Promotional VIDEO, branded content

Nowadays video marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big.  Branded content, commercial videos, promotional videos, testimonials, product videos, infomercial videos, Youtube videos production or website videos are the greatest tools for the market purpose: building brand awareness, boosting sales, explaining how the product works or promoting any announcements. 

According to statistic, marketing videos are one of the most popular communication tools. Well-made commercial video or video testimonials will bring you new customers, increase time spent on your website, build trustful and strong relationship between you and your customer.


AD.JUST Video Production is one of the Orlando and Los Angeles Video Production companies with a special passion for promotional video production. We would love to draw your attention to our vast experience in producing TV commercial videos and web promotional videos for top accounts such as PepsiCo, Nike, Skoda, Mars, Marriott, Lego, Cirque de Soleil, Reebok etc. 


GREENLINE HYBRID YACHTS commercial video teaser

"HappyTapp" hilarious commercial video!

"URMOSI" Fully-customizable ATV throttle

"HappyTapp" - A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger!

Informercial commercial video for an ATV  throutle innovation device, Orlando, 2016

"SmartGlobe" e-commerce product video

Elite House Constructions commercial video, Orlando

"SmartKids" commercial video

"Soda Fountain"  Ice-cream store Facebook commercial video

Mix Cala, puddle boards commercial video, Daytona

Paddle boards company to present the range of colorful products in the short promotional video full of seascapes and drone footage.

Central Florida Accident and Injury Clinic, Client Testimonial

Clients testimonials, clinic overviews, doctors interview in that commercial video describe specific of that clinic and how they help people.

Doritos 30' TV commercial

BRANDED content 

Using branded content has a variety of different ways to help you to outstand the competition with your marketing strategy. Branded Content, Content Marketing, Content Integrations - there are many words to define it, but it’s clear now that multiple brands are in search of video content integration opportunities more than ever before as branded content offers businesses the opportunity to truly engage with their target audience in a totally new way.

Reebok Russia branded content. Martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov the current UFC Lightweight Champ, photo shoot BTS video

"ONE DAY IN ORLAND". Branded content for

One shooting day with Russian mixed martial artist of Avar heritage, two times Combat Sambo World Champion, a freestyle wrestler and a Judo black belt, one of the longest undefeated streaks in MMA with 25 wins. Since 2017 he has been ranked the #2 contender in the UFC Lightweight division by several ranking authorities. California, 2018

Short and dynamic 45 sec video of Orlando highlights, non-touristic Orlando will make you fall in love with that city!

Cirque du Soleil workshop “Cirque gets ready to rumble”

Cirque du Soleil workshop “WWE gets ready to cirque”


Last Call in Downtown Orlando. For Marriott Traveler

An Afternoon In Orlando By Bike. For Marriott Traveler

Orlando is well known for its theme parks, but this beautiful South city has lots of uncovered hidden outdoor gems like Bok Towers, West Orange trail, Lakeridge Winery and tiny but well stuffed Central Florida Railroad Museum. Join our heroes in short bike ride through those places! 

If you want to see the real Orlando, you have to go downtown, especially at night. Locals and out-of-towners converge on Wall Street, and Orange and Magnolia Avenues for an insane bar and live music scene. Hit Tanqueray's for rock and blues from bands like the Ancient Sun Band; throw back a brew at The Celt Irish Pub on Magnolia; mingle and get your dance on at The Basement or The Crow Bar on Pine Street. 

CORPORATE and EVENT VIDEO Production, Los Angeles, orlando

AD.JUST Video production offers corporate video production services in Los Angeles and Orlando areas. The best solution to highlight and present your facility's benefits is the corporate video production. Video guides, cabin tours, video reviews give your customer a great opportunity to get the detailed and realistic image of your product or services.

We can help you to define the best idea and approach and select the most suitable style for your corporative video to produce, no matter if it's a bag manufacture factory or just a small start-up business.

AD.JUST crew members are the professional video producers of beauty and fashion videos and event videos locally and abroad. We can perform Orlando and Los Angeles event video production for outdoor and indoor video projects with one or multi-camera options.

Blond Ambition Band corporate showreel

Blonde Ambitions Band Corporate Video presentation for potential client and venues. 

PLAYMATE of the Year'13 (full event)

PLAYBOY Event Playmate Of The Year 2013. Moscow Russia. Multi-camera video shooting.

Innovations on Quantum of the Seas, New York

 Muddy Hammock Entertainment Park introduction video guide

Video review on one of the most fascinating and innovative cruise ship produced for Robotic bartenders make the perfect Margheritas and much more.....

Quantum of the Seas Cabin Tour, New York

Cruise ship video cabin tour produced for CRUISELINE.COM in order to raise awareness on different cabin categories of the ship

One of the kind entertainment park in Central Florida and the main facilities. Flipped trucks, crazy Jeep races, mud pits, obstacle tracks, beers and music concerts!

LIFE ABOARD. Quantum of the Seas, New York

Entertainment Video Guide. Dining and entertainment in lifestyle video tour on Quantum of the Seas.  

Innovative technology and progress have allowed affordable video production because hardware such as editing suites, cameras, and other important items for video post production is more available than before. The greatest advantage of video marketing is that created videos will last for many years and will get you more revenue with time. 

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