Sports video production

Highlight Videos & Recruiting Videos

We are specializing in Highlight Videos & Recruiting Videos - Video Production for athletes, recruiting services, colleges, high schools and professional leagues.  Our highlight videos stand out due to developed story line, HD footage and impressive video editing with effects.


Fitness and wellness trainer video/ Motivation video

If you have developed your special training system, yoga classes or other related to sport techniques,  the sports video is the best tool to demonstrate the methods, approach and the results to your potential clients.


Price of Success - Motivational Video


Documentary video - Barbara Buttrick. Legend of Box

"Battling" Barbara Buttrick (born 1930) was a world champion in women's boxing in the 1940s and 1950s. Originally from England, Buttrick is considered a pioneer of women's professional boxing. Known as "The Mighty Atom of the Ring". 

 Filmed in Miami, Florida, 2013


NPFL signing in Miami

The final NPFL team to be selected for the 2014 inaugural season, Miami Surge, signs its first three athletes to its roster. Lauren Brooks, Talayna Fortunato and Guido Trinidad are the newest signed athletes to the NPFL. "I've known these athletes for many, many years.

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