How to boost sales with video [Up to 70% conversion

In such an audiovisual world like the one we live in nowadays, why not seize the moment to show the products from your online store through product video production? Audiovisual content is dominating upon the text and we can see that in the interest manifested by e-Commerce clients and conversions at the time of selling products and services.


Features of product videos

While browsing through an online store, you surely have run into a video that showed the features or functioning of a product. It’s not anything new, in fact, this has been being used for a while now, but it’s now when its use has been clearly expanding.

The most important general features that a good product video in an online store are these:

-       Professional quality:

if you decide to show your product with a video, it’s not worth it to do it with whatever material you can quickly put together. The more technical quality your product video is made with, the more seriousness you will show and the more attention it will call from the potential client.

-       Good lighting:

If you want to show a product video of great quality, you need good lighting. Having a professional video camera is completely irrelevant without good lighting. Lighting is a complicated matter in video production because there are many aspects to take into account, such as the product’s trajectory through the frame.  

For nature and bio-product videos sunlight is still the best lighting especially while using a natural background as wood, grace, leaves etc. For any other product videos, a decent studio lighting kit makes a big difference at the end of the production.

-       Simplicity:

A product video must cut to the chase. It’s about showing the product in the best way possible just as if the viewer is looking at it in the physical store, or even better, given that product video production enables us to show the product being used and some details about it that we want to enhance in the client’s mind. However, within simplicity there’s room for being creative, but without forgetting the ultimate goal of showing your product with clarity.


Product video studio set, Orlando

Product video studio set, Orlando

We already know the overall features that you want to see in a product video production. Now, let’s talk about what type of products are best shown in product video production. Yes, any product in an online store can be shown in a video and it’s also true that some products actually need video production in order for their benefits to be properly conveyed.

A clear example is the textile and fashion accessories; a product video can show with clarity the size of a piece of clothing while being used by a model. You can easily see how long a skirt will be, the fall of a shirt, the size of a pair of earrings…

A product video can also be very useful to show the functioning of certain electronic products or any type of item that needs some sort of a tutorial to learn how to use them. With product video production you can provide visual information that saves you tons of words.


Conversion thanks to product videos

In the past years, several studies have been made around the conversion capacity that product videos have when it comes to eCommerce sales. One of the latest studies, made by Livecliker based on the data gathered from their clients, shows interesting facts: online stores that show a big amount of product videos (between 50 and 70% of the total amount of products), convert 31% more than those that show an average amount of videos (25-50% of the total) and 79% more than the stores that show none or just a few videos (0-25% of the total).

There’s more data from the same study:

-       Clients that watch 10 or more videos in an online store spent 119% more than the users that only watched one video.

-       Product video length is important; videos that last less than 30 seconds generated 89% more sales than the videos that lasted more than 3 minutes.

-       Product videos should be adapted to play on small screens because more than 25% were watched on mobile devices.


In general, visitors that watch product videos stay 2 and half minutes more in online stores and increase in a 64% the possibilities of purchases compared to the websites that don’t show any product video.


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