos for business companies of any size looking to increase their brand awareness with short promotional films.  Our expertise includes scriptwriting, cinematography & postproduction all rolled up nicely within one solid customized  video package.


Our clients also hire us as a marketing-focused video production company to do branded content for Entertainment Industry and top FMCG Brands, Crowdfunded campaign videos for startups, or e-commerce product videos on Amazon’s website.


Our Corporate Films team also does event videography which has been one strong side we worked plenty with throughout this time!

Our Recent Videos

San Diego Production Services

Amazon product photography service

Amazon Product Video

AD.JUST is a leading product video studio with great experience in creating engaging and selling advertisements for brands on Amazon, eBay or Shopify-based eCommerce stores

We know how to make your products look good by using innovative visual materials that will encourage potential customers to buy them!

Kickstarter Videos

AD.JUST is the go-to San Diego production company for your crowdfunding campaigns on IndieGogo, Kickstarter, and more!

We offer our vast marketing background to help you get your project off on the right foot with an amazing first impression from potential backers, donors or investors alike. We offer professional services to help you succeed on any project we work together.

Promotional video for boat shot by Adjust Video production in Miami, Florida

Commercial Videos

Nowadays visual marketing is critical for any kind of business either small or big.

Facebook commercials, commercial videos, and testimonials are great tools to boost sales while Youtube reviews can help explain how your product works in an easy way that would convince even the toughest buyer!


Event & Corporate Videos

A story is an excellent way to get your company’s message across. 

A creative corporate film, event footage with interviews that are told like stories – these types of videos tell compelling tales which promote brand values while attracting new business clients (or keeping old ones). And if we’re talking startup entrepreneurs then this type storytelling might just be what gets them off their feet again.

Branded Videos

Branded Content Marketing is on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason!

Businesses need outreach campaigns that connect them not only within their target audience but also outwards towards new clients looking for engagement experiences where they can feel valued by both parties involved. This is where branded video integrations become very important..


We keep it compact, simple, clear

We know how to make videos that are creative, engaging, and informative. Our team of videomakers is committed to delivering high-quality work for a reasonable price without sacrificing too much creativity or quality control so our clients can have an amazing experience with us every step of the way!

We work with a tight and creative brand content strategy that is executed in an expert manner. Unlike other San Diego video production companies, we keep your project simple so you can get back on track quickly instead of wasting time trying to figure out complicated solutions for everything!


    Our team of talented San Diego videographers specializes in a variety of different fields including E-commerce Product videos, Promotional videos, Kickstarter videos, Corporate videos and Branded Video Content

    Our client list includes companies like Cirque Du Soleil, Lego, Wilson Sports, VW, Marriott Hotel,, Time Magazine.

    We take pride in delivering high-quality commercial projects that make your brand come alive!

    Creatives And Management

    Our production team is full of creative minds constantly brainstorming new and ingenious ways to turn any project into one-of-a-kind marketing videos for your business.

    We work closely with you on storyboards, scripts, or general management so it sticks close to what’s best about who are as a company while still remaining true enough that people know how great things can get when working with us!

    • Locations scouting
    • Talent casting
    • Scripting and storyboarding
    • Transportation
    • Filming permits

    Top Quality Filming

    The more cinematic the image, the better! No matter how big or small your project is we will use top-of-the-line filming equipment like RED EPIC W and drones to produce visuals worthy of an Academy Award if you hired us for a brand online presence.

    We don’t skimp on quality which sets us at ADJUST apart from other San Diego video production companies.

    • Multicamera shooting
    • Any footage quality from HD to 8K
    • Professional lighting and sound
    • Experienced DP and crew
    • Covid-19 compliance 
    • Aerial footage

    Epic Postproduction

    A professional video production company can play a vital role in building trustworthy and lasting customer relationships.

    Our postproduction experts will give your project that extra attention it needs to make an impression with potential clients, resulting in higher conversions from both advertisers as well as viewers who are looking for high-quality content online.

    • FCPX professional editing software
    • Voice-over recording
    • Advanced colorcorrection
    • 2D animation and lower thirds
    • Audio masterring
    • Sound and Visual effects