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Mastering Vertical Videos for Your Beauty Brand Marketing Strategy


June 1, 2023

Are you looking to revamp your beauty brand’s marketing strategy? If so, then mastering the art of vertical videos and social proof is a must. With social media becoming an increasingly crucial part of e-commerce, incorporating compelling video content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

In this blog post, we will explore why vertical videos are essential for your beauty brand and how you can create and promote them effectively.

Understanding the Power of Vertical Videos


Vertical videos are a powerful tool for beauty brands to engage with their audience on social channels. With the rise of mobile device usage, they have become more popular due to vertical format ability to fit perfectly onto smartphone screens.

Vertical videos are a powerful tool for beauty brands to engage with their audience, and using calls-to-action in your vertical video content strategy can increase conversation rates and boost engagement metrics.

Education is key when it comes to mastering vertical videos for your skincare brands’ marketing strategy, as Google reports that consumers want educational content from the beauty and cosmetic brands that they follow online. By creating informative and visually appealing vertical video content, you not only capture attention but also establish credibility within your industry niche. From sharing skincare tips or makeup tutorials to showcasing new beauty product purchases and launches, utilizing the power of vertical videos can help take your e-commerce business’s social media game up a notch.


Why Vertical Videos Are More Effective on Social Media Platforms

Vertical videos are a must-have in any social media video marketing strategy for beauty brands. With the majority of all content consumption happening on mobile devices, they take up more real estate on mobile screens and offer an immersive viewing experience without requiring viewers to rotate their phones. This means that beauty brands have a higher chance of capturing the attention with vertical video on a mobile devices compared to horizontal ones.

In addition, studies show that vertical videos have higher completion rates than horizontal ones, making mobile video perfect for including calls to action or educational content in your beauty brand’s content strategy.

Incorporating horizontal video can lead to increased engagement rates and better conversations about your products. Utilizing Google search data is essential as well as understanding what type of education they require before purchasing certain items from you – all important factors in the buying process for building trust with consumers and ensuring long-term loyalty toward your brand. 

The Science Behind Vertical Videos and User Behavior

Mobile users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time, making it an essential aspect of any content marketing strategy. Neuroscience research shows that vertical videos trigger emotions faster than horizontal ones due to how our brains process visual information. As a result, viewers are more likely to engage with content that’s optimized for mobile devices.

With Google constantly updating its algorithms, beauty and cosmetics brand must adapt quickly if they want their content seen by the correct demographics. Vertical content that tells compelling stories and evokes emotion provides excellent opportunities for brands seeking new ways of standing out from competitors in the crowded online marketplace.


Using Vertical Videos to Tell Your Brand Story

Captivate your audience with a compelling opening shot or hook within the first few seconds of your social media video. With many viewers choosing to watch without sound, it’s crucial to use text overlays or captions if necessary. Incorporating calls-to-action at the end of your video is also essential for encouraging viewers to visit your website or follow you on social media.

Using vertical videos as part of an effective skincare brand content marketing strategy can help educate and inspire consumers about new products while creating conversation and building trust in your brand:

  • Use captivating opening shots/hooks
  • Include text overlays/captions
  • Incorporate calls-to-action
  • Educate and inspire consumers
  • Create conversation & build trust in the brand

AD.JUST PRODUCTION is a video agency that has helped many eCommerce brands to start their advertising in Tiktok with viral vertical videos. We are a team of experienced specialists who can produce high-quality videos that convert.

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Creating Compelling Vertical Videos for Skincare Brands

 To create engaging vertical videos for a skincare brand, start by identifying who you’re speaking to and crafting a storytelling strategy around their needs and desires. Whether it’s demonstrating skincare routine, how-to tutorials, or showcasing skincare products reviews from real people, make sure that the content speaks directly to your intended demographic.

The Importance of High-Quality Video Production

Investing in professional equipment and expertise, maximizing visual appeal with strong lighting and composition, and ensuring audio quality with clear sound recording are all crucial components of high-quality video production. In today’s fast-paced digital world, social media has become a primary platform for marketing your beauty products. With the rise of vertical content like Instagram and TikTok, it is essential to produce visually appealing content that engages this specific audience.

