What is a Testimonial Video?


A testimonial video is a form of feedback in video format. In video testimonials, the customers talk about their best experience with your product or service. Basically, a testimonial video involves the appearance of a customer, and he/she gives an honest opinion about said product. Typically, these videos revolve around how a particular product solves a customer’s problem or how that product has an effect on their daily life.

Customer testimonial videos are among the most influential marketing plans until now, whether you are trying to catch new customers or you want to impress existing customers. Being able to possess impressive feedback about your product from any third party makes a huge difference in upcoming sales. We know well that people do consider almost 10 reviews before making a purchase. For this purpose, testimonial videos are considered to have a great impact on individuals’ decisions. Some reasons why testimonial videos are so persuasive are discussed below.



Why do they work


Testimonial videos are considered to be one of the best patterns for content marketing around the world. We are here to encompass the power of a testimonial video and also describe the method of getting them from clients. Before moving on, we’d like to highlight some compelling constituents of an ideal customer testimonial video. These videos:

  • Trigger sentimental appeal
  • Boost up conversions
  • Give consumers a chance to be an advocate for your brand/service
  • Provide social validation of product
  • Tell the tale of your brand


The Power of Testimonials


Best marketers surely know that the most influential and satisfactory letters are not a result of sales reputations or email drive. They are a result of satisfied customers.

It’s not enough if you believe in your products and services. Your business’s credibility doesn’t depend on your offers, or it doesn’t validate that you’re the most valid source of data. One of a few things that boost up your worth is highly impressive feedback from a satisfied customer about your product. These reviews elevate other tactics of business marketing.

By blending both; this type of community influence and sentimental impression in a video, we get the most worthwhile video content that is called video testimonials.

5 Reasons why Testimonial Videos are So Powerful



1. They generate a deeper and more emotional demand for your brand.

One of the main aims while reaching out to your audience should be to make sure that your audience has confidence in you. Your customers not only want to make sure that you are able to solve their problems, but they also want to be assured that only you can solve their problems more than anyone else.

In a study published on bigcommerce.com, it is mentioned that if you use testimonial videos on a regular basis, you’re likely to get 62% more profit from each customer whenever they visit your brand. Moreover, a massive of 92% of customers confessed that they depend on testimonial videos before making any purchase. Furthermore, almost 90% of customers said that these testimonial videos are as trustworthy as their own suggestions.

In addition to this and everything else, more than 70% of candidates in this study said that productive and useful video testimonials greatly elevated their credibility in that particular brand. This data demonstrates the power of a positive business testimonial video. But, if you’re still not persuaded that video testimonials are the gold standard for digital marketing – keep on reading this article!


2. They convert.

The eventual goal of all digital marketers is to transform probable customers into paying ones, and video testimonials are significantly good at converting. 2018 benchmarks study of The Content Marketing Institute disclosed that case studies were positioned at number two, and testimonial videos were placed at number three on the list containing types of content that are most often used by digital marketers. Now that we know they use these videos for marketing their product, there is obviously a reason, and the reason is that these work.

Testimonial is simply a statement from a customer told enthusiastically about the product. Now, if we combine that testimonial in a video with the physical appearance of a customer, we get a huge traffic drive towards our site. It will also increase shares and customer converts, along with building credibility.


3. They provide a chance for customers to be brand advocates.

If a customer uses your product and it turns out to be a positive experience, that customer will automatically become your brand advocate while sharing his/her experience. These videos allow your value to be increased in the best possible way without appearing too obsessed with your product.


4. Social validity is a powerful decision-making aspect.

Customers usually trust other customers more than advertising tools. Ponder over it – when you’re looking for several fabulous apartments on Airbnb in search of the ideal accommodation for your next vacation or a trip, you most probably trust amplified reviews from thousands of different customers.

In simple terms, people more possibly appear to buy a thing that others have already purchased. People are also more likely to believe in a brand by judging number of people who already trust that brand. For that reason, user feedbacks, ratings, post on social media, and some other kinds of user-generated content have appealingly proven to be exceptionally compelling in influencing consumer choices.

By motivating a customer who loves your product or service to appear in a video to record his/her review, you are more likely to increase your sales. That review will have more weightage when someone is about to buy your product, which in turn, generates more satisfied consumers. It doesn’t matter how rational we are, social verifications always win.

5. Nothing strikes better than a good story.

Customer reviews are not just compelling, but they also inform about your brand in a complete story. Authentic stories with your unique customers as characters lie at the core of a video testimonial. Every video testimonial tells a unique story about how a certain brand or product, or service assisted a customer in solving an issue or attaining a particular goal.

