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If you are looking for an e-commerce product video production company for retail or Amazon product video service, you are in the right place. We have helped many online retailers make their e-commerce listings on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy stand out with great product videography. This way they can boost their sales without spending too much time and funds on marketing.

We understand the specifics of selling online. The customer needs to a  product in detail, from different angles. For example, to understand the sizing of the item to see how it will look within an interior. Or simply how to install and use it properly. The product video for e-commerce like Amazon needs to be compatible with both e-commerce and social media. So the production company needs to be pretty knowledgeable about how both of these factors really work. This includes formats, length, social media platforms restrictions, and best practices.

Supplements and Vitamins Amazon Videos

Amazon is a terrific platform to sell supplements on, but lacking graphic materials such as an eCommerce product video on your listing can affect your sales dramatically due to extremely high competition in this niche. Check our samples of supplements explainer demo videos.

Bio Schwartz Green Superfood Supplement

Natural Force MCT Oil Supplement

Bio Schwartz Collagen Supplements

Kitchen Tools and Appliances Videos

Modern American style kitchen is one the most common shoot sets when it comes to e-Commerce product video for Amazon listing of kitchen tools and appliances, beverages, kitchen tools, etc. Check the samples of the ecommerce video production for kitchen items below:

WaterDrop Water Filter Pitcher

KOOTEK Silicon Ice Cube Tray

Breakfast Wooden Tray

Home Improvements and Entertainment Videos

Another vast category of e-commerce goods is items that makes your home a better place, especially when we have to spend more time there nowadays. Living rooms and other larger areas are the great spots for such productions.

Adjustable LED Lights
Lucky Flip Table Game
Wireless Grill Thermometer

Apparel and Accessories Amazon Videos

Using various models, different indoor and outdoor locations for Apparel e-Commerce video production is the best way to highlight your product style and modern look as well as demonstrate the functionality.  Accessories product video for e-commerce helps you to stand out in an highly competitive niche.

Travando Men Wallets

Shoeland Women Shoe Brand

HerStyle Women Shoe Brand

E-Commerce product video production in 2021


America is over-built with retail space

E-commerce represents about 10% of all U.S. retail and is rapidly growing. Amazon accounts for 44% of the US e-commerce in 2020. The Amazon Effect makes it difficult to ignore the online sales market for traditional retailers and local brick-and-mortar shops.

E-Commerce Growth

Constant monthly growth

The world’s dominant e-commerce platforms created a tremendous number of online sellers every year. There are more than 25 million sellers currently on eBay, and Amazon boasts 2 million members with 200,000 new sellers joining monthly.

Behavorial Changes

Ecommerce as a search engine

The purchase search pattern has drastically changed. 55% of online shoppers start their searches on Amazon. Starting in 2013, Google began losing its position as the main search tool for online purchases.

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Even though all the marketing data point to the fact that product videos are a lucrative endeavor for e-commerce, it does not come without their own set of challenges. This is why AD.JUST is your best choice for such services.

We also offer you professional help in product video creation to present your full product catalog on any e-commerce platform:


Producing product videos for e-commerce in packages will significantly reduce the cost of production per item.


We follow our proven approach to maximize the time and marketing budget.

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Amazon Product Video Service Pricing

With online sales booming right now many online businesses crashing it online and we see it as a great opportunity to enhance your sales with amazon product video services such as e-Commerce video production. This offer is ideal for any home goods, supplements and small to medium-sized kitchen items. Clean white tabletop shots are essential for those types of products. The combination of the beauty table shots, our host demonstration the size and functions will give your customer a clear idea of your product benefits.



Pre-selected residential location


Pre-selected talent


Up to 1 minute


Free music track


2D animated graphics


Color correction



Different Locations


2-3 talents


Up to 1,5 minute


Free music track


2D animated graphics


Color correction and Effects


Voice Over

CUSTOM Productions




Locations scouting


Talents casting




Advanced Editing


Voice over


2D and 3D graphics


Color correction and Effects

Product Photography for E-Commerce

Product photography for amazon is crucial for successful eCommerce sales nowadays. There are two main types of images in product photography for e-commerce: white background photos and lifestyle product images. Ideally, your website or amazon listing should include both types for each item you sell.

You should consider several of these types of images from different angles to give consumers a complete picture of what your goods look like. Since consumers cannot touch or see your item personally, your product photography must do the trick. If your e-commerce photography is accurate and engaging, buyers will learn to trust your brand. So that is why hiring a professional photographer can save you money in the long run. Even if you plan to take your own images, you should leave the retouching to the professionals.

AD.JUST has extensively reviewed product photographers who specialize in shooting specifically for eCommerce listings and provide high-end amazon photography services. We specialize in e-commerce photography, both for studio photography on a white background and lifestyle photography.

A professional e-commerce photographer knows exactly how to properly present a product and capture its value in front of the camera.

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