Best E-commerce Product Videos of 2023


In the article, we will be focusing on the best product videos for e-commerce of the year 2023. We’ll delineate what makes them better than the others and what are the key elements that these videos stand out from the competition.

By now, it is a recognized fact that the digital industry is on the rise. More people have access to the internet now than at any time in the past. Similarly, the use of smartphones and other digital devices has increased manifolds during the last decade.

This digital revolution has brought about the idea of buying and selling online. More businesses are going towards the click-and-mortar model. Selling online has its prerequisites. Presentable product videos for e-commerce, well-communicated product descriptions and a seamless overall buying journey for the digital buyer are spinal elements for a good e-commerce experience.

e-commerce product video for ecommerce production

1. Superfood Supplement:

About the product:

Manufactured by Bio Schwartz, Green’s Superfood supplement is a dietary supplement. Lately, the demand for such green and organic products has been on the upside for quite some time now. The Superfood supplement is a mix of various vegetables, fruits, and grasses.

The company has branded this particular product as a pre/pro-biotic and as a digestive enzyme supplement. The packing comes with a plastic bottle with a green branding over it. The product is 3rd party licensed for its quality & purity. The licensing adds to the validation element of the product and adds to its ingenuity.

The product is said to purify the body by means of the antioxidants that it possesses, boost energy through the natural supplementary power of green vegetables and fruits. Lastly, it is said to support a healthy weight management system.


About the video:

The e-commerce product video is brief, yet it manages to point out all the essentials of the product in the talk. It is important to note down here the fact that buyers won’t spend much of their time trying to know about the product. So it’s a best practice to express briefly what needs of the buyer the product will be efficiently meeting.

It communicates what the product does, what it is made of, and lastly, by showing it’s a professional graded product, it adds to its authenticity. At the end of the video, the watcher sees different fruits, vegetables, and a jar of juice placed alongside the Superfood Supplement box pack. This reinforces in the mind of the potential buyer that this is a natural product. Why is this an amazing example of the best product video? Because it manages to express all that the customer might be looking for in a short span of time.

2. Lucky Flip

About the product:

Lucky flip is a roulette-style dice and card game for 2-6 players. This game can be played by adults of all ages. The game positions itself on two major elements, i.e., it takes 2 minutes to learn and each game lasts for 25 minutes. So basically, they have positioned the product as a quick means to having fun with friends and family.

It’s a fast-paced game that combines memory, strategy, and luck. The game box comes with a variety of components, namely the game board, cards, scorecards, markers, tokens, and dice. Lucky Flip was launched only last year, and it has already been touted as one of the best card and board games in the market.


About the video:

The e-commerce product video is both short and engaging. It sets the right tone for the product in the market. The video shows a bunch of friends playing the game and having a great deal of fun. The video also indicates a pair of older individuals playing the game, which conveys the message that this game can be played by people from different age groups.

Taking into consideration that the end customer of this game would most probably be the younger lot, it is a wise attempt to keep the video short because normally, people aging 17-25 display brief attention spans while buying online. This video has the qualities of the best product videos out there.

3. Natural Force MCT Oils

About the product:

MCT products, including MCT oils and serums, have been the talk of the town for a while now. This is due to the diverse set of benefits they offer. MCT oils are easily digested, unlike their counterparts, i.e., the other oils we consume in food. Some of these oils also happen to tone down skin infections.

Natural Force’s MCT oil is sourced from 100% organic and sustainable sources. There have been debates on the fact that whether or not MCT is a legit product in terms of benefits the companies claim it offers. Natural Force’s MCT Oils comes with a lab test verification of purity and potency.


About the video:

Making e-commerce videos for products that augment health & fitness is a tricky domain. You need to touch lots of bases to create a good enough compelling message. The e-commerce product video begins with the range of Natural Force’s products on display.

This establishes the very idea that the company is making a diverse set of products in the niche they are in. They then happen to open up about the ingredients and salient features it has to offer. For health and fitness supplements, one thing that the potential is always looking out for is the guide on its dosage.

