12 Best Kickstarter Videos of 2020

New guide to the best Kickstarter videos of the year 2020! We focused on the physical products in this article that can be purchased online at any e-commerce platforms. The products in the videos are picked carefully and they not only look exceptional but can also be found quite helpful in resolving many issues that one comes across on a day to day basis.

The mere purpose of the Kickstarter videos in 2020 is to promote the respective products and attract investors so that these products can be launched and the maximum number of people can get the benefits of them. So let’s have a look at the selection of the best Kickstarter video production references that can get you inspired if you are planning to produce the best crowdfunding video to launch your brand.

1. HUNU – The Coffee Cup

About the product:

HUNU is an elegantly designed cup that is usable and can be folded down into your pocket. Here the question comes why one should go on to by HUNU when there are a lot of other cups from different companies available. Let’s give you two important reasons. Firstly, the HUNU cups are foldable. This means their size can be reduced to the extent that they get fit into your pocket and you can easily carry them anywhere you want. 

Secondly, HUNU cups are the most convenient reusable option available. Normally, the other available cups are not recycled/reused and end up being dumped into landfill sites and then washed away into seas and oceans adding up to the water pollution. The paper ones are the reason why millions of trees being cut down to manufacture them. The HUNU cup is the alternative that can easily be reused as it is very easy to be cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher. These are the most portable cups available and can be folded down to 2cm.


Goal: £2,500

Raised Funds: £214,216

About the Kickstarter video:

This lighthearted joyful video will give you a feel that you are watching a travel vlog. This crowdfunding video is highly captivating and shows great storytelling characteristics. You will find yourself completely immersed thanks to its upbeat music.

The story shares how the idea of manufacturing HUNU cups came into being and how inconvenient the conventional coffee cups available in the market are. They are made of such materials that are usually not recycled and also results in environmental pollution. Being eco-friendly is one of the evergreen trends and continues to take place in 2020 Kickstarter videos. The necessity is the mother of invention, so comes the idea of the product. 

2. Cinera Edge

About the product:

Cinera Edge is a Dolby Digital® certified headphone and OLED that gives you a complete cinematic experience. It is your own personal mini-cinema that you can carry anywhere you go. The headphones produce astonishing 2560×1440 pixels that deliver video enhancement beyond imagination. It is characterized by 5.1 channels of surround sound and produces fantastic audio quality and makes you living the movie. 

Cinera Edge gives you a 3D display that requires no glasses. This means you’ll be experiencing no filtration by the glasses, the result of which is greater levels of brightness and vibrant colors. If you are looking for enhancing the experience of watching movies and playing games, then this gadget is the best choice that will take your experience to the next level. 

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,390,783

About the Kickstarter video:

Cinera Edge gives you the experience of being actually present in the movie. This crowdfunding video starts with a person wearing the gadget in his home environment. As soon as he wears them up, he finds himself in the actual scene of the movie that happens to be a jungle. The visuals of the video shot in a cinematic quality to represent the idea of video quality that the headphones produce. The audio is extremely enhanced which shows that the producers have worked upon the minute details.

The idea is pretty simple yet amazing. And that is, you are not watching a movie, rather, you are part of the movie! 


About the product:

Lucky Flip is a modern version of guess-the-number-I-think. It is a multiplayer roulette-style game that combines the factors of memory, strategy, and luck. The game consists of Lucky Flip Board, 100 deck cards, 2 dices, 49 tokens, 6 scoreboards, and 6 dry markers. 

The rules of this game are quite short and simple that anybody can learn them easily. Lucky Flip has all the characteristics to replace the old and over-played conventional board games.

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,390,783

About the Kickstarter video:

This crowdfunding video consists of 2 parts: the life-style game experience painted in a humorous way, and the explanation part, game rules, cards, tactics. The catchy first part serves to grab the attention of the viewers when the second one main purpose it to guide through the rules, show it’s simplicity and ability to be played with no experience at all and still have fun!

As the game is quite simple, therefore, you can learn it just merely by watching the video. There is a small founder interview part at the end to add a personal touch to it. This is a great example of one of the best kickstarter videos of 2020 combining all necessary pillars of a good crowdfunding video.

Produced by AD.JUST Production, Kickstarter video production company.

