Corporate Video Productions and Films

In AD.JUST we take you by the hand throughout the whole corporate video productions process to create a visuals that helps you achieve your image and branding goals while creating a positive impact on your audience.

Sometimes we forget that multimedia content is still the most effective way to introduce a company. For as much as we make an effort to create content or write text to describe our goals or the benefits the user can obtain with this kind of production. If we don’t tell the story with mages, we will be losing clients, for sure.

The first impression is crucial when it comes to capturing clients and that first impression will be guaranteed with a good corporate video!

Our Recent Corporate Videos

Business Facility Video Tour

WARE. Increasing Inventory Tracking Verification With Gelson’s

Ware combines the smartest drones with the powerful software to deliver accurate inventory reports.

This video tells the story of the drone operation at the Gelson’s warehouse facility in California.

Customer Testimonials

Tiny Mobile Robots

New corporate testimonials for TinyMobileRobots, Danmark. A product review based on the current client testimonials. Documentary-style interview and aerial footage.
Shot in Pasadena, California, 2021

Creative Corporate Film

Sensorium with Sergei Polunin

A fascinated long-form story of creating an artist digital avatar for Sensorium, the leading company in creatine digitalized environments and Virtual Reality.

This is a behind the scene of a ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin, being transformed into a digital avatar that will be placed in a virtual space.

New Company Launch

Arise Private Wealth

An investment company is entering a competitive market by rolling out its new fund management company to help customers with investments, retirement planning, and legacy. Managing partners in the video discuss how they can offer comprehensive advice for all customer needs while also protecting wealth from events like inheritance taxes or natural disasters.

The business’s launch includes testimonials as well as office b-roll showing investors at work on various tasks such as trading stocks and providing financial advising.

Realtor Business Cards

Orlando Regional Realtors 

20 Award-winning young professionals were honored at an industry award hosted by YPN, one of Central Florida’s top marketing firms specializing in driving traffic through effective branding strategies that turn prospective leads into qualified homebuyers.

20 video business cards for each of the winners as well as a bigger piece for next year’s contest was created by us for Young Professionals Networks and Orlando Regional realtors to highlight professional success.

Branded Content

Wilson Sports 

The Wilson Premier League Championship in Florida has been called one of the top baseball tournaments around each year by many players because this is what really matters: getting your name out there before scouts see them play on TV with their professional teams they eventually sign up with for millions!

The ADJUST team was tasked with recording and editing each game on-site to make sure that every episode is available on IG and Facebook for the very next day, making it one of the fastest turnaround times in productions.

Corporate Film

AA Metals

City: Orlando

A corporate film production about the history of creation and development of AA Metals, master distributor of Aluminum and stainless products in Florida. Company mission and statement, unique company benefits, employees, and CEO testimonials.

Our Corporate Video Services

Corporate Promotional Video

Corporate promotional videos showcase the many different types of promotional content a company can use to advertise itself. Regardless of what industry they belong in, corporate video services are an effective way for companies to share their services and products with customers or potential clients.

We’ve put together some ideas about how companies can create their own engaging & informative promo vids without breaking their budget!

Video Testimonials

What do interviews have that events don’t? Personality!

When it comes to building or revamping your business identity for any purpose – from recruitment campaigns to marketing vids – there is no better place than interview-based storytelling content where we let personalities shine through by capturing raw moments on camera during their everyday lives as they work hard towards achieving success.

Creative Corporate Flims

Corporate film production is e a powerful way to portray the history and future of your company. They can tell who you are, what sets you apart from other companies in your industry (or why people should buy products or services), and how all aspects of an organization work together as one machine that never sleeps.

It has helped many businesses take their brand value up because they allow investors to feel like insiders on the inside, rather than just passive followers looking for profit margins.


Looking for a Corporate Video Production?

Incorporating it into your strategy can be very useful when it comes to reaching out and connecting with potential customers or personnel.

If you are looking for a corporate video production company to tailor your Los Angeles or San Diego business, then look no further than AD.JUST Productions! We have the experience and know-how to create professional-quality videos that will drive engagement with current customers while attracting new ones too.

Corporate Videographer for Hire

Experienced corporate videographers with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our clients can expect HD, 4K, and even 6K footage quality for their productions.

OUR Coverage

Los Angeles Corporate Video

AD.JUST provides experienced videographers who can handle different film projects including producing excellent pieces like testimonial footage, interviews/films showcasing your brand values and mission statements while staying true to what you stand for.

Corporate video production is the backbone of many new and established businesses. With a hot market for places to grow, this hub has been known as an excellent place for professional growth. 

San Diego Corporate Video

AD.JUST is providing local San Diego videographers for a variety of productions: clients and personnel testimonials, company films, business introductions.

San Diego Corporate Video production has grown in popularity as the number of trade shows or other events at venues such as Conventional Center increase tremendously recently; it’s no wonder so many businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity to create lasting impressions with their target audience through these types of videos!