Professional equipment such as cameras, lenses, and lighting can elevate the overall quality. However, having access to top-of-the-line equipment is not enough if you lack expertise in using them effectively. Hiring professionals who have experience can help ensure that every element is properly considered during production.

Quality sound also plays an essential role in creating engaging content since unclear or muffled audio could distract from what you’re trying to convey.

Investing in high-quality video production ultimately pays off by increasing engagement rates among audiences on social media platforms where beauty and cosmetic brands thrive most prominently: Instagram & TikTok. By providing valuable educational or entertainment-focused content which appeals directly to consumers’ interests – this can be achieved more effectively than ever before!


Identifying Your Target Audience and Tailoring Your Message

Conducting market research is crucial in understanding your customers and their preferences. Collect data on your target audience’s age, gender, income level, interests, and geographical location. This will help you create buyer personas that represent the different segments of your audience. Personalizing communication for these personas ensures that they feel seen and understood by your own brand ambassadors.

Social media platforms offer valuable insights into engagement rates with particular content types or topics. Analyzing such metrics can guide adjustments to future video marketing campaigns. Remember to tailor strategies accordingly while considering what drives engagement among different audiences. Understanding how social media performs helps to optimize marketing channels and product promotion through vertical videos in a manner that resonates with the intended customers’ preferences and values.

Overall, taking time to understand who you are targeting when creating a social media video marketing campaign is fundamental to achieving impactful results for any E-commerce owner promoting beauty products or services online. Gathering accurate information about customer behavior guarantees essential customer feedback critical in delivering quality improvement upon consumer requirements for sustainable business growth over time as well as building long-lasting relationships based on trust between businesses and consumers alike.


Crafting a Storytelling Strategy for Your Vertical Videos

To make your beauty brand’s social media videos stand out, you need to create an opening sequence or introduction. Use visuals and music that capture the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds of the video. This will encourage them to keep watching, increasing engagement with your brand.

Incorporating an emotional appeal through testimonials, music selections or inspiring messages can also help connect viewers on a deeper level. But it is important not to forget about building tension and excitement over time by developing a narrative arch that keeps them engaged until the end of your message.

By incorporating these elements into your storytelling strategy as part of an effective social media marketing plan for e-commerce and online store owners, you can increase customer loyalty and drive sales growth.

Promoting Your Vertical Videos on Social Media


To promote them effectively, consider tailoring each video to the platform you’re posting it on. For example, Instagram Stories have different dimensions than TikTok reels, so make sure your content is optimized for each channel.

Paid promotions and influencer marketing with user-generated content can also help get your vertical video ads in front of a wider audience. Consider partnering with influencers or running paid ads to reach new customers who may not already follow your brand.

Finally, don’t forget to measure the success of your vertical video campaigns. Track metrics like engagement rates and click-through rates to see which types of content are resonating with your audience and adjust accordingly.


Optimizing Your Video for Each Platform


Understanding the specs and requirements of each social media platform is crucial to optimize your video for social media marketing. Tailoring your video content to match the specific audience on each platform will help you engage with them better. Using subtitles and captions to make your content more accessible can also increase engagement and reach a wider audience.


    • Use different aspect ratios based on the platform’s preferences (for example, Instagram Stories prefer 9: 16 while YouTube prefers 16:9).
    • Keep in mind the maximum length allowed by each platform.
    • Customization is key—adapt colors, fonts, images, and music according to the tone of voice.
    • Add subtitles or captions for viewers who watch without sound.




User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing

Working with micro-influencers who can authentically promote your products is a powerful way to reach new audiences. By partnering with influencers that align with your brand’s values and niche, you can tap into their engaged follower base and drive organic traffic to your site or social media channels. These collaborations work best when beauty influencers truly believe in the product they are promoting, as this will come across as genuine to their audience.

User-generated content (UGC) can be a powerful tool to help your brand do just that. By leveraging the content created by your customers and social media influencers, you can create content that can increase engagement, build trust, and ultimately drive sales.

