Video Production Services

AD.JUST Marketing Video Production Services

We are a full-service Los Angeles video production with an additional hub in Orlando, Florida, delivering a unique style to marketing video production.

Our clients usually hire us as a Video Production Agency to do branded video content for Entertainment Industry and top FMCG Brands, Crowdfunded videos for startups, and e-commerce product videos for Amazon and Shopify for established brands crashing it online.


We are


Behind the scene videos, Travel destinations video series, Online cooking shows, Educational video content, Video blogging episodes, How-to-do videos, etc.

Branded Video Content

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Promotional videos, Commercial videos, Testimonials videos, Image brand videos, Website videos, Tv spots.

Commercial Video

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Kickstarter video is a great way to fund your new idea, and an outstanding crowdfunding video is your best way to reach your PR and financial goals.

Kickstarter Videos

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We help online retailers make their e-commerce listings stand out to boost their sales and get additional exposure.

Product Demo Videos

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Athlete highlight videos, Championships, Leagues Premier seasons, Sport Brands videos, Workout gear videos, Training Videos.

Sports Videos

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Corporate Films, Recruiting videos, Conventions and Conferences b-roll and clients testimonials, Trade show videos and Concerts

Event and Corporate Films

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Music Videos, Concerts and Live shows, Music bands promo reels. We have created dynamic video and audio for awesome music artists in totally different genres.

Music Videos

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We use professional drones and certified pilots to do our aerial drone footage shootings for commercial, residential and agricultural usage.

Aerial Video Footage

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Our Specialization


  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboards

  • Location and talent search


  • Professional video editing
  • Sound and visual effects
  • 2D video graphics
  • Audio editing
  • Voice over recording

Footage Production

  • HD, 4K video recording

  • RED Epic-W 8k Filming

  • Mobile Green screen setups

  • Audio recording

  • Green screen production

  • On-location b-roll footage production

  • Interior and exterior shootings

  • Aerial shootings with Drones

  • In-studio filming

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