Why do I need event video production for my company?


Video makes business communication a lot easier, it optimizes teamwork and widens and improves the “culture” about your products and services. Nowadays, we are seeing a great increase in the use of corporate and event video production on Internet and TV and that represents a powerful transforming strength in the business world.

Having event video production can be a perfect selling tool!

With on-location filming such as green screen event production, convention production, and conference production, you can showcase all the advantages and strong points of your company, letting people know about the technology you use, telling your story and explaining your objectives and future projects or generating trust through interviews of your best clients. 

The benefits of having corporate video production·      

It gives a real image of your company: clients prefer seeing things with their own eyes, rather than reading a long text or looking at a presentation or picture. You can improve your company’s image with corporate video production.

·       It conveys closeness: a corporate video can create an emotional bond between the potential client and the brand, product or service.

·       Promote your business from any place: from any device, in any country and for any audience, your clients can see the infrastructure of your company and the people that work with you just as if they were there with you thanks to on-location filming.

·       You will be more visible: your company will be better positioned in search engines, so it will stand out next your competition. Audiovisual content appeals stronger and faster to any person than textual content. 

·       It generates trust: clients will trust your product or service after they get to know your company and your employees and this will increase your selling chances.

·       Sell more: this is the ultimate result of all the benefits above combined. Event video production could boost your image to a point where clients just come to you.


Event video production   will transport your company from the paper all the way to the screen!

Event video production will transport your company from the paper all the way to the screen!

Add a nice professional touch to your event and immortalize it by having a corporate video production company in Orlando by your side when the great moments are happening. Let Orlando green screen production experts capture the best moments of your convention while you are free to work or enjoy yourself knowing that you will have an extremely professional piece that you can use to promote your company afterward. Show your audience you take pride in what you do! Plus - let’s be honest- an event video production crew always makes things feel very important.


On-location filming coverage/ Green screen Production in Florida

If you need an event or corporate video production services, know that our crew members are ready to join you and deliver valuable b-roll footage of your conference, exhibition, trade show, exhibition, corporate parties, conventions, festivals or any other event that requires high-quality b-roll footage production. Your event could take place at the Orlando Convention Center, Downtown Orlando, theme parks like Disney or Universal, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Jacksonville, it doesn’t matter where in the Central Florida area, our team will be happy to meet your on-location filming needs.

Our compromise is to deliver a piece that you can keep under the belt as an asset for promotion, broadcasting or even corporate goals. 

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Based in Orlando, Florida, in Ad.Just Production we specialize in high-end industrial, corporate and event video production, green screen on-location filming and we do our best so that every video production provides with the best results. We have access to the best assets so that your corporate video becomes a magnet that attracts potential clients. In order to achieve that we make use of diverse techniques, adapting them to the type of video that best fits the needs of your business.

We provide following video production services in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Tampa: Commercial video production, Post Production (editing, SFX, visual effects, audio mastering), Music Video, Corporate Video production, Green screen video production, Marketing and Advertising Video, Testimonials, Kickstarter video and explainer video.

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