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AD.JUST has generated millions of dollars in revenue and startup capital for fresh businesses. Working with startups of all sizes, we love to tell brand’s stories that result in investment, promotions and your bright future!

We will help you to overcome the obstacles of being a brand new entrepreneur by creating crucially important visual guides on your product such as Pitch Deck, and Explainer video or Pitch video. Working with leading FMCG brands and creating advertising content for them gave us a great marketing expertise which we would love to share with you!


We stick to deadlines, no matter what. Your timeline always sets the pace.


We were a startup ourselves so we walked in your shoes!


Being a startup ourselves we know how exhausting it is to knock on every door to reach the right people to get noticed and picked. 

And when you finally reached them it’s crucial to have an appealing and professionally made startup pitch deck or pitch video to knock down your future investors, but still stay on a budget.

PITCH TOOL BOX - an ultimate set of visual materials to gain a startup investment on any level of that hard journey of the entrepreneurship.



Startup founders interview to submit a pitch to incubator or funding organization.


IndieGoGo and Kickstarter campaigns to boost fundraising, drive awareness, and validate MVP.


A full sized explainer video for to raise the next round or to report the results to investors.



Startup presentation deck on any stage of company growth:  pitch to incubators, angel investors or VC’s, seed rounds preparation, financial data reports etc (based on provided data).


Startup web presence on the web. Slick, modern 1 page websites to tell about your product, team, and expertise while you work on your platform or app. Useful to have for business development and SEO purposes.

PITCH DECK Presentation

"You don't need a business plan, you need a great pitch deck"

Everything you need to cover in your pitch presentation deck comes from the research and numbers you would find if you were making a plan. So, does anyone require to write a 40-page business plan? Absolutely NOT. No one on Earth will ever read that.

But every startup needs to a clear, straight to the point presentation deck that can answer the most important questions any investor will have: problem, solution, market, benefits, team, expertise, and financials. Let us help you to get it done!



All startup videos, such as pitching videos, product demo videos or explainer videos, are the most effective tools in video marketing today. We can assist you in delivering your unique idea, brand values, team strengths, and technology breakthroughs to the decision makers. A professionally crafted video pitch can dramatically elevate your chances to be funded or accepted.

Learning how to pitch is a great deal and watching other companies pitching videos, practicing pitching on your friends and mastering the wording is something you will have to do. On our side, we ensure to pack your message into a powerful and outstanding startup video pitch.

Commercial like Explainer Video


Hilarious live-action explainer video for HAPPYTAP mobile app. Ordering snacks and beverages wherever you are in one tap.

Product Demo Video



Corporate product demo video pitching a new mobile app to AT&T to be considered as an official mobile app for all AT&T fleet drivers. 

Simple Pitch Video



Startup incubator founder pitch video for new royalty-free video stock platform. Startup was successfully accepted.

Crowdfunding campaigns

Creating a Kickstarter video is a fantastic way to fund your independent project and a high-impact video is the surest way to reach your goal. These videos help boost PR, establish a community, and build brand awareness.

For bootstrapping startups Kickstarter campaign is a smart tool to make product/market validation before you invest your own money into the unexplored industry or niche, as well as to accumulate some funds without sharing the equity. 

Amazingly, this type of video production is already a separate genre with its own rules and restrictions. We have experience envisioning, shooting, and editing videos for Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and any other stand-alone fund-raising platforms.

IndieGoGo Video for NEXT BOTTLE 

The next generation of liquid containers. This IndieGoGo video campaign highlighted the product’s built-in features, such as a smartphone charger and powerful speakers

Kickstarter video for ARCHIE FOOTWEAR

Leave a footprint.  A charity driven new foot wear company with a range of comfortable and stylish shoes by affordable price. The archway versatile style makes them perfect for pairing with any outfit.

Kickstarter video for FUSECONNECT.ME

A smart home controller with video surveillance. This Kickstarter video required green screen keying to make the prototype appear active and working.

Kickstarter video for TRASH PRESS

Simplify the Way You Deal with Garbage. A simple device that saves time, money, and helps the environment by reducing the number of trash bags that end up in landfills.

Kickstarter video for ANIMALRESQUE.COM  

Custom pet tags with an online platform to help pet owners to find their beloved pets. This volunteer campaign was successfully funded on Kickstarter! 

Kickstarter video for MUSSEUSE

Your Personal Masseuse. This Kickstarter video campaign highlighted the Mysseuse is an adjustable wall-mounted device for targeted self-massage of your neck, shoulders or back.

Startup PITCH packages



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