4. KOOTEK Ice Cubes

About the product:

The KOOTEK ice cube tray comes in a package of four containers. The durable trays are made of fine-quality food-grade platinum silicone, making them food safe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about ingesting any harmful chemicals. They come with removable silicone lids, which keep the ice clean and prevent any odors from altering the taste of ice cubes. Also, you can stack the trays on top of each other, saving a lot of space in your freezer.

Besides making ice, they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as chilling wine, whiskey, juices, popsicles, desserts, and fruit jellies, etc. The large-sized cubes not only look unique but also keep the drinks cold for a lot longer because they melt slowly, maintaining the taste of your beverages.


About the video:

This is another one from the best eCommerce product videos of 2023, depicting the aesthetics and utility of the product. The video starts by showing how durable these moldable ice cube containers are. It then focuses on different features, including the dimensions, ease of use, and hassle-free storage. The video demonstrates how easily you can remove the ice cubes from the non-stick silicone trays with a push from behind.

Moreover, it shows how you can use this product for other things besides making plain ice. The idea of colorful and fancy-looking statement fruit frozen cubes takes the graphics to a whole new level.


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5. Wooden Serving Tray


About the product:

This 19*13 inches handmade wooden tray has a smooth finish to it, a non-slippery inner liner, and robust metal handles for easy handling. You can use it as bar, breakfast, dinner, tea or patio tray, or use it to bring snacks and coffee to your patio. It can also serve as a table when placed on a couch or lap.

This large wooden serving tray is great for any kind of use and makes a great item for home décor. It can add rustic and natural visuals to any room in your house. The compact design allows easy storage. You can also gift this vintage styles item to your loved ones at weddings, birthday parties, and housewarming parties.


About the video:

Again, the video manages to put light on two major aspects of the product, i.e., attributes and utility. This is yet another example of using professional crew for product propagation, making it an eligible candidate to be listed as one the best product videos of 2023. It does add value by giving the it a very reasonable outlook.

The video shows the user using the tray in different settings, such as serving beverages to a guest, using it for a breakfast, or relishing on the couch with a glass of wine and snacks. The ad also includes the specifications like the size and built of the handles.  At the end of the video, the user is wrapping it as a gift, adding another possibility of usage.

6. F100 Powerful Flashlight


About the product:

The F100 is an all-rounder and potent flashlight built for outdoor adventure buffs. It comes with the latest CREE LED technology, enabled with fast charging and an adaptable mounting system. This is not your standard dollar shop flashlight. It tends to fill the gap in the market by offering an aesthetically pleasing product with a variety of features. The F100 is built for travelers, individuals who have a thing for outdoor adventures, and for domestic purposes as well.

The flashlight is waterproof, with 0-100% battery in 60 minutes. It also comes with a built-in 2600mAH dedicated battery, which enables users to charge their phone devices. The push of a single button allows you to switch to different light modes available in the flashlight.


About the video:

The F100 product video for e-commerce focuses on utility, aesthetics, and features. The overall vibe of the video is somewhat raw and outgoing, which gels with the brand persona. The video shows people riding bikes with the F100 mounted on the bike. Then some visuals just present people having a good time which expresses the fact that this is a happy and charming brand.

Then some visuals communicate how to ideas like how to put this on the charge, how to extract the battery, and so on. This is a good example of an eye-catching and best product video because it not only happens to focus on the features and usage, it shows all different sorts of outdoor and indoor settings where it could be handy.

7. EcoFlow Delta Pro

About the product:

Delta Pro is the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable power ecosystem for smart home management, home backup, lower energy bills, and many more. The manufacturer EcoFlow claims that Delta Pro is a breakthrough device that has the capacity to shift the power and energy industry standards.

The product comes along with a set of batteries whose capacity can be enhanced to as high as 25kwH. The device comes along with a smart generator that stores the charge that can be used as a backup during a power outage. Since the power ecosystem is expansive, it enables the user to go off-grid during peak hours, which enables the user to save lots of money.


