Our film crew integrated working groups in advertising agencies like BBDO and Air TV channels as an independent video contractors. Our specialization is advertising video, promotional video,  Kickstarter video, corporate video and music video and our client list includes companies like PepsiCo, Nivea, Nike, VW, Marriott Hotel,, Time Magazine. This kind of experience formulated our responsible treatment of deadlines, own creative thinking, and initiative in our team.

Now we are very pleased to offer our video services in Los Angeles and Orlando for local businesses. Our filming crew is one of the most professional teams of video makers among Orlando and Los Angeles video production companies. It's easy and fun to work with us. Check our Video Production Guidelines we created for you to simplify the communication between us and to maximize the understanding of the video production process and workflow.  


We collect a professional team of video makers experienced in the field over 8 years. We major on making an outstanding commercial video of any kind, corporate films, crowdfunding videos for fundraising platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, music videos and documentaries.


Alex Jopson

Filmmaker | DP | Editor

Alex Jopson Fedotov has over 8 years of experience in video editing, multi-cam shooting, and video directing, He worked in an intense collaboration with brands like PepsiCo, Mars, Nike and advertising agencies like BBDO that gave him an extensive experience in advertising, event, commercial and kickstarter video production.

Yana Nesterova

Creative Concepts| Video Strategy

Working in advertising agencies on digital and video content creation and production since 2007. Project leader, communication strategist and digital expert.  Clients: Nestle, Unilever, GM, PepsiCo, Mars. Yana is in charge of providing customer service, developing creative concepts and video strategies in line with your brand book & guidelines.


Producer | Project manager

Eugene is an Award-winning producer with in more than 9 years of experience of TV commercial video production. Eugene is responsible for customer service, talent and location scouting, crew assembling. He manages video projects from day one through the client's great reviews.

Max Silver


Max Silver is a screenwriter and filmmaker with more than 8 years of experience, including at companies such as Netflix and Anonymous Content. He has worked on campaigns for Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and many others. Max is also a writer and producer of independent feature films and television.

Video CREW and Managing team:


The demand for a professional team for video productions in Los Angeles is high, as well as a risk to fail this production due to lack of the crew expertise. Therefore, we want to make you sure we can engage high-class specialist of any kind for a successful production.

Every project is unique and we combine a custom set of the video making professionals in order to secure an ideal film crew headcount. Here is the list of the most demanding video specialists and their roles:


The line producers manage video producing team on the set,  track working hours and expenses, handle general logistics to address it to the final budget. 


Those people usually run the day-to-day management such as managing the shooting schedule and keeping the filming crew on track every day, also managing the talents.

Video Production crew, FIlmmakers:


Video production managers are in charge of the physical aspects of the video production. They’re imperative to secure production logistics, like making sure that all equipment and video production team arrive on time. 

These guys also providing customer service for the clients, securing clear communication between the customer and video production team, checking client guidelines and general task to be done. 



The electricians handle getting electrical power on set for the video production’s lights or generators if the filming is outdoors. Electrician team should run distribution boxes strategically on set so that they’re safe and out of the way from other video crew members.

DIT/ Data Wrangling

The DIT is responsible for transferring the footage on the camera’s cards to HDDs or laptops. DITs have to work fast and perform quality control checks during the video production process to be sure nothing’s lost. On smaller productions, Project Assistant is in charge of this task.


The Production Assistant serves as an important position to ensure video production is occurring in a timely manner and meets the strict quality metrics outlined in the brand identity guide.  On smaller productions, PA becomes a crucial position providing help in almost all aspects of video production: setting up audio and video equipment, microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables.


This person is responsible for correct positioning the microphone boom pole during the filming. The boom operator is the assistant to the production sound mixer. He also must also be able to follow the actor's movements while staying out of the frame and lights. This makes it a challenging job for accomplishing the best possible audio.


The sound mixers take all the audio inputs generated by the filming process and record them to flash media cards. The sound mixer decides which microphones to use as well as placements of the microphones.
The experienced sound mixer will make sure that all audio is recording smoothly, securing much more flexibility in further post production.


The DP works with the director on bringing the image, style, and mood of the video to communicate to the audience. DPs are in charge of all lighting decisions and the tone of the light. They provide directions on camera angles and shots, choice of lens and movement. DPs will also provide input on which camera to use during video production, depending on many factors. Most DPs will prefer different camera sets depending on the type of video production, commercial video on set and documentary on location require different gear.


Low budget productions will have a camera assistant, or “1st AC,” before having a professional cameraman. ACs are responsible for helping the DP with focusing, get the right lens for the shot, also making sure any batteries, media cards are ready for the next frame or scene. They’re typically tasked with building the camera at the start of the filming day and making sure nothing was left on the set at the end. 


On smaller productions, the DP can also be an actual camera operator. However, on bigger productions, this task is often given to a camera operator who can help run the footage production smoothly and increase film crew efficiency.


Gaffers work with DP to help shape the light right. Basically, gaffers are responsible for all lighting and will place filters on lights to control their tone, color, and intensity. Gaffers usually manage the grips and electricians on set and usually work their way up to being DPs.


The grips are responsible for building and rigging lighting, dolly tracks and other lighting accessories. The key grip is in charge of other grips and reports to the gaffer. On smaller productions, it’s normal to have the same person handling both the gripping and the gaffing during the video production.

SERVICES our video team CAN HANDLE


  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboards
  • Location and talent search

Post Production:

  • Professional video editing
  • Sound and visual effects
  • 2D video graphics
  • Audio editing
  • Voice over recording

Footage Production:

  • HD, 4K video recording
  • Red Epic-W 8k Filming
  • Photo shoot
  • Mobile Green screen set ups
  • Audio recording 
  • Green screen production
  • On-location b-roll footage production
  • Interior and exterior shootings
  • Aerial shootings with Drones
  • In studio shooting

Coast to Coast operation


When it comes to  Orlando video production AD.JUST has you covered. We are one of the few corporate video production companies in Orlando that reaches all the popular locations in Central Florida area. A filling crew with profession gear will accomplish the most challenging task.

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The demand for a professional team for video productions in Los Angeles is high as well as a risk to fail this production due to lack of the crew expertise. Therefore, we want to make you sure we can provide you with high-class specialist of any kind

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