Videography Price and Videographer Rates

Videography price for Los Angeles and San Diego

With one of the most competitive videography pricing for filming and editing, AD.JUST will adapt to your pricing expectations and provide you with high-quality team. On this page, you can obtain Video Production Rate Card, check our Videographer day rates, and request custom quote for video to lock down your video production cost!



The demand for a professional videographers team is high, as well as a risk to fail the project due to lack of  film crew expertise. Therefore, we want to make you sure we can engage high-class videographers of any kind for a successful production.

Videographers for Hire

Every  video project is unique and we come up with a custom selection of professional videographers to secure an ideal film crew headcount. Check the list of the most requested videographers and other specialists and and what can affect videographer day rate or charge per hour. Full day rates for videographers are highly depending on overall videographer experience and skill set, his gear kit and number and sometimes the length of the shoot.


Videographer Day Rates for Events and B-roll footage

Video production Rate card for Events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego. Event videography rate includes Camera + Videographers price per day for raw footage production only (not including post-production, insurance fees, travel fees).

DSLR Package




Up to 10 hours


HD, 4K

Canon Package


Canon C300 or similar


Up to 10 hours


HD and 4K

Digital Cinema




Up to 10 hours


Up to 8K

* Video production rate card doesn’t include editing, for full-service video production prices, video editing pricing contact us by e-mail.

Custom Video Quote

We will be happy to answer all types of custom video quote besides day rate videographer prices

Our team is ready to provide you with promotional, commercial, and event videography rates and custom video costs based on your budget to create videos for you!

Request video quote for production costs:

  • Describe the type of video and be as more specific as you can. For example, Commercial, Corporate video, Kickstarter, Corporate and Event Videography etc.
  • How many videographers needed in the video crew and any filming gear requirements and add ons.
  • Describe a brief idea if you have or send us the script.
  • Mention the deadlines if it’s urgent.
  • Tell us about your the budget limitations or range. It’s a very important as we might offer a quote for production with a better solution based on your abilities.

Gear and Vehicles Specialties

Executive Crew Van for Hire

A new multifunctional production van Mercedes-Benz Metris available in Los Angeles for small film crews.

Think of our van as a mobile editing station with the ability to be a one place transportation for all your crew and gear. It can also be used as an executive producer or client vehicle, and even transform it into a make-up mobile set, you name it! It can do it all.

Grip & Lighting Truck

Mercedes Sprinter Vans are well-known workhorses of film industry. This bad boy carries up to 2 Tons of grip and lighting gear. Stuffed with newest and advanced tools from popular and established brands like Arri, Astera, Matthews, Litegear. While its moderate size is ideal for multiple locations in run-n-gun style, it well-arranged inner space makes it powerful enough for up to a feature film production.

Red Epic-W, 8K & Steadicam

Resolution Matters. Digital Cinema camera RED-Epic-W with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor allows our DP to shoot footage up to 8K suitable for cinema and TV screening. With such equipment we can provide the footage quality of 4,6 and 8K to any of our clients. 

Paired with Steadicam this camera can create cinema style and quality motion picture of any object or person in the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your videography rate?

Videography rates can vary depending on factors such as the event type, length, location, and videographer’s experience. According to various sources, the rates can range from $75 to $350 hourly rate or $700 to $2,000+ per day rate for a professional videographer creating corporate videos. Most videographers charge rates based on thier experience in the field and gear they own.

Am experienced videographers charge anywhere from $25 hourly to $25o per hour for a video director, expect to pay $60 hourly rate to $150/hour for a script writer/marketer, and $60/hour or more for a video editor. It’s important to discuss specific video project needs with a videographer to get an accurate quote.

Is it cheaper to hire a freelance videographer or a production company?

Hiring a freelance videographer is generally cheaper than hiring production companies. This videographer cost will be lower as they tend to have fewer overhead costs and may only require fewer resources in terms of team and equipment, which can translate into lower rates for a basic event videography or corporate events.

However, it’s worth noting that a professional video production may save time and offer a more comprehensive package that includes pre-production planning, scriptwriting, camera crew, editing, location scouting, green screen set up etc., that can add value and quality to the completed video product. 

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your specific needs, budget, and the level of professionalism you require for your project.

What factors affect the cost of videography services?

Several factors can impact the videography prices, including the complexity of the project, production quality, equipment needed, post-production and editing time required, location, project type and any additional cost or add-ons.

