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We are a full-service Orlando video production agency with an additional hub in Los Angeles, California, delivering a unique style to marketing video production.


Our clients usually hire us as a Video Production Agency to do branded content for Entertainment Industry and top FMCG Brands, Crowdfunded videos for startups, and e-commerce product videos for Amazon and Shopify for new and established brands crashing it online.


Corporate Films and Event Videography Orlando and Los Angeles are another strong sides as we worked a lot in the conference and entertainment industries.


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Check our latest showreel with our recent Los Angles and Orlando video  production works: best moments of our kickstarters, corporate films, commercial and product videos.














About Us

Meet Our Crew

Our film crew has integrated working groups in advertising agencies like BBDO and Air TV channels as independent contractors. Our specialization Ecommerce Product videos, Promotional videos, Kickstarter videos, Corporate videos and Branded Video Content and our client list includes companies like Cirque Du Soleil, Wilson Sports, PepsiCo, Nike, VW, Marriott Hotel,, Time Magazine. This kind of experience formulated our responsible treatment of deadlines, own creative thinking, and initiative in our team.

Video Production Services

Bio Schwartz collagen supplement. E-commerce listing, Amazon Product Video. 2020

Agency Services

Amazon Product Videos

AD.JUST as a leading product video production company has great experience in creating remote, no-travel product videos for brands on Amazon, eBay, Shopify e-commerce platforms.


Shopify and Amazon product video production required a systematic approach and deep knowledge of how eCommerce sales work in order to produce engaging and selling product demo videos. Ecommerce content production needs to offer a great variety of locations that fit the natural environment for the product. As well as a vast pool of talents for product demonstration and voice over artists for professional video narration.


AD.JUST is able to provide a safe, 100% remote workflow for custom amazon product video creation as well as a special product offer flat price.

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Agency Services

Kickstarter Videos

AD.JUST is one of the few Los Angeles and Orlando Video production companies who use its vast marketing background and creative approach for developing the best idea for your IndieGoGo or Kickstarter videos.


We offer crowdfunding production services in producing successful IndieGoGo and Kickstarter videos, fundraising videos, business incubator pitches for startups, and corporate proposals.


We also won a Special recognition spot in 10 Best Kickstarter Video Productions, 2018! 

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LUBN, Contactless Property Management, 2020

Virtual reality. Sergey Polunin for Sensorium.  2020

Agency Services

Interview Based Storytelling Videos

Brands and companies are using the interview based content to preset brand values, history and uniqueness via engaging stories presented by the host sharing their own experience with the brand or service.

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Agency Services

Branded Content

Using branded content has a variety of different ways to help you to outstand the competition with your marketing strategy.

Branded Content, Content Marketing, Content Integrations – there are many words to define it, but it’s clear now that multiple brands are in search of content integration opportunities more than ever before as branded content offers businesses the opportunity to truly engage with their target audience in a totally new way.

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Cirque Du Soleil and PeopleAre Awesome Collaboration. Branded Content, 2019

Wilson Sports Baseball Premier League. Sports Series, Orlando, 2018-2019

Agency Services

Branded Sports Videos

AD.JUST is an expert in providing high-quality sports branded content, showcasing sports brands, corporate sponsorships,  and other sports PR events. We also produce sports social media content, recruiting videos, sports filming, live streaming, team/athlete videography, highlights, and many other sport-related activities.

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Agency Services

Corporate Videos and Testimonials 

Using branded content has a variety of different ways to help you to outstand the competition with your marketing strategy.

Branded Content, Content Marketing, Content Integrations – there are many words to define it, but it’s clear now that multiple brands are in search of content integration opportunities more than ever before as branded content offers businesses the opportunity to truly engage with their target audience in a totally new way.

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“20 under 40” Regional orlando Realtors Award, 2020

Bello, Digital Mirror, Commercial, 2019

Agency Services

Commercial Videos

Nowadays visual marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big. Branded content, commercials, promotional videos, testimonials, product videos, infomercials, Youtube videos production or website videos are the greatest tools for the market purpose: building brand awareness, boosting sales, explaining how the product works or promoting any announcements.


According to statistic, marketing promotional videos are one of the most popular communication tools. Well-made commercials or testimonials will bring you new customers, increase time spent on your website, build a trustful and strong relationship between you and your customer.

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From Pre-production to Post-production

Creative Thinking And Strategy

Nowadays most of the clients fully rely on your ideas as an expert on the market. Our team is full of creative minds constantly brainstorming new and inventive ways to turn any video project that comes along into one of a kind visual productions. We assist with storyboards, scripts, and general video marketing approach so it sticks to your brand strategy and main communicational message.

Top-Quality Production

The more cinematic the image, the better! No matter how big or small the project, we use top of the line production equipment like RED EPIC-W, 4K Drones, etc. to produce video worthy of the silver screen if you hired AD.JUST to build your brand online presence. We don’t skimp on quality, which sets us at AD.JUST apart from other Los Angeles and Orlando video production companies.

Professional Post-Production

We understand the importance of diligence in all aspects of production, particularly in professional post-production. Our production agency is meticulous in all phases of filmmaking and post-production is not an exception. With an extensive marketing expertise our post-production experts will give your content a look that will gain a big reach and build high customer recognition.


Treat us your personal Video crew!


We keep it compact.


So unlike huge productions, we can provide you with something our clients valued the most: great service, being flexible and creative with solutions, creative and pro-active with our ideas, and extremely detail-oriented. So even if you looking to hire a brand content strategy executor or just to hire an explainer video production company – you will get the same attention and quality.


It’s like having your own content production department outsourced to the video marketing experts.

We chose one niche and mastered it.

Narrow Specialization

We do what we do the best.


As any brand that is serious about its strategy AD.JUST continues to be niche specialized in order to focus on improving the skills in one particular area rather than cater to all types of clients. That gives us an opportunity to call ourselves Marketing video production Experts.


We understand how brands and marketing agencies work as we spent over the decade working in and for different marketing agencies all around the globe.

We try to keep everything in-house

High Standards

We don’t outsource freelancers.


Even being a compact team we built a solid in-house film crew and we run a quality control process to keep the quality on the same high level. Our crew is a collective group of dedicated professionals who believe quality, durability, and aesthetics are at the heart of everything we do.


This means that we spend time getting to know our clients, their essential needs, and marketing goals which is necessary for a successful productions. We build trustful relationships through our high customer service standards, respect of deadlines, and mutual liabilities.

Production Van for Hire

Customizable Mercedes Metris for rent as a Production Van, Post Production On site mobile Station, Executive Van

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Our Locations

Started as an Orlando video production company, we are covering most of Central and South Florida with the event and corporate video productions. We built an exceptional crew of professionals and dedicated Orlando videographers available to travel.

Contact us if you need videos productions in California. We would love to schedule an appointment with you to get to know your needs and expectations, to do some location scouting, and then create an amazing product for your brand.

Las Vegas Video Production

AD.JUST has been filming the branded content for the Entrainment industry as well as for the Corporate businesses at the most important venues of Las Vegas: MGM Grand, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Mirage and Luxor.

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