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Ad.Just have a wide experience with on-location filming at events in the Orlando and Los Angeles areas. Our team of professionals specialized in event video production is ready to shoot and deliver exceptional B-roll footage of your conventions, conferences, on location interviews, corporate parties, shows, concerts, testimonials… etc.

Whether you requires a simple one-camera shoot or a big multi-camera production including all sorts of audio, lighting, and gear, we will fulfill your specific needs.

Our Recent Event Videos

Conventional Video

Virtual Reality by Sensorium

Virtual Reality by Sensorium Corp ft RedPill VR, LA Gaming Convention in LACC, Los Angles, 2019.


Conference Recap Video

Spok Connect 19 Conference Recap

Spok customers gathered in Orlando for three days of industry trend discussions, customer case studies, hands-on training, and product updates. Check out the highlights and hear what customers had to say about Connect 19!

Brand Sponsorship

Wilson Sports Premier League 

The yearly Wilson Premier League Championship in Florida has been called one of the top baseball tournaments by many players because this is what really matters: getting your name out there before scouts see them play on TV with their professional teams they eventually sign up with for millions!

The ADJUST team was tasked with recording each game and editing it on-site to make sure that every episode is available online for next morning.

Music Band Promo Reel

Blond Ambitions

We created this reel for a central Florida successful cover band showcasing multiple concerts from different venues to get them booked by the new clientele.

Our Event Video Services

Our clients are always looking for a company that won’t let their budget or needs get in the way of great service. They want to work with someone who is flexible and creative when it comes to solving problems, has an eye for detail, and can come up with new ideas on the spot. That’s why we put so much care into our production process!

Interviews and Testimonials

We produce high-quality clients’ and customers’ testimonials and interviews to make the event videography more personal and engaging. We can build an interview set with a green screen at any venue to collect this valuable customer’s feedback or get your best speakers on the camera.

From the setup to the wrap-up, our green screen video crew will assist you from Day 0 with the process of rigging the green screen and making it look perfect.

B-roll Footage Production

The on-location filming services we provide go all the way from scouting of locations to the editing, coloring and animating your B-roll footage.

We’ll do all the audio and video production planning. We deeply understand the value of video production for any company that wants to use the organic b-roll as a tool for boosting their image both internally and externally.

Event Live Streaming

AD.JUST offers reliable and great quality live video streaming for all kind of event video productions such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, stage performances, concerts, galas, conferences, seminars, etc.

You can now reach a wider audience than you could before and interact with that same audience.

Onsite Post Production

On-site video editing has become a mainstay for many corporate clients nowadays. Especially for clients who frequently attended tradeshows, conferences, or sales meetings.  Technology has made it quick and reliable.

AD.JUST providing experienced onsite video editors and color grading professionals with powerful editing stations to cover your same-day production needs.

Looking for an Event Video Production company?

If you need an event video production services, know that our crew members are ready to join you and deliver valuable b-roll footage of your conference, exhibition, trade show, exhibition, corporate parties, conventions, festivals or any other event that requires high-quality b-roll footage production.

Contact us and get a free consultation with one of our professional videographers!


Event Videographers for Hire

Experienced Los Angeles and Orlando event videographers with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our clients can expect HD, 4K, and even 6K footage quality for their productions. Recording your event is a powerful marketing tool that can benefit your company both inside and out. Having a professional video crew will inspire your employees while it also promotes and boosts your image. Check our videographer rates for events!

OUR Coverage

Event Videography Los Angeles

Add a nice professional touch to your event and immortalize it by having an event videography in Los Angles by your side when the great moments are happening!

Let Los Angeles event videography experts capture the best moments of your convention while you are free to work or enjoy yourself knowing that you will have an extremely professional piece that you can use to promote your company afterward. Show your audience you take pride in what you do! Plus, let’s be honest, an event video production crew always makes things feel very important.

Event Videography San Diego

AD.JUST is providing  San Diego event videographers for a variety of productions: event testimonials, green screen interviews, conventional event video recaps, both filming and editing.

Orlando Event Videography is an increasingly popular way for businesses to make a lasting impression on potential customers. In the past few years, San Diego has seen over 100 trade shows or other events in venues such as Conventional Center and Disney World which have led many companies to invest heavily into this type of marketing campaign.