About the video:

EcoFlow’s product video is longer than most Kickstarter pitch videos. A major reason for this would be the fact that this is quite a technical topic, and the target market would need plenty of information before getting into buying this one. The product video for e-commerce tends to emphasize the value the item may add to the potential buyers in terms of efficiency and savings.

A major chunk of the customers would be the retailers than end consumers. Perhaps this is one reason for lots of technical jargon in the video. Finally, at the end of the video, we see a vast, lush green forest with clouds lurking around. This is to position the company as environmentally friendly.

 8. Mojo68

About the product:

Mojo68 is a new-age wireless customizable keyboard. From the very look of it, it looks like it’s inspired by pop culture with its hip design and cool outlook. Mojo68 comes in 6 styles with multiple keycaps and plugin options. The unique selling point here is the fact that the keyboard is fully customizable, and any user can fully assemble it as per their liking. Mojo68 is designed so as to make the whole typing experience more enjoyable.

The colorful keycaps that come with Mojo68 can be conveniently switched as per the user’s liking. The DIY feature that this keyboard offers probably sets it apart from the competition.


About the video:

As explained earlier, this is a hip product for people to make a statement. The e-commerce product video focuses on its features, their utility, and a guide on how to do various things. This is not a high-end product video, but it manages to spill away all the required info that a potential buyer might be interested to know before buying.

The video is around 2 minutes long, but this could have been better if we look at the kind of product it is and the variety of features it tends to offer.

9. Tego


About the product:

Looks like a bag but the company doesn’t like much calling it one. They have rather named it ‘adventure kit.’ Tego offers a carry solution like never offered before. It’s a revolutionary bag that can be customized as per the user’s need. It can be used as a tool kit, make-up box, camera kit box, or any carrying need that a traveling person might have. It basically comes with 7 unique sections that can be used in a variety of combinations to make a bag catering to your need. The design is very minimalist and utility-based. Tego is made out of tough & durable recycled materials and has been termed TSA Safe.


About the video:

If you are looking out for a minimalist, this might be a good enough example for you. Just like the product itself, it’s a good thing actually that they didn’t try to overdo the production. The simplistic yet slick video, in fact, gels well enough with the brand. The video is most probably made in-house. The major focus throughout the video has been on the the utility and on the variety of ways this can be used. The video could have been a bit shorter than it actually is because a user might lose focus during 2 and half minutes of watching a bag video.

10. Nextube


About the product:

If you have seen any of those cold war movies, you might have seen those weird glowing glass clocks. Well, those were called Nixies. Nextube is but a modern, more urban, and well-designed Nixie with quite a lot of cool features. It offers 6 cylindrical glass tubes, each coming with an IPS display showing you key metrics of modern life. Initially, it might give you the look of just another vintage clock but spending only a few minutes with it, you will get to see the dozens of amazing features it tends to offer.

Nextube gives weather updates, enables you to arrange your schedule, visualize the music, and lots of other cool things. The product is a great mix of vintage aesthetics with modern tech-based design.


About the video:

This is probably one of the best product videos on the list. It begins with a captivating visual where we can see plenty of vintage products like the typewriter, a lamp, classical Marshall Amplifier, and a set of books. This gives a very vintage vibe starting off. This particular video is a telling example of why one needs a professional production team for a product pitch video. Nextube has gathered 2000+ backers on Kickstarter with more than $250k pledged.

The product video for e-commerce not only manages to communicate all major features, but it also happens to set an appealing brand persona.

Best Product Video Post Bottom Line

Product videos for e-commerce are remarkably important in the digital realm. This is due to the fact that the customer is inundated with tons of information online. The only limitation in the digital domain is that the customer does not have one on one exposure.

Adding a video somehow diminishes this very limitation by allowing the user to have a visual experience. Stats also display e-commerce product videos with good imagery helps in enhancing the conversion rate of e-commerce stores.