Promotional Video

Commercial video, San Francisco, Orlando

There are different types of video marketing in Orlando: corporate video, Facebook page promotion video, product video, on-line advertising video or simple product testimonials. All these formats are the powerful tools for small and medium local businesses to promote their brand or services on the local market.

Using our commercial video production services in San Francisco and Orlando you will receive a unique product video to get people to know more about you. We use all our vast marketing experience to produce one-of-the-kind promotional video helping with your business goals. See other Commercial Videos.


CASE STUDY - "HAPPY TAPP" hilarious commercial video!

"HappyTapp" - A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger! The video was produced to show the product benefits for customers and investors.

Corporate video

Corporate video production, San Francisco, Orlando

AD.JUST Production is one of the most experienced Orlando corporate video production companies. We offer a wide range of corporate video production services. Change the image of your company, attract new auditory, show main corporate benefits or recruiting new team members - these are the challenges to be solved with our corporate video production department.

Event Video Production, San Francisco, Orlando

We can perform a professional HD video shooting and editing for any Orlando events. Special events, Fashion shows, corporative anniversary, trade shows, conferences, product launches, branch opening and other celebrations, It's not a full list of event video production capabilities our company can offer. 

See other event and corporate videos here

CASE STUDY: Innovations Tour on Quantum of the Seas

Project Objectives: Show the modern side of the Cruse Shipping to attract a young audience, millenniums. 

Creative solution: Highlight the most innovative features on the ship, get some video testimonials on the ship activities. 

Green screen production

On-location filming, b-roll footage, Green screen in Orlando

AD.Just Production is ready to help you with your green screen video productions. From the setup to the wrap-up, our green screen crew will assist you from Day 0 with the process of rigging the green screen and making it look perfect, the lighting of the set, creative input, bringing all the gear you need for your shoot, and delivering in a timely manner the footage you need.

Trust your green screen video needs in Orlando video production company that will serve the entire Central Florida area. Our green screen crew will work with your branding guidelines, considering angles, lighting, location, and deliver professional content for your green screen video production.

Green screen set up at the Conventional Center, Orlando

Green screen set up at the Conventional Center, Orlando


Fund Raising Video/ Kickstarter Video, San Francisco, Orlando

Kickstarter video is a great way to fund your independent project, and an awesome video is the surest way to reach your goal like PR, building the community and set the awareness of your brand.

This type of video production already become a separate genre, with its own rules and restrictions. We are experienced in creating ideas for Kickstarter video, Indiegogo video or any other stand alone fund raising video campaigns as well as shooting and editing this type of video. See other Kickstarter Videos here



CASE STUDY - Ingiegogo Video for Next Bottle, Orlando

Project objectives: Produce a short fundraising video to obtain funds for product distribution around the Globe.

Result: A brand new campaign just started on August, 2015


CASE STUDY - Real estate video for Luxury House

Real Estate Video, San Francisco, Orlando

Professionally made real estate video is something that attracts the best buyers for your real estate listing or you construction company.

We can capture your luxury property or facility in Orlando or Tampa from all possible angles to highlight it benefits and best sides to the prospective customer. We also produce aerial shooting with Drone and interior shootings as well and assemble the HD footage of the property to beautifully made, slick video using last trends in post production and color correction. See other Promotional Videos here


Product Video & Table Tops

When it comes to product video production and table top shots, AD.Just Production will deliver a product video with high professional quality because we know that your product deserves a video that enhances its best features. We also know that lighting is key so we are prepared to provide you with the best input from professionals in photography and luminance. Trust AD.Just for a product video that cuts to the chase and showcases your product in the best way possible. 

When you need product video production in Orlando, trust a local to do the video for you; we will consider your creative input and the specific needs or your brand translate it into incredible high-quality beauty shots that will convey your message in a deeply engaging manner. 

Image Video

Image video is very important then you want to present something new to a market. It's still too far to drive sales, it's a time for building awareness with your customers and present the product, service or event. 

Image videos can be very helpful for these introduction purposes, because “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Most of all Image Videos leave a freedom to your creativity because the main objective here is to impress people and stand out from competitors with bright visuals and/or unusual communications, avoiding too much of sales texts and other text information. 


See other Image Video


Project objectives: Produce a short but remarkable image video for FB page of a new Ice cream store in Orlando

Creative solution: Rockabilly and cinema stylistic created on post production made this short video a very watchable piece of brand image campaign.

Music Video

Music video, San Francisco, Orlando

We have created dynamic pictures, video and audio for totally different and outstanding artists. Our all-star team handles nearly every scale and genre. Hip hop music video or rock band music video production, no matter what, you will have your rock star music video!

Concert footage/ performance footage, Orlando

We can perform a professional HD video shooting in Orlando for any of  your musical event or performance.  Stage concerts, on-line performance, club anniversary, DJ promo set or just a night club party.

Shoot us an e-mail to check our availability and video shooting rates! See other Music Videos


CASE STUDY - Lojikal music video "7 days a week"

Project objectives: Promote new track and artist

Result: Music video was approved for CLUB TV channel air. Lojikal become #1 Miami artist by   More then 20 000 views

Documentary Video

Documentary video, San Francisco, Orlando

One of the most beautiful and complicated genre in filmmaking. We have a special passion for documentary videos because we believe that there are no greater and amazing stories than those that happened truly in people's life. We love to hear the stories of self-made persons, the ones who beat all circumstances and fight for their life, rights, family, passion. 

Come and tell us your story and we put it in a beautiful picture frame.


Short films/Making of Video, San Francisco, Orlando

Producing short length films and videos for Cinema festivals and competitions.

See other Documentary Video



Project Description: "Battling" Barbara Buttrick (born 1930) was a world champion in women's boxing in the 1940s and 1950s. Originally from England, Buttrick is considered a pioneer of women's professional boxing. Known as "The Mighty Atom of the Ring" . Today she is 83 years old and she settled down In Miami. Hard on-line researches allowed us to find her and film for an UK documentary film "Unladylike".

Filmed in Miami, Florida, 2013.

Sports video

Sports in the U.S. are an important part of the culture. No wonder why sports video is so popular among the American population. Hundreds of millions of views are collected by sports videos on Youtube and other video streaming channels.

We can help you with your sports video production inquiry: highlight athlete video for recruiting, training video series, motivation work out video or sports games filming.


See other Sports Videos


Project Objectives: Promote the athlete motivation services and book, gain new contracts 

Creative solution: Jay Greer tells the true story of a student who had a near death experience during a football game, but kept fighting to win the game.

Result: several new contacts in few next months after video publishing.


If you already have some footage or have none but your projects requires a rockstar video editing and awesome post production effects, we know how to run video services on-line! So even your are not located in Orlando, post production services will be still available for you!

Just shoot us an email!