Kickstarter Video Production

Ready for a Kickstarter Video Production?

Are you getting ready to create your first Kickstarter video?

We are here to help!  “Where to start?” is one of the main questions startup companies have when they want to start this fascinating journey.


AD.JUST is one of the few Orlando and Los Angeles Video production companies that uses its vast marketing background and creative approach for developing the best idea for your crowdfunding projects. We offer crowdfunding production services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando area. We produce successful IndieGoGo and Kickstarter videos, fundraising videos, business incubator pitches, and corporate proposals.


AD.JUST won a Special recognition spot in 10 Best Kickstarter Video Productions chart, 2018! 

Kickstarter Video Services

We are AD.JUST – a team of visual communication experts focused on overall brand strategy. Our team is ready to make your crowdfunding project stands out.  Let us bring our unique, fresh approach in your online fundraising campaign. Your success is our goal!


First Step


Our pre-production package includes general management, setting up meetings, making calls, handling logistics and travel etc. We offer our hand at the creative side of Kickstarter video production helping you to write up script treatments and storyboards with a free revision thrown in. AD.JUST can plan it all.


Second Step


AD.Just offers location and talent scouting for Kickstarter video production in Los Angeles and Orlando as a part of our pre-production services. AD.JUST works with the best union and non-union talent agencies and independent talents, and can provide a large list of available talents, principals, extras.


Third Step


We will provide you with all necessary rigs and equipment for successful production, as well as the professional crew. ADJUST utilizes a professional equipment such as the CanonC300, Black Magic Mini URSA, RED EPIC-W 8K, drones for aerial footage, top of the line audio and lighting equipment.


Forth Step


Our post-production services include advanced editing and color correction. We utilize Mac-based editing stations and top of the line editing software like FCPX, After Effects. We work with sound design and sound mixing, animation and 2D motion graphics. As one of the post production studios in Los Angeles, we take pride in the quality that we provide for all of our clients.


Fifth Step


You don’t have to physically be at our locations in Orlando or Los Angeles for Kickstarter productions. We have a successful experience in doing these projects remotely. Our clients were located in Germany, Canada, HongKong, Korea, Israel, and Russia while we were creating an appealing and professional Kickstarter campaigns for them. Ask us how to make your Kickstarter project remotely and we will be more than happy to explain!

Our Kickstarter Works:

IndieGoGo Campaign 2020


Property Management with AI

Revolutionary key lock box and multi-property software for contactless and remote property management for rentals, real-estate showing, maintenance scheduling, airbnb, etc.

Kickstarter Campaign 2020

Lucky Flip

Table Game on Kickstarter

Lucky Flip is the fun-for-all roulette style party game for 2-6 players that will have you guessing, flipping, and rolling. The game takes about two minutes to learn and 25 minutes to play. Making it quick and perfect for any occasion. Combining strategy, memory, and luck with fast paced game play, it’s appealing to everyone in the room.


Los Angeles, Red Epic-W, 8K.

Kickstarter Campaign 2019


Smart City E-Bike

Founded in 2013, a premium brand of electric bicycles in the United States, iMiró sparks a revolution in folding e-bike with its easily-portable design.


The SIVRAC features the world’s fastest folding eBike with a patented X-frame design. Intended to be both functional and stylish, the folding bike was exclusively designed for a metropolitan lifestyle in a technologically advanced world. The bike weighs only 48.5 pounds, can carry up to 264 pounds, and has a six-speed transmission system. Fully smart-compatible, the SIVRAC eBike pairs with the proprietary iMiró GO! app, powered by Bluetooth technology.


Los Angeles, Red Epic-W, 8K.

Kickstarter Campaign 2018


First Wearable Gym

Wearable fitness tracker connected to multifunctional all-body training gadget. 100% funded on Kickstarter and IndeiGoGo.


Los Angeles, Red Epic-W, 8K.

IndieGoGo Campaign 2018


Safe Fireworks on IndieGoGo

A safe way to enjoy your wireworks with a remote app downloadable to your smartphone.


Indianna, Red Epic-W, 8K.

Kickstarter Campaign 2017


Household Device on Kickstarter

A simple device that saves time, money, and helps the environment by reducing the number of trash bags that end up in landfills.


Orlando, FL. Red Epic-W, 8K.

Kickstarter Campaign 2016

Fuse Connect

Smart Home Controller Kickstarter Video

IndieGoGo project for a Smart house controlling device.

Kickstarter Campaign 2016

ARCHI Footwear

New Footwear Brand

Custom shoe brand crowdfunding video.


Orlando, FL. Red Epic-W, 8K.

Kickstarter Campaign 2015


Pet Tags and Social Media

“Q-Tag” is a solution to pet owners to help them locate their beloved pets at any given time with a scan code that carries a lot more information about your pet than the regular tags in the market.


Orlando, DSLR Camera

Kickstarter Campaign 2015

Next Bottle

Smart Beverage Bottle on IndieGoGo

Next Bottle is a modern device containing smartphone charging deck, powerful speakers, LED screen and rechargeable water bottle in one gadget.


Orlando, FL.  DSLR camera

Where We Can Film Your Kickstarter Video

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is an ideal location for any productions including crowdfunding videos. This city offers a great variety of amazing landscapes, as well as countless casting options.


Orlando, FL

Shooting your Kickstarter in Orlando, Florida could help you save some budget on permits and location costs. Another amazing location for kickstarter production due to endless summer.


San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley located near San Francisco attracts a giant number of startups, new entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. Kickstarters videos are not only a fund raising tool but also a great idea product/market validator.


Kickstarter Video Cost Estimation

    3 Components of Kickstarter Video Production

    Your Genius Idea

    We learn your idea specifics and benefits and create our own treatment for your Kickstarter campaign.

    It’s very important to give some personal touch and share with the backers how the idea came to your mind. What’s most important is why you feel the world would want your product and how it can help people.


    Your Product Benefits

    You should highlight your product in the best way – showing the physical prototype, branded product, website or IOS application interface.

    It’s also important to explain the benefits of using this product to convince people the value of your product, so they can pledge and help you reach your goal.


    Fundraising, Pledges

    How you can ask your backers to donate in your Kickstarter?

    Offer your backers amazing variable donation options that they can choose from. It’s not always necessary for it to be a material object that they receive, it can be as simple as a  great Thank You Badge.

    You should remember, it’s not only about fundraising, but community building.