4. Analog

About the product:

Analog is a physical tool that helps you to become more productive by focusing on the important tasks as per your priority list. Each Analog Card Pack includes 50 cards which can easily last up to one month. The cards are divided into three categories namely: Today Cards, Next Cards, and Someday Card.

The size of these smooth uncoated paper cards is 3″x5″. Not only that, but you also find a solid walnut base Card Holder that elegantly holds your cards and keeps them in front of your eyes. Analog is a simple yet effective tool that keeps you on track every day.

Goal: $6,000

Raised Funds: $451,577

About the Kickstarter video:

The Kickstarter video of Analog is as simple as the idea of Analog itself is. No animation, eye-catching colors, yet as effective as Analog. It demonstrates how this simplest productivity system works and includes step by step guide to using this tool to create an impact in your life. 

The video also shows how Analog has an edge on other digital tools of the same function. It also explains how you can use each category of the card to yield the maximum amount of benefit.

5. BIGSOFTI: Portable Soft Light

About the product:

Bigsofti is a portable LED soft panel for better photos & video by emitting diffused lighting. There is no need to place Bigsofti on a table or a flat surface. It can get fixed onto almost anything be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer monitors as it contains a universal clip. Bigsofti does also offers you a range of brightness levels i.e. low, mid, and max. 

Furthermore, you can also adjust the temperature of the light with the options of daylight, clean white, and tungsten. Bigsofti is powered by a 1500mah battery. Whether you are a YouTuber, selfie lover, filmmaker, or just a normal camera user, with Bigsofti lighting is no more an issue.

Goal: AU$ 18,000 

Raised Funds: AU$ 671,832

About the Kickstarter video:

The best thing about it is that it compares the conventional option of lighting that is mobile phone flash with a lighting effect produced by Bigsofti. The real-time pictures show how the diffused light enhances the ability of your camera to focus on the object and hence sharper and better pictures are produced. The video also shows different usages of the light. It also gives insights into the idea of developing Bigsofti.

6. The Microcosm in Glass

About the product:

The Microcosm in Glass: Viruses, Bacteria, and Cells are the most captivating microorganisms laser engraved in 3D solid crystal glass. It is a unique piece of art that can add up to the aesthetic features of your house, office, or any place of your choice. Every piece is made up of high-quality crystal glass that they never get yellow as the other cheaper materials like plastic turn over the course of time. 

Each piece is a genuine scientific model containing a micro-organism. There is a range of organisms encapsulated. These include Erythrocryte, Human Cell, Neuronal Cell, Sperm Cell, Corona Virus, Salmonella, HIV, Bacteriophage, and many more.

Goal: €14,000

Raised Funds: €142,558

About the Kickstarter video:

This crowdfunding video is as creative as the product itself. It contains the visual depiction of the Microcosm in the glass. You will be surprised to see how much aesthetic these creatures look. Though the audio quality could be improved, the video gives enough details about the selected microcosms. Watching it also feels like you are having a science lecture with amazing visual effects and nice music.

7. Barisieur 2.0 

About the product:

Barisieur 2.0 is an automatic immersion brewer that comes with alarm clock functionality and wireless charging. Barisieur 2.0 gives the experience of making coffee/tea a new dimension. It has a built-in alarm clock that sets the time-period of making your tea ready. How wonderful is that this idea that you’ll wake up with the aroma of fresh coffee which instills extra alertness in you? With Barisieur 2.0 you can enjoy the luxury of having your tea at the comfort of your bed. 

Not only that, but Barisieur 2.0 can also serve the function of a smart milk mini-fridge. The design of the product is quite unique and can be placed onto a table as an artifact. 

Goal: £10,000

Raised Funds: £109,558

About the Kickstarter video:

Video production is given extra attention which makes it stand out among others. The video makes you fall in love with the idea of waking up with the aroma of coffee/tea around you and having them ready and served at your bed. 

The video also shows how you can operate Barisieur 2.0 and what the functions of its different components are. After watching it, you cannot help but appreciate the way this brewer works and how it brings convenience to your life.

8. Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15

About the product:

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 is an electric scooter that can very conveniently take you to anywhere. The unique and stylish design is the major selling point of this scooter. The scooter is made up of quite durable material yet it feels so light. This makes it a reliable and stylish companion at the same time.

