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AD.JUST is one of the few kickstarter video production companies that use its vast marketing background and creative approach for developing the best idea for your crowdfunding projects. We offer crowdfunding production services in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Orlando area.  We have experience of doing projects remotely and we accomplished Kickstarter projects for our clients in the USA, Germany, China, India, Israel.

While producing successful IndieGoGo and Kickstarter videos, fundraising videos, business incubator pitches, and corporate proposals AD.JUST won a Special recognition spot in 10 Best Kickstarter Video Productions


Kickstarter Video Campaign 2022

SIERA: Foldable Helmet

IndieGoGo Campaign 2021

Thera Copper: Massage Gun

Kickstarter Campaign 2022

SimulaVR: Portable VR headset for Work

Innovative Virtual Reality headset allowing to work form anywhere without a laptop. Our recent crowdfunding video project with indoor and outdoor filing and 3D animation for the gadget prototype.

Kickstarter Campaign 2020

LUBN: Property Management with AI

LUBN is the world’s first LTE Wireless Camera Key Box system that truly gives you the freedom to remotely control property access without complex Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup. 

A multiple setup project with a lot of great acting work and a charming host conveying the main message of the crowdfunding video.

Kickstarter Campaign 2020


Lucky Flip: Table game

Lucky Flip is the fun-for-all roulette-style party table game for 2-6 players that will have you guessing, flipping, and rolling. The game takes about two minutes to learn and 25 minutes to play. Making it quick and perfect for any occasion. Combining strategy, memory, and luck with fast-paced gameplay, it’s appealing to everyone in the room.

Kickstarter Campaign 2019


iMiro: Smart City E-Bike

Founded in 2013, a premium brand of electric bicycles in the United States, iMiró sparks a revolution in folding e-bike with its easily-portable design.

The SIVRAC features the world’s fastest folding eBike with a patented X-frame design. Intended to be both functional and stylish, the folding bike was exclusively designed for a metropolitan lifestyle in a technologically advanced world.

IndieGoGo Campaign 2018


HyFit: First Wearable Gym

Wearable fitness tracker connected to multifunctional all-body training gadget. 100% funded on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Tons of beautiful outdoor California scenery, some iconic spots like Hollywood Hills, and Santa Monica beach are highlighted with a RED camera and drone aerial footage.


Kickstarter has become a popular way for new brands to get funding, and AD.JUST can help by creating custom Kickstarter videos. A Kickstarter video is a great way to show potential investors what your brand is all about and why they should support you.


AD.JUST has a team of experienced kickstarter producers who will work with you to create a high-quality video that tells your brand story in an engaging and compelling way. We understand the importance of making a good impression on potential investors, so we will make sure your Kickstarter video is professional and polished.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you crowdfund your new brand.



    Kickstarter Video Production Services


    This stage includes general management, setting up meetings, making calls, handling logistics and travel, etc.

    We offer our hand at the creative side too helping you to write up script treatments and storyboards with a free revision thrown in. AD.JUST can plan it all.


    AD.Just offers location and talent scouting for Kickstarter video production in Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

    AD.JUST works with the best union and non-union talent agencies and independent talents, and can provide a large list of available talents, principals, extras.


    We will provide you with all necessary rigs and equipment for successful production, as well as a professional crew.

    ADJUST utilizes professional equipment such as the CanonC300, Black Magic Mini URSA, RED EPIC-W 8K, drones for aerial footage, top-of-the-line audio, and lighting equipment.


    Our post-production services include advanced editing and color correction. We utilize Mac-based editing stations and top-of-the-line editing software like FCPX, After Effects.

    We work with sound design and sound mixing, animation, and 2D motion graphics. As one of the post-production studios in Los Angeles, we take pride in the quality that we provide for all of our clients.


    Safe Fireworks Project

    Pet Social Media and Tracking device

    Smart Home device




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