What else contributes to videographer costs? Videography prices depend on:

  • event length (number of hours for videographers to work on the set)
  • experience of the videographer,
  • crew size
  • number of shooting days
  • shoot specifiv requirements (such as raw footage and multiple cameras),
  • the complexity of the video shoot, editing process, and the overall creative vision of the project.

It’s best to consult with a videographer or production company to get a detailed total cost breakdown based on specific project needs.

How long does it take to produce a video, and how does that impact the price?

The turnaround time to produce a video can depend on several factors, including the length of the video, number of hours for crew to be on a set, the number of revisions, and the availability of resources.

Typically, producing a basic video can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, while more complex projects like corporate video can take several weeks or even months. The amount of time involved in producing a video can affect the overall cost, with longer projects typically costing more. Especially the ones with special effects.


Are there any additional fees or costs associated with videography pricing?

Additional fees or costs associated with videography pricing may include travel fee, licensing fees for music or stock footage, raw footage delivery, drone footage producing, additional revisions beyond what is included in the initial package, and overtime hourly rates if the video requires shooting beyond the agreed-upon hours.

What's the difference between a basic and advanced video package?

The difference between a basic and advanced videographers package varies by provider, but generally, a basic package includes fewer services, such as fewer hours of shooting and editing, less complex post-production work, and fewer revisions.

Advanced packages may include additional services such as scripting, storyboarding, higher-quality equipment, and more extensive post-production work that results to highr production quality final product.

Can you negotiate the videographers rates?

It may be possible to negotiate videographers hourly rate with a vendor, depending on the scope of the project, the level of competition in the market, and the vendor’s willingness to work with you on pricing.

It’s important to be clear about your needs and expected budget upfront and to have an open and honest conversation with the vendor about what you can afford and what services you require to come up with an accurate video production costs.


Are there any discounts for bulk video production?

Many videography providers offer discounts for bulk video production or ongoing video services. These discounts can vary depending on the provider, and it’s essential to discuss your specific needs with the vendor to determine what discounts, if any, may be available.

Some videos companies may offer discounts for multiple projects, offer some add ons for free, while others may offer a discount for ongoing video services such as weekly or monthly content creation within video marketing of yoru brand or company.


The DP works with the director on bringing the image, style, and message to communicate to the audience. DPs are in charge of all lighting decisions and the tone of the light. They provide directions on angles and shots, choice of lens, and movement. DPs will also provide input on which equipment to use, depending on many factors.

Most DPs will prefer different approaches depending on the type of production, commercials on set and documentary on location require different gear. These specific videographer hourly rate depend on how professional this person is and what gear is he using.



Low-budget productions will have an assistant, or “1st AC,” before having a professional videographer. ACs are responsible for helping the DP with focusing, get the right lens for the shot, also making sure any batteries, media cards are ready for the next frame or scene. They’re typically tasked with building the rig for videographer at the start of the filming day and making sure nothing was left on the set at the end.



On smaller productions, the DP can also be an actual videographer. However, on bigger productions, this task is often given to a camera operator who can help run the footage production smoothly and increase film crew efficiency.


Gaffers work with DP to help shape the light right. Basically, gaffers are responsible for all lighting and will place filters on lights to control their tone, color, and intensity. Gaffers usually manage the grips and electricians on set and usually work their way up to being DPs.


The grips are responsible for building and rigging lighting, dolly tracks and other lighting accessories. The key grip is in charge of other grips and reports to the gaffer. It’s normal to have the same person handling both the gripping and the gaffing.



The electricians handle getting electrical power for the lights or generators if the filming is outdoors. Electrician team should run distribution boxes strategically so that they’re safe and out of the way from other video crew members.



The DIT is responsible for transferring the footage on the cards to HDDs or laptops. DITs have to work fast and perform quality control checks during the  process to be sure nothing’s lost. On lower budget projects, Project Assistant is in charge of this task.



The PA serves as an important position to ensure production is occurring in a timely manner and meets the strict quality metrics outlined in the brand identity guide.  On smaller productions, PA becomes a crucial position providing help in almost all aspects: setting up audio and video equipment, microphones, sound speakers, screens, projectors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables.



This person is responsible for correct positioning of the microphone boom pole during the filming. The boom operator is the assistant to the sound mixer. He also must be able to follow the actor’s movements while staying out of the frame and lights. This makes it a challenging job for accomplishing the best possible audio.



The audio operator take all the audio inputs generated by the filming process and record them to flash media cards. He/she decides which microphones to use as well as placements of the microphones. The experienced audio engineer will make sure that all audio is recording smoothly, securing much more flexibility in further post-production.