On top of that, the scooter can be folded into the half with just a click and then can very easily be moved anywhere or can get fit into minimum space. Air T15 also contains a dashboard that is bezel-less and elevates your overall travel experience.

Goal: $50,000

Raised Funds: $435,799

About the Kickstarter video:

A Kickstarter video production at its finest, the project is as elegant and stylish as a product itself. It utilized the colors in the most appropriate manner. You will be surprised that the video does not contain a single word yet it delivers its message in its full entirety. This definitely is videography at its best! 

The video displays shots of the product with cinematic quality.  The features and benefits of the product are comprehensively covered. The use of an upbeat and dynamic soundtrack is a key feature here.

9. Terraplanter – Inside-out Planter

About the product:

Terraplanter is based upon the philosophy of creating a new home for plants. Terraplanter is aesthetically elegant and provides an optimal solution for hydroponic plants to thrive. It holds seeds, water, and provides shape and texture to the plant. The walls of the vessel are made in such a way that water gets diffused through them and maintain a constant water supply to the plant.

Goal: $20,000

Raised Funds: $6,391,763

About the Kickstarter video:

One of the greatest examples of the best Kickstarter video in 2020 thanks to the simplicity, great contrast color scheme, and stop motion and timelapse technics mixed with the standard footage.  It starts with the manufacturer of the product telling about how the idea of Terraplanter came into being in the first place. The video reveals that it was because of two primary issues that normally gardeners face in-home planting i.e. under-watering and over-watering.

The result in both cases is the same, the plant not being able to grow. The main purpose of the Terraplanter is to address this deadly scenario. The video with the help of creative animations reveals how the mechanism of water supply in Terraplanter works. 

10. PICO: A garden in your palm

About the product:

Growing plants indoors is no more a dream with Pico. The item consists of a container in which the plant is placed. The container has its own mechanism of water supply. The container also lets you know how much water is available for the plant.

The most striking feature of Pico is its telescopic LED which provides an alternative to the sunlight. The wavelength of the light can also be adjusted as per the requirement. Pico can also be recharged and its timer allows you to set the timing for the lighting.

Goal: $10,000

Raised Funds: $1,500,698

About the Kickstarter video:

Another Kickstarter video of 2019 with DIY plants growing.

Pico has a philosophy of bringing nature home. The crowdfunding video starts with the same theme of bringing improvement to nature and what our conventional ways have been in doing so. With the help of dynamic animations and visual effects it tells how you can grow plants at home using Pico. It excellently synchronized with the background music.

11. FORGO – Sustainable Powder to Liquid Hand Wash

About the product:

Forgo is powered soap that easily turns into a liquid when mixed with water. The basic idea behind coming up with this product is to reduce the waste produced by the used liquid soap bottles. Forgo powder comes in a small paper sachet that can be poured into a reusable good quality soap bottle. 

Special attention is given to the fragrance of the soap that gives a refreshing experience to the user. It should be noted that these soaps are made up of a minimum number of ingredients, hence, are quite suitable for any type of skin.

Goal: SEK 100,000

Raised Funds: SEK 546,912

About the Kickstarter video:

Quite a simple video that tells you why in the first place Forgo is need of the hour when there are a lot of other liquid soap options available in the market. It takes you to a short tour of how this powdered soap is manufactured. Then it goes on to tell how you are going to turn the powdered soap into the liquid one. The simplicity of the videography and its comprehensiveness of delivering the message will definitely strike you.

12. Clicbot – Educational Robot 

About the product:

Clicbot is a modular education robot that is consisted of a brain, 4x joints, skeleton, 2x wheels, mount, phone holder, USB type C cable, and Clicbot Acadamy app. There are more than 1000 setups in which you can code the Clicbot and according to which it will reflect its personality.

Clicbot can walk, climb, dance, race, draw, grasp things, carry things from one place to another, play games, track face, and can do other activities depending on the setup that you have made.  Clicbot is beautifully made with excellent quality material and has all the qualities to become your best companion. 

Goal: $25,000

Raised Funds: $903,248

About the Kickstarter video:

The Kickstarter video is indeed as attractive as the Clicbot is. The movement of the robot shown in the video depicting its different functions is simply eye-catching. The producer hit the nail in bull’s eye when they showed Clicbot functioning in real-time. The viewer simply finds himself lost in the video, seeing the unbelievable functions of this simple-looking machine. 

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