By partnering with influencers whose aesthetic and audience align with your brand, you can tap into their engaged follower base and drive traffic to your site. To ensure the most effective collaboration, it’s important to choose influencers who truly believe in your product and can promote it in a genuine way to their audience.

Measuring the Success of the Beauty Marketing



When utilizing social media ad targeting options, such as lookalike audiences, it’s important to focus on reaching those who are most likely to be interested in your skin care brand. By creating custom audiences based on previous customer behavior or interests related to beauty and cosmetic brands, you can ensure maximum impact from any paid promotions or ads you run alongside your vertical video content.



Gathering feedback from customers through surveys or user-generated content like reviews and testimonials allows you to gain insights into the customer journey and their experience with your brand. Use this information to improve future video campaigns and provide a better customer experience overall.

Engagement metrics

Tracking engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates (CTR) is crucial in measuring the success of your campaigns. These metrics help you understand your audience’s behavior towards your content and identify what works best for them. Analyzing conversion rates from your organic website traffic and social media traffic to sales on your website or e-commerce store is another way to see the impact of your efforts on revenue generation.

    • Track engagement metrics: likes, comments, shares, CTR
    • Analyze conversion rates from social media traffic
    • Gather feedback through surveys/user-generated content

Best practices for optimizing social media videos for a beauty brand

Social media has become a crucial platform for beauty brands to promote their products and connect with their target audience. Video marketing and influencer collaborations are two of the most effective strategies for beauty brands to optimize their online presence. Here are some best practices.

1. Use IG Stories:

IG Stories are an effective way to create engaging video content that disappears after 24 hours. Use the Stories feature to showcase your products, share behind-the-scenes content, and promote product reviews and tutorials.

2. Invest in influencer marketing:

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to reach a larger audience and build trust with potential customers. Partner with influencers who align with your brand values and have a strong presence online.

3. Focus on storytelling:

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating emotional connections with your target audience. Create content that share the story behind your brand, the inspiration for your products, and how they can enhance the lives of your customers.

4. Create product reviews:

Product reviews are an effective way to showcase your products and build trust with your audience. Create honest and informative product reviews that highlight the benefits of your products.

5. Use calls-to-action:

Encourage your audience to take action by including a call to action in your content. This could be anything from asking them to visit your website, purchase a product, or follow your social accounts.

How can a beauty brand measure the success of its social media video marketing?

One of the most important metrics to track is engagement with existing audiences. Are people watching the videos? Are they liking, commenting, and sharing them? This will give you an idea of how interested your audience is in your content.

Another important metric is reach. How many people are seeing your videos? Are they being shared beyond your immediate followers? This will give you an idea of how much your content is being shared and how many people it’s reaching.

Ultimately, the goal of your video marketing strategy should be to increase sales. You can track this by including calls to action in your clips, such as links to your website or product pages.

Story views. You can track the number of views your stories are getting and see how many people are swiping up.

Overall, measuring the success of your video marketing strategy will depend on your specific goals and objectives. By tracking metrics like engagement, reach, and sales, you can get a better understanding of how effective your content is at engaging your audience and driving conversions.

Bottom Line

Vertical video is no longer just a trend, but a necessity in the world of digital marketing. Especially in the beauty industry, where visual content is crucial, mastering them can give your brand a competitive edge. 

Whether it’s through influencer collaborations, product reviews, Instagram stories or instagram reels to showcasing your products, using vertical videos can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive more conversions.

When it comes to bringing your brand's presence online, especially if you own a small business, your best bet is to create and market a small business video that represents your services or products. The popularity of visual content sharing apps and platforms shows the explosive rise in interest of people in watching video. Videos for small business are one of the most efficient and convenient ways of making your online presence noticed.

According to this research 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It can help you start and grow your small business exponentially by attracting your potential customers by building a connection between your brand and the audience.

In this article, we’ll look into the benefits of building a digital home for your business and how you can create great videos to promote your small business without investing a fortune. So, stay tuned!

1.What are the Benefits of Creating Video for Small Business?