When your possibly future buyers can picture themselves as problem-fixers with your product acting as their guide, they’ll be much more possibly make a purchase decision. Testimonial video examples like this depict the audacity to affect peoples’ decisions to buy a product.

Tiny Mowing Robot, Customer Review

Produced by AD.JUST, 2022


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How to get Video Testimonials from Customers?


Nothing hits better than a video testimonial of a satisfied customer suggesting your product or service. Nonetheless, encouraging customers for testimonials and consumer video feedback is very challenging. We have assembled a few helpful tips as a guide about learning how to request and how to gather video testimonials.

Do following are some trouble-free tips you can use to initiate collecting video testimonials from your customers:


1. Request customers personally and genuinely

Send them an email directly or simply call them to check if they would be up for recording a video testimonial. It would be more persuading if you’d send them a video email. In reply to that, they can also send you a video clip about a review of your product.

Also, anticipate that some customers are more comfortable in front of the camera than others. It will be a great choice if you ask your customers whether they would like to join the community or not. You can also choose some customers on your own whom you believe to be the best for speaking for your product.

2. Suggest interviewing customers

Most often, some video testimonials are not used because of their bad quality. In this regard, interviews are a great option as they exclude any heavy recording process, and the quality issue is also somewhat resolved.

So try your best to offer to interview your customers. By doing this, customers will feel more comfortable, and they will automatically answer your questions authentically. Also, you will end up building that sentimental connection in the video that you are looking for.

3. Show them why customer testimonials are important

The way you ask your customers about recording a video testimonial is probably the most important aspect. You don’t have to appear to be forcing someone to record a video for you if they don’t want to. But you have to encourage them by telling them WHY their tale matters to you.

Send them a brief message such as, “You loved using our product, and we would like you to share your inspiring story with others. Would you please share your experience about how our product helped you in solving your issue?”

By guiding them throughout their story, you’ll more likely reveal that your product helped them save their time, solved particular issues, or boosted their sales. That’s the content you want to show in your video testimonial.

Product Video Testimonials and UGC Reviews

UGC video reviews are persuasive because of their authenticity. Following are some examples of video testimonials and UGC reviews.

  • Natural Force Supplements

Being able to get your customers to show how they utilize your product is a great way to build trust, and it can help prospective customers make a confident decision to buy something from your brand. Here in this example, Ilia, a beauty brand, is benefited when a lifestyle blogger uses their product in a video testimonial showing how all the products work. It makes it easy for people who are thinking of buying those products to trust the brand and go for it as they have already seen the application of the products.

Organic Supplements, Customer Review

Produced by AD.JUST, 2022


  • Airbnb using the “Regram” Approach

Airbnb uses the Regram approach to post UGC reviews on Instagram about how their customers loved their homes and enjoyed there a lot and share them with people who rent their homes on Airbnb.  The best thing about this regram approach is that these reviews are not only confined to Instagram but can also be shared on other social media platforms, websites, etc. This encourages others to use their service as they have already seen satisfied customers.


  • “Better For It” by Nike

“Better For It” is a women empowerment campaign particularly related to the women’s apparel of Nike. Nike uses different social platforms to connect with world-class female athletes and encourages them to share struggles, workout rituals, or training sessions. These videos spread a body-positive vibe and increase the value of the Nike brand overall.  

Customer testimonials in corporate videos

Following are some ways you can use to ace your digital marketing by using testimonial videos.

  • Leveraging storytelling
  • Having more than one customers
  • Including facts and figures
  • Using sentimental appeal
  • Incorporating unique customer stories
  • Making it a Q&A type of video
  • Making it entertaining


Some examples are provided below:

  • Sandwich Video – Testimonial Ad Example for Slack

The team created a video showing how they used to communicate over different platforms, and now they have organized teams using Slack. It’s a fun video, and very hard to believe that it’s a scripted one!

  • Testimonial Ad from Dropbox

In this example, Dropbox included several customers rather than only one telling about their experience with Dropbox. It shows how Dropbox is a perfect suit for people from every industry.

  • Amazon’s Testimonial Video

Amazon also compiled videos from many customers in which they talk about how Amazon helps them in improving their lives. These videos proved beneficial as it’s a platform that is used by the masses.

  • Google Adword’s testimonial ad

It’s a story of a woman who ran a dog daycare. She reported that in the beginning, she hadn’t many customers and also showed how Google Adword helped her, and now 90% of her customers come through this tool.



After diving into this article, it is obvious that video testimonials are the gold standard for digital marketing. There isn’t any other better way to form connections and credibility with your customers than an authentic and impressive video directly from a customer. Getting great video testimonials isn’t trouble-free, but once you’ve got them, they can prove to be some of the most important treasure pieces of content you’ll ever possess.