Sports video production


AD.JUST is an expert in providing high quality  sports video and sports-branded content, showcasing sports brands, corporate sponsors, PR, marketing and advertising agencies. We also produce sports social media content, recruiting videos, sports filming, live streaming media, team/athlete videography, highlight videos and many other sport-related activities.

About AD.JUST Productions

The team at AD.JUST believes the core of video marketing is a communication. What is the main message you want to deliver? Being the contractors for TOP accounts such as PepsiCo, Mars, Skoda, Reebok, Cirque du Soleil, we bring expertise in both video production and marketing to every project and individual we come across.

 Our crew is a collective group of dedicated video professionals who believe quality, durability, and aesthetics are at the heart of everything we do. We make sure our clients have their careers or businesses propelled in the right direction. 


Highlight Videos & Recruiting Videos

We are a specialist when it comes to creating Highlight Videos & Recruiting Videos - Video Production for athletes, recruiting services, colleges, high schools and professional leagues.  Our highlight videos stand out from the rest due to developed storyline, quality footage and impressive post production.

Fitness and wellness trainer video/ Motivation video

If you have developed your special training system, yoga classes or other related to sport techniques, then the sports video production is the best tool to demonstrate the methods, approach, and the results to your potential clients.

Some notable works in the past by Our team


Reebok branded content for social media

You might know Khabib Nurmagomedov (Two times Combat-Sambo World Champion, a freestyle wrestler and a Judo black belt, one of the longest undefeated streaks in MMA with 25 wins. Since 2017, he has been ranked the #2 contender in the UFC Lightweight division by several top-rated ranking authorities). He has been associated with AD.JUST production and have produced an advertisement campaign for him.

Wilson Baseball Premier League sports video. One video out 20 AD.JUST produced for Wilson Sports Social media to cover this event. 2019 season coming!

Cirque du Soleil workshop "WWE gets ready to Cirque"

First Wearable gym by HYFIT. New fitness gear Kickstarter videos

Cirque du Soleil workshop "Cirque gets ready to rumble"

Mix Cala Paddleboards summer promotional vide

NPFL signing in Miami

Documentary video - Barbara Buttrick. Legend of Box

The NPFL team Miami Surge was involved with Adjust production. The project included unveiling of their new formed team for the inaugural season of the National Pro Fitness League.

Adjust Productions have also worked on a Biographical video for the very famous Barbara Buttrick nicknamed as ‘The Mighty Atom of the ring’. She was originally from England. Barbara is regarded as the pioneer of the women’s boxing circuit who inspired women to take up professional boxing back in the 40s and 50s.


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