Although video making may seem to take a lot of effort, time, and cost, using the right techniques, tools, and video sharing platforms can make them worth your while. Here are some of the reasons how creating a compelling content of a few minutes can help you boost your business:


  • Videos are the most alluring form of content
  • They can engage your potential customers on social media
  • You can have access to mobile users through marketing videos
  • They can enhance SEO, conversion, and sale of your products
  • You can boost return on investment with less expenditure on ads
  • They can help you earn customers’ trust and loyalty
  • They can educate and motivate your potential customers

2. What Type of Videos Can You Create?

It can be challenging to choose the right format because there are so many ways to do it. Here are a few types of result-driven business videos you can opt from for your small business:

  • Brand Introduction or Story Videos

The purpose of creating a brand story video is to build a connection between your brand and the customers by offering them more insight into your brand’s history, mission, and values. These videos can also help your audience understand what sets your business apart from the rest. Consumers are more probable to be drawn to companies that communicate their purpose and represent an idea bigger than their products or services. Hence, aim for videos with information about your values and background to spark a sense of affiliation or association in your audience.

  • Product Videos

The aim of making a product video is to help your customers learn how your product or service will solve their problems. They explain what your product/service is, what its benefits are, and how it works. They can be great for showing your products or services in action and grabbing the attention of your potential consumers. No matter how great your products/services are, if your customers don’t know how it can be beneficial for them, you may not be able to sell it.

  • Educational Videos

Educational videos are an important marketing tool that allows you to establish yourself as an expert or authority in your field, educating your audience on topics in your niche. It can be a guide, tutorial, Q & A, and tips and tricks related to your product/service. Instead of explicitly selling your product/service, you provide value to your audience by teaching them something new about the product/service you sell. This helps build trust with your audience and gain more credibility for your brand.

  • Social Proof Videos

This type of business video is based on the notion that the views and actions of others can affect a person’s behavior. They help to turn your potential buyers into enthusiastic customers of your products or services. They employ the authority and influence of people to form positive brand perception based on social proof.

Twitter has released a report showing consumers seek product recommendations from influencers almost as much as they do from friends.

3. Small Business Video Examples


Below are some examples of impactful and fascinating small business videos to help you come up with ideas and identify different aspects and elements of product/service videos by other brands.

  • WARE Company Introduction Video

This introduction piece shows the incredible work done by the brand showing its audience the company’s values, goals, and culture. They have shown their team members describing their products to build an emotional connection with their potential buyers.

  • Tiny Mobile Robots Small Business Testimonials 

A product review based on the current client testimonials. Documentary-style interview and aerial footage.

Produced by AD.JUST Production

  • Humidifier Explainer Educational Video

If you’re interested in creating an explainer video to promote your small business, here is an excellent example to motivate you: Airrobo is trying to teach the audience about one of their products to build foundational knowledge that will help them understand the product and the way to use it.

Produced by AD.JUST Production


Get Your Small Business Video!


AD.JUST is a Los Angeles video production company offering professional and affordable high-quality videography services to our clients including video for small business. Our team can be found at various locations throughout California servicing corporate events, commercials, films, etc.

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4. How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Business? 

Visual marketing has become one of the most popular and useful ways of boosting your business over the last few years. Here’s how you can follow this trend:


  • Capitalize on Available Platforms. The most suitable and effective method of promoting your marketing videos is to use video platforms that are already available, such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Users of these platforms are already primed for marketing content, and it’s up to you to utilize it as an opportunity to market your product/service.
  • Deliver Quality Content. Although the future of video marketing is promising, you need to carefully develop your brand’s video rather than just jumping headfirst. Since users are already exposed to countless videos from numerous brands, you’ll have to provide high-quality content in order to get noticed.
  • Present Value of Your Product. It’s important to demonstrate to your potential customers that you value their attention and time. The best approach to earn their respect and attention is to establish the value of your product/service by focusing on its key elements. 
  • Tell the Story. Marketing videos are probably your best shot at telling your story, especially if you’re using platforms that support long-form content. Brands that use storytelling aspects of things related to their products or services are more likely to move their viewers to their customers.
  • Follow the Three “E”s. Three simple yet highly effective and failsafe steps toward promoting your marketing videos are following three “E”s: engage, energize, and educate. Aim to keep your potential buyers engaged by presenting your content at the right time and place, energizing your audience to stay engaged with your brand, and educating them by providing information about your product/service.

