Sports Video Production

AD.JUST is an expert in providing high-quality sports video and sports-branded content, showcasing sports brands, corporate sponsors, PR, marketing, and advertising agencies. We also produce sports social media content, recruiting videos, sports filming, live streaming media, team/athlete videography, highlight videos, and many other sport-related activities.

We are proud to have such an incredible chance to collaborate closely with brands like Wilson Premier Reebok, Cirque Du Soleil on their sports branded content pieces.

Sports Videos Production Examples

Sports Branded Videos

“Wilson Premier Baseball Series. D’Antre – Cancer Survivor”

City: Auburndale, Florida

Premier League Baseball Championship in Florida sponsored by Wilson Premier Baseball. It’s a yearly event that Wilson covers with its branded video productions for their website and Instagram.

A story of D’Ante Starks, a young baseball player, but also a cancer survivor.

Sports BTS Video

Reebok. Martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, BTS video

City: San Francisco

One-day  BTS video shoot with Russian mixed martial artist of Avar heritage, Khabib Nurmagomedov, the current UFC Lightweight Champ, two times Combat Sambo World Champion, a freestyle wrestler, and a Judo black belt, one of the longest undefeated streaks in MMA with 25 wins.

Sports Branded Integration

Cirque gets ready to rumble

City: Orlando

Cirque Du Soleil creative workshop series: WWE artists taking a master class at CDS venue and learning cirque tricks.

Sports Branded Integration

WWE gets ready to cirque

City: Orlando

Cirque Du Soleil creative workshop. CDS Athletes learning how to wrestle with WWE stars.

Our Sports Video Production Services

Sports Branded Videos

Sports branded content is one of the latest trends is sports marketing. Many brands with sponsorship portfolios in sports are using branded content in sports to communicate with their customers on a more intimate level. Of course, to make branded content work it needs to be highly engaging and produced to an exceptional standard and quality of video production.

Sports Highlight Videos, Recruit Reels

AD.JUST is great in creating Highlight Videos: Video Production for athletes, recruiting services, colleges, high schools, and professional leagues. Our highlight videos stand out due to the developed storyline, quality footage and impressive post-production.

Fitness trainer videos, Motivational videos

If you have developed your special training system, yoga classes or other related sports techniques, then the sports video production is the best tool to demonstrate the methods approach on how you get your results. Your potential clients will see this, in turn resulting in a massive growth in your clientele

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Why work with AD.JUST


ur video crew has proved its professionalism by being hired by clients like Wilson Premier and Cirque DU Soleil on a regular basis. These companies trust us with their sports production goals.

Top-notch Gear

We mostly use professional cinematic cameras like RED Epic-W, 8k, Canon C300, etc., in our sports videography which provide amazing footage quality but also let our sports videographers keep mobile and efficient.


Our sports  videographers are skilled in collaboration and brainstorming with our clients especially when the solution is not obvious and you have to be creative.