5. How to Get Started with Making a Video?

Now that you know why you need to create quality videos for your small business and how these videos can be helpful for your brand let’s move on to the important steps in making a video.

  • Define Your Goals

The first and most fundamental step while creating a successful business video is to set a clear target or goals you are aiming to achieve. One way of doing this is by asking yourself, “what is the purpose of this video?” This question will help you determine what to include and what not. Some ideas for establishing your goals are:

  • Increase brand awareness through storytelling
  • Boost sales through product videos
  • Build reliability through social proof videos
  • Educate your buyers through educational videos

These are some ways to create videos that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. Remember that whatever decision you make should be consistent with your goals.

  • Brainstorm for Ideas

The next step involves coming up with ideas for your videos and taking inspiration from your competitors, peers, and well-established brands in the market. You can use social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to get more information about bigger bands. This can help you recognize their strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide how you can do better. Another way is by using your website analytics and identifying top-reaching posts to repurpose these posts for creating your content. Lastly, if you already have social media presence, use analytics to spot top-performing posts as well as keep track of comments and queries from your customers. This can give you some ideas about your videos.

  • Write a Script

Preparing a script will help you build a clear story, map out the entire flow for your video, and establish strong points that you can hit throughout. If you are camera shy, having something written out may also help reduce nervousness. You would also need to include an introduction, CTA's (call-to-action), product features, etc.

    • Choose a Location

    Finding the right location for shooting your video is an important step. If you choose to shoot your product or subject indoor, make sure you do it in well-illuminated conditions. While shooting an outdoor video, be careful about the shadows and glare. Moreover, no matter if you decide to shoot indoor or outdoor, the place should be free of unwanted distractions and background noise.

    • Contact local Video Production Teams

    Finally, now that you have done all the prep work, it’s time to look for local video production teams to help you get on your feet and start recording your business video. Choosing a video production team instead of filming your business video yourself is particularly recommended if you have minimal or no experience creating videos, are going to be on camera, or have enough going on and need professional help for this step. Getting help from a video team or pro can create your business video to build and promote your business more effectively. A video production team can create content that assists in marketing your business more efficiently and establishing your brand more rapidly

    6. Best Practices and Guidelines for Creating a Successful Video Campaign


    After you’ve successfully completed production for your small business, now is the time to shift all your focus to starting a video campaign for the promotion of your business. Here are some small steps and guidelines you can follow to achieve your desired outcome:

    • Share on Social Media

    Based on a study published by the Pew Research Center, seven out of ten people are on social media. It indicates that social media is a powerful and appropriate place to promote your business videos. You can opt for tools, such as Buffer, for sharing your videos on different social media platforms quickly without any hassle. Use tools like Rapidtags to optimize your video titles and tags on Youtube.

    • Use Video on Landing Page

    You should use video on your landing page because it makes people want to purchase your products. In fact, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video. Video ads help drive traffic and sales. So why not add one about your business to your landing page?

    If you’re a new small business, you can use our Start page to create a mobile landing page. It's easy to link to your favorite videos from YouTube on your page. Just click "Create Video" on the video's player and select "Link to YouTube video.

    • Work with Influencers

    Collaborating with influencers is a popular and effective way to expose your brand to more people and get more social proof for your brand. It is estimated that around 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations, while 40% have made a purchase after coming across something on social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

    If you're just starting out and you're looking to work with influencers, look to work with micro-influencers because they're often the most engaged and best to work with. They are willing to do partnerships in exchange for free products.

    • Use Paid Social Advertising

    Using paid social advertising will help your video for a small business gain more views, particularly if it’s already getting a lot of views organically. Ads on Facebook, or Instagram, are the most common type of ad platform used by small businesses. Either type of ad platform has its own benefits that only you can determine.







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